Ch 9
Loose ends and new mysteries...


Ichigo was floating high in the air as he took a self imposed vigil observing Moka's dorm. A few minutes ago, he made quite a ruckus when he suddenly walked in the door carrying the unconscious Moka bridal style. The resident RA came quickly and took the sleeping Vampire off his arms. He looked around and ironically enough, he had rescued most of these girls from a Hollow at one point or another and that included the blonde RA before him. She smiled at him...

"Rest assured we'll take care of her Zangetsu-san! "

"Thank you, now if you ladies excuse me, it seems that duty calls!"

They looked surprised as he suddenly vanished...

Up in the sky, he watched as a few girls helped Moka into bed and left her alone. Making sure that they were gone, Ichigo entered her room from the window and observed the peacefully sleeping Vampire slumber the night away. As Moka slept, he sat down and removed the stray hair covering her eye.

"I'm sorry Akashiya, this wouldn't have happened to you if it wasn't for me..."

Flashback- The Academy roof top-2 weeks ago


Moka looked in horror as the the strawberry fell off the roof top and time seemed to stop as he floated down slowly, painfully to Kurosaki's eventual death from a hundred feet below. With the sudden surge of strength that she thought she no longer had; The Vampire jumped and spun around and delivered a devastating heel kick that sent Gin sliding backwards and he was so slow to get up. She then made a run for it, jumping the security fence and sliding down the rooftop just as he landed hard on its surface and started rolling towards the edge and certain doom. Anticipating her decent and calculating his velocity, the silver haired girl caught his arm as he fell off the edge. Moka braced herself with her feet and her fingers digging through the concrete as Ichigo swung precariously with his only hope of redemption was how long she could hold on to him. The Substitute looked up as Moka strained to haul him up but he got an eyeful of her cleavage instead. The Vampire saw where his eyes landed and suddenly she screamed and tried to cover herself...


"Are YOU serious!" Ichigo said yelling. "Weren't you the one flashing, teasing me, and was practically half naked all day and here you are suddenly turning shy on me? You sure are one piece of work Akashiya!"

"S-shut u-up! I-it's not like that!" Moka protested blushing.

When she said that, her grip on him loosened a little bit and Ichigo swung dangerously in the air. The strawberry gritted his teeth. He had his deputy badge in his pocket and he could easily have ended this little fiasco once he uses the damn thing. However with Akashiya giving him a death grip like his life depended on it kinda complicated the matter a little bit. If he turned into a Shinigami now then he had to explain the existence of Soul Reapers, Soul Society, his mission to the Academy, and he thinks they're not ready for that mind blowing stuff just yet. And especially Akashiya. Kami knows how the temperamental Vampire will take the news. She's probably have a seizure and would argue with him so fiercely that she will eventually give up ands she ended up not wanting to talk to him again. Like he cared but it would be sad to lose a friend over something stupid! Besides the existence of Shinigami has to be kept a secret anyway, its not like he was lying to her deliberately!

"Moka, you have to let me go!" Ichigo said to her.

"Now you're just being an idiot!" Moka replied darkly. "I'm not going to be the one to explain to your family that your dumb ass was the one that told me to let you go! I will not have that on my conscience damn you! Will you hold still, so I can pull you up! You're pretty heavy you know!"

"What the hell, I'm not fat dammit!"

"Well, it's not my imagination that my damn arm is burning from keeping your fat ass up!" Moka replied sarcastically.

Meanwhile up above...

"Wow, it amazes me how those two have the time to argue even in a crisis!" Tsukune said blandly.

Even though Kurumu was worried for them, all she could do as a reply was a face palm...

Back to our favorite arguing couple...

"If you don't let me go, you're going to fall too dammit!" Ichigo yelled.

"So it's better for you to die?" Moka asked crossly. "You may be smarter than me but you're really damn retarded!"

Ichigo bit a scathing retort but she is seriously plucking his nerves...

"Do you trust me?"

"W-what does that have to do with anything?

"I promise that everything will be alright..."

"How can everything be alright if you're going be just a red stain on the ground? Yes, I trust you but too bad for you because I will not let you go! Now shut the hell up, grab my hand with your other one, and help me pull you up!"

"You are the most stubborn, obstinate, hard headed, prideful girl that I have ever met!" Ichigo growled.

"Why thank you, I will consider those kind words a compliment good sir!" Moka said sassily."Did you just figure that out? Geez you're so slow!"

