Sorry if you have waited, but I was little stuck on it and finally got this going a little. I'm not sure if there's going to be a next chapter due to lack of motivation. So, just enjoy what I can give or whenever I can write this out.

Deep inside of me, I felt crying and useless. The newborn kittens were sleeping with their mother cat and I was watching them sleep in a bundle. Every second in the back of my mind, I knew what was going on with Vlad and my mom. They had to be kissing…it ached my heart and turned around even more.

Passion burned up so much inside me, I wanted Vlad all to myself, and-and-and that they don't spend time together ever.

The door softly closed and I hurried to see who it was. He was in the room and I brighten up my smile to see his sudden return. For now, I wanted to pretend while I have him for now. His smile was pleasing to see and he cuddled up from behind. His soft burning lips pressed up against my bare neck and caused me to giggle at great comfort. His heavy breath created me to melt into his arms.

"I love you, Daniel," He whispered.

I felt warm with him and how has comforting he has come to be, but the heart staked from cheated on. He lifted me up and carried me over to our bed.

"Whoa!" I clung onto him, even though that was pretty stupid.

Vlad had me resting against his chest and held me tightly. His lips tickled me on my neck and I giggled my head off.

"Are you feeling better, Daniel?" He settled down and hugged me really good.

I mentally jerked my attention and realized mom told him…while cheating on me. I shrugged it off and kept faking my smile.

"That you're now home? Yeah!" I chuckled.

His chin rested on my shoulder, "No, a butler hurting you and using to you."

I froze up, not really sure much of what to say, and Vlad soothed my arms.

"Daniel, you're not yourself and I don't like it. Has someone said something that bothered you?" He looked up at me, "I will get rid of that insolent if I must, Daniel."

"…I will get rid of you soon, Daniel. Your mother is all I want." He said.

I gulped and felt afraid. D-did he mean it? I clung onto him and Vlad jumped slightly at my reaction.

"No! I just want you, Vlad, please…the butler's words is meaningless. It's just…I miss you and I got a little worried." I was afraid to let him go.

"Daniel, I just want to remove the butler and your mother was concern about you so depress over it. I will have the best of everything for you, Daniel." Vlad sighed.

"Daniel, I will have you removed and your mother is my only concern. I will have the best of everything!" He said.

It grew to hurt me more than ever, hearing what he said, and how much I never wanted to leave him…no matter how much he tried. Vlad didn't understand what was going on with me, but…could it be obvious?

"Daniel," He whispered, "…who was the butler? What's his name?"

"…chad?" I whispered back.

His eyes widened and his brows furrowed together. I had no idea what was going to happen and he quickly carried me somewhere out of our room.

"V-v-" I gulped, "-Vlad? Am…I-I in trouble?" I felt worried, needing to escape somehow.

He didn't stay anything else, but he kept carrying me over to wherever he planned to take me. I stayed quiet, knowing something wasn't good at all, and we entered into one of Vlad's private study room. My eyes widened up to see the butler and whimpered to hurry to bury my head into Vlad's chest.

"YOU! What have you done to my Daniel?!" Vlad snapped at his butler.

"What are you talking about, Master Vlad?" Chad asked.

For some reason, I felt like covering the man's eyes and I did. He tried to remove my hands, but I wouldn't let him!

"Don't look at him, Vlad!" I whined.

His hands held onto mine, "…why not, Daniel?"

"…something about looking at him."

"Why you little insolent brat!? You are ruining my powers!" He snarled.

I whimpered and tried to pretend Chad was Dash. He was a bully…a bully who wants his ways. Vlad didn't force my hands away for some reason.

"Chad, I will have you shredded and you will not have an afterlife to look forward to. Now, undo what you have done to my Daniel. Now!" Vlad did not want to wait.

I heard Chad's sigh, found himself in a battle to someone who's stronger, and Vlad growled quickly within a second. I heard someone jumped back a few step. Oddly, my brain grew a little painful and damn, headache! Something was going on…memories were all made up between Vlad and my mom. What Vlad had really said no more than fifteen minutes ago. I pulled my head and opened my eyes to see where I was at this very moment. I was still covering Vlad's eyes and found myself helpless. Helpless?

That was not right! My head jerked over to Chad and growled at him. I hopped off Vlad and marched up to Chad. My eyes glowed neon green at this butler and the butler was more confused to my action. He slowly stepped backward away from me, but I wouldn't let him!

"You! You made me miserable! YOU! Made. Me. Depress?! What the hell were you thinking?!" My hands glowed the ecto energy and Cryokinesis into one.

His eyes lit up at the fear he should be, I whipped my powers against him, and he flung against the wall. Chad groaned and shook his head. I was furious.

"Chad! You had no idea what you have put me through! You almost me made me wanted to…to hurt my own son!" My teeth clumped and glared at him, "You are fucking going to pay for that!"

I turned my power into electrocution and he screamed at mercy. I wouldn't stop hurting Chad at every second and how much he had won over my mind. The idea that was Vlad cheating on me? It hurts! I wouldn't stop at all, Chad's screaming did not satisfied me enough, and how much I wanted to teach his little ass off for messing around with me. Chad shook up so much, hardly moves away from where I suffered him, and felt endlessly impossible to get over it. Someone placed their hand onto my shoulder and I stopped hurting Chad. He was bleeding with green oozing from his mouth and nose. My head turned and saw Vlad who was smiling, but showing that I went far enough.

