~ Bound to You ~

Summary: When Saphira hatched for Eragon every rider in Alagesia felt it. No one realized that Galbatorix used that energy to locate them until it was too late and a Shade was at their door.

Warning: Slash, incest, violence, war

Pairings: Murtagh/Eragon, Durza/Eragon (one-sided)

Disclaimer: I do not own the Inhertiance Cycle though it would be awfully tempting and make me broke for the remainder of my life.


'Dragon/Rider speaking'

~ Chapter One ~

Sloan didn't even bother to look up as his doorbell tinkled knowing it would be someone wanting meat. That was the only reason anyone entered his store. He was after all too nasty and callous for anyone to desire to simply chat with. Not that he would want that. Chatting was something that women did and he certainly wasn't a woman by any means. He would rather leave that to his daughter.

"What is it that you want?" he growled, growing tired of the silence.

If this sucker wanted something they would have to eventually speak but as he looked up he decided against angering him. Indeed, angering this man wouldn't be good for his continued health.

Crimson hair fell out from beneath the hood and from that Sloan knew that maroon eyes were hidden beneath as well. The Shade was tall, much taller than he would have expected but it didn't stop his fear. In fact he felt more frightened by setting his eyes upon the hooded man than he ever thought possible.

Shades were something that one never believed would travel to an insignificant town that was difficult to locate. Everyone in Carvahall believed that their town was far too small to often bother with. Important people would only ever remain within the city or Uru'baen, Dras-Leona or Belatona. Shades weren't known for travelling further than that unless it was of the utmost-importance. Even then they remained near Helgrind.

But no this one, the one closest to King Galbatorix, was here in Carvahall in Sloan's meat shop.

"I wonder if you could help me."

The voice slid over Sloan like a cloak of cobwebs. It made him nauseous just hearing it. He shivered.

"I'll help in any way I can." His voice was shaky.

The Shade gave a sharp smile full of teeth. Sloan tried desperately not to whimper in fear.

"Excellent, where might I find a blue stone?"

Sloan gulped. A blue stone? That certainly wasn't a common thing and he knew exactly who had brought one in to town. However as much as he didn't want to send the Shade to the poor boy he didn't dare lie to the man. His life was something more valued over the child's. Besides, the boy wouldn't be missed by that many if he didn't survive the visit. All he had was his uncle and cousin. Not even his own parents had wanted him.

"Eragon, he… he bought in what you seek about two weeks ago. He might not have it anymore though…"

The look the Shade gave him was one that screamed 'I'll take my chances.' Sloan had attempted to move the Shade off the boy's trail though it hadn't been done very well.

"Where might I find him?"

Reluctantly, Sloan went to the window and pointed up the road, careful not to keep his back to the Shade. It would be foolish to trust one when they weren't within sight at all times. As it was, if Eragon no longer had the stone he was concerned with what would happen to their little town. It was likely the Shade would wipe them off the map just out of spite.

"Up the road there's a farm just near the outside of town, you should find him there if he isn't hunting in the Spine."

Mentioning the Spine was obviously a poor move as the Shade grinned again. Whatever Eragon had gotten into, the boy should hope that he managed to barter that thing off to someone else. This Shade wasn't someone he should mess with.

"Thank you, I would advise for you all to remain indoors today."

With that final piece of advice the Shade swept out and in the direction of Garrow's farm. The town's people remained inside for the remainder of the day. Not daring to leave. Sloan could only hope that Katrina forgave him for this.


Durza hadn't been this lucky for quite some time. Galbatorix would have had him punished for not retrieving the egg had he not also captured that elf that had sent it away. He'd been ordered at first to torture the location out of her but things had changed. Now he had been sent on an even valuable mission for the King. He was to track down a new Dragon Rider, days after the egg had disappeared.

