Chapter 5

Harry walked into his apartment then headed straight over to his computer so that he can work on his novel. New ideas began to fill his mind while having ice cream with Draco Malfoy so he should take advantage of this. Suddenly the television turned on making Harry glance over to see his visitor getting comfortable on the couch as he yawned and began to flip through the channels. The next hour was spent like that with Harry typing away at his computer and Draco flipping through the channels on the TV. An hour was spent like that with neither of them being bored in the slightest. Draco had fun seeing society and what they demand to be shown on television and Harry was happy just to have the inspiration to be able to keep writing.

"You know what I've learned about American society in the last hour?" Draco asked with a frown as he looked over at Harry. The writer shook his head and stared, waiting for the apparent revelation and wasn't disappointed. "Americans have a thing for sex, drama, stupid jokes, and happy endings. It's a bit ridiculous how many clichés you can find in a single episode of almost every show I've found." He grumbled while glaring at the flickering light of the television screen in front of him.

"I like it." Harry replied softly then looked back at his computer and saved his progress. Sometimes he forgets to do that before logging off which makes him lose all his work. He's trying not to be so forgetful but it's difficult.

"What have you been doing over there, typing away at your computer?" Draco continued casually patting down his hair as he stared at his reflection on the television screen.

"I've been working on my book."

"Oh, how far did you get?"

Harry looked at the document in front of him and his eyes widened in complete shock. "I-I got fifteen pages written…" He whispered, barely able to get the words out. A splutter from Draco got him looking up again in curiosity.

"Fifteen whole pages, that's just crazy… I could never do something like that. It's only been an hour too! You're something else… incredible really." He grinned making Harry pause before turning off his computer. He didn't have to respond though because that's when someone knocked on the door just before barging in. Ron was yawning widely as he entered, his buttoned down white shirt over his black short sleeve makes him look weird while wearing cameo khakis but Harry just walked over to him and motioned towards Draco.

"I brought someone." He explained while his friend's eyes widened. Tears began to fill them as he walked swiftly over to where Draco is before placing a hand on his shoulder.

"Thank God… just… thank God…" Ron said softly looking happier than Harry's seen him in a long time. "I thought it was just going to be Harry and me tonight but you're here too. A guy's night is long overdue. I need some guy time to help me get her incessant girly ramblings out of my head." Ron sighed loudly before crashing down on the couch. "Is the game on?"

Draco blinked hard then handed over the remote. "What game?"

"I don't know. But don't guys watch some game together whenever they've gotten enough testosterone in one room? A stupid athletic game on the TV while drinking beer and drooling over hot women?" Ron asked motioning wildly with his hands, but the grin still hasn't left his face. Walking into the kitchen Harry grabbed two beers and handed them over to Draco and Ron. "There you go! Now we just need to watch some game and claim that we could do so much better." He continued as though this is normal. It probably is, knowing how normal Ron's always been.

"You fail as a man." Draco informed him blandly as he gulped down a fourth of his beer. Ron just sighed and shrugged before struggling to open his own bottle. Draco and Harry watched for a while then finally the blond stole the bottle and opened it up for him then handed it back.

"I'm sure my godfather would agree with you there." Ron laughed, as he scratched the back of his head, his face growing red.

"No he wouldn't." Harry replied quickly feeling a bit confused since he's met Lupin before and knows he'd never think that way about his godson.

"You're probably right." Ron nodded with a soft smile.

"What's your godfather like?" Draco asked blandly, as he yawned and downed another gulp of beer.

"He's a great man… completely fantastic." He murmured then ran a hand through his hair. "He had been in his late twenties when I was forced on him. He took me in and even moved all the way here when living in Los Angeles because he knew that I didn't want to abandon my friends and my school… along with my baseball team. So he moved here, went to all my games, trained me, and helped me in any way he could. You wouldn't believe the kind of life this guy has lived. It's incredible!" Ron continued with his eyes wide with excitement as he talked about his incredible godfather.

"His life really is interesting." Harry assured the yawning Draco whose eyes are half closed as he stared at the pictures on the screen. The blond blinked then sat up straighter, the small wrinkles around his eyes flexing as he glanced over at Ron in mild interest.

"So tell me about this interesting man's life then." It was casually said but with the way Ron's smiled practically split his face… to Harry it's worth it.

