Greetings my dear chickadees. This is just a small thingy that I wrote with an OC who I originally used in my Inception fics. But now I've decided to use her here too, so deal with it. Enjoy. It's supposed to take place during TDK, but it doesn't really involve the Joker or any of the mob guys like Moroni or Falcone from the movie.

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Batman reached the top of the roof and detached the cable, reattaching the cable gun onto his belt.

"That is one fine specimen of a utility belt," said a voice from the shadows.

"Who's there?" he growled, tensing.

There was movement to his left, and a teenaged girl with curly red hair stepped into the ambient light cast by the windows in the adjacent buildings. Her face was hardly visible, but he had the funniest feeling that he recognized her. "Who are you?"

The girl shrugged. "Just an interested third party observer. You can call me Walker."

"Why would I be calling you anything?" Batman demanded, perhaps a bit aggressively.

Walker grimaced. "Do you really have to talk like that? You sound like a chain smoker gargling marbles. Don't people realize who you are when you show up the next day all hoarse?"

Batman stared at her without answering, unsure what to make of this strange girl. Walker shrugged. "Ah, well, I guess that's neither here nor there. You're going the wrong direction, by the way," she called as Batman hunched his shoulders and started walking towards the opposite rooftop. He stopped and heard Walker say, "Seems Moretti's finally gotten wise to you. He fed a ton of false info down the grape vine. He's not at the Docks, he's at Chuck's diner, the one a block south of Chinatown."

Batman whirled around. "How do you know?" But the girl was nowhere to be seen.


Batman left the gangsters tied up in the diner, vanishing just as the flashing lights rounded the corner. Gordon would no doubt want to talk to him, ask where he'd gotten his information, but that was not something Batman was particularly keen on doing. People in this town didn't give knowledge away freely, especially not when it concerned the mob. Walker may be just a girl, but she was dangerous.

He waited at the rooftop, hoping that she'd return so he could question her. He'd need to keep an eye on someone with information about the mob, lest her investigative abilities be turned against him.

An hour passed before he decided to call it a night and return to the Batmobile. However, when he reached it, Walker was leaning casually on the hood, casting an appraising eye over it as one might inspect a prize stallion.

As Batman drew near, she straightened and said, "Nice ride. Did you get them?"

Batman nodded. "Why are you helping me?"

Walker raised her eyebrows, and in a sarcastically breathless voice said, "Because you're a hero, and I believe in you. I want to be just like you when I grow up because I believe that violence is the answer and that fist fights accomplish much more than politicians ever will. You inspire me, Batman!"

"Funny," growled Batman. "How did you know where Moretti would be?"

The girl yawned widely and started to walk away down the alley. "Where would the fun be if I told you that?" She kept walking, but as she melted into the shadows, Batman heard her say, "I'll be seeing you, Mr. Wayne."

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