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The first thing Brain realized when his eyes blinked open was how incredibly dark the room was. The second thing was that he wasn't standing still, or standing at all really. He seemed to be riding something. He shook his head wearily, running his hand over the front of whatever it was while his eyes adjusted. It felt like a book.

From somewhere behind him he heard Snowball's voice. "I'll get you for this, Brain!" But he didn't pay much attention. He was much more interested in the fact that he seemed to be riding a book.

He cleared his throat and Pinky's voice sounded in front of him. "Oh, Brain! You're awake! Goody!" He laughed. "We're escaping!"

Escaping. Brain's head ached, so he didn't bother trying to figure out why they were escaping from Snowball or why Pinky was dragging him on a book. He just laid back down and held on for the ride without responding.

When he awoke next it was because Pinky was wailing. "I broke him forever! Troz! I didn't mean to!"

"Aw, geez..." That was Roman Numeral I, his mind supplied and he scowled. Of course that's who it was. They'd been at his apartment... hadn't they? His head gave another severe throb and he sat up with a groan. He would kill for half an aspirin and some peace and quiet.

"Brain!" Pinky cried and it was neither peaceful nor quiet. And it most certainly wasn't half an aspirin. He opened an eye, glaring balefully at the sobbing mouse. "Oh, Brain, I'm so sorry!"

"It's okay," Roman assured him, patting his back. "Look, he can't be as bad as he was before. He won't forget you."

"He will and he's broken and his yogurt brains are going to drip out his ears and he'll never take over the world and he'll never ask me what I'm pondering agaaaaain!"

"Pinky!" Brain snapped, which helped his head about as much as Pinky's sobs. "Enough of that incessant noise!" He rubbed his brow. "This is a pain that will linger," he muttered and was swept up and twirled.

"Oh, Brain! You're not broken!"

Brain took a discreet inhale of Pinky's scent before his struggles began. "Put me down this instant!"

"'Kay!" With just as much excitement, he deposited the mouse back to the couch cushion they were on. "You're not broken!" he repeated.

"No, but you will be if I don't-" His sardine tin. He halted abruptly and slid his gaze towards Roman, who smiled slowly and knowingly.

"Yeah. Saw every single paper in there, dad."

"I'm mortified," he grumbled, rubbing his eyes. "And I have had enough of all of this foolishness." He leapt down from the couch. He still wanted to return to the lab, but at least now he knew what to do about it. He shuddered, extremely disturbed by how... simple he'd been. And how dreadfully clingy. He was fairly certain he could still taste Pinky on his tongue, a thought that had his entire face reddening.

"He's not snuggly anymore!" he heard Pinky exclaim and winced. Thankfully, his headache was beginning to diminish on its own so he could continue on as though nothing had occurred. He climbed up onto a barstool and onto the counter, gathering pages and shoving them inside the sardine can. He would have to reorganize them when he could be alone, but for now it was more important to hide the embarrassing proof of his feelings for his cagemate and their son. His hand hesitated on the little keychain, left behind before going to Microsponge. He ran a hand carefully over the side of the globe before setting it aside. He would just have to put that away later.

Hiding it was useless anyway. Roman, Pinky, and even Bunny had seen him humiliating himself by frolicking about with it. Back at the lab, he'd even been jealous of Billie at one point, had snarled at Gerry before dragging Pinky away from him, and had happily groomed his associate directly in view of the majority of the other creatures in their side of the lab. His reputation was ruined entirely, torn to shreds!

He had never been so embarrassed in all his life. He looked up when papers were suddenly thrust at him. Sighing, he took the armful from Pinky and tucked it away before slamming the tin shut. "Thank you, Pinky."

His eyes were big and still glittering with tears, but his joy was unmistakable. "I really missed you, Brain."

"I didn't go anywhere, Pinky." He knew he sounded grumpier than normal and it irritated him even moreso that he couldn't stop himself. He wanted to get out of here and return to normal as if nothing had ever happened.

