Candy Man Can

James dragged himself into his dorm, not bothering to shut the door behind him. He surveyed the room quickly, seeing Sirius flipping through a muggle magazine and Peter biting his lower lip as he tried to focus on his charm's report.

James gave a great theatrical, noisy sigh just before he crumbled to the floor onto his stomach. 'I need Moony.' He moaned.

'He ain't here, Mate.' Sirius spoke unconcern from his bed. He was too absorbed in the picture before him, turning his magazine sideways in order to view the slim blonde from another angle, to bother with James' performance.

'What's wrong?' Peter repeatedly fell into James' over exaggerated behavior. Every time. Without fail.

'My heart has been exenterated from my chest.' James rolled over on his back, his right hand over his heart. 'I need to be sedated.'

'Oh geezes!' With a horrifying expression, Peter scrambled off his bed to kneel beside James on the floor.

'You do know that's what happens when all your inners are taken out of your body?' Sirius peered over the top of his magazine.

'Ah. Well than my heart has been removed along with my inners.' James corrected himself.

'And you would be dead.' Sirius added with a smirk. 'Waste of sedation.'

'This is why I need Moony!' James bounced off the floor with that as a two year old on a sugar high. 'You guys don't show any kind of compassion.'

'Okay, Prongs.' Sirius tossed his magazine on his pillow. He folded his hands in front of him, giving James all of his attention. 'Tell me what's going on.'

'Lily said no.' James slumped his shoulders.

'She always says no. It's like a routine with you two. Shouldn't you be used to it?' Peter asked, looking at James and then at Sirius.

'She doesn't always say no.' James folded his arms in front of him, clearly sulking.

'Yeah, she does. She does it without blinking her pretty green eyes.' Sirius laughed.

'Where is Moony?' James turned about in a little circle.

'Relax, he's at the library.' Sirius barked. 'What is he going to do that we aren't?'

'For starters, he'd cheer me up or have a go at it.' James found his bed to hang across.

'We are having a go at you.' Peter chuckled to himself.

'Than he would give me some chocolate.' James went on, ignoring Peter.

'And chocolate makes it all better, does it Mate?' Sirius asked.

'It helps a little bit.' James muttered.

'I got some chocolate.' Peter walked over to the chest at the end of his bed.

'But taking chocolate from you isn't the same.' James complained.

'How is it different?' Peter asked.

'Cause Remus is the candy man and it works with him and you know…' James explained. 'The candy man can. It's just the way it is.'

Sirius threw his pillow at his friend. 'Remus isn't the candy man.'

'But he is!' James caught Sirius' pillow and stuffed it under his head. 'I read all about it.'

'You read?' Peter eyes grew wide with a new admiration.

'Yes.' James voiced. 'Well, sort of skim the pages but that's beside the point.'

'Okay, I'll play along.' Sirius sighed. 'Whatcha reading, James?'

'I told you already. The Candy Man Can by Lyrical Ballads.' James sat up. 'It's about a friend is get turned down once more from the girl he has given his heart to and the only one to pick up his spirit at the time is his dear, caring friend who offers him chocolate.'

'How does chocolate make you feel better?' Sirius asked.

'You do not ever question the power of chocolate.' James advised him. 'You two are not very dearing nor or you very caring.'

'I do have chocolate.' Peter held up a bar.

Story Credit

Title: The Candy Man Can

Author: Lyrical Ballads

Setting: Marauders Era

Rated: K+

Status: Complete

Words: 703

The story is telling how Remus and chocolate help James who heard terrible news after being turned down by Lily. Lyrical Ballads is a wonderful writer. If you like 'The Candy Man' you should really check out some of her other great work. Seriously, she is great.