This is a companion piece to my fanfic "Second to None".

It is part of an ongoing Diary Challenge over at another fanfic website. I am supposed to write a diary of a character throughout the entire year. I must have 2 entries per month minimum, but I probably will be updating a few times a week.

If you haven't read Second to None, you might still understand the Diary entries, but I would highly recommend reading the fic if you want to fully understand this fanfic.



Entry 1. Location: Star Destroyer Independence

Two days ago the ship psychologist gave me this datapad. He said I could use it to catch up on recent events from the Holonet, but he also suggested that I keep a journal. He said it would help me organize my thoughts and help ease the anxiety of being thrust into such unusual circumstances.

Unusual circumstances…now that's an understatement if I have ever heard one. My memory only reaches back a few days. I woke up on this ship surrounded by doctors. I didn't know who I was; I couldn't even remember my name. The doctors all act strange around me. I could see them whispering between themselves as they gazed at me curiously like I'm some sort of freak. Whenever I tried to ask them what was going one they always had an emergency to run off to in another part of the medward.

Finally the ship psychologist, a middle aged human male named Otwan, was called in to talk to me. Apparently I was rescued from a cloning facility in a place called Mount Tantiss on a planet named Wayland. He asked me if I had any recollections of the place. I tried to reach back further into my memory and I did find a few glimpses of events of a time before I came to this ship.

I remember a short moment of panic. I couldn't focus my eyes and I was coughing water out of my lungs. I remember voices, but my mind was jumbled and I lash out at them. The last thing I remember was something cold and metallic against my neck and the sound of what I now realize must have been a hypodermic injector…then darkness.

The ship psychologist says it is normal that I cannot remember my past, because I have no real past—I'm a clone.

I remember sitting in the medical bed wanting to laugh in the doctor's face. I know what a clone is, but I can't be a clone—I know things. I'm a soldier. I've been trained. I don't remember getting the training, but I have extensive knowledge on battle tactics, weapons, combat support equipment and even battlefield first aid. I must have learned these things from somewhere. I know I'm a soldier—I must have a brain injury and have amnesia.

Somehow I felt the doctor's emotions…I don't know how…maybe I just saw it in his face, but he felt sorry and worried for me. He continued to tell me his clone story, but I refused to believe.

Finally he gets on his comlink and asks somebody to come into the room. A young man, probably in his mid to late twenties entered. He is average height, blond and blue eyed. As soon as he gets close an irritating buzz started in my head.

The man introduces himself as Luke Skywalker. The name means nothing to me and I looked at the doctor confused as to why he brought this man here and why I was now getting a raging migraine. The doctor handed me a mirror. I remember asking him what the hell he wanted me to do with it. He just told me to look at my face.

I look into the mirror and to my horror I see the face of Luke Skywalker staring back at me. I drop the mirror and gazed dumbfounded at the man standing next to me. My stomach clenched with the realization that it was true. I am a clone.

Entry 2. Location: Star Destroyer Independence

Skywalker stopped by to talk to me again. He tells me he's a Jedi. I know about Jedi. I know they were once leaders of a great clone army, but they were all declared traitors and killed.

I guess they missed one.

He said the clone wars ended decades ago. I'll have to take his word for it. My historical knowledge ends a little after Chancellor Palpatine declares himself Emperor—obviously my cloner didn't bother to update the historical flash training module.

Skywalker said because I'm his clone I should be able to use the Force. He tried to tell me more, but I get a horrible headache whenever he's around…it's like a humming in my head. He said he would talk to me another time.

I don't know what to think about being a clone of a Jedi. I did a holonet search on the name Luke Skywalker. I only got 1.5 trillion hits. He was a farmer on a rimworld planet and in a few years he managed to save a Princess off an Imperial Battle Station, then blow up that same battle station, and then helped in the destruction of a second Imperial Battle Station.

I am not sure where Palpatine got the financing to make all these super weapons. I guess after he got one finished he just strolls into a bank and says, 'Hey, see that battle station up in the sky that can destroy this entire planet…I would like to use it as collateral to finance a second one.'

I'm rambling. I think I like to write because it keeps my mind preoccupied. Then I don't have to worry about what's going to happen to me. I really doubt Luke Skywalker, savior of the universe, is going to let me, his identical clone, go on my merry way when we get planetside.