Ichigo chuckled despite his predicament but it remained that they were still in danger. Akashiya might be hard to get along with sometimes but it seemed to those people she got to know, her loyalty to whoever she has befriended is unquestionable. He appreciates that she cares about him too but if he thought about it, he would have done the same thing for her as well. Even if it meant he had to break a few rules to do so including turning to a Shinigami. He's also touched that she would go all the way like this for someone like him. He looked up and met her crimson eyes and he saw determination in them and he appreciates it. He was the one who's suppose to protect her and everyone else, not the other way around and it has a novelty feeling to it. He had to finish this quickly, so he gazed into her gorgeous eyes again and smiled at her. Moka noticed rhis and become suspicious but she couldn't help blushishing for some reason...

"Thank you Akashiya..." Ichigo told her and he let her hand go and he fell down still smiling at her.

Unbidden tears, rolled down her cheeks and wondered why was she crying. He was the one that wanted to sacrifice himself so that she could live, right? So why was her heart wrenching in this unbearable agony even more painful than the wounds that she received and being doused in water? NO,! her pride cannot accept this! She is a proud Vampire dammit and no one - even if that someone was annoying as Kurosaki - deserved death before his time. She might regret it later and doing so on impulse, she jumped after him. Ichigo saw this and cursed her stubbornness asked himself why the hell she jumped after him.. He was waiting for the cover of the shadows to turn to a Shinigami and trust Akashiya to complicate matters than they already are. Her momentum slingshots her towards him and he caught her in his arms. He held her tightly and and growled as he tried to get at his badge. When he did find it he hesitated for a moment but he knew he didn't have time to waste or they were both dead...

"Dammit, it's now or never!" Ichigo said growling.

Moka had her head resting on his chest when suddenly she didn't feel like she was falling anymore. Alarmed, she struggled to see what was going on...

"Will you hold still!"

"Shut up, I can move if I want to!"

$Then when she saw him she frowned why he was dressed in a black kimono. Her eyes almost bugged out of their sockets as she saw they were slowly floating up...

"W-what, h-how are you?" Moka stuttered.

"I got you Akashiya-san." Ichigo replied smirking.

It was actually the first time hanging out together that she was at a loss for words and it was kinda cute in a way. He might as well play with her a little bit before her sassy smart-ass personality reasserts itself and gives him a hard time...

"I can see you got me smart ass! But who the hell gots you?"

"Elementary my dear Akashiya, think of like its magic." Ichigo replied.

"I don't know why I don't like your answer but I'm going to have to call BULL SHIT on that one!"

"I am appalled, Akashiya!"

She looked at him and she could tell that he was eating this up...

"Your enjoying this aren't you?" Moka said while her brow twitching uncontrollably.

Ichigo's only reply was a chuckle...

"Enjoy this while you still can laughing boy because you're gonna get my dainty foot up your ass once we land!" Moka said threateningly.

"Your so so cute when you get mad!"

"I'll show you cute alright!" Moka said darkly. "And what the hell is that thing that you're..."

Moka squinted to focus and she made a comical face as she notices that the "something" that Ichigo was carrying sorta kinda looks like him. Then she put the dots together and comically shrieked on top of her lungs...


"Will you stop yelling!" Ichigo shouted.

"W-wait i-if y-you're here then who's that on you're shoulder."

Ichigo cursed inwardly. He was trying to calm her down and she's nearly at her breaking point and on a verge of having apoplexy from the way her face was comically looking back and forth between him and his body. Since the gig was pretty much up he knew it was only a matter of time before she added 2 and 2 together and figure things out. From the way she was comically giving him the evil eye, she wanted her answers and by Kami, she wants them now! He knew that she had a lot of questions for him but this really wasn't the time to do that at the moment. So Ichigo looked at her squarely in the eye and decided to be strait with her...

"Look I know that you have a lot of questions by the way you're trying to bore a hole through my head but if you would be patient with me, I'll answer you but not now ok?"

Moka knew he was telling the truth so she will let this go for now. Still her curiosity got the better of her and blurted out a quick inquiry. Before she could formulate her question though he already cut her off and answered her...

"So who's..."

"Yes it's what you think it is, this is my body.

Moka looked at him like he had an extra appendage growing out of his head and that made him sweat drop. The Vampire thought he was joking and trying to pull a fast one on her but when she looked at him and and was confused as to why he looked so serious.

