The Shadow of Angels on The Moon

Chapter 11

Luna awoke to find a familiar scene that occurred often during the time of the Silver Millennium. She wore a thoughtful expression as she swept the room. Her eyes became glossy with unshed tears and the smile that graced her face grew as she moved from person to person. Her charges at the moment were very childlike and peaceful. They had such a loveable appearance when they were asleep. An endearing quality when they looked so relaxed and disheveled at the same time. They were entangled limbs and one another's pillow. She chuckled quietly as she found her daughter resting comfortably on Ami's head. She didn't want to ruin this touching scene of friendship and closeness, but eventually they would have to awake as well. Luna stared at the spot that she had last seen Usagi. She blinked a few times to check if her eyes were deceiving her. She thought that Usagi would be exhausted from the events of the previous night. Luna shook her head as she wondered where the young princess could have run off to.

Last night, she and Diana had watched the birthday party hidden from view in young Kirimi's room. The young child had fallen asleep after seeing her sister mingle and talk with the guests. She and Diana had snuck out from underneath the bed to get a better view of the screen. Luna observed the party with keen interest. She witnessed many fascinating things. Luna was glad that the Prince of Earth had been thoughtful enough to recreate such good memories for Usagi. Her fondness for Mamoru had grown sufficiently because of this action. It was such a shame in her opinion. Mamoru had also grown since their separation. Luna agreed with Usagi's decision to make her own choices when it involved her heart. Her heart was what allowed Usagi to control the Maboroshi no Ginzuishou. Usagi's will was the Silver Crystal's. Luna could only advise her on so many matters. Matters of the heart were a personal experience and no person's situation was the same.

Luna sighed as she closed her eyes to search for the pulsing light that was Usagi's aura. She could feel her nearby, the only conclusions she could draw was Usagi could've snuck out in the middle of the night and fallen asleep on the roof again or snuck out early to see the sun rise in the sky. Luna made her away onto the balcony, taking the time to leap up several different levels (chair, table, running on the balcony rail) before flying through the air onto the rooftop. Luna landed comfortably on her feet as she stared at the image before her. What was Usagi thinking, Luna screeched in her mind as she peered around to see if anyone on the estate was nearby to glimpse Sailor Moon. Her silhouette against the shifting and emerging colors that marked sunrise was enchanting. Usagi looked every bit the beautiful warrior she was as she faced the new day with a determined resolution. The glint in her eyes made Luna pause from moving closer. Luna could only gawk at the tiny flecks of blood and ruffled uniform.

Sailor Moon flashed Luna a hesitant smile before turning away to gaze out into the distance. Her duty would always be to protect what she could see before her. This place was dear to her; the people here were precious to her. Serenity had watched Earth and its people from her bedroom balcony in fascination. She had been naïve and hadn't understood the plights that inflicted the creatures of Earth. Her mother had ruled justly and brought hope after struggling to make alliances. She had lived sheltered in the peace of the Silver Alliance. Serenity had wanted to protect the Earth and the galaxy. Bring the peace and happiness she knew to others. Destiny had used this to their advantage forcing Serenity to be reincarnated a warrior and savior at the same time. It was why she had been awkward as a warrior and why she didn't feel like a Princess at times. She had lived as life where both halves of her were in conflict. However, Usagi had figured out what her solution.

Usagi had figured out that to protect the precious things in life one had to fight and negotiate terms. Usagi couldn't just be the Princess anymore, or become Queen; she was a Protector. A Messiah. The Pillar. Usagi would become more than what was expected of her. It was the only way Usagi could move out of the shadows and into the light. Usagi would become more than a Princess, more than a Queen. She would be everything that her people needed. She would balance the act of both halves of her being. Usagi would reach ahead and dream as Sailor Cosmos and Neo Queen Serenity. The warrior and savior had always fought with each other as to who was really was Usagi Tsukino. She wouldn't hide herself as just a one dimensional character anymore. Usagi had a depth that would be embraced by those around her.

"What were you fighting?" Luna asked cautiously approaching the blond who had deformed while lost in thought.

"Youma," Usagi replied which surprised Luna.

"The Black Moon Kingdom attacked you," Luna cried.

Usage shook her head.

"The Black Crystal was a difficult process to purify. I expected youma to be created from the residue of the dark energy. Since the Black Crystal and the clan have been completely purified, the youma have become angrier and uncontrollable. The youma are usually taken care of by Ayakashi Sisters and some of the others. It was pure chance that I felt one so close by," Usagi stated. Usagi didn't want to mention that close by was really miles away and that she went out looking for a fight.

"You should've called the Senshi as well," Luna chided.

"We had so much fun yesterday. I wanted them to dream a little longer," Usagi replied.

Usagi had a good time among her friends and family as well. The night had been planned and arranged very well. Her feet still ached, but she felt supercharged. When she had arrived home with the Senshi and her gifts she had been exhausted. She woke up in the middle of the night from a strange dream feeling restless. Her dream had filled her with questions and thoughts. The result was her staring into the replica of her old kingdom for a period of time. She then had to walk around to ease her mind.

As Usagi walked alone listening to the sounds of the night, she replayed the night to herself. The party wasn't an awkward affair at all. Diamond had on his best behavior. Seiya had teased her a little and didn't fight with Diamond. Her Host Club family had interacted with her Senshi and oldest friends. Her moments spent with Kyoya had been a little unsettlingly, but not as bad as it could've been. Usagi hadn't expected him to show much interest at all. She was just glad that he was there. She felt she had done her best to ignore his presence and enjoy the night. Usagi had told herself to pretend that nothing ever happened. The mantra had worked pretty well until she had to face him directly. It had been unexpected.

Usagi had spent much too long sitting on the fence. She had been on the edge unsure of her future. She had been leaning too much on projecting the image she had thought she had to be. Usagi wasn't without faults. She wanted to cry some days because she missed Ikuko-mama and Kenji-papa so much. A part of her wanted to fail a test just to hear her mama scold and lecture her. She wasn't completely unselfish. She wanted and needed certain things. She wanted to cry and scream because Kyoya-kun didn't care about her. The rejection cut deep into her like a knife wound. Still she pretended and tried to cope through other means.

Usagi didn't want to pretend. She didn't want to forget. She couldn't forget since the feelings inside her erupted like a volcano whenever she was around him. It was lava, hot destructive yet once it cools on a surface it hardens into rock. Kyoya at first was like still waters that run deep, but he was truthfully like the sea. It could be calm yet totally unpredictable. Once lava and sea meet, the results varied. It might cause the water to simmer, to boil, or to cool. Usagi had hoped that her feelings were strong enough to ignite his own to the surface as well. It was hard to let go and it was hard to hold on. Ignoring it wasn't helping at all. It was unfair to her and unfair to Diamond as well. Diamond was like an unchanging mountain at times. His feelings stayed consistent, true, and strong.

