Phanty read over the words which were scratched in the paper with a blunt metal object the ink was a blackish red as she left the room seeing the girls discussing their notes

"What are you three talking about?"

Phanty asked holding a music book closed the page marked with a strip of ribbon as they told her she opened her book

"I got one too"

She said as they read putting their pieces together

"One, Two, Freddys coming for you,

Three, Four, Better lock your door,

Five, Six, Grab your crucifix,

Seven, Eight, Gonna stay up late"

What could these mean?"

Phanty asked as they told her about the story Winnie's dad told them

"I want to know more about this Krueger"

Winnie said as the girls fallowed her to her room as she turned on her computer opening a search she found a link titled Fredrick Charles Krueger, The Springwood Slasher opening it the girls read thru it

"Yeah let's see: worked at a groundskeeper as Sringwood Preschool, arrested for molesting and murdering children, released because they never read him his rights, burned alive by your father oh here's something"

Sibella said continuing

"Freddy went to hell in where he was the worst person there, even the devil couldn't stand him, he even spit in the devil's face and called him a "****ing ******* piece of ****" after which the devil gave him powers and sent him to the dream world because of Krueger's rage and hate, making Krueger the first person to actually get "kicked out of hell" being gave the powers to enter one's dreams killing them in the dream world causing them to"

The girls gasped before reading

"…die in real life.

"How do we stop this guy, if death can't stop Krueger, what can?"

Phanty asked