"Wait you're not shitting me are you?"

The only reply she got was Ichigo shrugging and shaking his head no. Moka scowled at him and it made the strawberry sweat a little bit but after awhile he meet her gaze and glared at her back. They gazed into each other as they floated back up to the gasps of all the people on the rooftop. Kurumu was crying in relief but was stunned at the revelation nonetheless as Tsukune looked speechless. The two of them vanished and they were suddenly right beside the Succubus who probably shouldn't be astonished at the feat but her eyes widened nonetheless. Moka on the hand whom had never experienced shunpo herself -although indirectly and had no idea what it was called - thought it was the most awesome thing since sliced bread and drinking blood packs like a juice box. He sweat dropped as the Tsukune and Kurumu looked at him, then his body, then back again. Obviously they too have questions but they were waiting for him to initiate the conversation and volunteer information.

"I'll get back to you on that..." Ichigo said. "Here take care of this will ya?"

"A-are you sure?" Kurumu asked nervously.

The Succubus had been asked by many people to do a lot of things and taking care of a body was a first for her. Tsukune comically deflated and fainted on the spot. Moka reluctantly disengaged from the strawberry to catch the hapless boy from falling face first on the hard ground. She set the unconscious boy down and stood up cracking her knuckles. When the adrenalin from the shock of Ichigo's identity ran out, the pain of being doused in water returned and comically twitched for a few seconds before it passed and she recovered.

"I got a favor to ask..." Ichigo began.

"You are in no position to ask for favors, you are already in trouble as it is Mister!" Moka said exasperated.

"Come on, Akashiya, work with me here please?"

"Say what it is and maybe I'll think about it!"

"Fair enough, I need for you to look after Zangetsu for me..."

"Wait, I thought you were Zangetsu?"

"Well technically that's true but he's really my sword..."

Moka looked in fascination as the white bandages unfurled on their own and then shrank to a manageable size to about a foot of cloth dangling at the end of handle. It was the first time that she saw it up close and she still didn't know how the hell he carried something that big and then wield it easily like he was carrying a rapier and yet packing more punch than a cannon! The giant cleaver was as almost as tall half as wide as she was and from the looks of things it was razor sharp...

"You're naming swords now? What are you some weirdo?"

"Shut it woman, he doesn't like being talked about like he's a thing!"

"And now you're suggesting that your sword is sentient too? I wasn't born yesterday you know!" Moka said.

"Just trust me ok, so will you take care of him for now?"

"Wait don't you need it to defeat Gin-sempai?"

"I don't need my Zanpakuto to beat anyone..."

Kurumu was looking back and forth at the conversation and all the information was making her dizzy...

Moka looked half glared at Ichigo but she was too tired to put up her usual stubbornness. She sighed and nodded her consent. The Substitute smiled at her and he stuck the blade on the rooftop.

"So why did you ask me to take care of your sword for you anyways?"

"It's because I trust you Akashiya..." Ichigo replied. "Stay put and this shouldn't last long alright?"

Moka watched him vanish and her right eye started to twitch uncontrollably. Once they get out of this little predicament, she will ask -no more like insist- for him to teach her that technique. That little disappearing trick should come in handy one day. Then his words finally registered and she blushed furiously while Kurumu giggled in the background.

Gin groggily got up and growled in frustration. He had the advantage but he was careless and he's paying for it. Now there are too many witnesses but no matter, they were no match for him anyway. Then he felt someone behind him and he unsheathed his claws, took a wide swipe that would have eviscerated lesser beings but he ended up attacking nothing but thin air. The werewolf eyes widened when he felt someone tap him on the shoulder from behind...

"Hey, who're you trying to hit?"

Gin was surprised to say the least. It was the first time that someone actually got a jump on a werewolf and it irked him to say the least. Still he wasn't worried as the full moon lit up the night sky. He could already feel his power increase and he will show this whelp why the Werewolves were faster than even the Vampires. Gin vanished and reappeared behind the so called "hero" of Yokai Academy. He heard about this guy saving people from monsters with holes in their chests or so the rumors went. They say that when these creatures come that he wasn't far behind. The Werewolf couldn't understand why was he was here if there were no monsters around. How dare this "Zangetsu" interfere with his business?

