I am not good with titles. Or summaries. OTL


The sun shined and floated in the sky like a big, yellow balloon in the cerulean sky, which was scattered with marshmallow-like clouds . Yaya skipped down the side walk happily, smiling, completely at ease with everything and everyone. She was in a particulary wonderful mood that day. It was a very beautiful day, too. Yaya's smile became even bigger as she looked around at the pretty things around her as she made her way to Amu's house, wanting to pay her friend a visit and hang out with her. It had just stopped raining recently, so the flowers in some of the neighbors' gardens were sparkling with tiny little raindrops all over the colorful plants.

She was so absorbed in her surroundings that she forgot to watch where she was going, and promptly trick over a twig and landed in a puddle. "WAH!" Yaya whined loudly, rubbing her ankle. "That hurt~!" As she stood up and attempted to wipe some of the wetness off of her bright yellow rain jacket, she noticed that she had arrived at her destination without her knowing.

"Eh? Yaya needs to start paying more attention." Yaya laughed to herself, twirling her small pigtails, feeling silly. "Oh, well~! At least Yaya's here- OOH DUCKIES!" She squealed, watching the cute little birds cross the road. "Hi, duckies!" She waved to them, grinning widely. "You guys are so cute!" She froze mid-wave when she heard voices nearby. She tilted her head and saw that Amu was outside, looking like she was waiting for somebody. "Oh! Amu-chi!" Yaya called happily, now waving at her friend, but Amu couldn't here her since she was out of hearing range.

"Hmph. Yaya should've brought a megaphone." Then she saw somebody else. They were wearing a hoodie, and was heading towards Amu's house, also. "Oh?" Who's that?" Yaya wondered aloud to herself.

Amu noticed the person, too. But instead of looking confused or worried, her face lit up witth a big smile. When the stranger was in front of the rosette, they lowered their hood. Green hair and glasses... "Kairi?" Yaya was really confused now. What was Kairi doing at Amu-chi's house? Was he going to help her with her homework or something? They don't seem to have too much in common, so they can't just be hanging out together for fun... Even through her confused curiousity, Yaya couldn't help but be amazed at how much his eyes resembled the pretty sky, and she couldn't stop the funny tingling feeling she got in her tummy when he smiled. Yaya watched the two, vaguely aware of anything but the boy she was staring at. Her head tilted lazily to the side, a soft, almost shy, smile formed on her lips.

But, sadly, some wonderful things don't last forever. Her pleasant daze and wonderful mood vanished when she saw Kairi kiss Amu on the cheek, and walk away with her, his hand clasped lovingly in hers.

Yaya didn't know why, but it felt like Kairi punched her. In her heart. And her stomach. She felt sick. Lightheaded, and sick. She was speechless. She couldn't think, or breathe, or speak. Why did she feel like that? What are all these bad feelings? where did they come from?
Why did Kairi kissing one of her best friends make her suddenly feel so sad and icky? She didn't like it at all.

Yaya stumbled backwards, falling back into the puddle she landed in earlier. Everything felt numb. What happened to that great and happy mood she was in? Why was the sun suddenly less yellow, and why did the clouds look less like yummy marshmallows? She felt wet drops trickle down her rosey cheeks, and she looked up.

But it wasn't raining. She was crying.