While she took her stroll through the dark streets, Usagi felt herself thinking about the obscurity yet certainty which her future holds now. Even though she wanted love, she felt like she had to put it on the back burner. Love was important, but Usagi couldn't be the typical teenage girl. She had to smarten up. She had to improve her skills and understandings of politics. One of the reasons she decided to leave the comfortable relationship she had with Mamoru was that she didn't want to rely on him to do all the hard stuff. How did she become the lady in Chibausa's dreams? As she thought about her future daughter's dream to be a lady like her mother, she had felt a spike of dark energy and terror in the atmosphere which alerted her to the presence of youma.

"Moon Eternal Makeup," Usagi cried feeling transforming herself.

She had run to the area where she had felt the energy. She noticed several beaten and fainted individuals with a single creature person before them. Sailor Moon could feel the dark radiate off the youma. It was relatively strong and the youma moved quickly towards her once it realized her arrival. The battle took only took a few minutes before Sailor Moon could defeat and purify the youma back to their human state. When the battle finished another youma had emerged from one of the victims. The attack had surprised Sailor Moon, but she had gotten the advantage again. She resorted to doing a mass healing towards the individuals as she realized the dark energy had spread within such a short period of time.

"Chaos, why must your presence still linger around," Sailor Moon muttered as she thoroughly searched each person for any trace of dark energy. She was tired from her energy use.

'I might be defeated, spread out like dust in the universe, but my remains linger as long as you are here. Light is never without the dark. Your peace is only an illusion.' Sailor Moon could hear the haunting whisper that was repeated during the time when she lived through night terrors.

Her time star gazing was not just a passing fancy. The stars in the sky whispered many things to her. Sailor Moon wondered what the message was right now. As she observed the skies she could see it clearly, that some stars flickered like a candle's flame. Some stars were dimmer while others had grown brighter. It was a warning and reminder of the life that was a star. It was a cycle, over time all stars end and begin again.

Usagi was not afraid. She would face the future head on. She would strive for more. She would do so to protect the peace she wanted and the people she knew. Usagi would accept the truth that she hadn't wanted to face. The future was approaching fast and if Usagi wasn't ready, the future would be full of destruction. Usagi would follow her heart which had always leaded her to victory. She would become a stronger as a person, a ruler, and a warrior. She would make it reality, not just a dream of what could be. She would find a way to make love a reality even if she had to fail a few times.

"Usagi, you're our Princess, we're here to protect you," Luna replied.

"I can protect myself, just fine. I just want to protect you all," Usagi said.

"Is it going to be a problem, these stray youma?" Luna asked.

Usagi shook her head. "They're almost all gone."

"It didn't have to be a secret," Luna chided.

"It's not," Usagi replied.

Luna sighed at Usagi's stubbornness. Luna could understand her feelings about wanting to protect her friends. She didn't agree with keeping the youmas a secret. The others would never want Usagi to fight by herself.

"Teamwork, my dear hime," Luna commented.

"I know," Usagi sighed as she sat huddled in a fetal position.

"Well, I guess, it can't be helped. You're going to do whatever you want anyway," Luna remarked. "Just make sure you tell someone, me, if you don't want to involve the others when you go to battle. So we know."

Usagi laughed. "You're becoming a pushover."

"You have to have some leniency," Luna said.

"We really did have a good time last night," Usagi said.

"I know," Luna stated.

"It felt nice," Usagi muttered.

"If you're tired, you should go inside to rest," Luna said worried.

"I'm restless. I've had enough sleep," Usagi replied getting up to stretch. Usagi shook her head and ran a hand through her hair. She took a leap down to the balcony, her landing light barely making noise.

Luna followed Usagi. "Where are you headed?" she whispered trying not to wake the others.

"I have a date," Usagi said as if Luna would already know. Usagi opened her closet pulling out an outfit.

"It hasn't even been daybreak for at least an hour. It's not even six yet," Luna cried.

"Luna-chan," Usagi said softly bring a finger to her lips in a silencing motion as she went into the bathroom.

"The poor boy probably isn't even awake right now," Luna replied in a softer tone taking in account for the sleeping Senshi.

"All the more reason," Usagi commented with a grin. "He said he wanted to spend time with me catching up. He wanted a date. It might as well start when I want it to."

Luna shook her head. "What about the girls?"

"They don't mind, do you girls?" Usagi asked.

Luna looked around and saw that some of the Senshi were just lying there with eyes half open. They were awake and obviously had been listening.

"Go ahead," Rei's voice called annoyed.

"It's too early," Lita huffed.

"Do whatever you want," Haruka said rolling over.

"I have an ominous feeling," Hotaru replied softly.

"Hush now, I'm sure it's just sleepiness," Mina remarked.

"Eat breakfast," Michiru reminded.

"Call us later," Setsuna said snuggling into her blanket.

"I love you all," Usagi cried after she got dressed.

"Mama, Usagi-sama will be alright," Diana muttered.

Luna sighed as she followed Usagi out from her room. She saw that the older woman was in the kitchen cleaning up.

"Usagi-sama," she greeted.

"Morning Misa-obaasan," Usagi said taking a seat.

"Would you like anything for breakfast?" Misa asked.

"Just some juice," Usagi said knowing that she would have breakfast with Seiya.

Luna quietly trotted to her bowl by the end of the table. "Milk for Luna," Usagi said noticing her feline mentor.

"Are your gifts going to arrive later today?" Misa asked curiously noticing only a few presents that sat in the living room. She had seen the pretty castle that Umehito-sama and Shingo-sama had crafted.

Usagi shrugged. "I'll go open them later."

The gifts that she had received were currently all in her subspace pocket right now. She would eventually open them all.

Misa nodded. "Should I tell Daisuke to ready the car?"

Usagi nodded. "Please have breakfast ready in an hour for the girls and Shingo."

"Yes, Usagi-sama," Misa replied as she rang a buzzer to signal Daisuke to ready the car.

Usagi took a look at the replica of the fallen kingdom. She shook and listened to a few boxes before she heard the quiet voice of Daisuke call on the intercom.

"Have a good day, Usagi-sama," Misa called as Usagi left.

Honey was curled up with Usa-chan in his bed peacefully dreaming when he felt an odd shift in the room's atmosphere. Honey ignored the feeling for better things. He was currently dreaming about running after a huge strawberry cake. There were also chocolate covered strawberries that would fall from the sky as he chased the strawberry cake. Honey would take a moment to gobble up the trail of chocolate strawberries. He was extremely happy and pleased as he got closer to the strawberry cake and was almost ready to take a bite when he felt a sharp poke to his side.

