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Roderich Edelstein hated his job.

Back when he was naive and ambitious, Roderich had given up an 'impractical' career in music for what he figured would be a promising and more success job of becoming a psychiatrist and opening up a mental institution. He figured it would be a rewarding career choice and would mean providing aid to those less fortunate. Apparently he was too ignorant to realize how the real world worked.

Instead of helping patients with real mental disabilities, the police used his facility as a dumping ground for highly unstable criminals who they had no idea what to do with. All a felon had to do nowadays was start screaming to invisible things to avoid a life sentence in prison. Granted, most of these men (and the occasional woman) were stuck in here for life, but most would prefer to live out their life sentence here than to subject themselves to the horror stories of Braginski Prison.

Roderich sighed and tightened his grip on his clipboard as he made his way down the hallway to Patient 87's room, or better known as the 'The Awesome Quarters of Gilbert Beilschmidt'. Roderich rolled his eyes when he thought of the obnoxious silver haired man, but kept a straight face as he nodded to two security guards making their usual rounds and lightly knocked on the door before taking out his key and letting himself in.

"Specs!" The overly energetic man yelled as he sat up from his bed and bounded over to the stiff man, throwing his arms around him and trapping him in a suffocating hug. "You should have told me you were coming; I would have cleaned this up shit hole!"

Roderich scrunched up his nose at the obscene language and pushed himself away from the man before straightening up his pristine work attire and brushing away invisible dust from his shoulder. "Hello Gilbert. You were noticeably absent from your session with Miss Zwingli this morning. Could you inform me as to why that is?"

Gilbert gave out a chortling laugh. "'Could you inform me as to why that is'? Seriously, Specs, you need to learn how loosen up. You know, I can always help you with that if little miss wifey isn't cutting it." He laughed when the brunette flushed and gave the expected 'That's Dr. Edelstein to you, Beilschmidt.' before continuing. "Anyways I don't like going to that crazy bitch's little therapy sessions. All she ever does is talk about her fucking brother the whole fucking time. It's weird as hell. You should probably consider getting that whack job a straight jacket and a room."

"Hm. Ironic don'cha think, coming from the man who's a certified paranoid schizoid." A smooth voice cut in.

"Shut the fuck up Allistor, as if you're one to talk." Gilbert snapped, turning slightly to glare at the red head.

Allistor grinned at the flustered man and turned to the psychiatrist. "Need anything else, laddy? Maybe something I can be of any service to?" He asked pulling his hand up as if to take a drag of an invisible cigarette, but instead dragged his fingers along his bottom lip almost sensually and winking at the man.

Roderich turned scarlet at the man's obvious implications, not quite used to, well except for Gilbert, being flirted with in such a manner. "N-no. I think I have said all I have needed to for today. Good day, gentlemen." He said quickly and turned on his heel and headed out the door.

Gilbert waited for the familiar bang of the deadbolt being locked into place before practically pouncing on the Scotsman.

"What the fuck was that, you asshole? Roddy's mine don't even fucking think about coming on to him you fucking bastard!"

Allistor rolled his eyes and threw the furious German off of him. "I was not 'coming onto' him. How the hell are we supposed to get out of here if the fucking head of this shithole is standing here questioning you about stupid shit?"

"Oh." Gilbert said dumbly. "So uh, you were pretending to hit on Roddy to get rid of him?"

"Aye, dumb ass. You have nothing to worry about, brunettes aren't my type."


"I prefer blondes."

"Do you now?" Gilbert asked slyly. "Well do I know the guy for you. He squeals quite a bit and charges a shitload, but boy is he worth it. Cutest little French fry you ever did see."

"I hate French people." The other man mumbled pulling out a cigarette and a lighter from under his mattress and igniting it.

"Usually I do too, but there was just something about this Francis guy that was just so..." He trailed away wistfully, too lost in his perverted daydreams to notice Allistor stiffen.

"Francis...?" He asked carefully concealing any emotion, but his rigid hold on his cigarette told otherwise.

