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Make You Beautiful

Chapter Three

Rin walked with a limp to the laundry room to find Sesshomaru waiting for her, leaning lazily against the wall. Her eyes trailed along his slender, elegant finger to the knob on the dryer and he provided simple instructions on how to operate the machine. She made quick work of loading her clothes into the dryer.

"You must be hungry."

Rin shook her head. "No, thank you. I had dinner with my father."

"And where is your father now?"

"He's at ho -" Rin clasped a hand over her mouth, realizing what she had just given away.

Sesshomaru's smooth face suddenly snarled, minutely revealing a set of long, canine fangs.

"Why does your father beat you?"

"What makes you think that?" she snapped, standing to her full height, turning away.

Gently, his hands grasped her shoulders, spinning Rin to face a mirror that hung on the back wall behind them.

Sesshomaru's steely, golden eyed reflection glared at her. Dark bruises blossomed on her left cheek, and she knew by tomorrow it would hurt something terrible. The gnash on her bottom lip was puffy, swollen, at least twice the size it should have been. The inuyoukai growled lowly.

"Answer me this, Kato, what exactly is keeping me from informing the police about this incident?"

Rin's breath caught and she spun to face him directly. "You can't!"

"I can smell semen upon your clothes," he says flatly, breathing in deeply, "But you are a virgin."

Is he guessing? "How can you tell that?"

"I smell everything that has occurred to you within the last twenty-four hours. You made coffee this morning; went to the super market; prepared a steak dinner…" His nostrils flare.

"And he was touching you," Sesshomaru reached for her cheek, but Rin moved away, "Nonconsensual, I assume."

"He's my father," she said defensively. "He just needs some help -"

"You're correct, Kato. He does need help; the psychological kind."

"You don't know him!" Rin spat angrily at the demon. "It's none of your business anyway! If I wanted to turn him in, I would have already! But he's all I have!"

Sesshomaru sighed. "Evidently you are no longer capable of making your own decisions."

"And what's that supposed to mean?" she snapped, crossing her arms.

"Nothing, other than that sane people do not throw themselves at passing cars -"

"It was an accident!" Rin cried, "I didn't mean to! I was so tired…"

She continued shaking her head, clearing her thoughts. "Takahashi-sama," she pleaded, taking a new approach. "Don't get the police involved. I can handle this myself, just give me time!"

Sesshomaru bared his fangs. The light caught his shiny canines, accompanied by a low-pitch growl. Rin knew she had gained his obvious disapproval, but she simply was not ready to get the authorities involved. Her father was all the family she had left. Sesshomaru would never understand...

"Who's to say he is not waiting for you, right now?"

"I can take care of him, I promise."

He hissed lowly. "I am aware of his intentions Kato, and I struggle against my better judgment. If it was not your father who commits such an offense…"

"Struggle? What do you mean?" she asked, eyeing his bared teeth. This was the most animal-like she had seen him yet. He was of nothing of this world…

"A Beast exists within me," he said, glancing into the mirror beside them. "I am not human, far more… doglike."

"Dog demon… you're controlled by your instincts, then?" A year of youkai studies are beginning to pay off, she noted.

But the smirk that crossed his face unsettled her. "Somewhat. I cannot… necessarily ignore my better logic."

Rin gave him an exasperated look. "Promise me you won't tell. Takahashi-sama, I am strong."

Judging by the scowl on his face, she'd again earned his disapproval. For a long moment he studied her with piercing scrutiny. "Very well, you have my word."


Rin made her way from the kitchen to the dining room, sitting down with a full plate of food. Sesshomaru explained he had yet to hire serving staff for the house, so the caretaking rested upon him. He conjured up a dish of pasta for her, which tasted magnificent. It was odd, for some reason she did not think an inuyoukai would have anything in his pantry that was... edible.

Sesshomaru watched her eat, taking none for himself.

Rin had no qualms sitting through the silent dinner; it was neither tense nor nerve wrecking. The only sound that seemed to exist was her sudden, ravenous hunger.

The dryer buzzed, signaling that her clothes were finally ready. The rain outside had passed, leaving the lawn glistening wet with droplets of water. A bird called somewhere in the distance.

"I guess I better get dressed." A cool breeze against her legs had her pulling at the hem of his shirt.

He only nodded, rose from his chair and headed into the kitchen to clean up. At the moment, Sesshomaru did not mind the girl prancing about the house in nothing but his shirt. If the lingering eyes of a butler were present, that would be another matter. He was glad they were alone, yet it reminded him he really needed to hire a caretaker.

Rin appeared beside him and began helping him dry the dishes with a towel and placed them in the rack.

