Ch 10

Days of Future's Past Arc

There's something about that Kumiko part I

Yokai Academy-the present

Ichigo walked in class tired and bleary eyed since he didn't really slept very well last night. His mind was racing and contemplating the words that the mysterious voice said yesterday...

"What the hell is an Overlord?" Ichigo said to himself. "And who was that anyway?"

"Earth to Ichigo, come in Ichigo!" Kurumu said waving her hand in front of his face.

"Huh?" Ichigo replied. "Oh it's you Kurumu, what's up?"

"No, I should ask YOU that. Are you ok? I've been trying to get your attention for the last five minutes now but you were too busy frolicking in Lala-land to notice me."

"It's nothing, I just didn't sleep very well that's all!"

"Are you sure?" Kurumu asked skeptically.

"Yes, I'm fine and it's nothing..."

Nekonome-sensei entered the classroom just as the bell rang and she immediately took roll call. During the exchange earlier, Moka didn't really say anything and just listened to Ichigo talk. It worried her that he indeed looked a little worse for wear and her sharp eyes noticed his blood-shot ones. She blinked for a moment and blushed. She cursed at herself for noticing stupid stuff like that. Nonetheless, he was her friend after all and she was concerned about him. It's not like she likes him or anything. Well, actually she does like him but just a friend and that's it! At least that's what she likes to tell herself...

"Hey are you ok?" Moka asked whispering.

Ichigo looked back and smiled at her and mouthed his answer that he was fine. Then he looked in front and started to pay attention to the teacher even if the idiot looked like he was about to kiss his desk by the way he was nodding off and swaying in his seat like a punch drunk boxer. She has never seen him this exhausted before and she wondered what the hell he was doing last night? Now that she thought about it, she didn't quite remember what happened and everything seemed like a haze when she woke up this morning. But she knew that Ichigo was there when she was unconscious, hovering over her protectively like her guardian angel. Knowing that he was there for her made her happy for some reason. Then Moka suddenly felt her cheeks blush...

"Idiot why would I be happy about that?" Moka asked herself.

Still even if she wasn't sure, Moka just had a hunch that it was Ichigo looking after her despite the fact that he was a big pain in her ass most of the time! Perhaps she should be nice to him but only for today. After all she has to keep appearances and she didn't want Ichigo thinking that she was some kind of weird girl or something! Though it would be kinda hilarious to see his reaction if she conducts a little psychological warfare...

Then of course her crimson eyes widen as she realized that she was alone - with a boy in her room- and she was helplessly unconscious in bed. What if that happened again and this time Ichigo couldn't help himself and took liberties with her, doing some unspeakable things that would make even that annoying Succubus blush! The idiot was still a man after all and everyone knows that teenage boys are a bunch of perverts! Would Ichigo succumb to his carnal desires and ravaged her luscious but helpless body with wild abandon? A comical debate between her angelic side and the devil's advocate began to rage in her head...

"You are being silly Moka-chan!" The angel said sweetly. "You know that Ichigo-kun is a gentleman and he would NEVER do something that would make you uncomfortable."

"Oh please, he's a guy and if you let him he'll probably knock you up faster than you guys can take your clothes off and rock your socks off all night long if you let him!" Bad Moka replied dismissively. "And you know what? I know you wouldn't mind coz you're going to enjoy every minute of it, isn't that right Moka?"

Moka and her angelic counter-part blushed madly...

"Well you know better Moka-chan than to listen to the dribble of this mad lustful woman!" Angel-chan pointing an accusing finger at her counterpart.

"Hah whatever! You know you'll jump his bones the minute that the opportunity presents itself! Who would want that gorgeous yummy muscular body writhing underneath you and both of you moan and groan, slick sweat covering your naked bodies as you -bleep- him all night long!"

The bad Moka stopped, looked at her goody goody counterpart accusingly and said another expletive which was censored yet again...

"Are you sh-bleep-ing me?"

"Well you shouldn't say bad words! A refined lady like Moka-chan shouldn't have to listen to your potty mouth!"

Moka sweat dropped as her morals literally beat the shit out of each other. This is what she gets when her mind goes to the gutter! Of course she knew that Ichigo is an honorable person and he wouldn't do something they were not ready for or they would regret later. Besides she likes the status quo right now and she didn't want to mess their budding friendship or whatever "thing" they got going. Well, if you can call arguing everyday and then turn around and flirt the next, to butting heads again a "thing" that is...

There was a knock at the door and a girl looked inside...

"Umm hi, is this class 1-A? I'm the new transfer student!"

"Oh that's right silly me I almost forgot!" Nekonome- sensei said rather sheepishly. "Come in dear and introduce yourself!"

The auburn haired girl came in hesitating but she came standing by the teacher and bowed respectfully. While this was going on all the boys were hollering and making cat calls while the girls glared at another potential rival and knowing that rankled on their nerves. Ichigo quirked an eyebrow and looked at the new girl with some intensity that she noticed that made her blush while the girls focused 15 pairs of evil eyes on the hapless girl. Moka herself was looking critically at her and she couldn't help a bout of jealousy that clawed at her heart. Who was she that made the strawberry pay attention to a stranger?

Moka looked at yet another damn potential rival. The new girl had long auburn hair, a heart shaped face, and the most intense green eyes she had ever seen. The girl's eyes reminded her of Okaa-san for some reason. Then she did a double take and her eyes widened. Does this mean that this girl is perhaps a Vampire? Yet she doesn't feel her Yoki which was strange. She's going to have to watch her very closely...

"Hello, my name is Shibara Kumiko. I'm 15 years old and I like to read, go to the mall to shop, and kendo..."

That's when everybody started barraging her with questions...

"What are your measurements?"

"Do you have a boyfriend? If not let me take you out sometime.,,"

"What kinda traits are you looking for in a guy?"

Before she could answer, the room became quiet as the atmosphere in class started to get heavy and everyone began breathing hard as if oxygen has been removed from the surrounding area. They all looked fearfully at Ichigo who was puzzled and was wondering what the hell they were staring at him for? He frowned and looked back at Akashiya and sure enough she was the culprit as she glowed incandescently like a light bulb and it was rather obvious that she was glaring at him and was the unfortunate focus of her ire...

Ichigo sweat dropped and wondered what's eating her up this time? He was almost too afraid to ask since he's sure that it had "stupid" written all over it and he was smart enough not to call her out on it but them again this was Akashiya after all. Just when he thought he figured her out; she throws him a curve ball that manages to screw everything up. Then Kumiko who didn't seemed intimidated at all, began clearing her throat and actually answered...

"As for my measurements, that's-a-secret!" She said in sing song. "I don't have a boyfriend and no I wouldn't want you for one..."

Everyone exploded in laughter and embarrassed the boy who asked the question. Ichigo couldn't help himself but chuckle and thought the new girl would do just fine as she seemed to be able to handle herself well. Her sassy attitude reminded him of Akashiya minus the temper for some reason though. She seemed to be mild mannered and has a good sense of humor...

"I thought this was a school and not a meat market?" Kumiko asked sarcastically. "You should look elsewhere and try online dating or something there chief!"

Laughter filled the classroom again and even that broke Moka's bad mood. Despite her reservation on the new girl -she reminded the silver headed Vampire of herself as strange as that was. The feeling that she should know this girl crossed her mind but Moka didn't understand this considering that this was the first time she saw this Kumiko before. Koneko-sensei then clapped her hands to calm and get everyone's attention.

"Quiet down class! And Shibara-san go sit next to Aono-san." Koneko said. "Tsukune-kun raise your hand please!"

Tsukune indeed raised his hand and Kumiko walked gracefully towards him. Their eyes met and she smiled at him sweetly and he ended up blushing. When she settled down and the teacher started doing role call, got hit by a paper ball. On its crinkled surface was somebody's elegant hand writing that said "open me." The brown haired boy discretely opened ball and inside was the word "hi." He looked around and wondered who would have threw him the obvious note. His eyes met the new girl's green ones again and he blushed at how she was looking at him so intensely and he immediately knew who the note came from. He opened his notebook took out a piece of paper and written "hello." Tsukune then folded the paper neatly and when the teacher wasn't looking, dropped the paper and kicked it towards her. Kumiko reached out with her foot and casually went down as if to tie her shoe and got the note. She smiled at him as she read the greeting and she wrote another message and passed it to him as soon as the teacher turned her back and wrote each other...

"So can you show around school?"

"Sure, I would be glad to give you a tour."