Nevertheless, Gin who thought that he had the upper hand and attacked the black clad man wearing a skull mask from behind. His eyes widen, however when his claws swiped at nothing but thin air. His eyes became even larger when he felt a tap on his shoulder and he came face to face with a menacing skull glaring at him. Gin couldn't help but shudder at intimidating yellow eyes that that seemed to penetrate right through his very being. With that being said, the Werewolf vanished to retreat only for the black clad man to follow him where he was going before he got to his destination.
The audience were amazed at how Zangetsu seemed to be able to keep up with Gin with little to no effort at all. Moka however, was getting irritated by the minute only because Ichigo was playing around too much she knew that perhaps the strawberry was delaying the inevitable explanation on purpose! A tick mark appeared above her forehead and looked above at the night sky. An evil grin began to spread across her beautiful face as some clouds began to cover the moon. The wind was steadily drying her clothes and the paralyzing feeling that wracked her body earlier was gradually fading away. She felt her strength return but not fast enough for her comfort. Then her crimson eyes fell on the massive sword stuck on the rooftop right in front of her. For Ichigo to trust her of all people to watch his blade was perhaps a rare honor and just thinking about it made her blush furiously. Kurumu right next to her saw this and she couldn't help but tease her a little bit. Tsukune on the other hand was staring and trying to keep up with Ichigo and Gin's game of tag...

"And what are you so happy about Moka-chan?" Kurumu asked teasingly. "Care to share the source of that blissful smile? "

"I-I d-don't know what you're talking about Succubus!" Moka stammered.

Kurumu looked at her skeptically and continued her playful prodding...

"Let me guess, does it something that has to do with Ichigo-kun perhaps?"

Moka glared at the snickering bluenette and replied...

"Are you high? Why would I be glad because of that idiot if I have a bone to pick with him?"

"Oh nothing! Well you just look happy for someone who claims to be mad at their beloved!"

"Eew that's like so gross!" Moka replied vehemently.

"Like she's not protesting to much or anything, right Tsukune?" Kurumu noted grinning.

Tsukune chuckled but when he saw Moka glaring at him he coughed to clear his throat and replied.

"Uh you wouldn't be to bothered if I don't answer that right Kurumu-chan?"

Kurumu looked at him and huffed cutely...

"Tsukune!" Kurumu pouted. "I thought you were suppose to be on my side!"

"Of course I am but I'd rather not have Moka-san be mad at me for no reason." Tsukune explained. "It's rather scary being glared at and I'd like to live to see tomorrow so i can spend it with you, thanks!"

Kurumu looked at him and blushed...

Moka looked away puffing her cheeks. It was obvious that Kurumu's bad influence is affecting Tsukune's behavior. He used to be nice and now he has this clever tongue about him that he probably got from her. She looked away as Kurumu playfully hit him on the shoulder and she giggled as he went along and rubbed his shoulder as if it hurts. Moka then took a glance and a tick mark appeared above her head as Ichigo and Gin played some more tag. This was getting ridiculous! She looked at the sky and was pleased that the clouds now obscured the moon. The silver haired girl cracked her knuckles and timed her little intervention and she too vanished and reappeared just as Gin tremendously slowed down as the last light of the moon vanished completely. His eyes widened as soon as he saw a bottom of the shoe land a bone crushing hit on his face and he flew several hundred feet in the air and then came crashing down on the rooftop knocked out silly...

"Know your place!"

The silver haired girl said that as she reappeared in front of Ichigo's sword...

"Wow remind me not to piss you off alright?" Ichigo joked. "You're kinda scary when you get mad..."

"I AM NOT SCARY!" She screamed at him. "And will you put that mask away, it's giving me the creeps!"

Moka looked in astonishment as the mask melted in black Yoki as his hand raked his face and she breathed a sigh of relief when she saw his brown eyes once again. Still her scowl returned and she cross her arms underneath her breasts and glared at him some more...

"Yeah, yeah don't get to uptight just coz you're wearing that sexy thongs of yours!"

Moka ended up blushing...


"Well what?"

"I'm still waiting for your explanation..."

Ichigo eyes widened and remembered that he promised her to explain himself...
"You're not going to believe this..."

"Try me..."

"Can we just save this for another day?" Ichigo said growling. "It's pretty damn late and you know we have class tomorrow right!"

"No you're going to explain this TODAY, Ichigo!" Moka replied.

"Wow you must be really serious if we're suddenly on a first name basis!"

"Stop pussy footing around and start talking mister!"

You're going to insist on this aren't you!"

Moka lost her patience and before she knew it, she attacked him with a roundhouse kick which he comically dodged...

