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This story starts right after the Seventh Mist bombing in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun manga.

Chapter 1: Discipline Committee. Judgment.

Part 1

July 18th, 5:43 pm

Near the entrance of the recently bombed shopping mall, Misaka Mikoto ponders the events that occurred. Just before the bomb exploded, she tried to shoot it down. Her railgun didn't make it in time.

Instead, a certain spiky-haired high school student rushed in front of them, protecting everyone from the explosion.

"Heading home?" Mikoto asks the said high school student who is now leisurely walking towards the exit as if nothing happened.

"Lemme clear this up first. Starting from today, I have no intention of becoming your opponent." says Kamijou, obviously referring to the fact that Mikoto challenges him to a fight every single time she sees him. He doesn't even stop walking and heads straight to the exit.

"Are you okay with this? It looks like everyone thinks I'm the one who saved the day. If you take the credit, you'd be a hero, you know?"

"Huh? What are you talking about? Everyone's safe so there's no problem. Who cares who did the saving, right?"

Mikoto was taken aback at the answer she received. The girl didn't even notice the Seventh Mist manager approach her.

"Ah so there you are! It was all thanks to you, our honored customer, that there weren't any casualties in our store." says the manager.

"Who cares who did the saving, right?" The girl murmurs Kamijou's words in obvious disbelief, not paying any attention to the words of the manager beside her.

"Quit trying to act cool! And only in front of me too! Gaaah this pisses me off!" Mikoto kicks the elevator beside her in frustration.

At that moment, Kamijou felt a shiver run down his spine. Sure enough when he looked back, he sees the Ace of Tokiwadai running towards him.


Part 2

July 18th, 6:30 pm

Even though the curfew is fast approaching, the 177th Judgment Branch Office is still bustling with activity. Uiharu Kazari, Shirai Kuroko and Konori Mii, the three members who belong to the branch have not gone back to their dormitories yet. Uiharu's best friend and occasional Judgment helper, Saten Ruiko, was also there trying to help them out.

"Coming through!" shouts a certain Level 5 esper, as she slams the door open. Something good must have happened because she is grinning from ear to ear.

"Onee-sama, how many times must I remind you not to use your powers to bypass the security?" says one Shirai Kuroko, a Level 4 Teleporter who goes to Tokiwadai Middle School.

"Don't mind it! This can't wait. It took me almost an hour to catch this guy."

Mikoto drags an obviously unwilling high school student into the room. All of the occupants can't help but stare in amazement as she manhandles the unfortunate guy.

"And who might this gentleman be?"

"The one who defended us from the bomb wasn't me, but this guy over here. He was trying to act all cool about it. It pissed me off so I dragged him all the way here to set things straight." Mikoto starts to give off sparks, getting pissed as she remembers the conversation.

"Please forgive Onee-sama's rudeness. I am Shirai Kuroko, Onee-sama's herald from Tokiwadai. These people on my left are Uiharu Kazari and Saten Ruiko, while the person on the computer over there is Konori Mii-senpai. This is the 177th Judgment Branch. Who might you be?" Shirai said directly to Kamijou, who was obviously feeling uncomfortable with the situation.

"Uh... Kamijou Touma."

"Nice to meet you, Kamijou-san. If what Onee-sama's saying is true, then you must be a high-level esper. Managing to shield everyone from that huge explosion should take considerable power." says Shirai, who seems to be impressed with the feat.

"Eh? I'm just a Level 0 though."

Hearing this proclamation, the sparks emitting from Mikoto intensified tenfold.


At this point, Uiharu goes towards one of the computers on the desk. Judgment, after all, has access to the Academy City Data Banks. Checking for a person's ability takes only a few seconds if you have the permission.

"That's impossible. After all, Onee-sama is the third strongest of only 7 Level 5's here in Academy City. Her losing to someone of a lower Level, much less a Level 0, is simply unthinkable." starts Shirai, obviously not believing their claims. "Besides, the explosion is at least Level 4. It would take at least a person of the same Level to stop that kind of attack."

"Found it! Kamijou Touma, Level 0. His System Scan results are the lowest in the entire Academy City." declares Uiharu from the computer. Needless to say, everyone shuffles behind her in order to take a look for themselves.

"You're lying! There's no way that's possible, right?" Mikoto's anger dissipates. She can't believe that the person who manages to escape from her unscathed every single time they fight is considered a Level 0 with no special abilities.

"Clairvoyance, F. Precognition, F. Psychometry, F... Everything else is F! Are these scores even possible after going through the Power Development Curriculum?" Shirai's eyes widens in disbelief.

"Whoa! Those scores are even lower than mine! Are you sure the Data Bank is accurate?" Saten speaks up for the first time, directing the question towards the Judgment members.

"Of course. The last System Scan was held just two days ago. Even if his ability was just discovered yesterday, there's no way he would've developed it fast enough to block today's explosion. Are you sure you've got the right person, Onee-sama?"

"Oi! Don't talk about me as if I'm not here! And don't look at other people's files for no reason!" exclaims Kamijou angrily.