"Thanks, you're such a dear..."

"You welcome, Shibara-san..."

"Please call me Kumiko..."

"If you say so Kumiko-san..."

Kumiko read the last message and she couldn't help but giggle at Tsukune's formality. It's kinda sweet in a way but it cannot be helped. This was a different era after all, when honor and decency still had meaning. She looked at him and gave him a smile, then her gaze went to the orange haired boy in the back and she noticed that the silver haired girl was watching her. The auburn haired girl waved and Moka who got embarrassed being caught huffed and looked up front. So this is what they are like when they were still young. She didn't expect to meet these two so soon but for some reason seeing them alive made her happy. Kumiko didn't remember them but she's sure that those were good times when they were together. She shook her head and chastised herself feeling guilty for something she couldn't help and thinking of depressing thoughts. She shouldn't complain so much when fortune was smiling upon her...

"The dark times are still far off..." Kumiko thought grimly. "I should take this little time I have left with them for what it is and enjoy it."

Kumiko knew of the dark times that has yet to come. Hopefully she is strong enough to make a difference. She cannot afford to be defeated here when everyone back home was depending on her. The auburn haired girl smiled at that thought that she was normal and just learned how to use her powers 6 months ago. Well considering what she has learned of Otou-san and how rapidly learned his powers; she can proudly say that she's a chip off the old block! If he can learn how to do stupid hard stuff then by golly she can do it too! She took a quick glance at Ichigo and Moka before facing forward and payed half attention to the teacher...

Elsewhere in the far flung future...

A man stood silently as he looked on and observed the large cylindrical glass enclosure that contained some kind of thick liquid. For years he has observed this same container with its numerous maze of cables criss-crossing every which way and hooked up to various machines that surround the cavernous room. High atop a steel scaffolding, he would stop and look at it as it dominated the space, its contents cannot be discerned considering the bright light that shines upon its glass surface. For the last 15 years, he has dutifully visited the same room without fail. Never has it occurred to him to even dare miss this important appointment, even if he was busy with his duties. Some days he hoped that there would be a change to its status but he wasn't surprised to leave somewhat disappointed from no progress or just lack thereof. Still he dutifully visited the room where it rested on the appointed time. He wonders though why he even bother at all. Was his urge to go to this room that he hoped that there would be something, ANYTHING that would indicate some kind of breakthrough or was it because he visits only out of habit? Perhaps he would never know the answer...

The man was tall about 6' ft. 4" in., about 240 lb. He has a large compact muscular build. It was a body long honed to the peak of physical perfection and long used to war for faint scars could be seen along his arms and surely all over his body. Facial features and the color of his hair was obscured by the shadows. His sheathed sword -sheathe and all - was wrapped in black cloth and was positioned sideways on his lower back. The man had both his hands clasped around his lower back and as usual looked up the container before him. Then he sensed someone behind him and he released but a fraction of his spiritual pressure to let that person know of his displeasure. A crushing feeling as if gravity was trying to flatten the intruder and it was hard to breathe. The feeling disappeared just as quickly and the man groveling behind him immediately kneeled and told him his message...

"Did I not specifically say that I am not to be interrupted while I'm in here?" The man said calmly.

The messenger shook visibly and in doing so garbled his message...

"I-I a-am s-sorry my lord! A-a t-thousand pardons!" The messenger said in fear. "I was specifically told to go to you immediately!"

"Speak and be done with it." he said sighing.

"Y-yes. Pietro has been defeated and that he let the rebel escape."

The silence that followed made the poor man shudder even more in fear...

"I see..."

The man swallowed the lump on his throat...

"And where is Pietro now?" The large man asked calmly.

"H-he's at the throne room awaiting your judgment my lord!"

"Very well, I will be there shortly. You are dismissed!"

A blood curdling scream rang through out the room. The black clad man raised his eyebrow and and looked back and couldn't suppress a sigh. That was the 4th messenger that got killed in the same manner. He observed the dancing shadows that seem to come to life and he immediately knew who the culprit was...

"How many times must I tell you Amalia to please not to kill the messengers! That was the 4th time you have killed them and its getting hard to find willing help these days!" The man lightly chastised.

Amalia Solora literally stepped from the shadows and kneeled immediately. The woman had long red hair that she tied into pig tails. A remains of her Hollow mask covered her forehead like a tiara with three prongs interspersed evenly in the middle - which was longer - and the sides. Her outfit consisted of what look like a black bathing suit with a plunging neckline that showed her ample breasts. She had a form fitting sleeve that stopped midway her toned bicep and had a forearm guards that went up just an inch below her elbow. She wore thigh high leggings and had knee and shin guards that complimented her armored boots. Amalia had her zanpakuto sheathed right next to her. It had black and red wrappings on the handle with a foot long tassel attached at the end. The guard was circular with two half moon cut outs in each side. She looked up to the man with her green eyes with deep admiration and respect and simply said...

"He displeased you, my master and I cannot tolerate vermin doing things however they please!" Amelia said simply.

"Just like how you disobeyed my orders Amalia?" The man said lightly.

"M-my L-lord I would NEVER..."

When he didn't answer, Amalia looked up and she saw Hallibel appear beside her...

"I apologize for interrupting your vigil my master. I was training with my fracciones when the Messenger slipped through. He was suppose to report to me first and I would have informed you myself. Amalia in her haste to please you..." Hallibel glared at the red head. Amalia did the same to her as well "...went after him and this was the result."

The man was silent for a moment before he replied...

"It is of no consequence. Inform the Lanza Corps of the meeting later today, will you Tia?" the man replied emotionlessly.

"As my Master commands!" Hallibel declared.


"Y-yes?" She gulped.

"You acted swiftly and decisively. I am pleased with you. Inform someone to clean the mess you made. I expect this place to be spotless by the time I come back understand?"

"As my Master commands!" Amalia said bowing deeply.

"Very well..."

As custom, Hallibel helped him put on his black cloak and Amalia had the honor of giving him his metal mask which the man grabbed and donned it on his face. With the mask - which was a black human skull - in place, he looked at the two women and signaled them to go. However, when they vanished, the black clad man lingered for a moment and gazed upon the glass container one last time before he turned around, walked a few feet and vanished as well.

The people in charge of maintenance of the facility came out and the room suddenly became a madhouse of activity. Individuals had their instruments out taking readings and then wrote down the results in their logbook. The body was efficiently taken out and the spot where he died was thoroughly cleaned until it was spotless. The group did their job and eventually finished. They all made their way out but one of them stopped and admired the view...

"Good night sleeping beauty, until we see each other again tomorrow..." He whispered.

Indeed inside the container was the body of a beautiful girl who was living by a thread. The only reason she lived at all was because the container kept her in suspended animation...

Soul Society-present day

Toshiro Hitsugaya is at present in his office packing hastily all the belongings that he needed for the special mission he volunteered to go on...

Flashback 30 minutes ago...

A sharp rap from Yamamoto's cane silenced the chatter that permeated through the meeting room...


And when everyone quieted down, the meeting began in earnest...

"I now call this emergency meeting to order!" Yamamoto boomed. "Captain Kurotsuchi what have you found out?"

"About an hour ago, there an anomalous flux in the space time continuum has been detected from the world of the living. It was unlike anything I have ever seen and if I am correct it may present a problem..."

"An anomalous flux? Do you mean something like what the signatures of a Senkaimon Gate naturally generates or perhaps a Ganganta?" Captain Unohana asked curiously.

Mayuri was somewhat surprised. He didn't know the 4th Division Captain had knowledge of such things...

"You are partially correct Captain Unohana. However the flux had a similar characteristics of a Senkaimon gate or a Garganta but with a few differences. The first is that even though it has a similar signatures of both, it is neither one of those..."

"What does this mean?" Yamamoto asked.

"Thus it leads to the second reason that it is a new phenomenon, it does not lead to an expected dimension like say Hueco Mundo per say. But it does go somewhere..."

"Have you traced where this gateway or whatever goes to?" Ukitake asked.

"With the short time that I have studied this anomaly, I have determined that it does not go to a particular destination..."

"Wait, so if it doesn't go anywhere, where DOES it go?" Soi Fon asked.

"Ah but that's the fascinating aspect of it all. It does not lead nowhere but WHEN does it lead?"

Several of the Captains were stunned at the implications of what Mayuri is suggesting. A gateway through time? Impossible and yet the Twelfth Division detected the signatures that proves this phenomenon otherwise. The question was why did it formed in the first place? When in time did the portal lead and most importantly - who or what will emerge from the rift? That was the potentially dangerous aspect of the situation...

