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Gilan, grey hairs, and a goat

It was the second day of Gilan's apprenticeship to Halt. Back at his cabin in Redmont, the latter was sitting on the veranda reading reports.

Peace at last, The grizzled ranger thought in relief. He'd just sent Gilan into town to buy fresh food and produce; today was the weekly farmers market, and a Saturday. Halt gratefully told the boy to take a holiday, as was the usual the custom. Halt hadn't been planning to follow this particular custom, but then again, he hadn't planned on the effect that an over exuberant and utterly naive apprentice would have on him either. Halt rubbed his forehead wearily just thinking about it.

The endless questions, idiotic antics, blasted energy. Halt wasn't exactly known for his good temper and friendly attitude, but Gilan seemed to think that his apprenticeship meant testing how many times Halt would tell him to shut up before threatening to tie him upside-down to a tree and leaving him there. Turns out, three time's the charm.

What the heck does he think I am anyway? His nanny? he sighed irritably.

Suddenly, he heard feet pounding up the path. Whoever it was sounded like they were running for their lives. He also heard…a bell? It sounded like the kind farmers put on their cows. Or goats. Gilan appeared around the bend, running frantically and waving his lanky arms wildly. He sped past Halt in a blur of motion; there was an angry looking grey furred Billy goat in hot pursuit; A Billy goat with long, sharp, horns.


As Halt sat watching in disbelief, Gilan ran around the cabin again and again, screaming like a little girl.

"AIIIIIEEEEEE! HELP! HELPHELPHELPHELPHELP!" The goat naahed angrily as it closed the distance between him and the helpless boy. Scowling darkly, Halt got up and walked down the steps purposefully.

"Gilan! STOP!" Immediately, Gilan halted right in front of his mentor, grabbing Halt's sleeve pleadingly.

"Hel-OOF!" The goat backed up for another ram at the boy, who was face first in the dirt rubbing his throbbing behind.

"Owowowowowowww!" He moaned into the dirt. Halt stepped forward just as the goat charged and grabbed one of its horns in a sinewy hand. Holding it still, he commanded. "Quit sniveling and get up before I let this thing have another go at you!" Gilan was up before Halt finished talking, his youthful face smeared and grimed.

"Hey Halt." He grinned sheepishly. "How'd you grab the goat? What where you reading? Did you know it was me running? Isn't that goat kinda hard to hold it like that? What…"

"STOP!" "Sure Halt."

Seeing the murderous look in his mentor's eyes, Gilan began to back away, holding his hands up apologetically.

"No need to get angry Halt…Eh, why don't I go tie myself up to that tree, save you the hassle." He was about to run, but Halt grabbed his shirt front.

"If I were you, boy, I'd be very, very quiet just now." Halt said in a dangerously low voice. Gilan was about to say "Yes Halt." But thought better of it and nodded instead.

Later that day, after Gilan and Halt returned the pacified goat to its owner, and Gilan had spent the rest of the day scrubbing floors, scouring pots, and writing "I will not try to ride a goat." In chalk all over the side of the cabin before scrubbing it all off, Halt was relaxing and sipping a much needed cup of coffee.

"Halt?" He ignored the boy.

"Halt? Halt? Halthalthalthalthalt?"

"WHAT?" Nonplussed, Gilan asked:

"What's that lil' grey streak in your hair?"

Alarmed, Halt pulled out his saxe knife and used the side of it as a mirror to look at his head. There was a single grey hair in his forelock.

"Why me?" He groaned to himself.

"What did you say Halt?"

"You're giving me grey hairs before my time boy. Hope you're happy." He grumbled sarcastically. Gilan grinned hugely.

"That's it!" Halt stood quickly, knocking over his chair in the process. All signs of mirth wiped off his face, Gilan ran for his life for the second time that day. A sudden thought occurred to him. He tried to stifle it, but the temptation to blurt it out was too great. He couldn't resist calling out, as Halt pursued him through the forest:

"Help! I'm being chased by an old grey goat again!"

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