The King had initially screamed in rage when he had felt it hatch but then something had changed. He had given Durza an estimation of the Rider's location and instructed him to return with both the Dragon and Rider or not at all. Not the best of circumstances when one didn't know what they were to face but it was the only way to redeem himself in the King's eyes.

As far as he knew, the egg had hatched for someone close to where he had lost it by some will of good fortune. When he had travelled through Threinsford no rumours had emerged so he went further where the King directed him and he had managed to find someone who had held the egg for a time.

Of course the boy hadn't known the worth of what he held but he was assuming if it had hatched for the boy that he was well aware of what it meant to the King and the Varden.

Leaving the frightened fool in the meat shop, he watched as Carvahall's citizens began to close their doors as he passed. They weren't even bothering to aid the poor boy from what was about to come. They must have thought very little of him to do so. However that only worked in his favour. It would mean he had to face little resistance upon locating the boy.

Once this task was done, he could return to torturing the little elf as he pleased. However this time it would be for different information. The location of the Varden would be the first followed by Du Weldenvarden. When the King had no longer any need of her, he could do as he pleased and that caused him to smile.

However he would first need to get this boy and his dragon to leave with him. It shouldn't be too difficult to obtain once he found his weakness. Whatever unknown lay ahead of him, Durza was prepared. If there was one thing that Durza knew for certain though it was that this Eragon had seen his last few days of freedom.


Eragon laughed as Sapphira jumped from the beams above his room. He'd been given the morning off as he and Roran had completed many of the chores the previous day. So while he relaxed and played with Sapphira, Roran had decided to work on something for Katrina. His uncle, Garrow, was luckily out feeding the animals so he didn't hear the happy rumbles that Sapphira released.

Everything was surreal. He'd never imagine that the stone he had found was in fact a dragon's egg. Nor would he have ever believed that the egg would hatch for him. There must have been someone more worthy than he but Sapphira had chosen him for a reason and he wasn't about to knock a dragon's logic. His logic however was severely flawed.

What was he thinking raising a dragon? He had no knowledge of what a dragon needed. He'd only assumed that dragons ate meat and as it was, Sapphira wouldn't be able to eat strips of meat and the occasional rat for her entire life. He needed to be prepared for what he was going to face. After all there was then the problem of her size. Sapphira was growing nicely. She wasn't very large and could still remain within the house unnoticed. As such he was reluctant to part with her but this situation couldn't last forever. She wouldn't always fit in the house.

The small amount he knew on dragons came from the stories he heard on the odd occasion he went into town. He'd heard the name they'd chosen to call her spoken during one of Brom the Storyteller's tales. Both had thought it worked rather nicely or well he assumed she believed so what with the joy going through their bond. He only felt her emotions and had yet to hear her speak but he knew it was too early for that. She was after all barely three days old.

Erago smiled as she finally wore herself out and settled beside him, tail curling around the bedpost.

The day she'd hatched had been unlike anything he had ever experienced. Though he had been in pain what with the icy sensation travelling through his body, he remembered it with fondness. It was the beginning of their bond and even though it was new, he couldn't remember a time without it. However there was one thing that worried him, the soundless scream of rage that had echoed around him.

Everything he did, all information he gathered was now with caution. He couldn't be too careful. Even with Sloan he was careful not to bring up the egg again. He didn't want the man to get curious and enquire as to where it was. Eragon wouldn't be able to return it if he did.

Yet nothing had changed from that day. He had thought someone would come for him, someone would figure out what he had found. But within the nine days in which he'd located the stone and the three he'd realized the stone was an egg, nothing had happened and he had begun to relax a little.

All he needed to do know was figure out how to raise a dragon in Carvahall without anyone's notice. Eragon sighed falling back onto his bed with a muffled thump. A questioning feeling entered his thoughts. Sapphira was obviously still awake. Eragon chose to answer her verbally as usual instead of sending her images as they'd begun learning to do.

"I was just wondering how this is going to work. You're not going to remain this size forever."

Sapphira sent him an image of them snuggled together.