"ORDER! Captain Kurotsuchi, have we determined "when" does this portal leads to?" Yamamoto asked.

"That's the crux of the matter, actually. Theoretically time is supposed to go on a strait line and thus it would be impossible to pinpoint "when" the gate does lead to. We won't know whether its past, present, or future..."

"So what would be all the consequences that this little pickle will cause us?" Ukitake added.

"Well someone can change the entire timeline as we know it or in the worst case scenario reality would collapse upon itself and it would be the end of everything. Either way as the saying goes in the world of the Living in such a scenario - " We are royally screwed!"

"I see. Very well, I need a volunteer to investigate this matter." The old man boomed.

Toshiro sighed when not one of his fellow Captains so much as blink. He figured no one was too keen on being responsible for the end of the world if they ever screw up...

"So why the hell am I raising my hand for?" Toshiro thought. Then he said. "I will volunteer Captain-General."

"Excellent Captain Hitsugaya. You have 24 hours to prepare and recruit the people you will need to assist you in this assignment." Yamamoto said.

"I already have people in mind that will accompany me in my task, Captain-General."

"Very good! Capt. Kurotsuchi, do you know where this anomaly will take place?"

"I believe the readings were the strongest at that pocket dimension that the Substitute has been assigned to."

"Yokai Academy?" Unohana asked. "Captai-General should we fill in the Chairman of the details of this event? I fear lives of innocents will be lost if we don't warn him of what's coming."

"Yes, perhaps you are right. Capt. Unohana, I will leave that task to your discretion. Everyone else, prepare your Divisions for war. I will not have the Sereitei get caught off guard. You know of your tasks, you are dismissed!"

End of flashback

Toshiro sighed again. Why did he always do this to himself?

"I'm ready Captain..."

The silver haired Captain gazed upon the eyes of Rangiku...

"I'm surprised that you took this seriously..." Toshiro said blandly.

"That's not fair Captain!" Rangiku pouted.

"Yes, well. You haven't gone on my nerves just yet so I guess things are looking up for us!"

"Common, I don't do it on purpose!"

"Alright, maybe you don't annoy me as much as you use to..." Toshiro replied.

"Aww, Captain!"

There was silence for a few moments before Toshiro talked to his busty Lieutenant again...

"Did the people I requested come yet?"

"Yes, Ikkaku and Yumichika arrived just now." Rangiku replied.

"Good as soon as I brief them if the situation, we are going to the world of the Living."

Rangiku looked at her Captain in confusion...

"Why are we going there first if the situation as you say is critical? If that is so then shouldn't we leave for Yokai Academy immediately?" The strawberry blond asked confused.

"We're not staying there for long, we're just picking up some people along the way. I'm sure that they would come with us to help if we mention that Ichigo will surely be involved."

Then it dawned on her who he was talking about...

"You mean we're picking up Orihime-chan and the others as well?"

"Rukia and Abarai are already in the school on a completely separate mission. And there are rumors that Urahara and Yoruichi are there as well. So I think that between a handful of us, we should be able to contain whatever threat this portal poses for us..."

Rangiku sure hoped so and it will be nice to see Orihime again...

Yokai Academy-the Present

Kumiko followed Tsukune while he gave her the tour of the school. She got the chills though for some reason and looked back only to find Kurumu and Yukari who were trying to hide themselves but they were doing a poor job of it. The auburn haired girl sweat dropped, she never realized that those two had stalking tendencies she never knew about. She shook her head...

"You learn something new everyday..." Kumiko mused. Then she turned to Tsukune and said out loud for her audience's benefit. "So Tsukune-kun what else is there to do here other than pretending to be something you're not and blending with humanity?"

"Heck if I know! I'm new here myself!" Tsukune replied shrugging.

"Aww common there must be something right?" She said pouting.

Kumiko felt a wave of Yoki from where the two girls were currently hiding. When she saw that the Succubus was glaring daggers at her and Yukari was comically grinding her teeth, she sweat dropped...

"Well, there's sports and club activities..."

They both heard a ruckus and a crowd started gathering around the noise...

"Then again, there is that..."


"Trust me you'll understand when we get there..." Tsukune replied blandly.

"What the hell are you talking...about?"

Kumiko sweat dropped again at the scene before her. Moka and another girl were going at it while Ichigo was in the middle swaying comically like a tree in a hurricane. He looked so tired and she didn't like how he's being ignored while the two argue about something trivial. Weren't they worried about him? She and Tsukune came closer to see what's got them going this time...

"You best be a good little Vampire and run along now because I will take care of Ichigo-kun!" Tamao declared dismissively.

Kumiko looked at the girl and she couldn't believe that senpai just said to the silver haired girl. And just as she predicted Moka had a very large tick mark above her head and it seemed that she didn't take that senpai's remark very well.

"NO you listen here Mermaid! The only one who's going to take care of anybody around here is ME. So buzz off and go swim off somewhere and get caught in a fishing net or something!" Moka said heatedly. "Isn't that right Ichigo?"

"Ichigo-kun she's being mean to me!" Tamao pouted.

Ichigo finally woke long enough to wonder what the hell was all the damn racket. He squinted at the two girls and simply replied with...


"What do you mean huh?" Moka said irritated.

"Aww you poor baby! Come here and Tamao-senpai will make it all better!"

The crowd gasped in shock as the older girl managed to catch the strawberry's head and nestled it in her soft ample breasts. Another thick mark appeared on top of Moka's head and Kumiko had to admit that it was very bold of this senpai to do such scandalous things in front of the silver haired girl. Still a few stirrings of jealousy creeped up her heart and the auburn haired girl had several tick marks all over beautiful face too. How dare this fish woman do this to her da...err Ichigo! And why the hell is ma...err Moka just standing there like an idiot? Seriously! That's it, she's going to have to do something about this herself! She turned around and thank her reluctant guide while planting a kiss on Tsukune's cheek. He comically froze and color drained out of him like a leech. Though she could have sworn that she heard someone screeching like a mad housewife a few feet from where Kurumu and Yukari were hiding. Hope those two aren't in some kind of trouble...

While the two beautiful rivals argued, they were ignoring Ichigo yet again. Kumiko separated herself from the crowd -note that Tsukune protested the move - and pushed The Substitute's back forward. Ichigo looked behind him and was surprised that it was the new girl. Their gazes met for a moment and Kumiko noted the questions in his eyes...

"I needed to talk to you and this little drama provided me with the opening to fulfill that objective. I promise I'll explain when we have some privacy." Kumiko whispered.

Before Ichigo can protest, the new girl already pushed him through the crowd with Moka and Tamao none the wiser since they were too distracted comically hissing in each other's faces to notice their hasty exit. After walking away from the crowd and turning a corner, Kumiko stopped and Ichigo turned around to look at her. She met his infamous scowl with a little bit of trepidation however she didn't flinch away like others would have under her circumstances.

"Well I guess I can thank you for getting me out of there..." Ichigo said blandly. "I don't know why those two even bother arguing. Sometimes I think they get off on being in each other's faces. But that's between you and me..."

Kumiko tried to stop herself from giggling but to no avail...

"You welcome. I figured you were in trouble as it were and needed to exit before you got deep in to it. So they argue a lot huh?"

"Yup every day. It's like their lives aren't complete if they don't fuss and fight a few times an hour. You know like they actually look forward to hissing at each other for shits and giggles..."

The brown haired girl couldn't help but giggle. After she calmed down, Kumiko blushed furiously as Ichigo leveled his intense scowling gaze at her as if he was trying to read the deepest depths of her soul. There was an awkward silence for a while before Ichingo finally broke through the air of quiet that seemed to envelope the area like a thick blanket. He then addresses her and asked...

"So what did you want to talk to me about?" He questioned her. Then he frowned and blurted out suddenly. "Have we met before? Why do I have the feeling that I know you from somewhere?"

Although Kumiko didn't answer for a few seconds and looked at him shock apparent from her eyes. But her expression disappeared just as quickly and her cheery demeanor returned. Ichigo wondered what was that all about? But there is no denying the fact that her seemingly normal spiritual pressure was very peculiar. It was strong no doubt but he couldn't help the feeling that he was suppose to know this girl. In fact, looking at her now she seems to be familiar which was impossible considering that today was the first time they met. And as weird that it might seem, she reminded him a lot of someone he knows but he can't seem to remember who exactly she resembled most. Still, this Kumiko isn't showing signs of being overtly hostile towards him. And although she didn't seem to be an enemy, he would still need to keep a wary eye on her...just in case.

