The Horror Story

Summary:A dead girl takes revenges to everybody who lives here (I forget where they live) gets a curse. And it's up to them to stop the evil girl before everyone become dead.

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Ethan Pov.

Today was the day that the play going to start. I was so scary because what happens if Britney comes up and do evil things and stuff. I'm mostly wonder about Benny than myself. I don't want him hurt and stuff he way too hot to be hurt wait did I just said something gay? Ugh whatever that not impotant the impotant thing is tha everybody is in danger. I have to help everybody or else.

I was walking down the hall and Benny asked me something. "Hey Ethan have you seen Rory,I have not seen Rory all day." Benny said. "Nope have not seen him." I said. "Oh ok well see you around." Benny walked away. I think Britney kidnap Rory just like the others.

At night time the play was starting while I was in the backstage worrying. "Ethan are you ok?" Sarah asked me. "Yeah I'm ok I'm just worrying what if the show go wrong." I asked. "Nothing could go wrong Ethan. I bet it won't!" I disagree about that Sarah and I heard scream. "Oh wow I can't believe!" I laughed. "Shut the fuck up bitch! There was a girl who said she going to kill me if I don't be kind to you." I was shocked. "What she look like?" "Well she have curly hair and a red dress and she have red hair and she kind of look like a witch." I was shocked again. It was Britney. "I think I know her. And she not the girl you want mess with." I ran out there.

Later Benny was going to get something to drink but Britney grabbed him. She let him go and Benny got drop to the floor. "Hello Benny." Britney said. "How you know my name who are you?" He asked. "Oh your best friend's buddy. I need you do me a flavor if you tell Ethan that be my buddy and he said yes you be alive if he said no then you died." I saw Britney. "Leave him alone!" I said. "I leave him alone if you be my buddy." She said. "Never." "Ok then I guess I need meet people first."

Everybody in the stage was trap just like my dream. "Hello people! My name is Britney. The play is wrong people this is not how it works at the end I ate their parnets." Everybody was shock. "Yes. Ethan be my buddy or Benny will be my buddy." I looked up to her. "Fine I be your buddy." I said. "Great." I was about to be one of the ghost but something happen. "This is how I do bitch!" Jasmine said. Britney disappear and now it we all free. The curse was gone for good. We was all free. Benny,Erica,Sarah, and I was the only ones who remember what happen. Everybody clapped and love it. "Great show!" somebody said. And then Rory, Emahi, Miley, Lia, and the others have returned from the place where she hide them. And awesome news is that Benny turn back to a human again. I hugged him so hard and then I let him go. "Thanks Jasmine if it wasn't for you I could be dead." I said. "It was no problem she was trying to make her as her buddy but I know it was some other way to stop her." Jasmine said.

Normal Pov.

"Later everybody was happy and they throw a party and Britney was gone forever. The end." Some old lady said. "Awww! Read it again!" Some child said. "No go to bed." The old lady was about to leave until the little girl said something. "Is this real?" "Nope it not. Now go to bed." Later Britney looked at the window. "Ethan will be my buddy one day and so as Jasmine." She started her evil laugh.

The end.

A/N:so i kind of do the same thing like edward scisser hands at the end so yeah maybe i make the show. so enjoy!