Harry has a thing for smiles. It's so incredible to know that someone smiled because it means that they're really happy. He's not very good at smiling, he's tried it several times but his face just doesn't work like that. It's alright though because he has Ginny, Hermione, and Ron who smile enough to where it doesn't matter that he's no good at it. One day… he'll get better at facial expressions. When that happens he'll be a better friend and a normal human being. Glancing over at Ron, his lips twitched as he waited to hear his favorite story.

"So Lupin was this rich guy and was running his daddy's business which made loads of dollars investing in people and businesses. He had an amazing house and a beautiful fiancé… he had the world. But then one day he met a homeless guy and this man said a few casual words and Lupin was hooked. The homeless guy became like an obsession. He'd visit often to talk and get away from his structured life. It was great, and then he called up his college friends and began to hang out with them again. Only problem is that his fiancé found out and she had to intervene. She didn't know about Sirius yet though. Sirius is the homeless guy. Well, anyway, they got closer and Lupin slowly figured out how everyone is manipulating him. His parents, his fiancé, and even worst of all… his old friends, and they didn't even see how wrong it is! They chose everything for him and made sure to get rid of everything that made him who he is! Well his friends weren't as guilty with that but his parents and fiancé were. Anyway, Lupin fell in love with Sirius. I know… gay, but whatever. Its love you can't help it! The disease just kind of takes over and you can't help who you love. Anyway, so Lupin told Sirius that they should run away together. They kissed and it was decided… and then Sirius found out about the fiancé. Lupin told him it's no biggie because he'll be dumping her in the morning. So the next day Lupin sold his house, quit his job, and ditched his fiancé. But when he got to the place where they always see each other… Sirius wasn't there. He hasn't seen Sirius since. Kind of a sad story isn't it?"

Harry nodded but Draco just frowned and gulped another inch or two of his beer. "Sucks," the blond commented and put his beer down before standing and stretching, making his back pop in the process. Obviously, story time is over but Ron didn't seem to mind as he nodded enthusiastically and began to rummage through the fridge for left overs.

"Has Ginny been around lately?" He called making Harry blink before walking over to his friend and nodding. "No wonder… my orange chicken is gone." He grumbled in response before sulkily grabbing Hermione's leftovers.

"Who's Ginny?" Draco seemed to appear out of nowhere right beside Harry making him jump before looking between Ron and Draco to see if he should do the honors of informing him of who Ginny is, or if Ron will be telling his version.

"She's some creepy obsessed stalker who has a thing for Harry, and she's like… ten." At the wide eyes of Harry he paused then sighed. "But of course he's too oblivious to notice just how creepy the brat is. He's too busy obeying her every whim to look at how weird she really is, but he's positive she's completely normal. That freaking punk is always stealing my food though and forcing him to waste his money on her!" He growled making Harry raise his hand. Motioning towards the idiot, Ron essentially called on his student so he could speak.

"She's a visitor of mine, and I like her so please stop insulting her like that. I enjoy her company." Harry informed him and crossed his arms. Draco stared at him, his face becoming slightly red before he took another long sip of his drink.

"Draco what's wrong with your face?" Ron asked with a frown before shrugging and turning back to the television with Hermione's food in tow. "Anyway, I get the feeling that Hermione will be coming over tonight somehow even though she claimed to be super busy and I even checked her alibi… she always has this freak ability to show up whenever something interesting happens and you coming into the picture, Draco, sure as a hell of a lot more interesting than anything we've done or seen in a while."

He's only complaining so much because this is one of the few times he's been with Harry without her around. He loves these times in his life but they rarely happen. It's nice to be with his little twerp of a best friend and watch the way he sees the world. It's interesting and really fun because Harry is the only guy in Ron's life who has never rejected him because of how little Ron cares for things that stereotypically make men… well… men. So it's fun to hang out with him and try out new things to see if they'll like them. For the most part these experiments are failures though.

As soon as he finished speaking there was a knock on the door… and the knocking didn't stop. "Please no…" But Harry and Ron know exactly what that means.

"So much for a guys' night," Ron growled and opened the door for Luna and Hermione. The blond haired girl walked into Harry and hugged him tightly to her while talking animatedly in his ear about how much she misses him and how she's definitely going to make him indebted to her at some point tonight so that he'll be forced to spend a day with her. She talks often whenever nervous, it took them years to realize that her spouting odd facts meant that she's on edge and doesn't know what to do.

