Bruce glided out from a curtain of steam that rose lazily from the batmobile's engine and vanished into the darkness of the cave above. He masochistically cherished the bite of the cold air on his hot skin as he peeled off his gloves and cowl; the chill ran through him so fast it made his hairs stand on end and his nipples harden… or was that because he was staring at Robin.

The boy wonder had opened his shirt to inspect a minor gash on his pectoral. His face was flushed from the fight, eyes still sparkling from the victory.

"I love my team," Dick grinned, dismissing the wound and walking to the bar, "but there's nothin' like going on a mission with you; whole 'nother level of excitement". He broke open a bottle of water and started chugging.

Bruce knew exactly what he meant as he'd purposefully been drip-feeding the youngsters the most dreary missions, however, his libido entertained him with the translation that Dick found it "exciting" to be in his presence.

"Well don't get used to it." Bruce grunted, "I'm still in the process of replacing you."

He noted a miniature pause in his ward's actions, enough to tell him that his choice of words had made the boy question. Of course Bruce meant to replace him as a sidekick and not as a son, but he played up on his insecurities to keep him close as possible.

He walked over and slid his hand around Dick's side to cup his firm ass. He froze, but didn't recoil like the first time, just stared straight forward awaiting his reward.

"You did well out there tonight," Bruce said, secure in the thought that his suit could conceal an erection. "If you're free tomorrow night I could use your help on another really big mission."

"Will there be murderers?"

"A whoooole ring of murderers and rapists." Bruce assured him, caressing the soft cheek. "I'll be there." Dick smiled.

This hold and gone on for an uncomfortably long time after the conversation had ceased, so Dick attempting to untwine himself.

"You'd better get this wound attended to." Bruce murmured as he slid to one knee, his hands moving to a taut upper back, his face leaning in towards the boy's chest.

"What're you-.." Dick pulled back in alarm but brawny arms drew him in again.

"I'm just going to clean it," Bruce said in a commanding voice falsely dusted in assurance. He lined his face up with the wound, licking his lips in anticipation. "It's no big deal." He said to no one in particular, though it was a big deal to him. His ward had been maturing so attractively that Bruce was almost glad he was away with his own team most of the time. But when he came back it was all he could do not to fall upon him in ferocious desire. He wanted to tear him apart for making him feel this way.

Bruce crushed his mouth against the firm chest in his arms, earning a small cry as his tongue flicked roughly over Dick's nipple, again and again, losing his self-control all the while. The body in his arms started struggling when his hand slid up the smooth fabric of his ward's pants to grasp and caress his tender package.

"Bruce! N-no!"

A deft knee to the chin broke him out of it… out of the trance he had on Dick's nipple. He looked the boy in the eye before taking his legs out from under him and trapping him beneath his solid weight. Then, he fished out his cock and started raping robin like an animal till he was full of cum and sobbing, broken on the floor. And after that he never came back home he probably just stayed with KF crying into his sexy arms for the first 2 weeks, so batman spent his sad, lonely days, wanking over and cumming on all of robin's possessions then kissing them all goodnight and sleeping in them, the freak.

The End.