Don't kill me for writing this out...I have a plan for this one, :'D

Times really knew how to drag anyone out and felt like nothing seemed to turn around well. Everyone settled into their routine after a half of year and it still felt emptied. Everyone had to move on, remembered that it's part of our everyday lives, and they're just lucky they weren't so close.

Six months ago, my dad passed away.

He passed away because of a sufferable heart attack and died when he was on the way to the hospital. There was no way a fruitloop could have done it. He was back in Wisconsin for a good few months and hasn't exactly stayed in much touch. He had many proof of where he was and good witnesses.

Jazz was at college and back at the first week when it all happened. I remembered she taught me everything with driving while I was trying to take a driving school at the same time. She had to teach me things ahead of time and it was great and useful. I was an official driver on the road like her. People felt safe with my driving, but that didn't matter now.

She had to miss out on our dad's funeral since college came first. She couldn't bear the thoughts of crying and being more miserable. I didn't blame her and I had things to do as well. Being a hero put a lot of work and effort. Hm, sometimes…I wondered if dad could see that his own son was a hero now. Does he see how I had to live my life like this? How much sacrifice I put in for everyone? That there were certain people I trusted?

I felt bad, though. Does he feel different knowing I'm Danny Phantom? All this time? Should have I told my parents all this time? I lied to them. I protected them. I betrayed them. I sacrificed my daily life for them. Everything I did was for the better, it would be counted as selfishness act.

It's kind of late to tell dad about my secret. He died because of a heart attack and all the food he ate was killing him. Jazz and I should have told him not to eat too many fat food, greasy food, and salt food. Or could have we gotten him into a good exercise routine?

No, he chose to eat that way and lived his life. Now, we have to deal with our own.

Sam took in patrolling with me tonight. Tucker couldn't join since his parents grounded him for failing typical English test. Did they really have to take it such a big deal? I shrugged and figured Sam and I can cover Tucker's part. It's really splitting up half the town, but more work. We had to stay awake for an extra hour to cover more ground.

I had to put up about a few ghosts, but they weren't any easier than I expected. Sam had to deal with some herself and I was glad she continued to use some Fenton weapons she 'stole' from my home. Our parents really believed we're sleeping, but it's practically an hour late and passed midnight.

Mom hasn't been herself and kept herself in the same routine. Wake up, make herself breakfast, small invention, chores, yell at me to help around, make dinner, watch some news about me or in another sense, Phantom, looked at the scrapbook, take a shower, and then, go to sleep. She hasn't gotten into a happier routine. I was glad she didn't call Vlad or ask for comfort. It was beset that way. If she did call him, I'd have a talk to her that dad wouldn't approve, reminded her the last time to come across for a creep back at the invitation of DALV, and that I was still here for her. Mom didn't…not yet so far, but I rather keep it this way. Jazz even supported my back up plan.

It's only if we're desperate, but luckily for her. I was taking over my dad's place since I knew how things should have been. She finally managed to smile for me at the end of the first month when dad passed away. Jazz wouldn't be home until mid-July so she could attend college later in September.

"Thank goodness it's Friday, I don't think I could stay awake if we had school tomorrow."

I sighed, "Yeah, and Tucker can finally join us on Sunday, so we'll get some sleep."

"Have you ever considered closing the portal just for two weeks? We need a desperate vacation and summer school is ruining it!" Sam has been annoyed about her grades for a while.

Sam, Tucker, and I had failed at least one course and that was English. Mr. Lancer thought we could use some extra credit and insisted on taking the summer course. Mom said education was important, so that came first. I couldn't push it at the end of May and went along. Sam's parents thought she should follow the school's request. Tucker's parents expected higher with the grades. So in all, we had no choice but take it anyway. We were in it together and it was only for five hours.

I sighed, "I'll try, but somehow the ghost portal keeps opening up and lately there's more appearing portal at random places. I can't really control that and you know Skulker found a newer way to get into our world." I reminded her.

She sighed, "Right…well, at least Plasmius hasn't bugged us. I guess he really has no other motivation."

I growled, "Shut up, look, since I got the last ghost. Let's call it a quit and it's obviously you need sleep."

"Good, we need a deadbeat sleep."

I scoffed and we disconnected our communication device. For me, Sam went straight home and snuck in. I on the other hand, enter into my room without a worried.

