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This was probably the most intense moment of my life. I have never been so intimidated of another being ever. And yet, here I am in the the presence of South Park's anonymous vigilante, Mysterion. Him being here made me feel protected. He was my savior.

How did I get here?

Save Me

I was up in my bedroom trying to study for Mr. Garrison's exam on Monday. I was gonna ace it with no problem, but refreshing my memory couldn't hurt, right? Just then, the sound of glass breaking was heard from my kitchen. I waited in fear of what would happen right after.

"You're fucking useless, Lucille!" my dad yelled, "Can't even make a damn pasta dish!"

"I'm sorry, Jonathan! I-I-I didn't mean to!" my mom shuddered.

I didn't know whether to stay here or go downstairs and risk getting hurt. I had to protect my mom. When my father gets angry he's never aware of what he does. My body stayed frozen on my bed. What do I do?

"Now you've made another fucking mess that I have to clean up!" he screamed even louder this time.

"Please, honey, don't do this while the girls are home." she said. "You're acting crazy!"

"What did you say?" I heard loud movement and then mom started screaming. This had to stop. I opened my bed room door and rushed downstairs only to be stopped by my younger sister, Selena.

She put her index finger to her lips signaling me to be quiet. "Dad's a ticking time bomb right now."

"We have to do something," I hissed. She shook her head no and blocked me from getting to mom. I held on to my sister's shoulder and peeked at my parents. God, I hope dad can keep his cool.

He had a firm grip on my mother's wrist and raised his hand up in the air to slap her. I couldn't let him do it. Even if it meant getting hurt myself.

"Stop!" I managed to get away from Selena and seized my father's hand.

He looked at me with resentment. "Get out of here, Jasper. I don't want to do something that I'll regret.

"Then get your hands off my mother!" I yelled. Pissed off, he pushed me away, but I didn't budge. I pushed him back with animosity, releasing his grip off of mom. Dad lost control after that.

SMACK! The back of his hand connected with the side of my face. I fell to the floor and banged my wrist with the end table. Selena and mom ran to my aid and dad looked bewildered. He tried apologizing, but I ran away from him.

"Jasper, please! I'm sorry, sweetie!" I grabbed my jacket from the coat hanger that was near our front door and ran out into the cold air ignoring the desperate pleas from my dad.

Fuck, it was cold outside. The tears streaming down my face and the burning pain on my cheek didn't make me feel any better. Where am I going? Where can I go? I racked my brain to any possible place where I could stay until things cooled off a home. Wendy's out of town, Red has her family staying at her place, Tweek would go crazy if he saw me, and Kyle's place was out of the question. With my current appearance, he would lose it and probably call the police.

I walked it the same direction for at least half an hour with no destination in mind. It must've been at least eleven thirty at night. South Park isn't usually dangerous, but it's not exactly secure to walk around here after hours.

Being so lost in thought, I didn't hear the sound of footsteps behind me. Someone grabbed my arm violently and jerked me around. The person flashed a knife and brought it to my throat.

"Give me your money, or I'll kill you." he breathed out. I didn't have any money so I wasn't sure what to do.

Adrenaline kicked in. I kneed him in the gut and he groaned lowering the knife. I took the chance to run as fast as I could. It didn't take long for him to recover and start running after me. I'm no Olympic runner and this guy had to be a few years older as he managed to catch up to me.

He clutched my hair causing me to shriek in pain. He held his blade even closer to my throat and wheezed in my ear. "That's it, bitch. You're gonna get it." I closed my eyes waiting for the inevitable, but nothing happened. The grip on my hair was released and I didn't feel any weight over my body.

Opening my eyes, I saw the man knocked out on the ground. I backed up and bumped into something. I turned and saw a hooded figure. It was him.

Mysterion saved my life.