"Is it normal for people to barge into your house?" Draco asked blandly and stood up slowly, straightening his pants before facing everyone in the room with a scowl and narrowed eyes. Harry's own eyes were wide in shock but then he just nodded hesitantly.

"But this isn't a house." He corrected causing the man to glower.

"I get that! But still… it's ridiculous. People walk over you all the time now don't they?" Draco sighed then trashed his beer before heading towards the front door. "I'm not staying to watch you get used for the rest of the night. Remember to reply to my letter." He called as he headed out. Harry watched the door slam, completely rooted to the spot. No one said anything for a while but then Luna pushed Harry onto the couch and turned to Hermione.

"So that's Draco? I've seen him around school but you guys are older than me. What am I to do with you?" She sighed and placed her arms on Harry's shoulders and rested her chin on the top of his head. He's pretty much her dead weight. She'll use his body in whatever way she pleases, either as something to rest on, hide behind, or to pretend to be hers. The fact that he never seems to mind is just an added bonus.

No one could really say anything though because what Draco said is absolutely true. Every single person in this house is using Harry but since they all know it the topic is easily avoided… but now a stranger has pointed it out. Naturally that makes things just a tad bit awkward. Luna smirked at Hermione and winked before pecking the top of Harry's head and sitting incredibly close to him on the couch. "Sounds like Draco is incredibly perceptive, we'll need to look out for that. But Hermione you're right. He's going to hook up with our dear little Harry… or he's just going for our little boy's pants but I prefer to think that the effort involved… would be enough to deter anyone aiming for such a pitiful goal." Luna informed them all. Her shorts are riding up her thighs, acting more like underwear than shorts. Her shirt is tied to where it shows off the entirety of her stomach, barely hiding her bra line. Ah, then she must have been out entertaining to keep people wanting to become indebted to her.

All Luna has ever done is try to get people to owe her something… it gives her a purpose, it shows that she's powerful and nothing can get in her way because there are people who owe her. Luna had decided at a very young age that she will never allow someone to get the upper hand on her again. To be honest, she didn't have the happiest life as a little girl, but then she lent a girl in her class some money and that girl said she'd pay her back for sure, even if she couldn't get the money. That's when Luna decided what she'll do from now on. It felt good to be needed… to be able to give someone something that person couldn't get on his/her own.

"Just forget it, Luna. I don't think he likes Harry like that and I don't think our boy is too willing to rush into a relationship right now. His last one didn't turn out so well after all." Hermione informed her making Harry blink in surprise but then realized that she's talking about the girl… Harry's most recent ex, not his first love.

The couch is soft, it's nice, velvet, and it makes him want to run his fingers over it again and again until it doesn't feel soft anymore and just like a second skin. It's kind of like the way water feels after jumping in. The liquid feels like a second skin clinging to the flesh. Harry always liked that feeling but he was never allowed to swim as a child because his parents were sure that he'd drown. His teacher called it an irrational fear but Harry knows it's not true. A good portion of his family died from drowning and so it's only natural his parents wouldn't want him to swim, even though he loves the water so much. Taking in a deep breath he stood up and began to make some tea for everyone except he made sure to go to the cabinet to get some whisky for Luna.

"There's no questioning it… Harry, you're the sweetest guy I've ever met. You hate liquor don't you? But you buy the hard stuff just for me for whenever I visit. If I didn't know that you as well as I do… I would think you're competing with me to make people feel indebted to you. But you just do this to show you care don't you?" She said it so simply, her lips in a soft frown. Her eyes have a deep blue and purple around them and her eyelashes are fairly long, much longer than natural. Her lips are a soft pink color, just begging for attention. Luna asked Harry out when they graduated from high school but he had to turn her down because he was seeing Tom back then. She didn't take it to heart but occasionally will mention what it would have been like, them being together as a couple. She shows too much of her body though for Harry to be comfortable. She only does it though to get attention... the attention only crazy people and prostitutes get.

Honestly, Harry can never picture them together. She's too good for him and she's scary. Someone as strong and beautiful as Luna… she's too incredible for Harry. She's sincere and even though she's not normal… she's just too loved. Harry tends to hurt the people who he loves. His past girlfriend and boyfriend both suffered in their relationship with him. It's hard to imagine a relationship going right after those two.