But even that thought disappeared when Pinky picked him up for the gentlest hug and the softest words the rambunctious mouse had given or said. "Yes, you did," he whispered and Brain squeezed his eyes shut.


"Yes, Brain?"

"Put me down."

"Do I have to, Brain...?"

He shoved away from Pinky with more force than what was exactly necessary, but he didn't deal well with mortification and he was experiencing quite a bit of it now. "You wanted me this way, you've got me this way! Now, I mean it, Pinky! Put me down!"

Pinky was holding him close enough that he felt the tremor work it's way through the mouse's body before he set Brain on the ground. "Sorry, Brain..."

The shorter mouse did his best to ignore the way Pinky's ears wilted, something that would've greatly stressed him when his mind had been in such a primitive state. The air hurt. What a load of nonsense! But it was heavy and it weighed him down as he dragged the sardine tin off the counter.

"Aw, c'mon, dad. Why are you being so-?"

"Don't you dare lecture me," Brain snapped. "I am still your superior, Roman Numeral I. However, I do... appreciate all of your assistance in this... matter. Good day." With a grunt, he dragged the tin out of the apartment.

Pinky sniffled and went after him, accepting the hug from their son before he made it to the door. "Hey, don't worry about it... ma. He'll cool down once he's used to being normal again."

"Right, Romy." He gave his son a squeeze, then stepped back and waved enthusiastically at Bunny. "G'bye!" he called and ran after The Brain, making it down just as a cab pulled up to the curb.

Brain made sure to keep the sardine tin in-between them the entire ride, not wanting Pinky to get any sort of idea about placing him in his lap. That was one cab ride that would absolutely never be repeated. They'd been snuggling in public like... like hooligans!

When it stopped, they leapt out and walked up to the front of the building. Brain's glares kept Pinky from offering to help with the tin, but it awfully hard not to. When they got to the door, though, he had to. "Um... D'you need help getting it in the mail slot, Brain?"

"No," Brain grumbled, heaving it against the door and pushing upwards. It didn't quite reach.

"But Brain-"

"No!" he said again, louder this time. "I don't need your help, Pinky! I'm just fine! I'm not some simpleton who's afraid of monotonous mazes and wants to cuddle all the time just because you have a pleasing scent!" With a loud, aggravated sound, Brain pushed hard and it went through; Brain followed suit, Pinky going inside much slower.

But then his ears perked a little because Brain, his Brain, had just said he had a pleasing scent. And that was a very good thing. He laughed quietly, keeping up with his friend with ease since Brain wasn't generally one to carry heavy things and his overstuffed can was awfully heavy. "So what are we going to do tonight, Brain?"

"You mean you haven't had enough adventure for one night?" Brain shook his head and began dragging the tin up to the counter one drawer at a time. "We aren't doing anything, Pinky. I am going to make up for lost time and select a plan for world domination to be effective tomorrow night and you shall... do whatever it is that you do."

"Can I help you, Brain?" Pinky exclaimed, hopping from foot to foot, hands clasped and held to the side of his head. "Oh, please?"

"Not tonight, Pinky." Brain made it up the last of the drawers and swiped a hand across his brow to alleviate some of the accumulated sweat. Wasting no time, he quickly hauled up a corner of it and began dragging it across the countertop to get to their cage. He was going to get a plan from his sardine tin and implement it. One of the ones that Pinky would morally object to and not one that would place him in mortal danger. He wanted Pinky to be around, after all, when he took over the world and showed them - him and their clone - just how truly insignificant they were!

He didn't need them! He was The Brain! He was an advanced being! He was the future ruler of the world and had no time for dilly-dallying with things like overly emotional outbursts. He had no need for their embrace, their warmth. Why, hadn't he been just fine after Roman had left? He hadn't sulked at all. It had all been Pinky. It was always Pinky!

He slammed the tin down with much more force than was necessary and rounded on the mouse who'd come in behind him. "Didn't I tell you I didn't need you here tonight? Go elsewhere! Go anywhere! Just leave me be!"