"Hm? Oh uh Francis Bonne-something... It started with a 'b' I think. Not sure. But man did he have the tightest ass. Cried like a virgin, too, every time the awesome me would-"

The man was suddenly cut off by a searing pain under his chin as he was sent flying backwards onto the cold tiled floor. Not comprehending what exactly had just happened, the silverette stared up at Allistor in complete and utter shock.

"Dude. What the fuck was that?"

"You talk too much."

Allistor chuckled at the completely dumbfounded expression his roommate gave and reached under his mattress, pulling out a large syringe and sauntered over to the fallen man. Crouching down to the man's level, Allistor felt sadistic glee at the man's absolutely terrified expression. Oh how he had missed that look of pure, unrestrained horror.

Fingers trembling with excitement, Allistor traced the dripping needle over the man's exposed arm.

"Tell me, Mr. Beilschmidt." He breathed, feeling as though an electric current was coursing through his veins as the man being addressed began to tremble.

Allistor let his features return to his usual smirk and took a long drag of his cigarette before exhaling into the frightened and confused man's face.

"How would you like to die?"

Gilbert didn't get a chance to so much as open his mouth when the needle was plunged into his skin.


Arthur was sitting in his car, staring up at the enormous college campus from his rolled down window and was beginning to regret his decision of going to such a large school and so far away from home. He wanted to turn around and drive the four and a half hour journey back home to his two loving brothers who would most likely welcome him back with open arms.

The corners of the boy's, or as he would like to believe, man's, mouth turned slightly upward at the thought of his two brothers. After the 'incident', Arthur had figured his life was pretty much over especially since he was moving so far away from his boyfriend Francis, but found that he had made it through surprising okay with the encouragement and support from his two older brothers. His brother Aiden, who was only a year and a half older than him, offered to home school the Brit until the scars completely faded away.

The smile disappeared immediately when Arthur thought about the scars. He touched his mouth self consciously and looked in the mirror to make sure the hideous markings hadn't reappeared in the last fifteen minutes. Of course there was nothing there; the scars had faded about a year ago. That didn't mean there presence wasn't any less prominent to the Brit though.

Flipping the mirror up, Arthur returned his attention to the school. A large crowd of people had flocked onto the front lawn at some point and the mass of smiling faces made Arthur feel even more awkward and alone. Sighing, the Brit took out the college pamphlet and tried to determine the best route to his dorm.

Head bent down to read the tiny letters, Arthur didn't notice the small group of teenagers heading towards his beat up Chevy Chevette until the leader of the trio was banging on the hood of his car.

"Dude what the hell have you been doing? You've been siting in there like a creeper for over a freaking hour and it's starting to freak me out." He glanced down at Arthur's hands in his lap, obscured by his position. "You masturbating?"

Arthur's face turned a deep scarlet at the comment. How dare he imply, well more like openly state, that he was doing such a thing? The nerve!

"For your information I was trying to locate the dorm building, you damn wanker."

"Hey dudes check it out, he's totally British or something!"

All of a sudden, Arthur found that his personal space being totally invaded by the obnoxious boy as the latter stuck his head inside the opened window. He whistled when he saw that the shitty inside matched the shitty outside.

Meeting the blonde's irritated glare, he coughed awkwardly. "Er..Nice ride?" He mumbled lamely before scratching the back of his neck. Suddenly realizing why he was halfway in the Brit's car in the first place, the sandy haired boy plucked the pamphlet from the other's hands with two fingers. "Now let's see~" He said, adjusting his glasses and squinting at the tiny map. "That's Building A in front of us and Building E is where the dorms are. We can take you there if you'd like! It'd be the noblest thing to do, helping out a new freshman and all!" He exclaimed with an 100-watt smile.

"You're a freshman too..." Arthur heard one of the boys he had noticed before that was very similar looking to the boisterous sandy haired one still halfway inside his car.

"Haha! Good joke, brah."