"No matter how you look at it Onee-sama, it's just not possible. I believe you're being humble again, as expected of Tokiwadai's Ace." says Shirai, ignoring Kamijou.

"But I'm telling the truth! Besides, there's no way I would've been able to block it with my powers. The floor was concrete, and there was no way I would've gathered Iron Sand fast enough to block it. I was planning on blowing the bomb away with my railgun, but..."


Mikoto refuses to answer, embarassed about the fact that she let the coin slip from her fingertips at such a crucial moment.

"Look, instead of arguing, why don't we just ask Kamijou-san for an explanation?" The black-haired Konori finally speaks up.

Everyone looks expectantly at Kamijou, waiting for him to explain himself.

A certain electromaster is beside herself in excitement, for she'll finally find out how Kamijou is managing to beat her.

"Uhh... How do I say it... It's because of my right hand..." says Kamijou, unnerved by all the stares he was getting.

"Right hand?" asks Shirai, wondering what his hand has to do with anything.

"Yep. I'm not sure about the details myself but, if my right hand comes into any special ability, be it a nuke-level fireball or a graviton bomb, even a miracle of God can be dispelled."

Everyone looks skeptical at this pronouncement, aside from the other Level 0 in the room.

"No way... It can't be... That Legendary Ability?" Saten couldn't believe her ears.

"Legendary Ability?"

Known for her knowledge on urban legends, everyone looks toward Saten for an explanation.

"One of the seven mysteries of Academy City, it is said that there is a person who has the ability to nullify all other abilities. It's the ultimate urban legend!" Saten's eyes sparkle with excitement.

Saten's words ring a bell, and Kamijou is suddenly reminded of his homeroom teacher.

"Seven mysteries? You mean like the one about Komoe-sensei?"

"Who's Komoe-sensei?" asks Saten, eager to learn about another urban legend.

Even with the body of a kid, Tsukuyomi Komoe is considered a real adult. She even drinks, smokes, and drives a car.

"She's my homeroom teacher, and she looks twel-" Kamijou begins describing the adult in loli form, but was suddenly cutoff when Mikoto started giving off a dangerous amount of sparks once more.


"Urban Legends aside, there's no way such an unbelievable ability exists. Unless you give us some sort of proof, there's no way I'd believe that this person was the one who managed to save everyone in Seventh Mist." Shirai points towards Kamijou, still skeptical about everything.

This turned out to be the wrong thing to say, as Mikoto's eyes gained a maniacal gleam.

"If you want proof, I'll give you proof!" says Mikoto as she suddenly takes out a coin from her pocket.

"Oi oi isn't that-" says Kamijou, realizing what Mikoto is planning. Before anyone could react, an orange spear of light horizontally pierces through the air towards Kamijou.

It was over as soon as it started.

Using Imagine Breaker, Misaka Mikoto's signature move was stopped.

"...dangerous? What would you do if I didn't manage to block that?" One can barely hear Kamijou's cries of indignation over the small shockwave that the interrupted railgun created.

"It doesn't matter since you always manage to do so anyway." Mikoto flips her hair over her shoulder. It's as if she didn't just send the equivalent of a super electromagnetic cannon at Kamijou.

Everyone else was rendered temporarily speechless at this spectacle, and it wasn't until Shirai caught herself that they snapped out of their reverie.

"No way! Onee-sama's railgun was stopped?"

"Unbelievable! And at point-blank range too!"

"Woohoo! I can't believe i saw it with my own eyes! He's the real deal!" The urban legend fan squealed in happiness. She can already see the posts of disbelief on the messageboards when she shares this experience online.


Apparently, not everyone is ecstatic about the demonstration that occurred.

"Yes?" Feeling the intense stare behind her, Misaka hesitantly looks at Konori.


Kamijou had enough. Using the commotion as a chance to escape, he sneaked towards the door and ran as fast as he could.

Not looking back even once, Kamijou ran.

Part 3

July 18th, 7:24 pm

Kamijou doesn't know for how long he's been running. He is already in front of his dormitory room before he realizes that he doesn't have enough food in his refrigerator.

After a quick change of clothes, Kamijou retrieves some money before heading out again. The time sale is already over by now; his budget will surely be stretched thin by the end of the week. Trudging tiredly towards the 24 hour grocery, the next thing that happened is something that Kamijou will never forget.

"Congratulations! You are the 1,000,000th customer of this store! You win a Y500,000 gift card!" One of the clerks greets Kamijou happily.

Something fortunate happened to Kamijou Touma.

For the guy who is considered a lightning rod of misfortune, this can be considered a momentous occasion. Instead of relief, however, Kamijou feels a huge feeling of foreboding.

"I... won? Gift card?" Kamijou is so dumbfounded that he notices neither the falling confetti nor the envious stares of the other shoppers.

"Yes! Whenever you buy groceries from our store, simply present that card and we'll automatically subtract it from your prize!"

"EHHHHH? IS THAT FOR REAL?" says Kamijou in disbelief.

"Yes!" The clerk answers cheerfully, already expecting this reaction.

Kamijou pinches his cheek in order to double-check.