"I just... w-wanted a drink of water, Brain." Pinky's eyes began to fill and Brain quickly spun away to keep himself from seeing that, from being softened by it. He pulled open the tin and slammed they keychain in it, missing the way Pinky winced. "I... I guess I can go to the sink, then... Poit..."

Pinky ran off, sobbing. He'd wanted Brain back to normal! Not angrier than ever! Oh, he had broken him! He'd broken him so badly that his brains were made of... of... of broken sharp thingies! He tripped at one point, tears blurring his vision, and landed hard on the computer keyboard. Wiping his eyes, Pinky looked up at it. An idea formulated in his mind and he began to hop from one key to the next. This would make him feel better, he hoped, and comfort him even though Brain's brain was sharp and broken.

Back in the cage, The Brain was only growing more aggravated by the second, pulling page after page out of the tin. It was totally disorganized! The photograph of Snowball was gone completely and the drawing Roman had done was crinkled at the edges. He knew that one was his own fault, but those imbeciles could've stopped him from clutching the page at any time. Instead, now he'd have to laminate it just in case something as dreadful as this occurred again.

He severely hoped nothing like this occurred again. He just couldn't tolerate the sheer mortification. Between his actions and Pinky's absolute acceptance of them and... Oh, that wasn't very fair.

Brain chucked the papers down and lifted his hands to his head. Pinky hadn't accepted them, at least not absolutely. He'd had a bit of fun and he'd never stopped Brain, but he'd continually wondered if he would be normal again. He'd wanted to continue their routine! Bops to the head and ponderings and all. He'd wanted...

Blinking, Brain looked up as the music in the distance finally caught his attention. It was his record, or Brainatra's record rather. Pinky must've remembered how Roman had pulled it up online. He'd wanted to hear Brain singing again.

"Brain, when you go back to normal, will you remember to hug me sometimes?"

Sighing, Brain drew out the keychain and gently stroked the edges of the globe.

"I don't want to hurt you even worse, Brain! I love you! I don't care if you're snuggly and you don't sing anymore and we don't take over the world!"

I love you. Pinky had said it to him, his own desires right in reach. He hadn't wanted to risk it, though, until Brain had pushed him towards it with no real idea of what was going to happen. He remembered the trust that had been in him, honest and pure and entirely undiluted by logic. Brain laid a hand over his rapidly beating heart, his eyes welling as he listened to his own voice in the background. Pinky had led him in a dance, had taken care of him for three days, and the only thing he'd really asked for was the occasional hug.

He took a deep breath, blinking away the tears, and left the papers and the plans scattered about haphazardly. He didn't need them. He'd never implement them. He did need, Pinky! His primitive self had trusted that, had known it and hadn't doubted. It was logic that gave him doubts, completely unfounded logic.

He ran from the cage, streaked across the counter, and scaled the stack of books that separated him from his cagemate. And, for a moment, he banished his advanced mental capacities and watched with his instincts.

Pinky danced alone, eyes closed, arms held out as if wrapped around someone. He twirled and Brain longed to be in his embrace. His tears were leaving tracks in his fur and Brain longed to nuzzle them away, to anything them away. The primitive emotion that had been there since his first inhale of Pinky's scent was in him now, speeding his heart and quickening his breath. And a word snuck in that left him feeling speechless and foolish. Speechless due to shock at feeling such a thing. Foolish because he should have realized this so much sooner.

He was looking at his world. Oh, not the world. Not the globe that would assuredly be conquered one of these days with one of these plans. But it was his world just the same, one he'd already conquered and now had to nurture. Oh, why hadn't he seen it before? "Pinky!"

Pinky blinked his eyes open. "Brain?" The shorter mouse launched himself into the air as he so rarely did and threw his arms tightly around Pinky's neck. Pinky returned the embrace, as confused as ever. "Are you okay, Brain?"

"I'm f-fine," he stuttered and cleared his throat, breathing in Pinky's blessedly familiar scent. "Just dance."

