You see the tall man, with arms and legs so lanky.

You'd say something about the nightmares….

But your parents would get cranky.

You know that you can only see him.

Well….you and a select few.

You hear that he's mean,

You hear that he's not nice.

But you can hear him talking to you….

Or…at least he tries…

You've seen the pictures.

You've seen all the vids.

But just don't think about it.

Please, close your eyelids.

Forget about the rustling.

Forget about the trees.

It's all probably all in your head,

It's probably just the breeze.

But you can hear him,

The rap tap tap.

Just go away.

You're gonna give mom a heart attack.

But you just can't sleep.

It just won't come.

Your mind, it will seek.

….maybe just one peak….

You open the blinds,

His eyes…just not there.

Maybe if you weren't so curious…

Maybe it'd give you a scare….

You think you see a smile….

Maybe even a grin

Now you hear him again…

"please let me come in"

You think and ponder.

What's the hurt?

Why not let him in…?

I wonder….

You open the window, and he walks in with ease.

Then you can hear your parent's pleas.

When suddenly they turn

Into bloodcurdling screams.

A snarl a crash, a slam and a bash.

The crying has stopped,

But you hear one more slash.

Then the sounds of two wet drops.

He takes you in his arms,

The tears should flow.

Then he begins to climb out the window.

You see the blood stained monster,

It's too much to take.

To you his fingers….

They look like…..a rake.

You feel your eyes begin to flutter,

Your sight starts to fade,

This was too much, this scary raid.

You get very tired, and you hear him say again,

"Go to sleep small child….we have to hunt for another ten"