Honey growled unhappily because he couldn't see the strawberry cake anymore. It had disappeared before him. He slowly opened his eyes glaring at the bright light that surrounded him. He could make out a figure that was leaning over him. Honey sighed unhappily bringing the covers over his head. Honey snuggled deeper into his comforter hoping for dancing cupcakes. He heard the slight creek of the floor that told him that the figure had shifted their position. Honey took a deep breath. He was cranky and wanted the person who was bothering him to leave him to his dreams.

"What do you want?" he asked in an angry voice from underneath the covers.

"Don't you have an adorable personality in the morning," a familiar voice said teasingly.

Honey growled. "How did you get in here, Diamond?"

"I can walk through walls," Diamond said seriously.

"That's a neat trick," Honey commented not budging from his spot. He didn't really believe Diamond could walk through walls.

"Rise and shine, we're burning daylight," Diamond cried. "Don't make me get physical with you."

"I don't know what Usagi-chan sees in you," Honey cried in annoyance. He threw back the covers and glared at the light blue haired young man who was just too chipper in the morning.

"It's my beautiful personality, of course," Diamond remarked.

"What beautiful personality are you speaking of?" Honey cried as he walked to his bathroom after grabbing some clothes.

Diamond grinned at the smaller blond who had shot him death glares. He heard a noise behind him and noticed Mori had appeared through the door. Mori gave him a nod in greeting.

"How did Mitsukuni take it?" Mori asked quietly.

"Takashi, were you in on this as well?" Honey cried from the bathroom upset.

"I told him he shouldn't wake you up yet," Mori replied.

"I said we're burning daylight," Diamond said trying to hurry the blond.

"Why are you in such a rush?" Honey asked as he came out of the bathroom.

"We're already a few hours behind them," Diamond replied. "I was just waiting for a reasonable hour to wake you."

"Who? What?" Honey asked.

"Usagi and Seiya," Diamond said. "They're on a date."

"I thought you weren't intimidated by their relationship," Honey asked confused.

"I still want to know what they're up to," Diamond replied.

"It's too early," Honey cried.

"Here, to compensate you," Diamond cried. He offered a small strawberry cake from his bag.

Honey's mouth watered at the sight of the cake. It was exactly the same as from his dream except on such a smaller level. He could see the strawberries on top and almost taste the light cream. He sighed, "Can't we just go spar or something?"

Diamond shook his head. "You did this with Uemhito-kun and Shingo-kun on my date."

"So you want us to intrude on someone else's date again?" Honey asked.

Diamond smirked and nodded.

"I didn't think you'll be this evil," Honey cried as he took the cake and walked out of his room.

Diamond followed, "This isn't even the beginning of evil."

Mori shook his head. Honey and he would rather see Kyoya and Usagi together. Their friendship with Diamond was definitely strange. He was a likable guy, very persistent and strong. Diamond was very confident in himself and his feelings. Mori had to admire that guy for those attributes.

Tamaki took a sip of his tea quietly at the table. He was reflecting on the events of last night. The party had been fun and interesting to watch. Usagi had glowed brightly surrounded by her friends and loved ones. His grandmother hadn't been completely impolite to him. She had only said a few words to him, but at least it was a start. He grinned as he saw how happy his father was with just a few words that weren't too kind, but not that negative either. He had an interesting conversation last night with Mina-chan and Kyoya's sister Fuyumi-chan. Fuyumi had made some interesting remarks to him. The night had been eventful. He grinned as he thought back to the unorthodox plan that Mina and he had executed. It had been worth it.

"What are you doing Mina?" Rei asked curiously at the blond who had been sitting quietly with an array of objects.

"The last dance activity of the night," Mina said cheerfully.

"We already did our last activity that was planned," Lita replied.

"Well, this is another last activity," Mina remarked as she finished.

"What did you come up with?" Ami asked looking at Mina's huge glass bowl filled with various balls.

"A last dance activity," Mina said vaguely.

"We know that," Haruka said annoyed.

"Tamaki-san came up with it," Mina cried as she saw the looks on the other's face.

"Tamaki-san," Michiru said interest piped.

"Yep," Mina nodded as she got up towards the stage.

"Should we let her do this?" Ami asked curiously.

"It'll be fine," Hotaru answered.

"I agree," Setsuna said. "What's the harm? The night is almost over."

Mina grinned at Tamaki in the distant from the stage.

Tamaki shot the blond a conspiring smile before looking away to not be suspicious.

"Haruhi-chan, are you sleepy already?" Honey asked Haruhi would gave a yawn.

"It's been so eventful," Haruhi replied. "A little tired."

"What did you get Usagi?" Hikaru asked.

"A map and stuff," Haruhi replied.

"A map?" Kaoru asked.

"I got her a map of all the best dessert shops and arcades within the area," Haruhi said. "I also returned the map of Ouran she gave me."

"What other stuff?" Honey asked.

"I got her some cute girly things," Haruhi replied not wanting to say more. Haruhi had gotten Usagi some new stationary, cute pens and pencils that were themed from one of her favorite mangas.

"She isn't like Renge. Renge is a much bigger otaku," Hikaru said.

Haurhi agreed. Usagi did have an obsession with cute things and her manga, but she wasn't lost in a fantasy world.

"Kyo-chan, you've been quiet," Honey said to the Host.

"There isn't much to say," Kyoya said.

"Mother, what did you get my sister?" Tamaki asked curiously.

"A book," Kyoya replied.

"That's so impersonal," Kaoru cried.

"Did you really get her a book?" Tamaki asked.

Kyoya nodded. He had given Usagi a book. He had decided that was what he would give her. He fingers brushed against the object in his pocket in though.

Honey tried to stop from laughing. He couldn't hold it in. Kyoya got Usagi a book. It was very much like Kyoya to do something like that.

"I thought about that," Haruhi said hoping to reassure the host. "Did you get her manga?"

Kyoya shook his head. He stared away from his friends. They wouldn't understand the gift.

Tamaki watched Kyoya who was staring at his brothers who looked as if they were leaving.

"Attention please," Mina's voice washed over the room. She was standing on the stage with a grin.

"It's the last activity of the night," Mina began when she was sure that she had everyone's attention. "I ask those who want to join this finally dance, come onto the floor. Come on."

Mina gestured for everyone to come onto the stage. "To conclude our last dance, we will play a little game."

Mina grinned as everyone was pushed onto the dance floor. Diamond was standing beside Usagi curious at what Venus was planning.

"This bowl has been filled with balls. I'm going to throw everyone a ball." Mina cried to the crowd of teenagers. "Please catch it."

Mina did a little dance and twirl as she quickly flung a ball towards everyone. It seemed to magically arrive into a person's hand. Mina winked as she saw people's confused expression.

"Mina, what are you doing?" Rei said through clenched teeth as she eyed her ball.