Pinky did as he was told despite his bafflement, but holding onto Brain made the steps so much nicer. "This is like when your brains were yogurt... Brain."

Brain didn't bother to correct him. The explanation would take even longer than the song and there were more important things to attend to. "They aren't any longer, Pinky. You fixed me."

Pinky's ears drooped a little at that and he twirled Brain gently. "Are you sure, Brain? You're grumpier than normal. Your brains went from yogurt to sharp thingies. I just broke you in the other direction."

Brain sighed. "Do I seem grumpy now, Pinky?"

"No," he said at length. "What are you now?"

"I'm normal, Pinky. I'm back to normal."

Pinky scrunched up his face, betraying his deep thinking. "Um... No, you're not. You're hugging me." He gasped. "Oh, no! Your brains are going back to yogurt!" Rolling his eyes, Brain sent his fist crashing down on Pinky's head hard enough to send him to the floor. He laughed aloud, happily rubbing the spot. "Narf!"

"My mind isn't reverting, Pinky, nor has it evolved further." Brain disentangled himself from the taller mouse and stepped back, hands on his hips. "I am me! And I am entirely back to normal with one exception!"

"What's that, Brain?"

"Knowledge, Pinky! New knowledge has surfaced and given me all that I need!"

"To take over the world?"

Brain stopped, looking at Pinky and considering the harmless suggestion. "Perhaps," he conceded. "But more importantly, this will assist me with the world I already possess!"

"Yippee!" Pinky cheered, throwing his hands into the air. He'd had no idea Brain already had part of the world! This was so exciting! He looked down, arms lowering slowly when Brain moved forward and hugged him. "Brain? You're hugging me again."

"You asked me to, didn't you?"

"Wuh- But you didn't answer." Pinky toyed with Brain's tail, frowning to himself, and didn't notice the nervous way Brain swallowed as he stroke and twirled the sensitive appendage. "I thought that meant 'no.'"

"Pinky, you thought a lot of things about me while I was in that primitive state that were wrong." Such as his level of understanding and recall abilities. "But I'll forgive that since you did, in fact, manage to fix me."

Pinky's tail wiggled excitedly, his arms going tightly around Brain. He lifted the shorter mouse as he leapt to his feet. "Brain! You really are fixed! Ask me if I'm pondering what you're pondering!" he requested, spinning in circles.

Unbidden, a small smile curved Brain's lips. "Are you pondering what I'm pondering?"

Pinky stopped abruptly, patting his belly. Held with one arm, Brain tried not to feel like a child. "Um... I think so, Brain, but I don't remember swallowing any butterflies."

"You've swallowed worse," his cagemate remarked and wriggled down, striding quickly to the keyboard and leaping onto keys rapidly. The song he selected wasn't his, but he found it to be suitable for the occasion and, well, he knew the words.

"What's that for?"

"I have decided to reward you, Pinky. You've done a truly excellent job taking care of me the past few days. I've felt very... loved."

"But... you are loved, Brain." He looked over his shoulder to see Pinky's furrowed brow. Him trying to think hard on something was a fairly rare sight and he enjoyed it on some level.

"As are you, Pinky."

The appearance of thought melted away to surprise and then almost immediately switched to adoration. "Oh, Brain..."

"Yes. Well." He cleared his throat and hit play. "Come now, Pinky. You get one song and one dance for your reward."


"Of course. And then it's off to bed for we must be well-rested for tomorrow night."

"Why? What're we going to do tomorrow night?" Pinky asked, sweeping The Brain up and twirling him happily.

"The same thing we do every night that I'm normal, Pinky." He looped his arms around Pinky's neck and nuzzled him gently. "Try to take over the world!"

They're dinky

They're Pinky and the Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain, Brain!

In bed that night, Brain rolled over, snuggled as close to Pinky as he dared, and nudged his ear gently. "...Nn."

"Narf!" came almost immediately and Brain smiled, closing his eyes to join his companion in sleep. Eat your heart out, Pavlov.

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