"I thought you were getting dressed," Sesshomaru said quietly, scrubbing a fork.

She sighed. "I will, but I feel… after everything…" Rin chewed on her lower lip. In spite of everything Sesshomaru had done for her, and no matter how grateful she was to him, she still was not entirely certain… He was a demon. Worse yet, he was male.

As of recent, she was afraid of men.

"Do not let it concern you, Kato. I shall not inform the police behind your back."

Rin caught his brief side glance and forced a smile.

"I really am thankful, Takahashi-sama." She took the fork and placed it in the rack.

In silence, he began rinsing the soap suds down the sink. Rin used the towel to dry the countertop where water sprinkled.

"What do you do, Kato?"

Rin shrugged offhandedly, but was somewhat vexed that he'd taken an interest in her. "I work at a bookstore, as a checkout clerk."

"And do you make enough at this bookstore?"

She couldn't help it, she snorted. "Not nearly, Chichi-ue's business is going under and, well, he was never very good with money. We get by, somehow," she admitted, folding the towel and placing it in the sink to dry.

After a moment of silence, he turned to face her. "I meant what I said earlier."

Rin gave him a puzzled look. "About what, exactly?"

He gestured around them with one hand, "A place to hide."

"No," she said firmly, gripping the counter. "I really appreciate it, Takahashi-sama, but it's not necessary."

"Maybe not," he breathed, sweeping his eyes over her face.

"He won't get the better of me again," she lied, turning her back to the inuyoukai. That was not something she could promise. Her Otou-san was undoubtedly waiting for her by now, and angry at her absence. The thought of confronting him sent a tremor down her spine.

"You don't care what happens to me," Rin quoted, looking at him over her shoulder. "You said so."

"Not really," he agreed, leaning back against the counter. "If you wish to live like an idiot, as every other ningen I have ever met, you are not even worth my time."

His words hang heavy in the air between them.

"You're going to die, one day, because of him." Sesshomaru shoved his hands into his black pants' pockets, taking a step in her direction. "A couple days ago, those bruises I saw on your arms, they were several weeks old. He's been doing this to you for a long time."

"He doesn't realize - !"

"Doesn't? Or does not want to?"

Rin's brown irises flared angrily. "Are you trying to say that I should trust you, a stranger, over my own father?"

"Kato Rin." Sesshomaru took another step forward. He stood directly over her slight, smaller figure. Rin craned her neck to look up at him, "Am I really a stranger to you?"

She backed away, her body screamed Run! instinctively repulsed by the closeness of their proximity. Forgetting he was a demon, but unnervingly aware of how masculine he was… "You're scaring me." He inched closer and those white fangs elongate to settle over his lower lip; Rin's heart was about to burst from her chest. "I don't know you."

"I'm disappointed. But what else was I expecting..." Confusion shook her briefly, forcing her to scrunch her eyes closed, but she was certain his ever intense gaze was boring holes through her head.

"Go dress, Kato. I have something for you."


Rin studied the shiny golden key in her palm.

"I need someone to look after it while I am away," he explained, seeing the bewilderment play across her face. "I live in the city; however, my company has expanded its branches to this end of Tokyo. This house was supposed to be for my brother to live in, so that he may be close to the new office. He backed out of the deal, and I am now using it as a second home."

How wealthy was Sesshomaru, paying for two houses? But surely, as Rin looked around the old but warm and cozy home, this place hardly put a dent in his wallet.

"I will pay you for your services."

"Why would you do that? I don't want your money." Rin frowned. She could not be further from the truth. Even with her promotion, her pay wasn't even half of what Sesshomaru was offering for simply ensuring the place was kept clean, fridge stocked and mail checked.

Placing a hand in between her shoulders, Sesshomaru ushered the now fully clothed young woman to the door. "I will be expecting you back here tomorrow, Kato. You must earn your pay."

Rin looked down at the key in her hand, and then back up at him. Sesshomaru stood on the threshold, his silver hair brushed over one shoulder out of his way.

With a hard scowl, Rin tucked the key in her pocket. The payment was much too generous to bypass, despite how uncomfortable he made her feel sometimes. Or perhaps he was perfectly normal, and it was only she that had issues… "See you tomorrow, Takahashi-sama."

Opening the front door of her home, Rin quietly slipped inside. As usual, her father was sitting on the couch, searching something on his laptop.

"Where have you been?" he asked, without looking up.

"I got a new job, Otou-san," she answered, climbing the stairs to her room, taking them two at a time. The beat of her heart raced faster than before. "I start tomorrow." She would rearrange her schedule at the bookstore.

"Good luck with that," he murmured.


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