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The Wolf

Sirius strolled into the chamber he shared with his house mates. His face was a bit flushed from the experience he just shared with Angelic for fifty-two minutes in the broom closet. Close spaces, how he loved them.

He glanced at his snoring friend, Peter. Fast asleep as always. Most people would hate rooming with someone who snores but Sirius didn't mind. In fact, he finds Peter's snore a bit of a comfort. It reminds him, even in the wee hours that he is home.

Frank was curled under a pile of blankets and pillows. Pete's bed was near his, you see. For him, this was an action of escape of the snore that drummed in his ears. James lost a bet on the first day. He was so sure Frank would suffocate. Sirius believed the secret was in the pillows. Probably feathered pillows, allowing air to collect and be absorbed.

Sirius looked over at the window of the west of the room. It was James' bed. The blankets were settled nice and neat on the bed, thanks to the house elves. The bed still remained empty. Apparently, detention was still being continued.

Remus on the other hand was pouring over a script in his hands, reading by the light of a quarter moon shining down on him.

'Whatcha reading, Remus?' Sirius stifled a yawn as he made his way to his own bed.

'A short story.' Remus glanced up from his pages to meet the grey eyes of his friend. 'I'm not sure you would be interested in it but it makes me think.'

'Try me.' Sirius began to undress into his sleeping wears.

'It's a story called The Wolf.' Remus glanced back down at the story. 'It's basically a werewolf story.'

'Remus. Remus. Remus.' Sirius shook his dark head. 'Why must you do this? Why read stuff like that when it will only make you feel worse. You're living it.'

'I know but this story is different.' Remus flipped a page over. 'It's not about the person's life but the wolf that lives inside that person. It's about his feelings and how he thinks and how he hurts.'

'It's a monster and you are not. What's to read?' Sirius settled into his bed, flipping the covers back over him.

'In this story it's the wolf that suffers and I-I don't know. It makes me think that maybe I am its curse as much as it is mine.' Remus smiled as Sirius eyes started to drift shut. 'The story has a poetic flare to it but it's a story. It's remarkable.'

'Hmmm….' Sirius started to drift in his sleep.

'I'll read some to you.' Remus cleared his throat. 'The Wolf by Serenity984. I stir slightly from my long slumber. I feel the need to stretch but it is as if I am stuck in a balloon, where space is limited. I do stretch though, I need to do this but it's not easy. I can only stretch so far before I feel the edge of the resistance. I hate this feeling of contraption. It is like being in a cage, a very small cage and I hate it. I loath it….' Remus glances up and tilts his head at the soft breathing of Sirius. He gives his friend a smile before turning back to his story.

Story Credit

Title: The Wolf

By: Serenity984

Set in Hogwarts. Marauders' era. One-Shot. Rated T.