Okay, so just bare with me on this. I recently rewatched Aliyah for info to use on my other story Protect Her. This just came to my head and it wouldn't leave me alone until I wrote it. Thought I'd give it a try.

Please let me know what you think! Thanks!


They had always had a weird relationship. The instant sexual tension came as soon as they met; but neither had acted on it, although they should have. It was she whom first realized that she was in love with him, just after Gibbs retired and they had started spending more time together. However, then the whole undercover op in which he fell in love with Jeanne Benoit had occurred. Their unresolved sexual tension was put on hold for a while until it blew up in the director's face.

His heart had taken quite a while to heal, but then their little banter had returned. Somewhere along the line, possibly after she was sent back to Israel after their director's death and after she had started dating Mossad Officer Michael Rivkin, he realized that he was in love with her. Jealousy peeked its head out while he watched how happy she seemed to be. He knew he should shake these romantic feelings, considering Rule 12, but for some reason he couldn't. It was like he had finally found his soulmate, but she couldn't be with him.

He couldn't stand it any longer and went to Ziva's apartment to confront Michael about his involvement with killing an American, but their fighting caused Michael to be killed and he to sustain a broken arm. Ziva really shouldn't have had to see that. He hadn't meant to kill Michael but the Israeli attacked him first.

In hot water, he, she, their boss, and the new director (who was friends with the Director of Mossad) traveled to Ziva's homeland. His interrogation proved to be ruled as an accident and when Ziva's father interrogated him, he managed to force the Director to reveal some secrets. They had a confrontation, which resulted in him revealing some of his feelings toward her, but too angry with him, she knocked him down and yelled at him about Michael.

The drama that had in Israel had finally been resolved resulting in Ziva's deciding to stay there because of trust issues. As his boss boarded the cargo plane that would take them back to America, he couldn't help the feeling of his heart being broken once more.

An impulse to stop her from making a bad decision, he bolted up with protests from both bosses as he went to her.

"Tony, what are you doing?" She questioned, shocked that he stood in front of her. Still harboring those angry feelings, she couldn't help but to start to fall in love with him again. This caught her completely off guard.

He stood in front of her, gazing into her eyes, trying to converse his feelings through his eyes, hoping she'll get it. "Don't do this, Ziva." He begged. "Please come home."

"That is not my home." She states, shaking her head as she looked away from his intense green eyes. This feelings needed to go away, or else her six would be boarding the plane, despite her confession to Gibbs. "I am needed here."

"No!" He yelled, surprising them both. His heart was on the edge of breaking once more. "I need you." He confessed, looking into her chocolate brown eyes that seemed to betray her words. He could tell by her eyes flickering to his lips and the closeness that they seemed to unknowingly step closer that she wanted to go, but whatever power her father seemed to hold over her head was conflicting her feelings.

"I do not need you." She told him, hoping he can't tell the words are a complete lie.

"That's not what your eyes tell me." He pointed out. She looked away, trying to hide these feelings behind her mask. He saw right through it. "Please." he begged once more, taking that last step.

"Tony, I have responsi–" She started but her words were cut off by him connecting their lips. Their lips were both closed before he licked her lower lip and she opened her mouth, letting him take dominance for once. His good hand wrapped around her waist, pulling her even closer to him as her hands sneaked up to his hair, messing up his perfectly styled hair. But he doesn't care, because his kissing his soulmate. And for once she let the mask disappear, revealing raw feelings.

They pulled away, still conveying a conversation with just their eyes. Both sets of eyes seemed to sparkle. He loved her and the feeling was mutual, but the only thing that stood in their way was Mossad. She looked at the onlookers, noting Gibbs' unhappy expression and Vance's surprised look. He noticed Eli David, who looked at him with a death glare.

"They're going to keep us separated." He concluded.

Her eyes had begun to water. One hand goes to her eyes, wiping away the tears. "I can't defy orders, nor can you."

His eyes softened, knowing their hearts would have to break. "Ziva, listen to me." He caught her eyes. "We have to separate for now, but I'll find you. I'll get you back where you belong. With me, with our team." His eyes begun to water.

"Don't make a promise you can't keep, Tony."

"I promise I will." He insisted, pulling her once more against him. Her head is just below his own. He felt her arms wrap around his waist as his hand wrapped around her back. She started crying, knowing that they may never see each other again. "Go with him." He whispered to her, knowing both of their hearts are shattering.

She pulled out of his arms. Wiping away the trail of tears, she nodded. "Be safe." She whispered.

"No, you need to be safe." He told her, watching her back up, her eyes lingering on his own before she turned her back on him and got in the SUV with her father.

He knew his heart was now broken, suspecting hers was as well. But he had every intention to come after her if she needed him.

For now, he would wait for her.