I sighed and hugged onto him as the tears almost slipped out of me. I wanted to be sure to know he loved me, but it wasn't exactly I needed to know. I clung Vlad tighter than ever, smelled his cologne scent at comfort, and his softness felt lovely.

"Daniel? Are you alright?" His large hand held the back of my head.

I nodded, "Yes…Vlad, I don't want to see or hear Chad ever again." No…I should have told him he's mine, but it didn't felt right to say it.

"Of course, Daniel. Besides, I wouldn't want a repeat from him." His lips touched my hair.

It was comforting to be in his arms, felt safe, and couldn't think of anything else before that. What Chad had done could almost destroy our son and me. It would have wrecked everything.

"Daniel, why don't you go find your mother and tell her the butler situation is taken care of?" He hummed.

I glanced up and turned to Chad. It wasn't something I wanted to deal with, but something inside refused to leave him.

"Can I stay with you, Vlad? I missed you all day and everything." I hoped I didn't push it.

He smiled, "Anything you want, Daniel. Tomorrow we will be heading out of the country and you won't have to worry a thing like this."

I matched his smile, "I'd like that."

For some reason, I didn't want to worry about being happy. I wanted to live in the moment and have him in my arms. My head turned over to a severe injured Chad who caused nothing but trouble with me.

"Chad, I suggest you go back to the ghost zone. Your service is no longer needed and if you dare to return, I'm sure Daniel would be happy to beat the crap out of you for his personal training." Vlad spoke where there were threats among him and he was not joking.

Chad grew paler and nodded instantly. Vlad waited and Chad flew out before wasting another second on his afterlife. Vlad quickly picked me up back in his arms and I gasped at his sudden action. I smirked at him and felt happier to know it was all Chad's powers. My arms slipped around his neck and enjoyed this for now. He's been into the whole carrying me or holding onto me a lot than I expected to be.

"Glad to see you're yourself again, Daniel," Vlad smiled.

I huffed, "No kidding! I nearly thought you were actually cheating on me with my mom, ugh! Chad's power really works around." My head shook.

He chuckled, "I loved how aggressive you were at him. I'm surprised he dared to mess with you."

I felt super cold or burned on my cheeks when he says that. He got us back into our room and he set me down on our bed. He snuggled up with me and I wasn't daring to let him go right now.

"…V-vlad?" I looked up at him.

He smiled down at me, "Yes, Daniel?"

"Is the trip to Europe tomorrow?"

He held me closer, "Yes, and I already covered your passport and your mother's."

I bit my lips, "Well, I know this might sound crazy and all, is it okay we date a lot over there?"

He chuckled, "Of course, anywhere anytime in Europe. I planned that we can see the whole country."

I gasped, "Damn! How long are we staying there for?"

Vlad debated his head, "About one month, is that long enough?"

My head shook, "No, it's perfect. And the ghosts?"

"Skulker will threaten them and if they come, they will face me."

I relaxed into Vlad's arms, just knowing that he's doing so much for me, and even my mom. Even I have known him for almost three years, it's crazy to see where I have grown up to be, and hated to keep seeing him as a bad guy. Vlad didn't like to do simple things like kidnap me into a date and all, but that's just the thing. He's the man to cross overboard on the line to make sure I wouldn't just take up what he has to do.

Sure, I felt bad for mom for raped and it wasn't right. Vlad knew how pissed off I got and he won't cross this line if he wants me desperately. I took a deep breath and felt there was a serious talk.

"Vlad…I've been thinking quite a lot and there's one thing that bothers me." I sighed.

Vlad met my eyes, "What is it, Daniel?"

"My mom," I looked up at his eyes, "You raped her and it wasn't right or fair." I clung onto his arms to snuggle up some more.

Vlad nodded gently, "I suppose I have made my mistake and went the wrong direction."

"Yes, you made a huge damn mistake and I think she's just hiding her fears around you."

Vlad heard me out, but I couldn't exactly imagine what mom was going through. When I literally thought Vlad and mom were cheating on me, I broke down in total depression and hardly moved.

"You're right, but what can I do, Daniel?" Vlad wondered.

I gulped, "I want you to talk to her and make her feel safe again. I don't know, let her battle you or something. Hurt you for a short while."

Vlad was stunned, "I'm surprised you want me to be hurt by your own mother."

I glared, "I'm surprised you raped her while I was patrolling!" I huffed.

Vlad couldn't argue on that and squeezed me in his arms.

"Alright, I'll see what I can do to earn my forgiveness. For now, let's sleep since it has been a long day." He kissed my forehead.

I nodded, "Okay, but you've got to apologize as you mean it." I pouted, "Do we need to go to sleep now?"

Vlad gave me serious look, "Daniel, we will have a long trip of flight tomorrow and I know how full of energy you are, but sleep is important. Lastly, I will give your mother anything to make herself again."

I sighed to give in, "Fine, we'll sleep and I better hope so."

Vlad and I slid down on our bed, getting comfortable with the sheets, and his soft lips placed twice on my forehead.

"Good night, Daniel." Vlad whispered.

I closed my eyes, just knowing Vlad belongs to me, and no one else. I was a bit excited to our Europe dating trip and I have no idea what he's planning on. For my sake, I hope mom feels better or at least move on from the rape.