"Hey what the hell is your damn problem!" Ichigo shouted.

"Instead of messing around, you should start talking already!" Moka shouted looked at him square in the eye and said rather softly. "It's the least you could do because you owe it to me!"

Ichigo mussed up his orange hair and sighed...

"Fine, whatever...I don't want any complaints though when you don't like what you hear!"

"Trust me, you will find that we Vampires are rather open minded!" She replied.

"Right so here goes..."

Ichigo then told that ever since he was young he could see ghosts amd that about 6 months ago he was normal until he met Rukia and that he was attacked by a Hollow who trying to devour him because of his unusually large spiritual power. In a desperate act to save his family and the fact that she was injured, he accepted her offer to give him her powers but she didn't expect the power transfer to drain her of everything. Thus he defeated the Hollow and he became a Substitute Shinigami in her place. Looking at her puzzled face made him realize that she probably didn't know what a Shinigami or a Hollow was so he took his time to quickly summarize what the terms were in detail and anything that he mentions thereafter. Then he told her and by default Tsukune and Kurumu how he trained to get his powers back when the Soul Society sent The 6th Division Captain and Renji, his Lt. to bring back Rukia so that she could be executed for the crime of transferring her powers to a Human. The three of them looked at him incredulously and he growled and asked if they wanna complain about his status or did they want to hear the story.

Ichigo then continued his tale of how he and three of his friends invaded Soul Society, caused so much chaos and upheaval in the usually peaceful Seireitei. In the confusion that ensued, and after he defeated Byakuya for Rukia's freedom, his invasion uncovered a plot by one of The Gotei 13's own and it was this traitor named Aizen Sosuke was the mastermind behind everything to extract an item called a Hogyoku which was hidden by a person named Urahara Kisuke in Rukia's body so that it could not be found. Then he told them that Soul Society sent him on a mission to Yokai Academy be because they have reason to believe that Aizen was conducting his Arrancar experiments here and that he was sent here to crash the party...

"So you're like James Bond from 007 films or something like that right?" Kurumu asked.

"That's hardly accurate because I don't work for a government agency nor do I have the cool gadgets!" Ichigo said chuckling. "But yeah I guess you can say that..."

"So did you ever find out if this Aizen guy is here doing all those experiments or not?" Tsukune asked.

"That's the annoying thing about it! I've been here this long and I haven't found a damn clue as to his whereabouts, that is if that bastard's here at all!" Ichigo replies growling. "Huh, I'm surprised that you guys are taking this well!"

Kurumu however, nudged him in the ribs and pointed at Moka who was looking down on the rooftop, her expression hidden in the shadows of her silver hair. Ichigo sighed and wondered what the hell is eating her this time? So the strawberry went to her and he could have sworn that he heard sniffling sounds coming from the silver haired girl.

"What the hell?" Ichigo thought. "There's no way that Akashiya would be be crying right?"

Moka didn't move and she was still looking down silently. Ichigo wondered how many times he sighed that day because he found himself doing it again. He figured he might as well try to be at least tactful and hold his tongue for her sake. Though he's preparing himself for the worst...

"Hey, you ok?"


"Aww common, Akashiya don't be like this..."

"How do you like me to act then?" Moka asked.

"I kinda expected you lose your temper while you screamed bloody murder and adding the sarcastic remarks for good measure but you acting like this calm and collected saint is actually making me nervous. So for real are you alright?"

Moka whispered something but she said it softly that he could catch a word that she was saying...

"What was that Akashiya? I couldn't quite hear you?"

"I said you're an IDIOT!" She screamed.

Moka then gave Ichigo a piece of her mind. While she was on her tirade, the Substitute Shinigami didn't say a word and let her continue till she got tired or she couldn't figure out how to put "baka" in context. At one point she set a record of putting that same noun in a sentence 7 times and actually made sense. Didn't figure that Moka had a way words. He's sure she would be a great grammar teacher but knowing her she wouldn't settle for anything that was beneath her. After 25 minutes, she started repeating herself...

"Uh, not to interrupt or anything but you just told me that about a second ago." Ichigo replied blandly.

"Shut up, I can repeat it how many times I want to dammit!" Moka replied growling.

"Ok, just letting you know..."

A large tick mark appeared above her head and she finally snapped and lashed out catching Ichigo by surprise...


"THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR BEING AN IDIOT, BAKA!" Moka replies heatedly.