"AH!" A scream picked up easily.

I transformed back to Fenton and raced to the particular bedroom. I kicked the door opened and saw mom stripped naked with a man who held her down. I growled and marched up the gray hair man.

"Get out! Get out now!" I snapped, "You're never welcomed here!" I growled at the man who had blue eyes, just those familiar ones.

Mom struggled to get out of the man's grip, but I wasn't afraid of him. I never was to begin with. He lets go of my mom and I grabbed the sheet to cover my mom.

"Get the hell out of here and never come back." I hissed.

The man took it well enough that I wasn't pleased today. He crossed the biggest line and we were no longer just archenemies. He was an official criminal. I knew how to handle him and he walked out of the room while grabbing his clothes.

Mom shivered and I kept her wrapped in the blankets. The man has not once argued back or took what he wanted. He ruined it all for my mom, but now she's frighten. Dammit, I should have come home early. I hugged mom, but she was too horrified to do anything. I lifted her up and carried her downstairs. Her weight didn't bother me, she was easy to carry, and I allowed her to sit down in the kitchen's chair. I went to make her some hot coffee and sighed.

"I'm sorry…I should have come sooner." I started to stir her usual flavoring for her drink, "…ho…how long was he doing it for?"

One thing for sure, he was going to get it. He purposely raped my mother…he raped her. I handed her coffee cup and slowly she took a sip. Her hands trembled so much, in her eyes filled with terror, and how difficult it was for her to talk about it. The fear she had for the man…

"Ab-about…tw-twenty minu-tes."

My hands already turned into a fist. I wasn't on time, I didn't save her, and failed her for being the protective ones. I growled.

"I'll be sure he gets his ass kicked."

She shook her head and whimpered. Her hands bundled up on both of mine.

"Please…don-don't, dear."

My head shook, "Mom…he deserves it. I have kicked his ass a hundred times," I growled, "What he did was wrong, mom! He…raped you! I-I shouldn't have stayed out late, I should have been here sooner, and I-I failed to protect you!"

Mom wept and I held her in my arms. I really didn't know what to do. I just couldn't leave her alone. She continued to cry for good few hours, I had to wait until she fell asleep, and it was getting late. I needed help, but the cops weren't experienced with ghosts. So, I needed ghostly help and I knew good ghosts.

I made sure mom was sleeping on the couch. Her room wouldn't give her much comfort, but what choice did I have? I pulled out my phone and started to call Sam. I trusted her the most and made a call in the kitchen. I watched how tired and defenseless mom was. It was one thing when it came to other men and how attracted they were to her. However…forcing her to do something she doesn't want and her guards are pointless. Against that sickening man, he pushed it and crossed the line.

The ringing pattern was in my ear, waited to get a good hold, and someone muttered about kicking my ass for calling.

"Yeah, kick my butt later, Sam. This is emergency and serious. My mom…she was raped." I kept it low.

"Oh…my, was it…him?"

I sighed, "Yeah, but I kicked him out."

"Fenton style or Phantom hero?"

"Fenton style. Sam…she's scared and I can't leave her alone. I-I need to get some of my ghost friends so she c-"

"I get it, Danny. I'm on the way. Gee…have you slept at all?"

My head shook, "No. I couldn't. He can come back and do it all over again, not until I've got protection for the both of us." I ruffled my hair back and sighed.

"Man…I can't believe he really did it. For six months, we have no heard from him until now? That's just even lower. I'll be there in five minutes. Do you need anything?"

I thought about it and sighed.

"Bring in some doughnuts, bagels, coffee, hot tea, or whatever you think my mom needs. I just need you to keep her safe and watch her. She has been crying for about three hours."

"She'll make it fine, Danny. She is strong, after all."

I chuckled, "Thanks…and get some new pajamas clothes too. He ripped them."

"Dammit, he should be arrested."

"And he'll be able to sneak out of it with his pleasing."

"Who says the human jail?"

"…I'll think about it."

"You better. I'll be there in ten minutes!"

I nodded and she hung up first. I watched how mom was at sleep. She had to deal with the creepy side, but what's worse she didn't know what he was capable of. A fruitloop, who has dangerous ability and very manipulating, man who raped mom today. What I have to do now was invent a special portal against Vlad. He won't be able to get it. That and the ghost portal to block his way in either way. Mom's safety came first and everything for her.