Kumiko however was shocked beyond belief...

"Oh Kami, I hope he hasn't figured it out!" She thought frantically. "I have to be careful or this may ruin everything!"

"A-ha, ha, ha...what ever are you talking about Kurosaki-san?" Kumiko said nervously. "This is the first time we've met!"

Ichigo looked at her incredulously which made her sweat drop...

"Alright that's fine..." Ichigo said scratching his head. "So what is this all about?"

"I need your help..." Kumiko whispered.

Ichigo's eyes widen and he looked squarely in her eyes to verify the truth. When her green ones met his, he saw a desperation in her that she was hiding before but is openly showing her vulnerability now. He saw fear and panic, but at the same time hope that maybe he will help her. However, the one thing that struck Ichigo the most was the overwhelming sadness he saw there. What would have caused this girl to feel like this? It wasn't right and his instinct to protect kicked in even though he only met this girl today. Ichigo closed his eyes and when he opened them back again, he knew that he was going to help...

"Why me?"

"Because you're the only one who can!"

Before Kumiko could elaborate further, Ichigo got ambushed by a certain Mermaid and she caught his head in a suffocating embrace in between the luscious mounds of her breasts. Then she felt Moka's spiritual pressure and before she knew it, they have effectively trapped the hapless strawberry in between them surrounded by breasts on all sides. Dammit, what the hell! And she was so close to getting what she desired the most. Thinking about made Kumiko's temper flair up and a large tick mark appeared on her forehead...

"Shame on you Ichigo-kun for being alone with this girl!" Tamao said distastefully "I would imagine that you're traumatized for life!"

Oh hell no! This bitch did NOT just took a jab at her! Oh this is going to be so on!

"Oh please, just coz Kurosaki-san has obvious good taste in women? You don't have to such a hater coz you have insecurities about being so old!" Kumiko bit back.

Tamao looked at her in shock and her eyebrow started to twitch violently...

"W-why you!"

Moka looked at the new girl and was impressed with her sharp tongue. She tried her best not to contain her mirth but she wasn't succeeding very well. Ichigo looked at all three of them and sweat dropped. She let the strawberry go and addressed the girl directly...

"Wow harsh!" Moka said blandly but clearly pleased. "Nice going Shibara, I think you and I are going to get along swimmingly!"

Kumiko looked at her, surprise written all over her face. Slowly her cheeks began to turn pink and beamed at her proudly. Moka didn't understand why the girl reacted that way but she shrugged and rolled with the punches. However, Tamao still clung to Ichigo like her life depended on it...

"Ichigo-kun, they're being mean to me!" Tamao pouted cutely and threw herself at the hapless strawberry...

As if on cue, Moka's and Kumiko's eyebrows began to comically twitch simultaneously. Now that he thought about it, Shibara had an uncanny resemblance to Akashiya for some reason. Either that or he really does need a good night's rest and he's just imagining things. Nah, it's just a coincidence and nothing more. Perhaps he will talk to Rukia to patrol the school in his stead and he will just go strait to bed after club activities. He didn't like how it feels as if there's sand in his head and can't seem to think clearly. As the three of them argued -actually it was more like 2 vs. 1 from the look of things - Ichigo looked at his watch and walked off hurriedly as the bell will ring in 5 minutes. Perhaps he should feel guilty for leaving them but they should be fine. Still he called out to them when he rounded the corner and all three of them shouted to wait...

Location unknown - the future

Pietro Filsteen was surrounded by the Desalmados and was wrapped in chains, soundly beaten and defeated. He shouldn't have underestimated the little brat and he arrogantly declared his victory before it could be achieved. Now he is to face the Master with nothing to show for his trust in him. He started to shake in fear as the familiar spiritual pressure floods the room. Indeed the black clad man emerged from the heavy metal doors that flew past and he walked silently, ignoring the Pietro who was on his knees trying unsuccessfully to hider he best he could. The Desalmaldos kneeled and bowed their heads simultaneously to the ground.

The Master then gestured for them to rise and they all did as he commanded. The black clad man then removed his sheathed sword from his lower back and leaned it against the obsidian stone of a throne and sat down. Hallibel and Amalia then reappeared - each woman flanking a side of the Master's throne. He didn't move or made a sound until the last of the Lanza Corps arrived and have taken a seat. The tension in the room was so high that anyone could cut it with a knife...

Amalia got impatient and she broke the silence with a taunt to the man groveling on the marble sheathed floor...

"See how the mighty Pietro has fallen!" Amalia said jeeringly.

"Amalia, watch your tongue!" Hallibel warned her.


The Master's voice reverberated in the room and everyone took notice. He seem to be calm and emotionless but Amalia knew when to shut her mouth because she could tell from the tone of his voice that he was angry. She stood stiffly and concentrated on being the best bodyguard she could lest she incur his wrath. Just thinking about the Master mad at her made her shiver in fear all over and sends a tingling feeling up her spine. There was silence before the black clad man's echoing voice spoke to the Pietro.

"Pietro, Pietro, Pietro looking so beaten up and defeated!" The man said emotionlessly. "What do you have to say for yourself this time?"

"But my Lord, I didn't know that the brat has a shikai..." Pietro protested. "And I didn't get the reinforcement that I requested!"

Amalia at this point pounced on him and let him have it...

"Reinforcement? You are one of the elite. You are one of the mighty Lanza Corps! Why does an elite soldier of the great Master need help when YOU are the only force needed?" She asked coldly.

"Shut up you whore!" Pietro spat.

"I would like to see you say that shit to my face scum!" Amalia bit back.

"Peace my Amalia..."

The red head stopped and looked at her master and she blushed...

"As my Master commands!" She said bowing.

"But Amalia does have a point! Why does a soldier of the Lanza Corps needs help at all if you are the only force needed to capture a single girl?"

"S-she had h-help my Lord! The Yokai Liberation Front cast their lot and aided her in battle! That's why I needed those Reinforcements so that I could concentrate on capturing her!"

"I we're able to catch her as you have promised me?"

"I-I am sorry my Master but she got away with the help of the YLF!"

There was silence at first before the black clad man spoke again...

"So you are just making excuses then? Am I right?"

Pietro looked at the master's direction and cringed as crimson eyes met his and he had to look away...


"SILENCE!" The master said. "You disappoint Pietro after all that you have told me. You let Rebels win their first victory costing us our fearsome reputation in battle and you let a little girl beat you!

"But my Lord give me one last chance!

"No Pietro I think not! I have given you enough chances to redeem yourself and yet still you failed me. You have failed me for the last time!"

The man lifted his left arm and energy began to charge from his fore and middle fingers...

"Goodbye, your services are no longer needed!"


A massive Cero fired from his extended fingers and hit Pietro head on, obliterating him in the process. However, the energy projectile punched through the double doors, dug a trench and incinerating the entire hallway and finally destroying the entire Northern Wall. It travelled several miles to the white desert before detonating a devastating explosion. A huge mushroom cloud dominated the horizon for several days thereafter...

"Hmm, perhaps I have put too much power in that Cero..."

Amalia and Hallibel exchanged glances and sweat dropped...

"It is only appropriate Master, that scum Pietro did deserve it!" Amalia said.

The man looked at her and replied...

"You never did like him did you Amalia?"

"He was a grade A asshole Master! We don't need weak scum like him in our ranks!"

The man's gaze looked steadily at Amalia and she couldn't really tell if he was displeased nor was he amused at her. Although she could have sworn that there seems to be a tinge of amusement in his voice which was rather rare for him. She blushed and was pleased with herself that she was able to make the Master feel happy. He was always contemplative but lately he's been brooding and his hair trigger temper instantaneous lately. Then redhead realized that it must be the anniversary of the Lady's passing and if she's right, that day is fast approaching. No wonder, that everyone was on edge the past couple of weeks!

"Yes, he never was very diplomatic, oh well..." he said rather bored. Then he turned around and looked at Hallibel. "Tia, do be a dear and have someone fix all this mess will you?"

"Yes, I will talk with the maintenance crews right away, Master." Tia replied.

"Excellent!" The man said. "After that task is done, meet back here in the throne room in an hour. We will discuss strategies before storming the Rebel faction's base and retrieve the girl from their clutches!"