"Harry is definitely sweet… but it doesn't really seem to help his situation." Hermione sighed, running a hand through her dark hair; she then began to fiddle with her tight button down shirt, obviously still hurt by Draco's accusation. "We have to keep Draco in Harry's life, he understands the situation and he doesn't seem to want to hurt him. We can't keep this up… it's too much for three working adults." She murmured and then kissed the top of Ron's head. "How was he… when we weren't here?"

Harry passed out drinks then went over to his computer to continue working. They do this from time to time… completely ignoring him to discuss him while he's right there. He doesn't mind, they're trying to help after all. It must be hard to have to handle someone as socially awkward as Harry is. Even he gets mad at himself for all the misunderstandings he finds himself in. So writing is a good way to make him feel normal. He writes out his emotions with character deaths and mysteries along with misunderstandings that he's spent hours learning to comprehend. Common sense… isn't so common for him. So treating him like he's not even there? It's alright, its fine. He'll allow it because they're trying to help and all he can do is get in the way.

"Draco was pretty okay. I mean, he's a bit of a jerk but not too bad and he seemed to understand Harry for the most part. I don't know much though, I wasn't here for long before you guys showed up and they were already here together when I got here." The words were hollow in Harry's ears as his mind slowly faded into the story, drowning out the voices around him. He's almost finished with this one and once he is then it's been three books he's completed. He just has to give it to Hermione so she can edit it and try to keep him focused and make sure there isn't too much filler. The reader doesn't want to read five paragraphs about a single tree no matter how pretty the green leaves are.

He takes the advice to heart because it not only helps him with his writing but also with his attempting to become normal. Green leaves are supposed to be boring because you can find them anywhere… but that's not true. There are usually flaws or something wrong and their city has droughts from time to time that kill off the lustrous green leaves. It's a pitiful sight but Harry is forced to watch it happen. When he tried to feed all the trees in his neighborhood Ginny, Hermione, Ron, and Luna had to force him to give it up and let them die in peace without being forced to suffer. The word suffer is what made Harry stop. That night he found out that plants can feel.

"Are you paying attention, Harry?" Luna asked as she sat down in his lap, running a hand through her straight blond hair to smooth it down. "I'm heading out along with Hermione and Ron. We're going to do some research on your new little friend to make sure that he's a good guy. We don't want you getting involved with criminals." She said with a wink letting him know that she knows about Tom. That doesn't matter though so he just nodded and helped her up before walking them to the door. Everyone waved their goodbyes.

As soon as the door shut he just turned around and began to clean up the cups and make sure that all the drinks themselves are put up. It's nice to have people over, and the cleaning up afterwards isn't even that bad as long as no food is offered. But once he finished Harry leaned against the kitchen counter and listened to the silence. One of the girls must have turned off the television at some point. The silence is what got him, though, because whenever it's silent and no one is over… that means that there's nothing to hide behind. Crawling under his covers in his room he tried to ignore all the thoughts whirling around in his head. He loves his friends and they obviously love him… they love him… they love him right? They must. Who would go through so much if they didn't love the person they're doing it for? That's just stupid. And Harry is not stupid.

That's when he sat up in shock then hurried over to his desk to begin replying to Draco knowing that he really should have thought of this earlier. Everyone came over today and he completely forgot with all the excitement of having visitors. But that doesn't matter anymore because he's going to reply now and replying late is better than never replying at all.

Dear Malfoy,

Today was a great day. I've attached the documents you've asked for so please don't worry about my sanity; you're perfectly safe with me in your life. Do you want me to remain a visitor in your life or would you prefer to leave now? You weren't happy when you came over today. Thank you for your kindness, I appreciate it. I'd prefer you didn't insult my friends though because they came here first.

I hope you're having a good day when you read this. I'll attempt to call you tomorrow, and in the process will attempt suicide. Thank you again.



The suicide comment is merely because Pansy said that she will kill Harry if Draco sends her off with a reply once again. That's alright, he's had a great life so far and if he's killed tomorrow then at least he got to thank Draco and he spent today with all of his friends. That's all he really needs.

Pulling out his phone, Harry added Draco's number to the contacts and his lips twitched. Maybe… he'll be happier having another visitor around to make sure his goal remains reachable.

Maybe he's found what he's been looking for.