Ok, so I got this crazy idea in my head about Hadrix falling for Lil, and THAT was why he defected. So this is just my personal musings in the form of his diary. Disclaimer: No, I still don't own Green Rider or anything affiliated with them, they all belong to the great KB and her muses. Enjoy!

Journal of Hadrix El Fex

I saw her again today, as fierce and passionate as ever. I find myself wondering if she has a husband and children waiting for her back at their camp. And if not, I foolishly hope she would consider calling me husband and bearing my children. I feel very strongly for her, there is no mistaking this feeling.

I love her.

But I would be lying to myself if I believed for a second that she sees me as anything other than a murderer of her family and friends. But I don't want to be that person anymore. I want her to see a good man when she looks at me, not a murderer. So I'm going to ask her to meet me in a fortnight, saying that I have finally realized the atrocities that Alesandros and I have committed and wish to bring them to an end.

It is partially true, but she is the main reason I want to defect. Given our history, she won't believe me but I don't care, she is worth all the pain Alesandros could inflict. I know now that the Rider I saw in the Lake was a sign, a peek into the future, a possibility of what our children could look like, hers and mine. For the Rider had my features, but the same entrancing and fiery eyes as my Lil.

I am loath to betray my dearest friend, but his father was right, Alesandros is a power hungry tyrant. It is sad that it has taken me so long to see this but now that I have, I will do everything in my power to right the wrongs I have helped him do. I write these words hopeful of a place where a man can love a woman regardless of station or class.

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