If I reported Vlad to the police, they won't believe me but they will with mom. Could he purposely come here without any transportation necessary? He does have teleporting ability and I can't tell the world to what he can do. If I did, it would means he goes down with me. I didn't care, mom was someone I have left and I won't let him get away with it.

I started to help myself for some coffee…sometimes, it helped and other times, it was a stupid trend to follow. I haven't slept at all yesterday because of the ghosts. For once, Sam was right. We needed a vacation. School wasn't important right now. Sure, we're almost there to finish high school, but getting a GED and taking a community college to finish up the rest would be better idea. Sam can hire a tutor or a private teacher for just three of us. Someone who can have us on the same level. We wouldn't have to put up with detention.

Right now…mom was important and her needs.

She flung up from the couch, breathing irregularly, and I rushed over to her to show her I was here. I hugged her and her hands clung onto me. She finally settled down.

"Mom, are you alright?" Of course…stupid question, she isn't!

She shook her head, "No…he…he did things in my mind…he said some things aren't always what it-it seems. Wh-wh-what could he-he possibly means?"

I blinked…I knew well enough he was putting a plan to make her emotional or confused, but why this? Was he willing to give up a secret after twenty-two years? Hell no, he won't get away with it. I rubbed her back.

"Mom, it's just a nightmare. Nightmares are only getting into your fears." I rubbed her back even more, "Look, Sam is coming here. She's going to stay with you while I find us…some ghosts help." I bit my lips.

She shook her head, "Danny, it's too dangerous to go into the ghost worl-"

"Ghost zone and I have been in there several times. Not all ghosts are actually evil and some actually protected me. Trust me, they will want to return my favor for helping them big time." I grinned.

At least some part wasn't a lie, giving her some ideas, and feeling safer with me.

"…how come you never took me in there with you?"

I shrugged, "You were busy with inventions." I smiled to lighten things up, "Sam has been there too. She likes the place more than I do. Anyway, she knows how to fight against ghosts and she will be on the way. Sam will keep you company, mom."

Mom cuddled up with me and my arms around her to make her feel good. What would dad do? I'm just a kid…more of almost an adult. How did Jazz go through it all herself? Okay…what would Jazz do in this situation? Well, she would insist they should talk about it, even if it's hard. So, getting mom to talk about it would be a best start.

"Mom…um, I'm not like Jazz and all…but, do you want to talk about it? Do you want me to call her so you can talk to her?"

Honestly…I hate being not all that bright about some situation. All I can do would be fight against him and ghosts. It's practically annoying and frustrating when I can't handle this problem.

She shook her head, "No…it's…not going to make me feel any better."

I felt bad for her, "Mom, you know he has a problem and I believe you because I see him doing it to you."

She gripped my shirt, "Stay away from, sweetie…please."

In her eyes looked helpless, hopeless, and lost. No, I wasn't going to let her suffer. There had to be a reason why Vlad did this all. What made him act like this? He broke out some nerves to walk across the line and try to claim what's his? Didn't he take a hint when dad died? She was never interested in him. She never called him for comfort. It was always me, mom has wanted, and she trusted me.

"Then, how the hell is he going to learn to never mess with you again? If I turn him over to the police, he will-" Then I shut up.

Mom wasn't Sam or Tucker or Jazz. She doesn't know. Mom waited for me to continue, but I shut up instantly about it.

"…I know how to handle him, mom. Just trust me and let me scare him for good."

She shook her head, "Pl-please stay away…" She begged and wept.

I wiped her tears away and sighed. I gave in to let her think I went her way. No, I'll fight him-


Mom jumped to Sam's shouting and my eyes looked over at the door. I patted mom to calm her down and hurried over to the door. Sam had her Fenton Wrist ray at action and Vlad stood in front. He only had his business pants and white t-shirt. His face was disturbing enough. I grabbed Sam in where she had other things and she joined into the house.

"Let me, Sam."

She scoffed and joined over with my mom. At least Sam can provide comfort for my mom and I went outside to see Vlad myself. He really made me boiled today and I had no damn sleep over twenty four hours so far. He was so damn lucky I can consume my ghost energy to rely on. My hands formed its ecto blast and held it.

