AUTHORESS: Amaya-Ikari


TITLE: The Girl Talks To Angels

ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Hetero and Yaoi: SasoriXHanabi/DeidaraXHanabi/SasoriXDeidara/Sasori XHanabiXDeidara

STATUS: Multichapter: Completed


WARNINGS: Sex between male and female, sex between two males, slight dub-con, bondage, toys, violence.

Request from: Peach. I hope you like it, honey!

~Love breeds from hate~

"Huff huff!"

Fifteen year old Hyuuga Hanabi desperately panted as she tore through the forbidden forest.

It wasn't supposed to be this way… She was weak. She is weak! How could she have obtained such devastating power, she isn't anything more than a stuttering mouse!

Hanabi's mind worked furiously for an answer to her questions, her feet striking the tree branches like hammers pounding nails to wood.

"How? How? How?!"


Hanabi breathed in calm waves as she easily deflected the barrage of kunai directed at her, maneuvering gracefully among the training grounds near the Hyuuga compound, dodging a sharp death like it was nothing at all.

It wasn't.

Not for any Hyuuga, even her sister. They all trained tirelessly from a young age, to meet the outrageous expectations. As heiress to the clan, she especially was forced to be the miraculous prodigy. She adored the attention and independent responsibility, but she also knew in her heart that Neji was better suited.

Besides the point, he was not a main branch family member.

She flipped in a carefree manner to avoid the weapons, landing softly on her feet with a smug look in her lavender eyes. She studied the earth as her father scrutinized her, her sister nearby for the training session as well, though she rarely got a turn since she wasn't really worth the time and effort. She was too shy and weak, not determined enough to survive the ordeals. "You're becoming a decent Hyuuga heiress, Hanabi."

She smirked cruelly.

"Much more hope than with Hinata…" He said calmly, no emotion hinted. Some questioned if he cared at all for his children, and in truth; his own daughters didn't even know. Something changed in the air; Hanabi went on instant guard, preparing for a hidden danger. She suddenly noticed her sister's expression twist into something vicious, something never seen on her pale, pretty face.

With snarl, her teeth bared and eyes so very enraged, Hinata jerked from her spot, and stalked over to Hanabi like she planned to eat her. "I'm disgusted with your arrogance and always being pushed back by you. I challenge you, sister. This fight settles all. If you win, I shall leave the clan and never look back. If I win, you leave, and don't dare to show your face again."

Both her sister and father stood, shell-shocked from the horrifically unexpected outburst from the quiescent, calm, shy Hyuuga woman. Neither believed the words had left her mouth, neither believed her voice could even rise to such levels.

The delicate woman had finally snapped under pressure.

Hanabi looked at their father cautiously, awaiting his response. He said nor did nothing, he gazed at his children. Waiting for the battle. In a small part of her heart, where she sometimes allowed emotions to bloom, she felt sorrow her father did not care who won, and that one of his daughters, children, would never be seen again. She knew she'd win, and felt a clash of emotions within her that she was basically banishing her elder sister, who despite being weak and of no help, was there for her. Being a sister.

She sighed solemnly, and nodded to her sister. This was a battlefield, no room for petty emotion. She stood as still as the air, shivering as her (once) gentle sister's eyes were enveloped by a primal emotion.

Sheer hatred.

Hinata's once slow, unsure walk was now a certain saunter, as though she was possessed by someone else, and this person was controlling her. Hanabi and Hinata stared into each other's mirrored eyes for a moment before Hinata startled Hanabi -as the unprepared teenager wasn't ready for Hinata's suddenly exorbitant behavior- was suddenly blown back by a guttural roar of determination. Hinata threw her body forward; Hanabi had to be fast and alert to block the lightning-quick strikes her sister landed. Hanabi couldn't move, only wince as her arms and legs were bruised from blocking the shockingly strong hits. Her fragile elder sister had been hiding muscle under her clothing, Hanabi winced in realization.

Hinata growled lowly, Hanabi was frighteningly shot with the reality.

Her sister had been forced to that very brink of insanity by the clan, and the expectations forced upon her.

Hanabi was also to blame. Years of putting her sister down, besting her and stealing her birthright.

Hanabi took a hold of one of her sister's wrists as it struck her arm, holding it tight as she curled her other hand into a fist and tightened it the second it was to make impact with Hinata, for maximum damage when it struck her pale face.

It never did.

Hinata dodged expertly fast, Hanabi yelped in surprise as Hinata twisted the arm the younger held and gripped Hanabi's wrist in a twist turn of events, throwing her to the ground harshly, with quick movement she performed a jutsu to take the girl down.


The tumultuous sound of Hinata's all-mighty Gentle Fist colliding with young Hanabi resounded through the area. Her pain wrenching cry was torn from her throat, along with her blood. Hinata panted softly above the small crater created by her power in which rested her baby sister, bloodied, bruised, and tired.

Hinata seemed to eye her for a minute, looking to see if she was alive. When Hanabi breathed shallowly, a smirk split her features, and a bone chilling laugh spilled from her throat, gaining volume as she maniacally reveled in victory. Has… Has she snapped?

Hanabi's world was blurred as she rose agonizingly from the ground, staring as her father walked stiffly to them. He placed a hand on Hinata, gazing disappointedly at his youngest little girl.

"Hinata, you have proved to contain the strength of a Hyuuga heiress. Hanabi, as promised, you are banished from the clan. You are stripped of all but your first name. I do not care where you go, but you are no longer welcome here, if you cannot hold your own against your own sister."

With that he walked away, no words of goodbye or love. Hanabi felt her soul tearing apart, the last thing she saw was a blurred vision of her sister, and she dared to look regretful, sorrowful.

Hanabi raced from the compound, away from her life. Her family.

Her pain.

(End Flashback)

Hanabi was hurting. Hurting unbearably.

Is this what Nii-chan felt… These pains, this feeling of unwant and unlove?

The brunette clutched her heart, adrenaline temporarily healing her physical pain though exhaustion was shrouding her. When she stopped, her wounds would electrify her body with harsh voltages of agony. She couldn't stop. She wanted to run from it all, outrun the pangs and emotions suffocating her in the intensity of her sorrow, anger, and pain. Her pale, small figure was like a phantom as she ran through the foggy, wooded area. She was too tired and blinded by her mind to sense the danger in front of her.


"Umph!" The girl let out a startled sound as she collided with a strong…thing. She rubbed her head, arm wrapped around her wounded torso. As she stopped, the pain engulfed her. She squinted up at a tall, blurry figure, with short crimson hair. She groaned as the stranger chuckled, enlightening her that said person was male. In an almost melodic voice he cooed to her as he knelt to reach her.

"Well… Look at what a pretty thing you are."


Well, cliffhanger. The whole story would take a while, Peaches, sorry! And I feel horrible you've waited so damn long, so here's part one. I also did a poor job on the fight scene but I go into detail, and if I had the chapter would have been like three days long, haha.

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