"No disrespect Master but would it not be more prudent for us to discuss such important plans in a more secure place?" Amalia suggested.

There was a pause...

"Perhaps you are right? Hallibel change of plans, we are now meeting at the War Room in an hour. I will see you there..."

"As my Master commands!" Hallibel bowed. "By your leave, Master."

The man nodded and Hallibel vanished...

"You have done well Amalia, I am very pleased with you!"

Amalia blushed...

"I am only here to serve you Master!"

"Very well said. Now you are all dismissed for now..."

The rest of the Lanza walked away in silence. The man leaned back on his seat and closed his eyes...

"Amalia did I not tell you to leave and meet up later?" He asked calmly.

"Yes you did Master but I would be breaking my oath to protect you with my life if I complied with your command."

"I see...very well."

"Yes, Master..."

There was silence for a moment...


"Yes, speak your mind, Amalia!"

"D-do you miss her?" Amalia asked. "I-I do. Miss her I mean..."

"Everyday Amalia, every single day..."

The redhead nodded and stood in attention as her Master brooded and sheignored the hot tear that cascaded down her cheek...

Karakura Town-The Present

Orihime wondered who was knocking at the door at this time of hour? She hoped it wasn't a salesperson but if it was a solicitor why the heck would they try to sell stuff at this time? On the surface that was what she was wondering. However, her imagination was running wild as usual and in her head she knew that green alien from the Crab Nebula was outside her door. Not only was this alien trying to trick her to open the door so it can sell her stuff from space; she knew for a fact that its real motive was to abduct her and do some probing experiments. Then it would reveal that it was really an alien prince that happened to look like Kurosaki-kun and he was looking for a bride. Orihime shook her head and blushed...she was being silly even for her, after all!

It never was the same when Ichigo got transferred out the school. She, Chad, and Uryu were the ones left defending Karakura Town but even then Hollow sightings were but scarce now-a-days. Ever since he left the frequency of Hollow attacks nearly dwindled to zero. Oh there were still Hollows as Karakura Town's reputation for being a hotbed of supernatural activity is still intact. It's just that there weren't as much encounters as when he was fighting with them. The norm now was about 3-4 Hollow attacks a week compared to that of nearly 100% attacks - everyday! It goes to show that maybe it was better for Kurosaki-kun to leave since he is probably the reason why the Hollows attack in the first place. It was because they were attracted to his extremely strong spiritual pressure and without the "bait" there was no reason for an attack as the people of Karakura Town had no spiritual power to speak of in the first place. Still despite the easy time she and her friends are having, Ichigo's presence was sorely missed. His absence in their lives left a kind of emptiness in their hearts or at least that's the excuse she's trying to convince herself with...

"Who is it?" Orihime asked hovering over the door.

""Orihime it's me, Rangiku! Open the door will ya!"

Orihime frowned and wondered why Rangiku-san was so far away from home only for the strawberry blonde Lt. knocking at her door in the middle of the night. She shrugged and went to unlock the deadbolt from her door and opened it. Indeed Rangiku-san was the one who greeted her but she was surprised that the others were there as well. They didn't need any prompting from her as all the Shinigami entered her modest apartment. She noted that Captain Hitsugaya had a somewhat grim expression on his face that got her curious...and worried. Smiling for her sake and the others, she addressed them in her cheerful manner...

"Hi guys why the sudden visit?" Orihime said smiling.

"Hime-chan, we'll start explaining when Chad and Uryu gets here..." Rangiku explained.

The healer's eyes widen! For Sado-kun and Uryu to be involved along with several strong Shinigami means that this latest crisis -whatever it is - must be serious indeed. They all heard another knock and when Orihime opened the door she saw Chad and Uryu outside. They wordlessly went in the apartment...

"Now that everybody's here, we can begin..." Toshiro began.

Toshiro then began to explain the situation and the reason why they were here...

"Wait, let me get this strait. You're telling me that this portal thing or whatever is probably a hole through time?" Uryu asked skeptically.

"That was according to Captain Kurotsuchi's data..."

"So you don't know?" Chad asked.

"We only detected the anomaly just recently. Other than that we don't really know what we're dealing with. This is the reason why we were deployed in the first place and that's to find out and assess its threat level to Soul Society, the World of the Living and everything else between." Rangiku added.

"That's fine, but what do you need us for?" Chad asked.

"Because the anomaly was first detected in Yokai Academy..." Toshiro answered him.

"Wait isn't that..." Chad began to say.

Orihime's eyes widen and said what everyone already knew...

"It is where Kurosaki-kun transferred to..." she whispered.

"Dammit, does Ichigo know about this portal thing?" Uryu asked.

"From what we know of this Yokai Academy, it's been sealed off in another dimension to keep its existence a secret." Toshiro said. I doubt that Ichigo would know and the barrier might even be interfering with his senses. We really have no idea at this point..."

Orihime raised her hand...

"Yes Orihime?" The Captain said.

"Umm I'm trying to figure something out. So why does Kurosaki-kun's school need a barrier for?"

The healer frowned as Toshiro and Rangiku-san exchanged a look. There eyes lingered for a second as if to measure her level of seriousness. And when they saw that there was no doubt in her demeanor before Toshiro decided to answer without hesitation...

"The reason why the school requires a barrier surrounding it is to keep the school's location a secret from humanity. It's because Yokai Academy is school for monsters..."

Yokai Academy-The Present -3 days later - lunch time

Tsukune invited Kumiko to lunch with the others and they were on their way to the oak tree that they decided as their designated hangout spot during. The brunette walked along and look amused as Tsukune tried to explain himself to Kurumu who was huffing cutely and walking a little too fast ignoring the brown haired boy. Apparently they were suppose to meet Ichigo and Moka by the tree but they were delayed because Tsukune decided to invite Kumiko, Rukia, and Renji into the group. It was obvious that the Succubus was annoyed as it seemed Kumiko was keeping the brown haired boy's attention which was normally focused on the bluenette. Her jealousy couldn't be any more blatantly obvious and it was making Tsukune sweat nervously as she comically glared at him. Yukari was walking beside Kumiko and she was trying to hide her mirth but she wasn't doing a good job of it, snickering all the while. Kumiko and the little witch seemed to have buried the hatchet when the brunette talked to her while helping with an experiment. Now they're inseparable like two peas in a pod...

"What the hell is so funny?" Kurumu turned around growling

"N-nothing, what ever do you mean Kurumu-chan?" Tsukune asked.

"You damn well know what I'm talking about!" She said testily. "What the hell is she doing here with you?"

"Come on Kurumu-chan, Kumiko-chan is new to this school. I figured she might want to hang out with us and make some friends."

Kumiko didn't take being referred to in third person and talking about even though she's right in front of them. She was about to say something but Yukari beat her to the punch...

"Uh, Kurumu-chan is J-E-A-L-O-U-S!"

Kurumu looked at the little witch scandalized...

"I am NOT jealous!"

"Yup it's so obvious, right Kumiko-chan?" Yukari asked innocently.

Kumiko couldn't help pouncing after Yukari gave her an opening...

"Eh, why would anybody be jealous of little ol' me!"

"I don't know Kurumu-chan was always like that anyway. I think it's because all her brains went down to her boobs or something."

"So it's a Succubus thing?" Kumiko asked.

"Yeah, sad ain't it?"

"W-why y-you...You bitches wanna fight!" Kurumu said hotly.

"Say it don't spray it!" Kumiko said.

"What are you gonna do suffocate me to death with them bazookas you got there?" Yukari added.

"Well at least I got "bazookas" to please a man! What do YOU got flat chest?"

Kumiko managed to make her way towards Tsukune and looked at the two girls in amusement as they argued about nonsense for all they're worth.

"So Tsukune-kun, they're always like that too huh?" Kumiko asked.

"Yeah, they're in rare form today though." Tsukune replied blandly.

The spat between the Succubus and the little witch turned rather bizarre as the two of them were glaring at one another while they were pumping their fists up and down. Kumiko and Tsukune looked at each other and then sweat dropped...

"Uh, what the hell are they doing?" Kumiko asked.

"I have no idea whatsoever..." Tsukune replied blandly.

"Well at least they're not beating the snot out each other...yet." She added half lidded.

"Yeah I guess that's good thing right?"

There was silence for a time...

"So she we stop them?" Kumiko asked.

"Nah, they look like they're having a ball. Don't want to get accused of being a kill joy or anything..." Tsukune replied.

"Yeah I guess you're right..."