"This game is: find your partner. Inside the ball are three strips of paper. The gold one is your assigned number. The silver one is a list of numbers that you are allowed to dance wit. The pink is the range of numbers you absolutely can't dance with." Mina cried. "The music will start and stop at various times. You'll have to dance your way to a partner on your list before the music starts again. The people who can't find partners shall have to walk off the floor. The last group of people at the end of the night shall win an awesome prize. You can't reuse partners."

"What's the prize?" Lita asked curious.

"A surprise, but it's awesome because I'm awesome," Mina cried. "Let's play."

"Really?" Usagi asked as she looked at the ball that Mina had shot in her direction that had the three slips of paper.

"Everyone must play," Mina said as she saw the dark haired host with glasses sitting to the side.

Tamaki walked back to grab his best friend. "Come on," Tamaki said.

"I don't want to," Kyoya cried.

"You haven't danced at all tonight," Tamaki reminded him.

"It'll be fun Kyo-chan," Honey said excited about the game.

"Your partner might not end up the opposite sex," Mina said into the microphone. "But dance anyway."

"Mina, are you coming down?" Ami asked.

"No, I'm playing the music. Three Lights, get down there too," Mina said handing the three a ball each.

Tamaki gave Mina thumbs up with a grin.

"Alright, when the music starts you'll have until the music stops to look at your number and find a person who is on your list. After that get in place," Mina said with a grin. "Get as much intel as you can in these few minutes before you get your first partner."

Usagi looked around noticing her Ouran classmates, her old Juuban friends and Senshi all waiting for Mina's signal. The music began to play.

Everyone had stared at their numbers and list of partners that were allowed.

Usagi stared at her number. She was number 1. Her list of possible was 3, 10, 18, 35-39. Her no list was 2, 7, 9, 40-45.

Diamond stared at his numbers. He was number 2. His list of possible was 3, 4, 20, 23-28. His no list was 1, 5, 8, 29-35.

Kyoya stared at his number. He was number 3. His list of possible was 1, 5, 11, 15-20. His no list was 2, 7, 33, 40-45.

Seiya looked at his number. He was number 4. His list of possible was 11, 13, 22, 37-41. His no list was 1, 2, 16, 28-32.

"Who would've guess, that Mina would be so sneaky," Tamaki said as he took a bite of toast.

"You're pretty happy," Yuzuru said as he looked at his son at the breakfast table.

"I am," Tamaki replied to his father. "Papa, things have gotten interesting."

Yuzuru took a seat and stared curious, "How so?"

"It's the season for love to bloom," Tamaki said with a grin.

Yuzuru just nodded at his son's statement. "Does this have to do with a certain bunny?"

Tamaki nodded excited.

"Don't tell me. I don't want to know," Yuzuru said bringing a hand up.

"Why are you here, Papa?" Tamaki asked.

"To visit my only son of course," Yuzuru said giving him a bright smile.

Hikaru and Kaoru stared at the ceiling as they lay in bed. The two had been awake for a while, but hadn't wanted to get up yet.

"Hikaru," Kaoru called.

"Hmm?" Hikaru replied letting his brother know he was listening.

"Why do I feel like we're missing out on something important?" Kaoru stated rolling onto his side to face his twin.

"Why do you say that?" Hikaru asked leaning forward as well.

"Last night, there were some strange gestures," Kaoru said.

"I didn't notice," Hikaru replied.

Kaoru sighed. Hikaru had been paying a lot of attention to Haruhi that night. Kaoru wasn't surprised that he hadn't noticed the strange things that had occurred. Sometimes, he wished that Hikaru could grow up. Kaoru had noticed a few exchanges between Tamaki and Usagi's friend. And Tamaki had also talked to Kyoya's friend.

"You do know that Usagi likes Kyoya, right?" Kaoru said dropping the hint.

"I do, I just don't really care," Hikaru said. "It isn't really important to us."

"They're our friends," Kaoru said.

Hikaru gave Kaoru a look that clearly stated that they weren't apart of their world.

"I just think that it affects the Host Club," Kaoru remarked.

"Not really," Hikaru replied.

Kaoru sighed. "They were being weird last night."

"Tono, that blond chick and Kyoya's sister, yeah," Hikaru said.

"So you were paying attention," Kaoru stated.

"We shouldn't get involved," Hikaru said. "It'll be messy."

Kaoru nodded in agreement. "They have it all covered, I guess."

"Did you not notice that weird chick staring at Honey-sempai?" Hikaru said.

"I saw," Kaoru replied.

"She probably wants to curse Honey-sempai," Hikaru said thinking of a plan to prank the girl.

"I don't think so," Kaoru said remembering the look of devotion and affection the girl had.

"I wonder what everyone else is up to today." Hikaru said quietly.

"Usagi-chan," Seiya said rubbing his eyes as he stared at the bubbly princess who had rang their hotel suite doorbell.

"Morning," Usagi greeted as she let herself in. She slid under Seiya's arm and into the suite. She gave a little whistle at the surroundings. The suite was modernly decorated with a huge kitchen, three bedrooms, nice living room and two bathrooms.

"What are you doing here?" Seiya asked.

"Our date, silly," Usagi replied.

"Its 6:30 in the morning," Seiya replied after he took a look at the clock.

"I want to start our date early," Usagi said with a pout.

Seiya just stared at Usagi confused and happy at the same time.

"Who was at the door?" Yaten asked as he came out from his room.

"Morning, Yaten," Usagi said.

"Morning," Yaten replied a little tired.

"You should just go," Taiki said as he came out of his room.

"Let us get some more sleep," Yaten said taking a seat on the couch.

The two stared at Seiya's unmoving form.

"He didn't fall asleep standing up, right?" Usagi asked curiously as she waved a hand in front of the lead singer's face.

"No," Taiki replied.

"Shock," Yaten commented.

"He probably never thought this day would come," Taiki said.

"Wake up, Seiya," Yaten said.

Usagi sighed. She gave the singer a poke in the chest. "If you don't want to go on an adventure with me, I understand," Usagi said in a sad voice. "I guess it's too early for you."

Usagi made a movement to leave the suite.

"Ahh, Usagi-chan, give me 15 minutes," Seiya cried moving quickly towards his room and the bathroom.

"So where are you two going?" Taiki asked curiously taking a seat on a kitchen stool.

"Around," Usagi replied vaguely.

"Have fun," Yaten said getting up and going back to his room.

"Thanks again for last night," Usagi said to their departing backs.

The two just waved their hand in response before shutting their bedroom doors.

Seiya stared at his reflection as he washed his face. He was looking forward to this outing with Usagi even though she had gotten him up at an ungodly hour. After they had returned from the party, the Three Lights had discussed how much longer they could stay on Earth. It would only be another week or so before they had to return. He was disappointed that he hadn't had as much time as he'd like with Usagi. Seiya grinned as he realized he would have the Princess for most of the day. Last night, Usagi had been surrounded by so many friends, it had been hard to keep her attention at all.