Arthur rolled his eyes and contemplated his options. Although he wasn't too fond of the loud mouthed boy, the other two blokes seemed rather decent and it probably wouldn't be a bad idea to have a few acquaintances here.

Sighing, the blonde shoved the other boy out of the car. He rolled up the window before removing the key and getting out. Arthur stretched his sore muscles and turned to two boys who were not currently on the ground rubbing their sore tush.

"How you do?" He asked politely, shaking their hands firmly. "My name's Arthur Kirkland. Yours?"

"Honda Kiku. It is nice to meet you." The Asian boy said with a curt nod.

"I'm Matthew." Arthur heard quietly from the other boy who quickly buried his face in his sweater when the Brit turned his head in his direction.

Opening his mouth to greet the shy boy, Arthur was rudely interrupted by an arm being slung around his shoulder. "And I'm Alfred Jones, the most awesome person you'll ever meet, for reals!"

The award winning smile was back on the boy's face and Arthur just rolled his eyes and pinched the skin on the boy's hand to get him off.

"Ouch! That hurt!"

"It wasn't meant to tickle."

"So!" The Asian boy cut in, sensing the mood and trying to change the subject. "We will show Arthur to his room, yes?"

Matthew quickly agreed and Alfred pouted rubbing his injured hand.

Kiku led the way past the large crowd and Matthew clung onto the Asian boy's jacket like a small child would to his mother.

Realizing that nobody was going to talk anytime soon, Arthur sighed and realized he was going to have to be the one to break the awkward silence.

"So...Where are you blokes from?"

"Well, I am originally from Japan, but I moved to the outskirts of the city with my family about three years ago." Kiku turned and smiled at the Brit. "I still do not understand western culture all that much, but these two have been helping me adapt."

He then nudged Matthew signaling it was his turn to contribute to the conversation.

"Oh uh... I lived with my mom up in Canada most of my life before I moved down here..."

Arthur tilted his head. "Did you now? That's funny I don't hear a hint of an accent at all."

"Well I-"

"Hahaha!" Alfred cut in apparently fully recovered from his moment of sulking. "You would if he talked more! Trust me it's there."

"Well thank you 'Matthew'." The Brit said sarcastically. "I suppose we have to hear your story now too?"

"You bet!" The boy yelled enthusiastically, not catching the other's sarcasm. "Born and raised here in Philly! Yup if you wanna know the hotspots just hit me up! Plus I know the best stripper bar a couple miles down the road in case you're ever feeling like a par-tay!"

Arthur flushed at this. "Aren't you too young for stripper bars?"

"Fake i.d., duh! Want one?"

"No thanks." Arthur muttered a little too quickly causing the american's grin to expand.

Kiku coughed in his hand loudly. "Um, if you two are done, we're here."

Arthur stopped walking and stared up at the large brick building towering over them. Besides the newly painted graffiti by the door, the place looked relatively clean and well kept. Kiku opened said door and was closely followed in by Matthew and Alfred.

Well this was it. He was really going through with this whole college thing. There really wasn't any turning back now.

Exhaling slowly, Arthur followed the trio.

What he found inside wasn't quite what he had been expecting.

Charging straight for the door that Arthur was currently holding open was a furious Italian boy with a suitcase in hand.

"Ve~! Come back Lovino!" Another boy almost identical in appearance yelled after him.

"No fucking way! No fucking way am I rooming with you and that damn potato bastard. You can forget it!"

The other Italian boy whined in protest and pounced on his brother trying to force him back into the room. A mixture of "ve's" and "fucking bastard's" were beginning to emit loudly from the scuffle.

Arthur just stood in the doorway unsure whether to walk around the two or turn the hell around. Was everybody in the school a complete nut job?

"Feliciano!" A gruff voice yelled, scaring everyone in the hallway half to death. Arthur turned to see a tall and well built blonde marching over towards the Italians.

"Release your brother at once. If he does not wish to room with us that is fine, but don't make him do something for your own selfish reasons."

The Italian known as Feliciano sniffed and reluctantly let go of his struggling brother. Said brother ran like hell the moment he was released and nearly ran the poor Brit over.