"I know, I enjoy spending time with you as well and I don't like the thought of being separated but this house isn't anywhere near big enough for a full grown dragon to rest. Don't you want to grow big and strong to fly around in the open sky?" Eragon asked.

The imagery of clear skies spoke her words. Sapphira already desired to fly where the birds could only reach. Eragon could only share in her desire. The thought of flying though terrifying was an experience only a few could claim. If he could have but just one chance it would be unforgettable.

"Soon Sapphira… soon, I promise you'll see the sky."

With that she gave a purr of contentment and curled back around the post.

Eragon leant back contemplating what to do. He didn't have much time to figure things out either. In a month, if her growth rated continued gradually, she would be the same height as his shoulder. Sapphira wouldn't be able to be in the house then and she would need more food than ever. That only left the option of her being raised in the forest nearby their house. It wasn't the most accommodating option ever but it was all they had.

"Eragon, lunch is prepared."

He hadn't even realized the day had travelled so swiftly, lost in thought as he had been with Sapphira to keep him company. An image of some meat flashed into his mind followed by the sensation of hunger.

"Alright Sapphira, you will have some food, relax."

She continued to purr as Eragon left his room, the bond allowing him to keep an eye on her and vice versa. They disliked it when they were too far to keep the bond open so remaining nearby was always something preferable. It was one of the reasons that Eragon had kept Sapphira within the house these past days.

As he entered the kitchen, Eragon realized the only other person within the room was Roran. Garrow had obviously gone to gather something from outside leaving them alone. Roran smirked and threw a stick at Eragon. It was a challenge and not one he was likely to give up. Glancing around to make sure Garrow couldn't see, he picked up the stick and swung playfully at Roran.

Roran being the taller of the two always had the advantage. However Eragon was very agile and he used that to even the playing field. Parrying his stick-sword with Roran's, Eragon attempted to knock it out his cousin's hands with no luck. All it caused was for Roran to let go of the stick and tackle Eragon to the ground where they wrestled instead. His plan hadn't worked out very well.

"Give up cousin?" Roran asked, pinning him to the ground.

Eragon could see Sapphira attempting to aid him but the images he was seeing were making him lose concentration, not aid him. He struggled to get up but Roran was much bigger than he and weighed much more with all of that muscle he had managed to gain. Eragon was nothing compare to him. He kicked out and attempted to throw the weight off but nothing he did made a difference.

"Boys please," his uncle begged as he entered the room.

They ate together laughing over whatever was the most humorous thing they had done today. Eragon kept asking what Roran was making for Katrina but he still wouldn't say only that it was almost finished. It was nice to have a home, Eragon thought. He'd known for the longest time that Garrow hadn't been his father or Roran his brother but to him that didn't make a difference. They were family in bond much like that of he and Sapphira. They didn't need a direct blood-link to be family. Blood merely created the ties. People had to reinforce it.

"Eragon, before you go back to your room would he help Roran gather the animals inside? I heard from Horst earlier we have bad weather coming in." Garrow said gathering their dishes.

He nodded, quickly sending an image to Sapphira so she wouldn't wonder why he was leaving and come after him. On occasions she was allowed to travel with him but when others were around they couldn't risk it.

As he neared the door, he ran directly into Roran's wide back. Huffing, he gave his cousin a little push but he refused to move outside or let him pass. Noticing his cousin was tense, Eragon asked,

"Roran, what is it?"

Moving to see what was before his cousin hadn't been a smart idea as his insides froze. If the stories he often heard tell in the town were correct then before them was a Shade and not any Shade but Durza. He worked for the King and often tortured those under the King's name and command. It certainly wasn't someone they would ever have expected to show up at their small farm in Carvahall.

"May I enter?"

Roran immediately began moving back inside keeping Eragon behind him. The Shade swept into the room however keeping in between them and the door.

"What is it that you want?" Garrow asked his voice hard.