"Alright I'm an idiot! There I admit it, happy now!"

Somehow for the second time that day, Ichigo was caught off guard when Moka hugged him fiercely. He couldn't help the blush that colored his cheeks as he comically tried but failed to comfort and to dislodge her vice-like grip on his ribs. For a seeming delicate rose ( complete with thorns and all ) she sure does have enormous strength! Ichigo forget sometimes that Akashiya is an S-class Vampire or in Shinigami terms, she is as strong as a Captain and he's sure she'll give Soi-Fon a good work out at least.

"Akashiya, I'd like to be able to breathe if you don't mind!" Ichigo croaked.

Moka loosened her suffocating grip on him which was still tight but he can finally take a breath. The silver haired girl's head was on his broad chest, her expression hidden from him. It didn't take long to realize that she was upset and he felt kinda guilty because Ichigo knew he was the cause of her distress.

"I-idiot, y-you had me so worried!" Moka said sniffling.

Well that was awkward...

"Shhh! See I'm ok..."

However Moka continued as if she didn't hear him talking...

"And all for NOTHING!" Moka exclaimed. Then she glared at him and said jokingly. "I hate you!"

"Aww come on woman, didn't I apologize already?" Ichigo replied. "Geez so emo!"

"Shut up!"

"Yes ma'am!"

Ichigo waited for a little while before he continued...

"Hey are you sure you're okay?"

She looked up and glared at him, his guilt all the more apparent when he saw Moka of all people crying...

"Gee ya think!" Moka said sarcastically.

"Holy mood swings Batman, she said something sarcastic! That means you're getting better right?" Ichigo said chuckling.

As much as she wanted to stay mad at him, she couldn't help but giggle and she playfully started comically hitting him repeatedly on the shoulder...

"S-shut u-up! I'm still mad at you, you know! I can't properly do that if you're treating this as a joke. You aught to be sorry for upsetting me. So cower and beg for forgiveness!" Moka said half seriously.

"Dammit I said that I'm sorry didn't I?" Ichigo growled. "But there's no way in Hell I'm going to grovel and bow like a spineless wussy!"

Moka snorted and puffed her cheeks and looked away. Though unknown to him, she was actually observing the strawberry while he scratched the back of his head in frustration. Good, it was a small measure of payback to her...

"If you're seriously repentant, how are you going to make it up to me?"

"Fine, what is it that you want in recompense your worship?" Ichigo deadpanned.

Moka cutely put a forefinger near her lips as if in thought and she visibly brightens up as she thought of something...

"Oh I know, if you're really sorry then you'll teach me that disappearing trick you do!"

"You mean you want me to teach you shunpo?"

"Is that the term you use? Then yes, I want you to teach me this...shunpo!"

"Ok fine whatever! Anything so I don't have to put up with your insufferable bull crap!"

"Hey, it's you're fault in the first place!" Moka said pouting.

"Yeah, yeah stop complaining too much!" Ichigo replied.

"Aww you guys are having a lover's spat, that's so precious!"

Moka's eyes widened when she heard the voice. She looked up and when the silver haired girl saw a woman in tight body suit with an orange shirt covering her torso. Her hair was tied in a ponytail and the most distinguishing feature she had was that this strange woman had a dark skinned. The Vampire hesitated in disengaging her iron grip from Ichigo's torso and she's quite annoyed that she had to let him go when she was just getting comfortable in his arms too! When Ichigo didn't react the way she did, Moka looked up and was rather surprised at his reaction. He looked like he was glad to see her and at the same time he's annoyed that she's here. Moka realized that he may know this woman. The Vampire looked at this stranger up and down and to her annoyance she was beautiful, with an athletic body, and a rather impressive rack. For some reason she began to feel jealous and it reflected on her eyes and demeanor. She openly glared at the woman in which the woman noticed and to Moka's annoyance, she chuckled.

"My, my Ichigo, your girlfriend seems bothered by something!" The woman joked. "I'm proud that you finally got yourself one though. Hopefully this one will cure you of that annoying prude streak of yours!"

"What the hell are you doing here Yoruichi-san?" Ichigo asked tensely. "Aren't you suppose to be protecting Karakura Town right now?"

"Oh don't you worry your poor little head about that. Kisuke and Shinji are in charge of that little detail, the last time I checked." Yoruichi said.

"Ok so why are you here again?"