"You'll have to excuse them. They're always like this unfortunately." Arthur turned to see Kiku beside him smiling slightly in amusement at the Brit's bewildered expression. "I had the um... pleasure of rooming with them last year..."

The blonde chuckled softly, trying to imagine waking up to that every morning.

The sulking Italian turned around at the nose and his frown did a complete one-eighty.

"Ve~? A new student?" Yet again Arthur's personal space was completely invaded by the cheerful Italian. "You must be a freshman, huh? My name's Feliciano, but you can call me Feli, everyone does! What's your name? Do you like pasta?"

Arthur blinked at the strange boy, but found his energy infectious and smiled at him warmly. "It's good to meet you, Feli. I'm Arthur, and I don't eat pasta very much; I prefer tea and scones myself."

"Yucky that sounds tasteless!"

"Feliciano! Do not be rude!" Both boys jumped at the booming voice and Arthur craned his head upwards to look at its owner who now had his attention turned towards the silent Japanese man.

"Hello there, Kiku. It is a shame you have decided not to room with us this year. Did you have a good summer?"

"Hai. Thank you very much, Ludwig. And yes it is a shame we will not be living together this year, I shall miss the peacefully evenings we all spent together."

The German man grunted at the sarcasm and turned the Italian.

"Come on, Feli, we need to unpack."

"Okie dokie~! See you two around!" He yelled waving at the two as he and the German man disappeared into their dorm.

Arthur shook his head. "This place is... very diverse I must say."

Kiku laughed and nodded. "That it is." He gave Arthur a sideways glance before smiling. "Shall we go find your dorm?"

"Ah yes! I had almost forgotten."

Both laughed at this and Arthur followed the Japanese boy down the hall to his dorm.

"Here you are, I am a couple doors down that way. Please if you need help with anything just knock."

With that Kiku bowed slightly and disappeared into his room.

Arthur stood at the door for about five minutes, unsure if he really wanted to go in or not.

"Please don't let them be crazy, please don't let them be crazy, please don't let them be crazy." He chanted to himself as he squeezed his eyes shut and opened the door.

"Dude it's like totally the British guy or something!" An all to familiar voice yelled.

"Oh for the bloody love of God."


Two suicides.

Two lives thrown away as though they were nothing right under the roof of his very institution.

Roderich shook his head, remembering the bodies sprawled across the ground like rag dolls. Allistor had been clutching a half empty bottle of pills and Gilbert had been lying on the floor with each of his limbs spread out as though he had standing before he collapsed to the ground.

Roderich's eyes stung at the thought of the silver haired man and he rubbed them furiously.

Sure Gilbert had been a pain in the ass, but he had been one of the best of his patients, the only one that had seemed completely sane. He was planning on releasing Gilbert back into society next month; he was going to get a chance to live a real life away from here.

But now that chance had been snuffed out with the swallowing of those pills.

"Why?" Roderich muttered angrily feeling tears begin to spill from his eyes. "You had a chance you idiot. You had a fucking chance!"

The man collapsed behind his desk and sobbed. Damn it all he had loved that man. He was too proud and professional to ever admit it, but Gilbert had won his heart the first time he had given him that cheeky smile of his. And now he was gone.

Roderich remained huddled under his desk for several minutes before standing up shakily and reaching for his phone.

Clearing his voice and wiping hurriedly at his face, he dialed the number to one of the nurse's office.

"Hello?" A young female's voice answered.

"Hello Miss Zwingli. Would you please give me the numbers to the families of the deceased." He stiffly trying to make his voice sound as detached as possible.

"Yes, sir, right away. I will email them to you immediately."

"Thank you very much, Lili." Roderich hung up and slumped down into his desk chair. He was terrified at the thought of delivering the terrible news, but felt obligated as the owner of the facility.

True to her word, the email popped up in a matter of seconds and the Austrian sighed.

"Longest fucking day ever." He muttered as he began dialing.

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