Durza smiled. It sent shivers down the spine of everyone in the room. He knew exactly what he wanted and he was going to obtain it here, he could practically smell it. All of his pains would finally be over. He would be redeemed in the eyes of the King.

"All I need is to check your hands and I'll leave everything where it is."

It was an odd request if one didn't know what Durza the Shade was searching for. Eragon knew exactly why he was here. He had believed nothing would come for them after all that time. How wrong he had been to ever think that and now they were in more danger than he could ever have imagined. A Shade, after all, wasn't known for the niceties.

Garrow hesitantly held out both his hands to the Shade and Eragon took a breath. What would happen when Durza realized that his Uncle wasn't the one he was searching for? Needless to say it wouldn't be good. He would just become one more person standing in the way of what he desired and those people didn't stay alive for long.

Upon discovering he wasn't the one, his uncle was thrown to the other side of their house, hitting the wall with a dull thud and sliding down. The Shade didn't even glance at him again turning his attention towards them. Roran roared and leapt towards the Shade even as Eragon stood frozen. He wanted to go and check to see if his uncle was unharmed. Yet something kept him from moving too far. The fear Sapphira was sending him practically kept him frozen to the spot.

A second thud made Eragon turn and look towards where Roran lay. He had a head wound but it wasn't bleeding too heavily. Roran was still alive for now. They were both still alive and that was all that mattered except that just left him with the Shade.

"Now little one you are the only one left."

Eragon's heart was racing in his chest. What was he to do? The Shade was fast approaching and he had no chance to move away or escape it. Backed into a corner, Eragon watched as the Shade approached like a predator stalking its prey. Gulping, Eragon watched as Durza took his hands and took a long look a slow smirk making its way onto his face. There was nothing he could do to hide or deny this. The mark on his right hand would scream it to those that knew of what it meant.

"You, little one, must be Eragon."


Eragon was proud to say his voice didn't shake as much as he believed it would have given the circumstances. His uncle and cousin were still unconscious. It wasn't the best of signs ever. He worried that they would never wake again.

"Do you know what this mark means?" Durza enquired.

Eragon's eyes merely slid back to his relatives as they lay against the wall.

"Do not ignore me, little one, answer the question." His maroon eyes flashed and Eragon flinched.

He should know better than to anger a Shade especially one the held their lives in the balance. Eragon nodded keeping his concentration on Durza though he wanted to look elsewhere.

"I know that it is the symbol of a Dragon Rider."

"Where is your dragon?"

Eragon needn't have looked towards his room as Sapphira came to them, hissing at the one that threatened her rider. She was small but she understood that if he were killed she would also die.

"Do not worry scales," Durza commented. "I mean your Rider no harm unless he attempts to do something foolish."

That didn't calm her down in anyway. Though he needn't have been very scared of her, Sapphira's size wasn't all that awe-inspiring yet. It would take time for her to grow that large, three days wasn't enough. Durza moved his hands to grasp Eragon's wrists, keeping a tight hold so that he couldn't get away.

"You only have on choice now, little one, come with me…" Durza's voice whispered.

If it was meant to be seductive it certainly wasn't working on Eragon. Though he shivered, it was from fear not delight. He didn't want to leave Carvahall. Everything that belonged to him was here. His only relatives were here. This was his home but he rather doubted Durza would give him a chance to bargain. Again his eyes slipped towards his uncle and cousin.

Durza gave a hiss and help both his wrists with the one hand. The other came up to hold his chin and force him to keep his eyes trained on the Shade. Sapphira was displeased by this and almost bit him if Durza hadn't given Eragon a shake that caused his nails to bite into his skin. She immediately backed off knowing he could harm her Rider at any time.

"They are only unconscious little one, should you choose to come quietly they will remain that way instead of dead." Durza warned.

"Where am I to be travelling?" Eragon asked.

"There is only one place for someone such as you, little one. You get to visit the King."

