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2 Years Later

She wore a defeated look for the following week – proving just how much she'd changed – after what went down with Ray. He had kept a close eye on her like he always seemed to do. His heart felt bad for her.

Standing across the street from her apartment building, he watched as her moved around the apartment. The lights were on and curtains drawn, leaving with only her silhouette for him to view. Somewhere he had made it his mission to always come by to check on her before going home, even though they live on opposite sides of the city.

He suddenly glanced around his surroundings, afraid Gibbs was standing right behind him like he normally does at work, waiting for the inevitable head slap. He sighed in relief when he realized there was no Gibbs, no one on the street actually.

A relieved sigh escaped his mouth as he made his way to her apartment building. Pulling out the set of two keys, he slipped the rightful key into the lock and entered, letting the heavy door swing shut behind him as he took the stairs two at a time. Her door was on the second floor.

Standing in front of her door, he stared at it with his hand poised in mid-knock. He had so many emotions running through his system that he couldn't decide which one to go with. Tony sighed, lowering his hand and turned around, intending to leave; but the sound of the door opening drew him to turn back around. Standing there was a very concerned Ziva.

"Are you okay, Tony?" She tried to read his body language, only to come up short.

He had a forlorn expression perched on his face. "Yeah," he answered in a soft, small voice. It was evident, to her, that something was definitely bothering him. Her look told him all he needed.

"Want to come in?" She asked, reaching out for his hand. He took it without comment, letting her pull him into the apartment. He stood just a step in front of her as she had her back to him, shutting the door. "So what is the mat–" she started but got interrupted by him.

Tony cradled her head in his hands, pulling him into flush up against him, as he bent down to pull her lips into a smashing kiss. Both of their eyes slid close as she unconsciously slid one hand to his waist while the other became fascinated with his now unruly hair. She pulled her head back just a few inches first when breathing became a must. Both sets of eyes opened and Tony had a goofy smile on his face. She smiled.

"This is the problem, yes?" She asked, sliding her other hand to join its twin in his hair. Playing his hair, she was in a way relaxing him.

"Yes. I couldn't resist any longer." He answered, pulling her into another kiss. This kiss was a little more drawn out, more passionate less rushed.

A smile cracked on her face. "I could have." She teased.

He regarded her, uncertain whether he was doing the right thing. He was, after all, trusting his gut; but then again it sometimes sucked. "Really?" He was absolutely caught off guard and she took advantage of that.

"Just kidding." The twinkle in her eyes reassured him that it was right, that she wanted this as much as he did.

She pulled away completely, still holding on to his hand as she lead him down the hallway to the bedroom. All the while he was threatening to get revenge on her. "Shut up and kiss me, Tony!" She hollered, ceasing his rambling. All that could be heard was kissing and moaning.

He really did love her. She really loved him. Both were hoping to that life would give them this chance. Rule 12 wasn't allowed to get in the way, either.