Seiya sighed as he remembered the last dance. He had been extremely disappointed at the result of the little game. Mina was very tricky indeed. Seiya wondered how she executed her plan so flawlessly.

"Everyone have their partners?" Mina cried as people were paired off before playing the music.

It had been a strange three minutes of scrambling around the dance floor to get ready. There had been numbers that had been shouted all over the place. It was hard to keep track, since there was just so many people. The music began and people danced.

Usagi was currently in the arms of Tamaki. She laughed as she was twirled around.

Seiya realized quickly that he wouldn't be able to dance with Usagi at all. He had noticed that Diamond as well couldn't dance with her either. He saw Mina's grin on her face. Seiya stayed in the game exchanging dances with zealous fans. Diamond had done the same watching Usagi as she danced with various individuals.

The number of people on the floor dwindled. The last final dance, Usagi found herself in the arms of that Host Club member, Kyoya Ootori as Tamaki had shoved the poor guy into Usagi. Seiya danced with Hotaru looking over her head as Usagi and Kyoya exchanged quiet words during their dance.

"Mina's good," Hotaru muttered quietly realizing what the blond had done.

Seiya looked at Diamond who was currently dancing with one of Usagi's Ouran friends watch Usagi and Kyoya as well.

"So, it was a deliberate plan?" Seiya asked.

"It was a last minute thing Mina came up with," Hotaru said. It had worked out way too well.

It was a simple waltz the two were maneuvering. The two began with a light tension that seemed to fade as the dance continued. Seiya was curious about what they were discussing. He peered over at Diamond who appeared focus on a different task than the one he was performing. Seiya had a feeling that Diamond was listening in. If he was, he was doing pretty well with his multitasking.

"He's not doing what you think," Hotaru said quietly as if she knew what was on the singer's mind.

"He's not?" Seiya pondered.

"If he was there would be a slight shift in energy. Usagi-nee would notice as well," Hotaru said. Diamond wouldn't risk ease dropping on their conversation. He wouldn't jeopardize the trust they had built between one another.

The music suddenly stopped. "Looks like I have three pairs," Mina said as the three pairs stopped dancing. "Please approach the stage for your prizes."

Seiya watch Usagi say something to Kyoya before going towards the stage. Seiya watched him return to his seat after a glance at Usagi.

"The lovely prizes are gift certificates to Motoki's Arcade and Lita's bakery goods," Mina said with a cheer.

Usagi laughed as she grabbed onto the two different certificates. "I don't really need the discount."

"It's a prize!" Mina said with a giggle. "Use it wisely."

Usagi smiled at Ayame who looked at the two certificates.

"I will definitely make use of dessert," Ayame said happily.

Seiya grinned as he handed his two certificates to the girl. "I won't need them."

"Thank you, Seiya-san," Ayame said as she took them.

Usagi smiled before looking over to the Host Club table. "Can you bring this to Kyoya-kun?"

Ayame nodded as she took the prize over to the table.

"It's been a pleasure to have you all," Ume Nekozawa said into the microphone to conclude the night.

"Please go home safely," Hitoshi said as well.

"Thank you for attending my party," Usagi said giving the guests a bow.

"What did they talk about?" Seiya wondered as he finished dressing. He gave himself an appreciatively glance as he walked out of the room.

Usagi was sitting watching television.

"Should we go for breakfast?" Seiya said.

"Do you even have to ask?" Usagi replied standing up.

"Let's go," Seiya said grabbing her hand and pulling her out of the suite.

Seiya and Usagi sat across from one another. They had ended up at the hotel's restaurant for breakfast which offered western and traditional breakfast for the two.

"I miss mama's meals in the morning," Usagi sighed as she ate some rice.

"If you were ever on time to eat it," Seiya replied.

"I was," Usagi smiled.

"What do you want to do?" Seiya asked.

"The circus," Usagi said as she saw a flyer on the bulletin board.

"That does sound like fun," Seiya replied.

There was a flyer for the Kinoshita Circus. It was one of the oldest circuses in Japan. The group travelled around the country and it seemed like a good opportunity before they left to another place.

"Let's buy tickets for later today then," Usagi said.

"Let's go to the amusement park too," Seiya said. He wanted to take a little trip down memory lane.

"We could go to the park too," Usagi included.

The two smiled at each other.

"So what's the deal?" Seiya asked directly.

"What do you mean?" Usagi asked confused.

"You and Prince Diamond," Seiya further explained.

"We're friends," Usagi said honestly.

"Only friends?" Seiya questioned.

Usagi sighed. "For now. I'm still not sure."

"What about you and me?" Seiya asked.

Usagi gave Seiya a sad smile. "I care deeply about you."

Seiya sighed already hearing the answer in her tone. "I care about you as well."

"I'm sorry," Usagi stated.

"Odango, can't you give me a chance?" Seiya asked.

"Seiya," Usagi said softly.

"I know, I know," Seiya muttered trying not to feel too bad. He smiled at the beautiful young woman before him.

"Maybe if I was a different person," Usagi said. A part of her was very comfortable with Seiya. He was a good person who cared a lot about her. If only she didn't feel like his duty to his Princess was so important. Usagi could never take a Senshi away from another. If only she felt more of an attraction for this person who was so good to her.

"Forget about it," Seiya said hoping to stop Usagi from saying any more.

"But," Usagi said.

"I didn't expect a different answer from last time," Seiya said.

Usagi nodded unsure of what to say. Seiya didn't like the awkward atmosphere either.

"Odango, you're not the only intergalactic beauty out there. You're not that special," Seiya said with a laugh.

Usagi smiled. "I think I'm quite the beauty."

Seiya huffed. "Your head is a plate of meatballs."

"It's a royal hair style," Usagi remarked.

"Well, I have my fans," Seiya said with a grin.

"That you do," Usagi agreed. She took a moment to peer around the room to see if there were any said fans around.

"Diamond is so annoying," Seiya commented.

"He has his good points," Usagi said.

"If you say so," Seiya said.

"He does," Usagi replied.

"Does he make you happy?"

"He does."

"Are you sure he isn't pretending to be good?"

"I'm sure."

"What were you doing last night?"

"What are you talking about?"

"I felt an energy spike from you."

"Do you always monitor me?"

"I try my best."

"I was fighting."

"What were you fighting?"


"But you said Diamond is good."


"That sucks."

"Nothing to worry about."

"Do the girls know?

"I haven't really told them."


"Diamond and the Clan take care of it usually."

"So it was a onetime thing."


"How are you?"

"Shouldn't you ask that first?"

"I'm asking now."

"I'm fine."

"Do you like your new family?"

"They aren't exactly new."

"You know what I mean."

Usagi looked out of the window of the car. The two had been chatting while waiting for the next destination to be reached.

"I love my family," Usagi said after the silence. "It isn't the same as Mama and Papa, but we're family."

