Nightmare at Grimwood's

It was cool afternoon at Grimwood's finishing school for ghouls as in the woods the 2 of the girls were playing as Winnie and Sibella decided to have a race as Sibella turned to bat form getting ahead as Winnie yelled at her

"Sibella, that's cheating"

Winnie yelled as she continued flying as she ran after her an arm popped out of the ground grabbing her ankle as she tripped as a figure popped out of the ground , he was horribly disfigured and brunt were a brown trench coat over a red and dark green sweater topped with a brown fedora as his right hand grabbed her thigh


The figure yelled as Winnie yanked her leg

"You messed with the wrong ghoul you freak"

Winnie said slashing Freddy's arm as it fell off

"Owww, not my arm"

Freddy jokingly cried in pain as Winnie smiled his arm grew back but this time wearing a metal glove which had four blades attached to it

"That was not nice, may I make a suggestion"

Freddy said walking up to her

"Run, little puppy"

Freddy whispered in her ear as she ran as fast as she could to the school as she approached the door it was locked as she was trying to unlock it as Freddy walked up to her about to slash her as she woke up screaming

"Who…who was that guy?"

Winnie said under her breath as she got out of bed she put her clothes on looking at her leg there were four wounds as she went downstairs for breakfast as noticed words carved in her bed-board that read

"One, Two, Freddy's Coming for you"