"You better get the hell out of here, Plasmius!" I snapped.

He chuckled, "And you think you're the man in charge. She needs a real man, Daniel-"

I blasted at him almost enough to his face, "Shut up and leave." A hissed.

His head bounced back and saw how dangerous I was now.

"Now, now…your mother is mine now-"

I blasted at his hair and managed to cut some of his hair. He couldn't believe what I just did.

"No. She denied you. She's terrified of you, Plasmius. Get your damn ass out of here or your life will get fucked up!" I meant every word of it.

His hands covered his hair, "You cut that out, Daniel-"

I blasted where his hands were and he yelped, "Fuck it, Vlad!"

He hissed, "You'll regret it, Dan-"

I altered my attack to a ghostly wail and he flung back several miles away from my home and me. I transformed to Phantom and watched out for him. I saw where he landed and blasted the freezing power right at him. He turned into an icicle and he really couldn't go against the frozen moment. I floated closer to him and really pissed off with his action.

"You will not touch mom, you will not talk to her, you will not claim her, and you! Will! Not! Be! Allowed! Here! Ever! AGAIN!" I whipped out my new power.

I somehow formed electricity because of my Phantom Phreeze power. Vlad screamed and felt severe pain due to such dryness in the air. I grabbed him and spun around to throw him out of town and back to where he came from. I huffed after seeing he was waaaaay out of state. I flew back home quickly and went Fenton. I entered back into the house and muttered fruitloop under my breath. I locked up the door and joined the women in the living room.

Mom was eating at least. She's having one of those filled doughnut and Sam took a sip of her hot tea. I sat down next to mom and smiled.

"He's going back home now."

"You didn't…" Mom assumed.

I chuckled, "No. I just threatened to call the police right in front of him. He scammed off and went home."

She sighed and Sam knew well enough what happened. She offered a coffee cup for me and I grinned.

"Thanks. I'll need it when I go into the ghost zone."

Sam tensed up and gave me a questionnaire look.

"Does she…"

My head shook before mom could catch on.

"That we explored into the ghost zone a lot? Yeah, she's alright about it now…I told you we should have told her."

Sam realized I used it as an excuse, but at least mom can trust me with the ghosts I know.

"I'll be back in about an hour. Sam, you got your phone?"

She nodded, "Yup and the Fenton ear phone too."

Right, that would be useful. I nodded and mom saw us have our usual conversation, only if she knew.

"What is it like out there?"

I blinked, "…um, Sam can explain it better than I can, mom. She can tell you all sort of fascinating stuff and what we came across." I grinned, "So, will you be alright with, Sam, mom? 'Cause I can call Tucker to join in too."

"You said she can fight ghosts, what about Vlad?"

My hands curled up, couldn't even want to hear that name alone, and how ticked off he made me today.

"Sam, help her get back on her feet."

Sam nodded, "Of course, now go, Danny. Those trips are long and you know how often the ghost zone changes its location." She scouted me out of the room.

My eyes rolled and bought the coffee cup with me. This time, I decided to fly into the ghost zone without the spectra speeder to worry about. This way, it was faster to get to places and I knew just the first ghost to help out. Sure, he's annoying and all, but he can be helpful. I spotted him not too far and joined up with him. He was practicing some developing on his own to create boxes at his own desire.

"Hey Box Ghost." Hopefully he won't think I'm fighting.

He floated up suddenly and realized I wasn't mad or annoyed today. He floated down and met up with me.

"You! What do you want with the Box Ghost?" His way of talking has got to be better.

I sighed, "Look, I have some problems and I need someone to protect my home."

He blinked, "Dude, I don't want to protect your town…"

"No, just my house and my mom. I can't leave her alone."

"What's in it for me?"

I sighed, "If you help, I will let you have some real boxes in the ghost zone."

"Deal!" Box Ghost joined up with me already as enough.

He flew with me and helped to find some of my ghost friends like Wulf, Frostbite, Pandora, Point Dexter, Princess Dora, and of course, Box Ghost insisted getting help from Lunch Lady. I noticed he's been really into her a lot lately and I couldn't really say no. I mean, after seeing their future daughter. I can't change the future for that. So, she was happy enough to join and insisted that she would cook for my mom. Let's just say I didn't mind that at all as long she cooked our food for a while.