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Chapter 1

Gotham City
10: 45pm


It was only meant to be a simple bank robbery. A quick get in, get out, money in hand. Under the radar, nothing to alert the people outside of our presence.
It was going that way, too, if Batman hadn't showed up.
"Hurry up, I haven't got all night." I hissed, my gun jabbing towards the vault in the wall. My partners in black were grabbing the bags of money and loading up the car outside with them. I had five guys in black, plus me. That made us pretty hard to fight, so the people in the bank were very quick to respond to us.
"Did you hear that?" One of them stops and looks around, his brow furrowed in concentration.

"Who cares! Just hurry up, I don't want to be here to long. It'll look suspicious."

"It already does look suspicious." I whirled around to the sound of the voice, and my frustration faded away into panic.
It was Batman, and Robin.

"I don't need to deal with you tonight." I growled, turned, and fired my gun at a gas heater. The thing exploded, and it was big enough to cover for me slipping away. I could hear grunts and yells coming from the bank and I hurried out the side door, entering the alleyway. I found a fire escape of the building next to me and jumped, just catching the bottom rung with my fingers. I pulled myself up, swiftly climbing the rusty red ladder.
I made it to the roof when I heard the tell-tale signs of someone following me. I picked up the pace, jumping from one roof to the other, but the footsteps behind me were getting louder.
It was when I came to a dead end that I had to stop. The roof gave way to a main street below, the lights from the cars twinkling up at me. The roof on the other side of the road was to far to jump.

"You're gonna have to give up now. No where to run." I turned slowly, my eyes stopping on the boy in front of me. Black hair, black mask, black cape with a yellow underside. His outfit consisted of red, yellow, and black. It was amazing how he could blend into the night wearing something like that.

"Hi there, little birdie." I smiled. My outfit was much better to blend with. It was purple and black. The mask was purple, and it looked a bit like Robin's, but mine cat small cat ears at the top and three whiskers on either side. My top was black, tight with long sleeves. It cut off just under my breasts, leaving my stomach bare. The belt was purple, the same shade as my mask. I wore purple gloves, also the same shade. They helped me grip so I could climb better. They also had claws at the tips of my fingers. My pants were black and tight, detail-less, giving way to purple boots that started just under my knees. My hair was raven black and stopped at my waist, my bright green eyes covered by my mask. It took me a while to make this outfit, and I was proud.
Robin's jaw set. "Are you going to come quietly, or will I have to take you down?"

I giggled, shifting my weight. "I never come quietly." I pounced, my fist aiming for his face. He dodged, his foot striking up and landing a blow on my stomach. I bit back a grunt and lashed out again, feinting a punch but instead kicking him in the side. My foot landed, and he stepped back, his teeth clenched.

"It would be much easier if you cooperate." He suggested.

"What can I say? I'm a rebel."
Our feet moved faster, our fists a blur as we struck out at each other. It became like a dance, the music our fast beating hearts and heavy breathing.
It all stopped when Robin got a good blow on my chest. I stumbled, and he replied with another kick to my chest. I fell to the ground, the air being knocked out of my lungs.

"Ready to give up yet?" He asked, stepping towards me.

I grinned. "Not yet." I then rolled off the side of the roof.
I heard him gasp and his head popped over the side, looking down at the street below. His face turned from shock to surprise when he saw me hanging off the side, my feet dangling a few meters above a verandah.

"Worried about me?" I whispered, leaning up so my face was inches from his. His warm breath tickled my lips.

"Wh-" His sentence cut off when I pushed myself up so my lips met his. His whole body went rigid, and I pulled back, smirking.

"Cat got your tongue?" I joked, letting go. I landed on the verandah below me, and jumped off the side, disappearing into the night.


What was that? My whole body locked up, my eyes wide, my mouth falling open into a little O. I stared down unseeingly at the street below, looking over in the general direction where the girl disappeared.

I hauled myself up, getting to my feet. I could feel my cheeks redden in the cool night air.
No. I thought suddenly. It's just some girl messing with me. Distracting me so she could get away. And it worked.

"Batman to Robin." I head Batman's voice in my ear. I pulled myself together, pulling a hand through my hair.

"Yeah, Bats?"

"I've taken care of the men back at the bank. How was it with the girl?"

"Uh..." I looked up at the cloud covered sky as if an explanation had somehow written itself in the clouds. "She, uh... She got away."

Batman was silent for a moment, and I was about to see if something had gone wrong with the communicator when I felt a presence behind me. Turning, I meet the hard gaze of my mentor.

"Did you let her get away, Robin?" Batman asked.

I suddenly felt like I was 13 again under the Batman's gaze. I straightened myself up to my full 15 year old height and replied, "She was to fast, she got away."

Batman studied my expression for a second, but let it go. I gave a small smile in gratitude. How was I supposed to explain to him what happened?

"We better continue patrol. We might find her along the way." Batman said.
I agreed, and we continued our nightly sweep of the city.


I made it home in record time. Slipping in my open window, I made quick work of my outfit, changing it into my comfortable pajamas. I slipped my outfit into a shoe box and shoved it in the back of my closet, piling shoes on top of it.
There was a tap on my window, and I spun around, only to relax at the slim black figure crouching beside my window. I went over and opened it, and Catwoman slid into my room, making no sound at all.

"Did you get it?" I asked, closing my window. She turned to me, her eyes eyeing my clothes.

"Course I did, kitten." She held up a small green ring with a green stone and I grinned.

"The plan worked!" I reached over and grabbed the ring, studying it in the moonlight coming through my window. "It's so pretty." I breathed.

Catwoman pulled off her black mask, revealing short black hair and dark eyes. "I know. Piece of cake to steal it, too. I assume you didn't run into any problems?"

"Like we planned, Batman and Robin showed up." I said, giving her back the ring. "But I evaded them both fairly quickly." I felt my cheeks redden as I remembered what I did. She saw this, and her eyes flashed dangerously.

"What did you do?" She asked. She didn't sound mad, only curious. I laughed.


She studied my face but let it pass. "Your business. We'll talk about it later. Right now, you need to get to bed. You have school in the morning."

"Oh, please-"

"Come on, Leah. We both have had to many late nights lately. It's starting to show." She moved silently to my door and turned. "Goodnight, kitten."

"Night Mom." I mumbled, climbing into bed. She laughed, opened the door, and closed it quietly behind her.