Part 4

July 19th, 7:49 am

After buying a lot more than what he expected because his budget isn't constrained, Kamijou's journey back to his dormitory goes smoothly.

Too smoothly, in fact, that his suspicions grew by leaps and bounds.

It didn't help that he didn't suffer any of his usual misfortune after he arrived home. He worried so much that before he knew it, it was already time to prepare for school.

And now, Kamijou is dragging his feet on the way to school after a night of no sleep.

"Yo! Kami-yan, looks like you didn't get any sleep." says the Sis-Con Sergeant Tsuchimikado Motoharu. Along with Aogami Pierce, he caught up with Kamijou on the way to school.

"Komoe-chan didn't give us any homework, so how come you look like a student who crammed everything on the last day of summer vacation?" asks the third member of the Delta Force.

"Yesterday, I won in a grocery promo, didn't run into any delinquents on the way home, and none of my appliances accidentally broke. Just this morning, I found a Y10,000 bill on the sidewalk. No matter how you look at it, this kind of thing never happens to me." replies Kamijou, his voice containing zero enthusiasm.

"Then aren't you thankful that your bad luck seem to have finally stopped?" says the Kansai citizen-wannabe.

"There's no way that's gonna happen, right? If I'm not mistaken, something extremely horrible will happen to me soon. I've been worrying about it so much that I didn't get any sleep."

"Don't worry Kami-yan, there's no way it could be that bad, right?"

Part 5

July 19th, 8:39 am

Kamijou becomes a bit more relaxed after going to his seat. There's no way he'll be able to find misfortune if he's not doing anything, right?

How wrong he was. It turns out that all that hope was false, for misfortune came to find him. There is a reason why the usually punctual loli teacher is late today.

"All right everyone, please settle down. You must be wondering why I was late and why I have these two people with me. Yomikawa-sensei is here as a member of Antiskill, while Konori-san is a member of Judgment. They're here on Judgment business."

Murmurs erupted from the class after this pronouncement.


"What would they want to do with our class?"

"Did Aogami Pierce harass someone or something?"

"Then, Konori-san, the floor is yours." The kid-like teacher says to Konori with a smile.

"Thank you." Konori then turns to the class, calling the name of a certain unfortunate student.

"Kamijou Touma-kun!"

"Yes?" Kamijou jumps to his feet when his name is suddenly called. Somehow, this doesn't feel like it is an unexpected turn of events. The next few words, however, utterly surprised him and his classmates.

"Please lend Judgment your strength!" Konori bowed in his direction.



Several jaws dropped in shock. The students' eyes bugged out after hearing that single sentence. Konori Mii looks unfazed, acting as if they recruit Judgment members in front of their class on a daily basis.

"Wha... why me?" Kamijou asks after finally regaining control of his voice.

"You were of great help yesterday during the Seventh Mist bombing incident. If it weren't for your selflessness, there would've been several casualties. We need someone of your calibre in Judgment." Konori replies without missing a beat, obviously expecting the question.

With this proclamation, class 1-7 breaks into conversation once more.

"Seventh Mist was bombed?"

"How scary. I was planning on going there yesterday, good thing I postponed it."

"Yeah I read about it in the net, someone apparently managed to save several people from the explosion."

"Then that person was Kami-yan?"

"How on earth was Kami-yan able to do that?"

"Beats me."

"Kamijou-chan, this is a great chance! Even someone like you would be able to contribute to society!" Komoe-sensei says enthusiastically to her favorite student.

"NO WAY! THE ONLY THING JUDGMENT DOES IS SWEEP STREETS AND FIND LOST OBJECTS AND ARRIVE LATE AT CRIME SCENES! WHY WOULD I WANT TO JOIN? ARE YOU AN IDIOT?" shouts Kamijou, who definitely isn't interested in joining Academy City's equivalent of a discipline committee.

Hearing Kamijou's words made Komoe-sensei tear up, and made Kamijou pause mid-rant.

He could feel the stares of ill intent coming from his classmates.

"How can he say something like that?"


"How cruel."

"He's the worst."

The Protection of Children's Rights Association glares at Kamijou in full force- he wouldn't be able to leave the classroom in one piece if he didn't defuse the situation soon.

"Fine fine I'll do it! I just have to do it right?"


Well I've been wanting a Touma joins Judgment fanfic for a while now, and since I figured out how I was gonna diverge from the original story, the ideas started flowing. The plot is pretty much set in stone, but the prose is gonna take a while to take form, since Kazuma Kamachi's writing style is pretty hard to emulate.

Canon is derived from the light novels & the Railgun manga. I don't care about the Index manga or anime.

About Touma stopping Mikoto's railgun, I know people debate about it, but Kazuma Kamachi says that Touma can do it. It was mentioned in Volume 1 of the light novel that Touma can stop a tactical railgun, and it was shown in chapter 7 of the Railgun manga. I don't care if he shouldn't be able to do so in theory.

P.S. To those who read my REBORN! fanfic, I apologize. This plot bunny is a lot stronger compared to that one, it's like comparing a Railgun to a Radio Noise clone; the power of the REBORN! plot bunny is only 1% of this one. It's not discontinued, but it's not my main priority right now.