"Ha ha you guys are a regular laugh riot!" Kurumu said growling.

"Oh what ever do you mean?" Kumiko said innocently.

"Shh, be quiet!" Yukari whispered

"Eh?" Kurumu said confused.

They hid behind some bushes and their eyes widened at the sight. Because right before then was a rather picturesque sight. They saw Moka sitting and leaning on the oak tree while Ichigo's head was on her lap. He seemed to be snoozing while she looks down on him while she caresses his forehead with a free hand while the other rested on his chest. It was sweet and peaceful as if they were the only two people in the world for a moment. The girls were gushing at how romantic it was and Tsukune scratched at his cheek and was at a loss for words. For Kumiko who was blushing was enjoying the sight too much and seeing them together made her happy. She couldn't let this opportunity pass, took out her phone and took a picture of the two of them.

Moka sharp ears heard something in the bushes and even though she will apologize later -well maybe- she couldn't risk having her reputation tarnished. So with some regret she unceremoniously kicked him off her, screaming like a little girl while he spun around and hit the wall.


Ichigo glared at her while she looked at him. He noticed her eyes always going towards the bushes and then he felt Kurumu and the others' spiritual pressure and understood immediately. Not wanting to look weak in front of her friends and thus ruining the reputation as a Vampire, she drove him away. She looked apologetic but she looked stubborn at the same time. Ichigo shakes his head, only Akashiya Moka can pull the that tsundere act while looking so damn cute and he knew immediately that he needed to play along. The strawberry has been hanging around Moka long enough to know that pride to a Vampire is everything and that is why she needed to save face. He rolled his eyes at her, sighed at the absurdity of it all, and gave the silver haired girl the opening she needed to get the ball rolling and start the spectacle anew...

"Thank you, Ichigo!" Moka whispered.

Ichigo gave her one of his rare smiles and she couldn't help but blush furiously. They continued their little mock tirade until the bell rang and put on a good show...

Later that day...

Moka was walking the hallway on her way to the Newspaper Club. She was feeling giddy and excited for some reason and it all had something to do with Ichigo. Then again the opposite could also be true if she ever got pissed off (which was most of the time) and she would assume that its his fault anyway! How she ever thought the strawberry had anything to do with how she feels is anyone's guess. Today though she was in a very good mood and in an un-Vampire like fashion she was skipping like a giddy school girl on her way to an ice cream party. This was the only time that Moka let herself like this and she had to admit that it was kind of fun in a way. She smiled and she wanted to get to club as quickly as possible only to save the idiot from the clutches of that fish woman!

The only warning she got was a scraping sound on the tile floor before she instinctively lean back as clawed hands went passed her face and punctured the lockers in its path and smashed through the concrete wall,blanketing the hallway with dust and debris. With her fighting instinct on full alert, Moka was able to block claws that seem to shoot out of the clouds and slammed into her crossed arms and sent her skidding 50 feet silver haired gritted her teeth as she forced herself to stop on her heels. Outraged and pissed beyond words, she waited till the bastard made an appearance and counter attacked viciously. It was strange though that she didn't feel its Yoki and she still couldn't locate its aura even as she stretched her senses to its limit. It was as if it didn't exist and that made her nervous. Her instinct saved her again as she side stepped and immediately dodged her attacker's futile attempts to skewer her. As she analyzed her mysterious opponent, she realized a couple of things...

First and foremost, this thing despite its size was deceptively strong and fast. It looked like what The Reaper dubbed as Hollows but it was more machine than creature and just as ugly if not more grotesque than usual. She looked in disgust as noticed how it's flesh looked like it was jammed into the metal parts like it was an afterthought. It was an abomination in her eyes and she glared at the thing with disdain and disapproval. Second it was far stronger than she realized as it tore up the hallway with those nasty looking claws. It would tear through the floor and gouge out chunks of the solid concrete like it was made out of jello and would punch 20 feet holes on the walls. Thirdly and perhaps much more importantly, she cannot feel its Yoki no matter how much she probeand search for the source. Nothing. It was unnerving and she wondered if the damn thing had any life at all...

Then she made a miscalculation dodging one of its claws but she was able to dodge at the last minute anyway. But her mistake got a glancing blow that shredded her white shirt ribbons , exposing her bra and unfortunately chopped off a quarter of her luxurious silky hair off. Her eyes widened and a large thick mark appeared on her forehead. Mokalet out a comical scream and then she vanished. The angry Vampire kicked the creature so hard that velocity rings actually appeared and warp the confined space of the hallway. When her foot met its target, the creature found itself flying through the air and the massive shockwave Moka generated from the devastating roundhouse kick shattered everything surrounding her as the walls crumbled and flew outward and the glass in the area exploded. A trail of tiles and concrete was displaced as the thing's trajectory carved a deep trench. But Moka's wrath did not stop from there as the enraged Vampire literally followed the beast and kicked it again and thus that section collapsed into rubble. She hit the monster one more time and with its great velocity shattered the wall and continuing its path outside the school grounds and crashing on the other side of a different building.

Unbeknownst to Moka, the Desalmados got up damaged and morphed its left arm into a cannon. Tubes running down its wrist began to drip a red liquid of some kind and spiritual energy coalesced and mixing with the substance. The energy buildup was so intense that the space around the strange creature began to warp and when it was finished gathering energy, it fired a massive cerulean blue Cero at its target. The energy beam blew the debris behind the creature and dug a trench on its way. Moka's eyes widened as she was about to follow up and take advantage of her blitzkrieg of attacks when she noticed a massive energy projectile barreling its way towards her.

"Oh fudge!"


Kumiko ran the hallways as soon as she felt Moka's spiritual pressure spiked and went off the roof. Well and because she and the others heard an ear splitting scream that actually cracked the windows of the Newspaper Club's windows. Then they saw the subsequent explosions and looked dumbfounded as the very end of the said building literally burst as someone or something flew out and crashed and demolished another part of the school. Ichigo immediately made a run for the door and looks of concern began to mar the faces of those present...

"Ichigo, where are you going?" Kurumu shouted.

"Uh something came up and I forgot something in my locker." Ichigo replied. "Don't wait up but I'll be right back though!"

Kumiko rolled her eyes. Seriously, that's the best excuse he can come up with? Still Moka was in trouble and it's only natural for him to come to her rescue. Still Moka was in trouble and this made her worry. Before the others can stop her, she was already halfway towards the window and jumped from 4 stories down. Kurumu and the others went to the same window to see if the stupid girl was alright but they became collectively puzzled as Kumiko-Cham was nowhere to be found...

"Where the hell did that stupid girl go?" Kurumu growled.

"Beats me!" Yukari replied.

"Wait isn't that a 40 foot drop?" Tsukune inquired. "So where did she go?"

Tsukune and the others knew that Kumiko-chan -even though she's been hanging around them lately - was still a mystery to them. Despite their efforts to befriend her, she kept mostly to herself unless of course the people whom she's talking to were Ichigo and Moka. When she's alone, she looked lost, depressed, and kept to herself. There seemed to be an overwhelming sadness about her as if she alone had the responsibility to take up the burdens of the world. However she's perky and bubbly when she sees Moka and Ichigo. It's like she's two different people. Hanging around Yukari though seemed to have mellowed her out and she's a little more sociable.

"Yeah, makes you wonder what kid of monster Kumiko-san is eh?" Yukari pointed out.

"It doesn't matter, I felt Moka's Yoki spiked just now and how much do you guys wanna bet that she's the cause of that disturbance right in front of us..." Kurumu replied.

"Well what are you guys waiting for?" Yukari said. "Let's go already!"

"Shouldn't we like call for help or something?" Tsukune asked.

"No time for that! Let's go Tsukune!" The bluenette said.

Tsukune's protest fell on deaf ears as the Succubus pushed him out the room...

With Ichigo...

Ichigo cursed incessantly as he ran through the hallways. Technically he was telling the truth to the others that he DID forgot something in his locker. Those said objects of course were the mod-soul pills and the mask that Urahara gave him the other day. After procuring those items, he quickly went to the restroom and swallowed a Substitute then instructed the mod-soul to simply go home. When his body ran out to fulfill the order, he then donned the metal mask and vanished in shunpo. The Substitute then reappeared high above where the ruckus was happening. Just as the Grand Rey Cero was about to turn Moka into dust, an unusual barrier appeared in front of her. The shield certainly wasn't Orihime's as it looked different from the healer's Shun Shun Rikka. It was concentric and circular with several intricate designs that look like writing were in between the layers. Seven swords of light were on its large one was at the center while the rest of them surrounded it at an even slammed into the shield and immediately 3 swords dissipated and where they disappeared, cracks began to run along the barrier's surface.

