"So, all I'm saying is that with alittle bit of this, " Rudy pointed to his crotch, "I can get them, sock `em dry… they get attached… isn't that right?" Rudy smirked and lifted his eyebrows towards Curtis. In response, Curtis rolls his eyes and leans his slender torso against the railing that sectioned the estate from the mass of water that separated the buildings surrounding them. Curtis tucked his hands into his lime green track jacket and squinted his eyes towards the sun. "Look mate… you're being a really downer. I don't think I want to hang out with you anymore…"

"Trust me, we are not hanging out"

Rudy pulled out his phone to check the time, nodded to himself, and sat on the splintered wooden bench that rested in front of the community center. "Ya` think Simon would be here on time… I can't wait for much longer"

Hand-in-hand, Simon and Alisha filtered their way through the narrow halls of the community center, "like old times…" Alisha held onto Simon's hand tighter as they passed the locker room, "it's weird, we got away with all of it… or that's what it feels like." Alisha caught a quick glimpse of the recreation room before Simon slipped her through the front exit of the building.

"Oh, look who is it? Bloody hell, we've been waiting for hours mate…" Rudy eyes widened when his mind finally registered that Alisha's body was present, "h-heyyy…" Curtis followed suit with his mouth agape, waiting for something to spill from his full lips. Nothing, he only tightened his fists in his pockets.

Alisha squinted at Rudy and Curtis, "Stop, I know it's weird," She folded her arms and turned to Simon before turning her voice into a sultry innuendo, "Trust me, it's good being back…here."

"Yeah," Curtis said while smiling, "long time no see".

Simon wrapped his arm around Alisha, his denim jacket somewhat tugging at her curly locks, but it didn't seem to bother her one bit. "Kelly is-"

"Being a butch in jail, yeah?" Rudy questioned while falsely painting a smile on his face, "If I was in the big house mate, I would fu-"

"Please, Shut up..." Curtis sucked his teeth and swayed his body towards Simon, "So, what is the plan, hm? We bust inside the jail like this…" he shook his head, "I'm not doing it, too risky."

"Even if it's to help Kelly, " Simon's arm slowly brushed away from Alisha's shoulders, she stood chest to chest with Curtis, " If we do this, I'm not going to put up with that attitude. I did not come back for all this bullshit, so can we just figure some sort of plan, yeah?"

"See, I think we have a new leader here," Rudy laughs as he points to Simon, "you're officially the bottom bitch mate, I'm sorry."

"What…" Simon responds with a straight face before grabbing Alisha's hand, "Look we can do this, all of us. I have a plan all we need to do is give her a few supplies… she has the power of being a rocket scientist, we give her the least and she will figure something out. What really need is to infiltrate the area she is in, one of us should stand guard or… try to find a legitimate uniform to use."

Rudy playfully lifts his hands up in the air, waiving it about madly, "that's a job for…" Rudy then dances in a circle as he points to himself, "this guyyyy!"



Alisha waited till Simon was back from practicing his parkour, her legs were crossed and knees pointed toward the yellow pastel vintage lift. For the past few nights, after all the planning of Kelly's rescue, she seemed so anxious for Simon's attention. It felt like every night she was waiting to be satisfied.

In her soiled mind, she thought, no, fantasized that Simon would come home tired, hot, and clammy. The perspiration on his shoulders would enhance every muscle on his back. She bit her lip from the anticipation of it all, "God…" she let out a gasp in awareness of her thoughts. Maybe she forgotten her usual ritual with waiting for his return, but tonight felt long and needed.

When Simon exited from the lift a minutes later, Alisha's curvy body welcomed him. "Alisha…" Simon's hands weakened, he dropped his mask along side him and almost for a nano second stopped breathing. "I-I," his face looked more concerned than turned on.

"So, are you gonna stand there or…" she casually stroked her forefinger on his bottom lip, "or… are you gonna kiss me?". Her breath was warm and heavy; not even a shiver from Simon. "Simon?"

Simon was stiff in his movements, he bent his knees to collect his mask and shifted his direction toward his locker; his eyes never meeting hers. "I don't think tonight is a good idea".

"Are you rejecting me?" Alisha felt almost silly now being so close and so naked, "Are you telling me that you don't want to have sex with me?" Simon responded with a nod and that was all that was needed to put Alisha over the edge. "Seriously?"


"So, you are telling me that you did not want to have sex with Alisha?" Rudy lifted his eyebrows and let out a huge sigh, "Where is this coming from?"

"It's like I don't feel like it, with her…"

"Maybe you just hate sex"

"I don't," Simon, whispered, "It's just that…"

"Hm?" Rudy said while slipping the tip of his tongue out of his mouth, "Something is definitely messing you up mate. Usually we are all over of these plans, but the week is almost up and we still don't have a solid plan to getting Kelly out. You have all the perks right now. Free sex, a girlfriend that cooks for you… I would love to take your place…" Rudy points his finger in Simon's face, "but I've got my own problems to deal with, thank you very much." Rudy waits for Simon to react, "Seriously man, stop being so starey… I'm just gonna leave now, umkay?" Rudy runs off into the community center, leaving Simon alone to collect his thoughts. If only he could think rationally.


It was always around the same time, nine or ten o' clock every weeknight, or has been for the past few weeks. Simon was the brain of the group, the one with the master plans, but he was so unlike himself. So far, the gang accomplished nothing. It was like… with out Simon, nothing could be done about Kelly.

Simon jumped from one ledge to the next, rolling, and diving like a ghost in the night, but he was not alone. And some how he was comforted by it. Simon tilted his head toward the sound behind. His body subconsciously twisting into the direction of the faint being showing itself, the shape was familiar. It had been the same shape that had come to him for the past few nights. "Is it you again?" Simon slightly smiled as the petite figure ripped the mask from its face. Simon knew it was her, he visibly seemed excited to see her, but his body spoke differently. Simon was under a spell he could not control, his feet were planted solidly on the tarred rooftop. All that could be seen far from them was the circular shape of silver that was drawn above them.

"It is, I've been wanting you and finally you are back"

Simon hesitated from a moment, "Why are you doing this to me?"

"Because, you'll fall in love with me..."