Hanabi coddled one of her babies, a male named Tsuneo for eternal, in her embrace. Sasori held her other baby, another male, Tsuneo's younger twin. His name was Kin, for gold, because he had Deidara's yellow hair. Tsuneo had Sasori's red hair.

In a rare case, twins could have separate fathers, this was their case. The small boys grasped at the air, they were only a few months old but had a wide perceptive of most things. She kissed Tsuneo on the cheek softly, eyeing Kin carefully. Said child had nearly blown himself up last week, clay had been left around for him to play with. Deidara had gotten to him in time but Hanabi never let him out of her sight anymore. "Hey, mom."

Deidara whispered over her shoulder, stroking Tsuneo's cheek. She tilted her head to kiss him, smirking as the baby huffed in jealousy. Both turned to smile as Sasori hummed a small lullaby to the child he held, something he wouldn't sleep without. He rose to settle the blonde haired angel into his crib, Hanabi following a moment later with Tsuneo. The children cuddled together in an unbreakable bond they held, much like the one their parents had. She leaned against both of her lovers, sighing in contentment.

They kissed her on each cheek, she giggled lightly. She'd never been this happy, hell, she hadn't ever even been happy at all before. She felt tears streak down her cheeks as she thought of all her blessings in the last few years.

"Hey, I thought that postpartum depression crap was done with, yeah!" She smiled at Deidara's exasperated voice, elbowing him in the stomach lightly. The babies stirred, dreaming probably. They were imaginative and smart.

And she feared the day they were old enough to handle weapons.


Another project completed. SHANNARO.

Yes it's very true that twins can have different fathers. The woman has to sleep with two men very close together.

Love you Peaches!