It held the Cero for several tense seconds before 2 more began to fade away into spirit particles before they vanished. Not wasting any time, Ichigo was about to intervene but someone beat him to it. A mysterious person in black appeared in between Moka and the barrier. Ichigo couldn't really tell what gender the silver haired girl's mysterious savior as the voluminous dark cloak covered most of his/her body up. The hood was covering his/her face but even if it was removed, there seemed to be a porcelain white mask that the mysterious cloaked person was wearing. It didn't seem to be a Hollow mask as Ichigo couldn't feel that creature's spiritual pressure in this individual...

"Well someone's trying to bite my M.O." Ichigo thought chuckling.

As soon as the Cero was about to burn through the last sword in the center of the shield, the stranger readied his/her weapon and with one smooth stroke, he/she unsheathed a glowing sword in an arc of power, bisected the projectile in the middle and thus bypassing the two of them harmlessly. The Cero split apart - one went on and exploded harmlessly on the horizon. The other one however annihilated the gym into nothing but a crater in the ground. Ichigo narrowed his eyes. He definitely had to be careful of that Cero. The other thing that bothered him was the fact the technique that mysterious stranger used felt familiar...

"It's as if he/she used a wordless Getsuga Tensho..."

Ichigo shook his head because that's impossible! He knew for a fact that a zanpakuto spirit is a part of an individual and therefore they are as unique as people are different. So he can't understand why this person below him can use a technique that as far as he's concerned Zangetsu taught him that move. He going to have to keep an eye on this stranger that's for sure. An explosion from the far ruins of a building caught the Substitute's attention and he did not like what emerged from the rubble. It was one of those Non-Hollows that he fought recently and the bastard is going to fire one of those Ceros again!


He was about to intervene when the stranger and Moka decided to take the fight to it. The silver haired girl knowing what kind of damage that energy projectile could do aggressively moved in, running low on her target and from that position, she did a splits kick that drove its arm high forcing the Cero to fire into the air where it exploded harmlessly. Their unknown guest took advantage of the distraction and he/she appeared behind the Un-Hollow and slashed on its back. But the attack was futile as sparks flew as the blade met flesh and armor. The creature retaliated and the stranger vanished. Moka was already in motion to set up next move and she spun around and caught the thing off guard and her heel came crashing down on his head. The Un-Hollow sank several feet down on the ground as Moka's ax kick drove it down like a jack hammer. The ground beneath them crumbled into rubble and shallow fissures formed on the grassy surface of the courtyard. Not resting on her laurels, she jumped and spun her body around.

The silver haired Vampire's body revolved 4 times picking up speed with each spin and then she extended her foot and giving the monster a bone crunching hit in the face. The thing's body flew in an arc the it crashed on the ground skipping like rock all the while. It then somehow got it's equilibrium back and stood up while it skid on the ground. The two of them followed up but they didn't expect it to counter attack as it did. The Un-Hollow lifted its arms, transformed and dozens of tentacles shot out at high speed. The stranger kept up with shunpo while Moka dodged gracefully and barely missed her as the tentacle spears shredded the entire battle field. When the creature finally stopped, it relentlessly sent the appendages giving them no quarter. Still the two of them managed to close in to attack. Moka jumped high and ran on top of the mass tentacled packed together like a live pulsating drill. The silver haired Vampire then flipped over a tentacle trying to skewer her and drop kicked the beast in the face while the stranger slashed it across the back and this time he/she took the time to make the cut on the fleshy parts. Blood sprayed and the beast growled in pain...

Suddenly several tentacles emerged from the ground and caught Moka in its clutches. Despite her enormous strength she struggled mightily to get free. The stranger's sword arm became a blur as he/she tried desperately not to get tangled. Several tentacles fell down in minced pieces but there was far too many to mow at one time and finally got caught. At this point Ichigo thought it was a good time to interfere. Still wanting to test his limits, the strawberry accessed the maximum power he could achieve with his Shikai without resorting to use Bankai. He vanished in shunpo and with one strike, severed all the tentacles that have them trapped and kicked the monster viciously that sent it sailing away and crashing in yet another part of school property. The stranger nodded in acknowledgment of his efforts and reappeared at the spot where Moka was falling and he caught her.

"Where the hell we're you?" The silver haired girl demanded.

Ichigo's eyes met hers and replied...

"Didn't want to get accused of hogging all your fun!" The Reaper said chuckling. "I know how you'll get bent out of shape for interfering with your fight!"

"Whatever! Can you put me down now?"

Ichigo not wanting to start an argument in the middle of a battle catered to her wishes...

"As you wish, your highness!"

"Are you making fun of me?"

"I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing!"

A large thick mark appeared over Moka's head and she was about to let him have it but her little tirade was interrupted by the the stranger...

"I would hate to interrupt your little lover's spat and all but we still have the Desalmados to deal with!" The stranger said appearing right in front of them.

The stranger chuckled as they both protested rather vehemently and denied their "affections" for one another...

Ichigo and Moka studied their strange ally and from the look of things the person concealed inside the black cloak is female by the way it emphasized her curvaceous hips. Her mask was bone white and it had a large red streak over the left eye where it continued down to the cheek, and ending at the jawline. The mask wasn't a menacing skull but instead it was a face of a woman. They were both -independently and for different reasons - trying to analyze their ally's aura and for the life of them couldn't seem to recognize it what so ever. They knew she was trying to suppress her powers but both of them saw what she was capable of and that this girl -whoever she is - is very talented and accomplished fighter. Still for whatever reason, the both of them felt something in her that's familiar. It felt like an inexplicable bond but they knew that it felt right. A roar knocked them out of their reverie. Perhaps there's more time to contemplate this matter when everything is back to normal...

"I want you to take her as far away from here as possible..." Ichigo said.

"Are you sure? We should able to defeat it if we work together..."

"No I'll make sure take the bastard out..." He said narrowing his eyes. "This time I won't hold back!"

"If you say so..."

"EXCUSE ME!" Moka screamed.

Ichigo took a glance and forgot for a moment that Moka was right beside them. From the look of things, she was about to bust a giblet with the way her brows were twitching and there were tick marks all over her beautiful face. Perhaps it wasn't a good time to rile her up some more but since she didn't know who he was under the mask, he figured that it would be alright to mess with her just a little bit. He then looked at the masked stranger and nodded slightly as if in understanding...

"Yes your Highness?"

"Who the hell are you trying to dictate what a Vampire can and can't do, huh?" Moka demanded.

Before Ichigo could stop himself, he blurted out words that he didn't expect to come out of his mouth but nonetheless gone with flow...

"But how else am I going to protect you?" Ichigo replied innocently.

Moka's eyes widen and suddenly she felt her cheeks burn as she blushed furiously. She comically tried to retort a comeback but her accursed tongue couldn't unravel itself enough to even form a coherent sentence!

"W-wha w-wha? H-huh. Eh?" Moka sputtered.

Ichigo winked at her which got Moka flustered even more and the stranger used that as the signal to get grab the confused Vampire and vanished in shunpo. He sighed in relief as he felt her spiritual pressure leave the area. He turned around and immediately raised his right hand forward and the white cloth wrapped itself around his muscular arm. Black reiatsu began to surround his body and his spiritual pressure began to rise...


The future-Rebel base - 2 hours later

The black clad man emerged from a cloud of smoke, walking calmly with his hands clasped behind his back. Amalia and Hallibel were keeping pace with their master but they were keeping a respectful distance. The former Espada was as serene as a peaceful lake but her eyes were roaming and her gloved hand wasn't too far away from the pommel of her Zanpakuto. Amalia on the other hand was a nervous wreck and she jumped at every shadow. The red head looked suspiciously at the corner and she suddenly unsheathed her sword. She drew her blade so quick that her entire arm blurred and lashed out at the perceived threat. She shined her flashlight at the spot and sweat dropped when she saw a slab of rock cut cleanly in half.

"Congratulations Amalia, you just killed a rock!" Hallibel said blandly.

"S-shut up H-Hallibel-san!" Amalia growled and blushing.

The man walking in front of them kept on going as if nothing happened. There was silence for a time before Hallibel said something...

"You should relax you know..." She said.

"I can't help it. I don't want anything to happen to him..." Amalia replied.