Seiya nodded in understanding. "You've grown since I last saw you. I didn't know you had it in you."

"I think I've always had it, whatever it is. I would've grown into myself eventually," Usagi remarked.

"How did Mamoru-san react to your decision?"

"Too personal," Usagi replied. Mamoru's reaction was something she hadn't even shared with the Senshi. She had given them the watered down simple version of it.

"What presents did you get?" Seiya asked curiously.

"I haven't opened much yet," Usagi said.

"Really?" Seiya cried, "I would've opened them all before I fell asleep."

Usagi smiled. "Want to help me?"

"Adventure in the park, part one, gift unwrapping." Seiya said with a grin.

"Adventure not in the park," Usagi said with a sigh. "All of my gifts are subspace at the moment."

"Right, human eyes," Seiya agreed.

"Daisake," Usagi called to the driver.

"Usagi-sama?" Daisake answered.

"Ouran please," Usagi said with a grin.

"I'm getting a tour of Ouran?" Seiya asked excited.

"We'll detour the park for now," Usagi said.

Usagi and Seiya stood before Ouran's high school entrance. Usagi looked at Seiya's amazed smile.

"This is huge."

"I know."

"Can we even be here now?"

Usagi grinned. It was a weekend, Sunday. No one was normally around on a Sunday. She had conveniently copied her Uncle Yuzuru's set of keys to the school.

"Shh. It's okay. I'm a student and my Godfather is the owner," Usagi replied.

"Odango, are you suppose to have those keys?" Seiya said noticing the ring of keys the fair haired teenager had.

Usagi shot a grin. "Adventure in the school, part one, tour."

"I'm going to regret this, aren't I?" Seiya remarked as he followed Usagi into the building.

Usagi gave Seiya a tour with commentary on Ouran's different classrooms and wings.

"This is Nii-chama's favorite hang out," Usagi said showing him around the basement where the Black Magic club hung out.

"It's cozy," Seiya replied.

"Let's get comfortable here," Usagi said taking a seat.

Seiya noticed a small staircase that lead to another room. "Is that the Host Club entrance?"

Usagi nodded. "We'll go there when we leave."

"Isn't this school?" Honey said to Diamond who brought them to the front of Ouran.

Mori noticed that not too far from the entrance in the parking lot was a familiar car. It was definitely the car Usagi and Shingo usually were driven around in. "Over there."

"How did you know they were here?" Honey asked curiously.

Diamond shrugged. "I have a sixth sense."

"Creepy," Honey said quietly.

"Or GPS," Mori muttered more realistically.

"What are they doing here?" Diamond wondered out loud.

"Who has a date at school?" Honey asked.

"Let's go," Diamond said.

Honey nodded. "Does this sixth sense tell you where they are right now?"

"That way," Diamond said pointing to where he knew Usagi's energy was. He had pointed in the direction of the Black Magic club was near the Third Music classroom.

"Usagi told you that the Third Music classroom was this way, didn't she?" Honey said not believing Diamond's sixth sense.

Diamond shook his head. He could feel where Usagi was from her energy. It wasn't hard to do since she wasn't trying to hide herself.

"Are you jealousy that she is spending her time with Seiya?" Honey asked.

"Curious," Diamond said.

"Curious," Honey repeated giving him a look.

"I'm not insecure," Diamond replied.

"Right," Honey said with a nod.

"I can't believe summer vacation is so soon," Honey said quietly.

"More time to spend with Usagi," Diamond replied. He was delighted that the term was ending.

The three young men walked through the school to where they believed Usagi would be.

"Who is this gift from?" Seiya asked looking at the pretty pearl earrings in Usagi's hands.

Usagi looked at the wrapping paper and card. "Ayame-chan and her family."

"Does that mean you still have to make out a thank you card?" Seiya asked.

"Of course," Usagi said letting Seiya know to type her friend's name down onto the list.

"Jewelry, money and cards," Seiya muttered as he looked at the list of persons and gifts.

"This is pretty," Usagi muttered looking at Tamaki's gift.

"What is it?" Seiya asked as Usagi peered into the box.

"Charm bracelet," Usagi said displaying the silver and gold bracelet. Each charm was a representation of each club member.

"Cute," Seiya commented.

"I haven't gotten to your gift yet," Usagi stated.

"I brought myself," Seiya said. "Aren't I a wonderful present?"

Usagi nodded giving him a hug from the side then put on the charm bracelet.

"I think Ami's gift was most practical so far," Seiya replied.

"Ami's custom special University prep guide," Usagi stated happy, but a little disappointed. She was glad that Ami wanted to help Usagi by building her such a great program which was a compilation of possible entrance exam questions, tips and guides to different majors for different universities. It would be a help for Usagi, but it wasn't as fun as she wanted.

"Next," Seiya cried stretching. It seemed like time was moving slowly as they opened gift after gift.

"Interesting," Usagi cried as she pulled out Rei's gift. Usagi played with the beautiful pair of fans. The fans had a pretty image of the crescent moon reflected on water. It had a strange weight. Usagi could feel the power of the blessings that had been bestowed.

"That'll be all the rage at the parties these days," Seiya laughed.

"It's still pretty," Usagi replied. She knew the gift was meant to protect and ward away negative energy.

"Well, look at this," Seiya cried as he pulled out a gi and a kendo sword.

"Mitsukuni-sempai and Takashi-sempai," Usagi commented.

Usagi looked at the cute design on the back of the gi. It was a picture of a sakura tree with petals falling around a sleeping little rabbit at the base of the tree with the setting sun in the background. The kendo sword was the perfect weight and size for Usagi. It had a custom hilt that had Usagi engraved on it along with a pretty rose pattern.

"They have taste," Seiya remarked.

Usagi laughed.

"Here, take this," Seiya said giving Usagi the present from that Ootori character.

Usagi wondered what it could be. Seiya stared alongside Usagi at the present before them.

"Funny," Usagi muttered as she took in the cover.

Seiya laughed. "It is."

Usagi flipped through the pages of The Complete Idiot's Guide to Drawing Manga in thought. She stared at the piece of folded paper in her hands that fell from the pages. She didn't think that he had been even listening to that conversation she had.

"Is that supposed to be thoughtful?" Seiya asked curiously. He couldn't see what the folded paper said. Usagi's expression looked as if she were recalling a memory.

"It's a joke I didn't think he would make," Usagi muttered.

"I'm telling you this is how it's supposed to look," Usagi argued with the twins who were commenting on her drawing.

"You need help Odango, if this is your career path," Hikaru teased.

"I think it's good for being self taught," Tamaki said knowing Usagi worked hard at drawing.

"Yeah," Usagi cried.

"You can tell though," Kaoru cried.

"I still think it's better than the other club members," Haruhi commented.

"You should also pick up on how to draw other things," Honey said. "Maybe it'll help."

