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Megan POV

I never knew this day would come. Jess and Darcy have gotten back together. He never revealed that it was him giving all those gifts, but we all knew it was. I don't know how he thought that doing that would soften her and have her forgive him, but it worked. Who knows where he got the idea from.

They are having a party to celebrate. It was Becca's idea. She somehow got it into her head that they are going to give her tons of gifts at the party, and needs me to make her something to wear so that she will look fabulous while she is receiving her presents. Whatever she wants to think.

At the party, everyone walked around hanging out and eating snacks and stuff while Jess and Darcy gazed at each other, smiling. Jess looked happier than I have ever seen her. Darcy looked pleased and he also looked over at Jess every time a girl came to talk to them. That's because she told him that if he ever cheated on her again, it would be the last thing he ever did. In fact, we all said that to him. I guess he thinks that if he looks at her, he won't have to look at the girl talking to him. Weird, I know.

Jess is also on high alert tonight for any girl who might try to steal Darcy from her or tempt him to cheat on her. She doesn't need to. Every girl at this party has a boyfriend by her side, and knows what she would do if that happened. Including me. Simon is still in town after the prom because his brother has some skating championship to compete in.

I wonder what happened to that Alicia girl. I feel kind of bad for her because Darcy chose Jess over her. Who knows?

Simon pokes my arm and says "I knew you weren't listening!" "Listening to what?" I asked. "They are cutting the cake." He says, laughing. "I'll be right there." I replied.

I looked around the room. I look at all of my friends. I see Emma with Stewart, smiling as they talk about books. I see Cassidy with Zach, talking about sports. I see Becca who has finally decided to give Third a chance, talking about something other than her favorite subject: boys and herself. I see Jess and Darcy, smiling at each other, knowing that they've made the right choice. I look over at Simon, and smile.

This party isn't just about celebrating Jess and Darcy getting back together.

It is also celebrating the fact that we all have someone who cares about us.

And that couldn't be truer.