Memories flashed before his eyes. Every story that Brom had spoken had portrayed Galbatorix in the bad light. The Varden had always been the hope of Alageasia and he was never going to have the chance at aiding the people. However he had little choice. He didn't want his only family to end up dead.

Sapphira was sending him rapid images of what she wanted. She merely wanted him to be safe, to be protected. He couldn't possibly be that if he denied the Shade.

"I'll go with you." He whispered.

Durza smirked in victory before pulling him out of the room and directly into the sunlight. A carriage was waiting outside for them to appear. No one drove it and Eragon hadn't heard it approach at any time. Eragon jerked backward when he realized that the carriage was fashioned as a cage. Though it had comfortable seating for him, the doors locked from the outside and the windows weren't small enough for even Sapphira to fit through.

"Come now, little one, your relatives are still inside if you change your mind."

Durza held the door open as Sapphira climbed in reluctantly. Neither wanted to leave but to protect his family he would have to do this. Once she was inside and growling warningly at Durza, the man pushed him forward. Eragon stepped inside and sat down before turning to the door. There was a look in Durza's eyes that he couldn't pinpoint. Whatever it was though, he didn't like.

"This journey is going to take a few days so you had better become comfortable little one."

The door swung shut and it was locked with both keys and words of magic before Durza climbed up front. Eragon wasn't pleased with this situation but Durza had kept his promise. The farm remained standing exactly as it had when they were all enjoying lunch. They wouldn't be touched again and Eragon knew that with certainty. If Durza and the King wanted him to be a good little boy they would just continue to use them as a bartering chip.

The carriage pulled away from Carvahall. Eragon leant back against the seat and curled into a ball with Sapphira by his side. They were all alone now. Only they could affectively rely on each other for anything. No one else would be trusted.


As the carriage pulled away from the house, Brom cursed. He was too late to save them from Galbatorix. He'd also felt the bond that was formed between Eragon and his dragon as Galbatorix had. The only exception being he couldn't have pinpointed it. He hadn't even thought that Galbatorix would bother pinpointing their location. He'd assumed that the man was so far into insanity that he would forget how to do so.

At least he knew where Eragon would be taken.

The carriage had long since disappeared when he entered the house. Garrow and Roran were slowly coming around so he helped them up. Whilst Roran thanked him, Garrow pushed him away angrily.

"My sister promised that you would protect him when we couldn't. Where were you?" Garrow accused.

Roran looked curiously at his father before looking at the man before him. It was Brom the Storyteller from town. What was his father ever speaking of?

Brom didn't utter a word.

"He was yours, he was your flesh and blood and all you have ever done was sit back and watch him grow. Selena did one thing right when she came here to beg that I take care of him. She gave him a home. With you he would have gained nothing."

"Don't start this now." Brom growled both ignoring Roran.

"You could have taught him anything when he went into town but you never even bothered to approach him and now, now look where he's headed. Some Shade has made off with him to God only knows where."

Brom sighed and sat down.

"The Shade, Durza, is taking him to Galbatorix." He admitted.

"Why there?" Garrow demanded.

"About a week ago, I'd assume, he found a stone. That stone turned out to be the Dragon Egg the Varden had been moving around Alagaesia in the hopes that it would hatch for someone that Varden could use against Galbatorix. I don't' know how it ended up in Eragon's hands. If I had known he had possession of it I would have taken it from him immediately."

Garrow released his anger. Knowing that Eragon was bonded to a Dragon didn't make this any easier.

"How do we get him back?"

"First we have to remove everyone from Carvahall. If anyone remains they could be used against him. If no one is here, no one can be used." Brom instructed. "Then we head towards the Varden. The Varden shall help us." Brom said.

Garrow nodded. He knew of the Varden. Selena had often spoken of them though they hadn't been very large the last time they had spoken and certainly not capable of taking control over an entire town let alone a city. However that was their only option of returning Eragon to them.

"Fine, the Varden shall help us."

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