"Mitsukuni-sempai, it's not bad is it?" Usagi cried.

"It's just the more detailed pieces need a little work," Honey said in a soft tone.

"Really?" Usagi replied a little sad. She had become a little overconfident since a lot of people said her stuff was really good. Maybe they were being too nice to her.

"Yeah, lessons wouldn't be bad thing," Tamaki finally said.

Usagi wailed unhappily. "Why didn't you tell me before?"

"Usagi-chan, we didn't want to hurt your feelings," Haruhi said.

"You're supposed to be the blunt one." Usagi muttered.

"How did you learn to draw anyway?" Hikaru asked.

"I bet it was Manga for Dummies," Kaoru joked.

Usagi huffed, "It wasn't."

"You did, didn't you?" Hikaru replied.

"No!" Usagi cried.

The others laughed as Usagi began to chase the twins who were crying, "Baka!"

"How did she learn to draw manga?" Haruhi asked.

"Draw Your Own Manga: All the Basics," Tamaki answered.

Usagi grinned at the slip of paper and the book. Kyoya had given her drawing lessons from a local artist and popular mangaka. It made her happy.

"Usagi-chan," Seiya called.

"Yeah," Usagi said looking over to her companion.

"What's the deal?" Seiya asked.

"What do you mean?" Usagi replied.

Seiya shook his head. She had to say the same thing. Usagi was such a silly girl. She knew exactly what he was asking.

"Usagi," Seiya said seriously.

"He says he doesn't like me," Usagi replied.

"So he says," Seiya remarked.

"I've been thinking about holding off love for awhile," Usagi said.

"So you say," Seiya replied then paused, "Diamond."

"Diamond is a different topic. I am not in love with him," Usagi stated.

"So you're in love with this Kyoya Ootori fellow," Seiya remarked.

"I don't know if I'm in love, but it feels something like it," Usagi muttered honestly.

"So Mamoru is the biggest occupant in your heart still?" Seiya asked.

"My fate has always been tied to Prince Endymion, Mamoru. We needed each other's strength to balance each other out. While the bond between Mamo-chan and I will always remain intact, the strength of the bond has change. Even if it is a barely visible spotted line, it could be strengthened again. Our common history and destinies bring us together now, not just our hearts." Usagi replied.

"What are you doing with Diamond then?" Seiya asked.

"The easy answer is I do like him. Sometimes you don't realize you're creating a bond with someone. They grow on you. It's different." Usagi explained.

"Is it the same as me?" Seiya wondered.

"What?" Usagi asked.

"Is the bond your building with Diamond the same as what you've built with me?" Seiya asked.

"I don't know," Usagi said.

"It isn't fair," Seiya muttered sadly.

"I never saw or felt myself falling in love or being with you," Usagi answered honestly.

"But you can see Diamond. You can see Ootori-san?" Seiya asked.

"Seiya, I don't want to hurt you or lead you on," Usagi said.

"I can at least be comforted by the fact that you don't fancy yourself in love with Diamond yet," Seiya muttered.

"I hold a special place for all my friends," Usagi said.

"You should try again," Seiya said trying to be the good friend.

"What?" Usagi asked.

"Odango, you shouldn't give up," Seiya replied. "The guy does like you."

"I shouldn't give up," Usagi said unconvinced.

"I only want you to be happy." Seiya said. "Diamond isn't what is in your heart. I don't think it'll ever be since you have Ootori-san there. You won't fall in love with Diamond while you're thinking about someone else. Even if you say you aren't trying to think about that someone. You never fell in love with me. I am awesome by the way. You agree to my awesomeness. You always had Mamoru there even when he was never around. Why did you have to have such a loyal heart? So as your friend, as someone who has been stomped on by you, I say you declare war on this guy."

"I tried," Usagi replied.

"Last night probably has the guy questioning his feelings," Seiya replied. "I was questioning my feelings and reactions as well to Mamoru, Diamond and Kyoya. Try again."

"Seiya, you don't have to be so happy," Usagi muttered as she could see the strained smile and wrinkles around his eyes.

"I'm not happy about this," Seiya agreed.

"No more talk about this," Usagi said.

"I agree," Seiya said.

They were quiet for a period of time. Usagi opened presents and announced the name of the person and Seiya typed. After ten minutes Usagi broke their routine.

"Let's just go do other things," Usagi said. "Let's laugh and cheer at the circus. Then we'll play at the amusement park. Being here in the dark is now looking a little depressing."

Seiya sighed. "I agree. This atmosphere here does make things grimmer."

"To the circus," Usagi said shoving the unwrapped presents back into the subspace pocket.

Seiya stood up and looked down at Usagi. Seiya couldn't be with Usagi. Usagi would never fall in love with him. He could however make sure she was happy and protected. If she was happy, he would feel relieved. A part of him wondered if he would find someone that he would unexpectedly fall in love with. Siya had felt this resolve before when he left Earth the first time. He had thought he could just put Usagi in his heart and let her go. Seiya hoped that this would be the last time he would come hoping that a part of her would accept him.

Honey, Mori and Diamond had arrived to the Third Music Classroom. They had walked in and saw that no one was in the room. Honey showed the door that lead to the Black Magic Club area.

"Let's laugh and cheer at the circus," Usagi's voice could be heard through the door.

The three leaned against the door.

"To the circus," Usagi's voice stated.

"Circus," Honey said trying to thinking what circus they could be talking about.

"Kinoshita Circus," Mori said recalling that a few of their customers had mentioned that the circus had come to town.

Diamond nodded. "I guess we're going to the circus."

Honey flipped opened his cell phone to make arrangements.

Diamond walked around the room looking at the various tables, pictures and props around the place.

"Do you feel that?" Usagi asked Seiya looking to the Host Club door.

"We have company," Seiya muttered knowing exactly who one of them was.

"Sempais and Diamond," Usagi clarified for Seiya.

"After you," Seiya said letting Usagi go ahead of him.

Usagi opened the door to the Host Club's Third Music Classroom. She stepped into the room which surprised Honey and Mori. Diamond had expected the pair to feel his presence.

"Hi," Usagi greeted to the room.

"Usagi-chan," Honey cried a little shocked at her arrival.

"Diamond," Seiya greeted.

"Seiya," Diamond greeted.

"What are you guys doing here?" Usagi asked knowing what they were doing.

"We were," Honey said trying to figure out what to say.

"Giving me a tour of their favorite place on campus," Diamond offered as the answer.

"A likely story," Seiya shot back.

Usagi sighed. "Want to come to the circus as well?"

Honey cheered. Mori just nodded.

Diamond said, "If you'll have us."

Seiya frowned. "If Usagi wants you guys to come along."

"Let's go," Usagi said taking the first step towards the door across the room.

"What were you two doing down there?" Honey asked curiously.

"Opening presents," Usagi said with a smile.