"You are talking about the master. He probably don't need us at all."

"But we gave him our oath that we will protect him with our lives!"

"Very well said Amalia. But do not worry..."

Hallibel paused, unsheathed her sword and blocked and deflected the surprise attacker andwith no reaction, she ran the Yokai through. The black clad man kept walking uninterrupted and continued methodically in his path. Tia reappeared in stride with Amalia and continued as if nothing happened.

"No one will get passed me!"

Then the black clad man stopped in front of a large fortified door. He then raised right arm with his middle finger tucked underneath his thumb. Then he flicked his finger and immediately the door buckled and blew the 20 ft doors off its hinges all the way to the end of room. The door broke to pieces and got embedded on the wall. For someone to have that much strength to blow 20 foot 6 inch thick doors to pieces, turn them into deadly projectiles, sinking themselves through the far wall, and to do so with no visible strain was an amazing feat. The scary thing was, the Master didn't look like he was trying at all. One could imagine what could have happened if he puts his all behind that finger flick? It made Amalia's spine run cold just thinking about it.

As soon as the door was destroyed the blacked clad man reacted on instinct, reached out with his left hand and crushed an energy projectile. Amalia looked in amazement and wonder...

"W-with h-his bare hand..."

"You see Amalia, the Master is not as defenseless as you think..." Hallibel told her. "Behold our Master's strength!"

The black clad man vanished and cut down the Yokai who were waiting in ambush on the other side of the gate. Blood sprayed in the air as they all fell on the ground lifelessly. He reappeared behind a turret, his arm already finishing the motion sheathing his sword with an audible click. The barrel collapsed into pieces and the man kept walking until he motioned for Hallibel and Amalia to stop. There was a lone person in their way and his sword was drawn. The rags that he had on was makeshift cloak that kept the man's identity hidden...

"The years has not been kind to you friend..."

"Don't you dare call me that!" The man said. "The man that I knew as my "friend" died when she was taken away from us. The only person I see before me is but a shadow of his former self. If you are the "friend" who you claim to be then you will stop this madness!"

"I will only stop until I say it's over!"

The black clad man paused...

"Very clever of you to stall for time. Now if you give me what I came here for then I will leave you alone...for now at least. Where's the girl!"

"I don't know what your talking about!"

"I you want to play that game eh? So be it!"

The black clad man pointed two fingers at the man in front of him and fired a Cero. He reacted quickly and had no choice in the matter and released his zanpakuto...


The man was swallowed in crimson reiatsu and his sword transformed into a Chinese sword breaker. The handle was long for a better grip and it ended with a rounded pommel. There was a 4 mm circular guard while collar extended about 5 inches forming a stylized enclosure around the square blade. A bezeled red gem dominated the collar and intricately complicated designs crisscrossed its surface. The blade itself had a 6 foot rectangular cross section with a hollowed ground on its surface and terminated with a razor sharp needle point. In all the weapon itself was somewhat oversized but the stranger seemed to be able to wield it easily enough despite it's heavy appearance. He pointed the zanpakuto forward and incredibly enough it successfully bisected the Cero with the motion with ease. The man vanished in shunpo and reappeared in front of the black clad man, his sword raised overhead. He smashed sword downward and his eyes widened as the Overlord caught his sword with his barehand. The black clad man sank several feet into ground as the floor underneath him buckled and burst forth from the ground.

"I am coming Master!" Amalia shouted unsheathing her zanpakuto all the while.

Hallibel however, blocked her path and anger began to mar the beautiful face of the red head...

"He does not need your help Amalia." Hallibel told the girl. "You will only interfere with the Master if you do so. Do you want to displease him?"

Amalia shuddered at the very thought of her Master being angry with her. She sheathed her sword with frustration and glared at the stranger the Overlord was fighting...


"Then trust in him. He is our Master after all..."

The red head nodded and looked on...

The Overlord was somewhat surprised at the power the stranger displayed before him...

"Impressive, your power has improved after all these years!"

"I'll show you what I can really do!"

The man wrenched his weapon out of the Overlord's hand and at the same time he began to gather energy. The jewel in the collar began to glow brightly and wisps of spiritual energy began to gather at its center. He spun around and uttered two words...

"KURENAI HIGYOU!" (Crimson Strike)

A trail of crimson energy followed Yamazakura as the man struck horizontally to try to bisect his enemy. However the Overlord simply raised his hand to block the strike and was somewhat surprised as his entire arm grew numb but the attack did no damage. The stranger's eyes widened as the black clad man shrugged his shikai's power that would have normally bisected a large hill in two and yet this man has taken the full brunt of it without even flinching!

"I never realized how strong he has become. To be able to absorb one of your moves that can cleave mountains is insane!" The man thought.

"Trust in me and I know you will win!" A woman's voice said inside his head.

"I always have and I always will..."

"He may be stronger but you have progressed and changed as well..."

"I know, but I can't afford to go toe to toe with him now. My objective has always been to distract him so that "she" may escape..."

"Aww and I wanted to try to pit our strength with his too..."

"Come on don't pout..." the man thought. "I promise that we'll fight him to your heart's content once the girl escapes. You know that she is vital to the plan right?"

"Okay fine..."

"Thanks Sakura-chan..."

"Shall we begin then...Dearest?"

"Of course, I'm ready when you are!"

Amazingly enough, the man was able to twirl the huge weapon as he spun around and struck the Overlord's side that made him slid a couple of feet away from him. He then shunpo'd away and reappeared some 25 yards away from the black clad man. The stranger then twirled Yamazakura in his hands and struck the ground that caused a tremor that made the ground burst as dislodged rock flew from the air. The power of the strike was powerful enough to destroy a quarter of the room as the roof collapsed and he vanished behind giant boulders that came crashing down to the ground. The Overlord recovered quickly and looked on as tons of rubble fell blocking the way. The black clad man began to charge his Cero but Hallibel interfered...

"My lord, I would not recommend firing a Cero in here. The tremor that man caused made the ground here unstable..."

There was silence for a moment before the man put his arm down and dispersed the spiritual energy he had built up...

"Very well, have Szayel Aporro stabilize this place immediately..."

"I will inform him master." Amalia volunteered.

The Overlord looked at her and nodded. The red head vanished in Sonido while Hallibel sighed in relief as he walked away silently...


The stranger walked briskly and knocked at the last fortified door which opened to let him in and the closed quickly. There was a buzz of activity as several races of all species ran about in an orderly retreat as they moved and loaded equipment. A blue haired woman in a tight leather outfit that hugged every curved of her body. She had the zipper closed a quarter of the way exposing her well endowed bosom...

"So how did it went?" she asked him. "Did you meet him?"

"Yes, but he's too consumed with hatred to stop now..."

"I see, so what should we do now Tsukune?"

Aono Tsukune removed the hood from his face and took off the cloak and handed it to one of the people who carried it with him. The years has not been kind to Tsuknune as his weary eye met the purple ones of the bluenette. Sometime in the past, he has lost his right eye and there was an eye patch covering it. A long healed scar came down from his right side of his fore head and down the middle of his cheek. His hair was spiked and there was a touch of grey mixed in. His muscular frame had countless scars all over his body. His zanpakuto was sheathed and was on his left side. The blue haired woman gazed lovingly at him and smiled sadly. She used to remember that he had a ready smile and was more care free when they were going to school. Unlike the battle weary warrior that seemed to have took it upon himself to take the burdens of the world on his shoulders alone! But she had to be there for him because after all he was the one who led the rebellion against the Overlord. It would not be prudent to lose him now that they have found hope...

"I collapsed the entire tunnel and should give us a little bit of time to evacuate everyone." Tsukune said. "So did has she decided yet?"

"Yes, she is preparing for her journey to the past. Our people are calculating the formula in the exact instant when our dearest friend was taken away from us..." The bluenette said sadly.

"I see..."

"Tsukune, what's wrong?"

"I'm sick of it Kurumu-chan! Waging this war, fighting former friends, losing people we care about! When the hell does it end?"

Kurumu nearly bursts in tears but she stopped herself as she needed to be strong for people around them and for him. She enclosed him in her arms and caressed his face gently as he rested his head on her shoulder.

"Shh, if the plan works, then I'm sure that it will end soon! Do not lose heart love, the YLF needs you. I need you to be strong, 'kay?"

"Thanks Kurumu-chan..."

"That's what wives are for love!" Kurumu said smiling.

They both shared a laugh as the chaos ensued all around them...

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