"Oh?' Honey replied.

"Thanks by the way," she said to the two sempais.

"No problem," Honey cried.

"You two seem to come on all my outings," Usagi said with a grin.

Honey laughed. "Not all of them."

"Let's have fun," Usagi replied taking Honey and Mori's arms. The three skipped towards the car.

"I see you've decided to follow us," Seiya said to Diamond.

"I was just curious," Diamond replied.

"Of course," Seiya replied knowing that Diamond just wanted to intrude. Diamond had already made it clear that he didn't see Seiya as a threat.

"You look a bit worn," Diamond asked taking in Seiya's form.

"Thanks for caring," Seiya said.

"I don't," Diamond replied.

"I told Usagi to pursue that Ootori guy," Seiya stated staring at Diamond.

Diamond stopped walking and stared questioningly to Seiya.

"What?" Diamond asked.

"I told her the truth," Seiya stated.

"What truth?" Diamond asked.

"That she'll never fall in love with you, even though you're by her side." Seiya replied.

"That isn't a true," Diamond remarked. Usagi could fall in love with him. He could be patient.

"It's true because she has someone in her heart," Seiya said.

"She's already given up on that," Diamond said.

"She's tried to give up. You know as well as any, Usagi's heart is loyal. She won't forget because her heart already feels something. You can try to push her to fall in love with you, but you're not going to get anywhere. You should've seen it last night. His heart feels something for her and her heart knows it even if he and she say otherwise. She never gave up on Mamoru," Seiya muttered.

Diamond stared emotionless to Seiya.

"What are you two doing?" Usagi shouted to the two who were staring at one another in a standoff.

Honey and Mori watched curiously as the two young men looked away from one another. Seiya sighed before walking away first. Diamond looked deep in thought as he made his way to the group.

"I'm sorry," Usagi said as Kyoya was shoved by Tamaki into her arms for the last dance. Usagi had removed her hands from his person as soon as he finished colliding with her. She stood awkwardly in front him. Her eyes were drifting all around trying not to focus on him or meet his gaze.

"Relax, I'm not going to kill you," Kyoya replied quietly annoyed at her behavior.

Usagi seemed to relax a bit at his words. She looked across the see the other pairs that were left.

Kyoya knew that he shouldn't have agreed to this little competition. He had to just dance for appearances. Tamaki had quietly pointed out his father, which had made him participate fully. He could no longer feel his father's gaze, just his sister's eyes on him as he stood across from Usagi. Fuyumi would suspect something off if he didn't dance with Usagi. He had to appear disinterested and comfortable. However, Usagi was making it difficult.

Kyoya took a deep breath as he placed his hand on her waist and took her hand. The music began and he led her in their waltz. Her hand was not clammy like some of the others he had held so far. Her hand felt warm, soft, it was familiar in his. He felt that nervous feeling in his gut arise. He didn't like that she wasn't look at him like she normally would. The dance felt awkward as they glided. They were slightly off beat and mechanical.

"Look at me," Kyoya muttered making her stumble slightly. He corrected her swiftly and Usagi stared up into his face.

Her eyes were guarded. They looked a little unsure. It was different from the soft look she had given to others. It was different from when her heart was intent on pursuing him. He didn't know why it made him a little sad. His grip on her waist and hand became a little tighter which cause some confusion in her eyes.

"Nice weather we're having," Kyoya remarked in a strange tone. It was almost as if he wanted to say something else but settled for this comment.

Usagi laughed quietly at his remark. "Nice weather, indeed."

"It's been an interesting party," he said quietly.

"I'm glad you're enjoying yourself. You are enjoying yourself?" Usagi said her eyes wandering a little from his face.

"I would enjoy it more if you could look me in the face," Kyoya said.

Usagi tilted her head back to stare into his face. "I am."

"Now," Kyoya replied.

Usagi sighed. "This is awkward."

"Happy birthday," Kyoya stated sincerely. Usagi almost stopped moving. He guided her back into the step.

"Thanks," Usagi replied relaxing a little bit.

"Your friends did a good job," Kyoya said.

"I know," Usagi said.

"You're well loved, Usagi," Kyoya remarked.

"I know," Usagi said.

"It's envious," Kyoya said.

"I love them all to death," Usagi said with a bright smile.

"They feel the same way," Kyoya remarked.

"They can be suffocating at times," Usagi said her eyes shining.

"Which means they care," Kyoya said. He could understand their friendship. His friendships with the Host Club members were becoming a part of him. It was good to have them beside him.

Usagi laughed. "I'm glad to know them."

"It's good to have friends like that," Kyoya said.

"Its versions of Tamaki's love for family," Usagi explained.

Kyoya nodded in understanding.

The music stopped. "Looks like I have three pairs," Mina's voice cried.

"Thanks for the dance," Kyoya said.

Usagi nodded. "Please approach the stage for your prizes." Mina said.

"I'm glad I know you too," Usagi said before walking to the stage.

Kyoya watched Usagi walk away for a moment. He told himself to go back. He wouldn't dare to say anything in response to her words.

"Kyoya," Fuyumi called knocking on his bedroom door.

There was no answer. Fuyumi scratched her head unsure if she wanted to venture into his room while he could possibly be sleeping. Her little brother was a little grouch when he didn't want to get up. It was already late in the afternoon. The maid had said that they hadn't seen him come out. Fuyumi assumed that he was in his room either working on the computer or sleeping.

"Kyoya, I'm coming in," Fuyumi said turning the knob of the door.

The bed was made. The chair was empty. The desk had the laptop sitting there. There were a few books out. She didn't see Kyoya.

Fuyumi walked over to the bathroom door. She gave it a knock.

"Kyoya," Fuyumi called.

Kyoya looked away from the box sitting beside the sink and back at his reflection. The expression on his face, his dark eyes and the glint of the light against the lenses of his glasses reflected back. He shook his head trying to remove the thoughts his mind. Kyoya tried to look away. He took off his glasses. He splashed some water on his face trying to relax. He wiped his face with a towel and patted himself on the cheeks before putting his glasses back on. As much as he tried, he couldn't get rid of it. It was still there. He couldn't remove the thought from his mind at the moment. He couldn't get rid of this feeling of regret that he had. It all had to do with Usagi Tsukino and it made him frustrated.

He could hear his sister. He would ignore it for a little longer. Kyoya shoved the box into the drawer in the bathroom. He opened the bathroom door as his sister reached for the handle.

"Fuyumi," Kyoya greeted.

"Are you alright?" Fuyumi asked worried.

"Fine," he replied.

Fuyumi stared at her brother who took a seat at his desk looking ready to continue working.

"It's time for lunch," Fuyumi said.

"That's alright," Kyoya replied.

"We shouldn't keep Father and the others," Fuyumi remarked.

Kyoya stood and replied, "Of course not."

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