"Ichigo I'm shocked! After what I did to make you stronger and that little intimate session in the bath, I figured that we're such good friends..." She paused for a moment and then said. "So what are you doing exactly?" She asked puzzled.

The Flash Goddess was referring to Ichigo's hand sharply going across his neck. His expression was rather cute as he remembered what "session" she was referring to and he turned beat red in doing so. Moka however misunderstood and and she glared at him rather venomously...

"Ichigo, who is this woman and why is she talking to you in a familiar manner? And what does she mean by "session" huh?" Moka demanded.

"Oh you didn't tell her?" Yoruichi said grinning. "Shame on you Ichigo! Well dear when I was training him, I showed up in the bath bu..."

Ichigo covered her mouth before she could blab that she showed up butt freaking naked in the hot springs. He already calmed her down and she's actually joking and in a general good mood and Yoruichi's big mouth will ruin everything! Ichigo looked her in the eyes and glared at her. She was chuckling at him and it was all the more hilarious how this girl would react to the teasing. Yoruichi then grabbed the strawberry's arm and threw him over her head but he recovered quickly and landed on his feet and sliding a few feet towards Moka.

The silver haired girl lost her temper and she launched a roundhouse kick to Yoruichi's face. However, she vanished and reappeared right behind the Vampire lazily launching a kick of her own. Moka reacted and blocked it with her forearm only to be surprised at the power behind it as she skidded on the roof top.

"Oh it's on now!"

Moka gathered all her power and she too vanished to Yoruichi's surprise and she found herself on the defensive from the fury of kicks. The one that she was forced to block made her entire arm go numb. So Kisuke was rigt about these Vampires after all, they were strong, lightning fast, and very disciplined. However, Yoruichi wasn't the former Captain of the 2nd Division and the leader of the Punishment Force for nothing. She was about to push the Vampire a little more before they all felt a crushing spiritual pressure that weighted on them both. The two women looked at Ichigo which was the source of the disturbance...

"Will you two quit it!" Ichigo shouted.

"She started it!" Moka pouted.

"Oh my Ichigo, your girlfriend is quite the feisty one. I can see why you would attracted to her!" Yoruichi joked.

"It's not like that! She and I are just friends dammit!"

"Eww, why would I want that thing to be my boyfriend!" Moka protested while pointing at said person.

Yoruichi looked astonished at how the mood suddenly changed so drastically. One minute they were all over each other then the next they're at each other's throats. She sweat dropped as the confrontation got a lIttle too hot and she sweat dropped. She might as well get it over with...

"Ichigo, catch!"

The strawberry frowned...

"What is it?"

"Something you will find useful instead of using your mask all the time and thus attracting more Hollows to this place. It's Kisuke's latest invention and it should suffice to keep you undercover since you like playing superhero and savings delicate damsel's in distress!" Yoruichi explained.

"That's all well in good but I already know his secret, genius!" Moka said sarcastically.

"I was only suppose to deliver your package but your knowledge of the Shinigami and the existence of Soul Society has changed that..."

"What is she babbling about Kurosaki?" Moka asked him.

Ichigo couldn't quite meet her in the eyes for a few minutes. That was odd, the idiot never hesitated to look at her before but now he's so different somehow. Like he knew what's to come but he didn't know whether his duty to protect this Academy from Aizen or their really weird love/hate relationship. Then when he finally did look her in the eye, she could still see the conflict in them but he was determined to stand by his decision for good or evil.

"She means that your knowledge of me being a Shinigami and Soul Society will be erased from your memory. It is forbidden for any living being to know that we exist. It's as better than execution, I can tell you that much." Ichigo said evenly.

"Understand my dear that even Ichigo must follow this order which is as ancient as Soul Society itself!" Yoruichi explained. "Know that this is as hard on him as it is for you because in the end your're only protecting her, right Ichigo?"

Moka looked at him and the fierce gaze she received made her believe in his intentions. The Vampire sighed, she doesn't have enough strength to get away and if she did, even she felt she couldn't fight the two of them simultaneously. As much as he pride was bruised this day, she has sense enough to know that she cannot win this time. With dignity befitting her station, she looked at the both of them proudly and her head high..

"So be it, I'm ready!"

"I'm sorry Moka. That's why I always had that mask on so that I can protect my identity and you from Aizen's threat." Ichigo said.

Moka blushed when she heard him say her first name and that she was only looking out for her...

"What do you me you just want to protect me?"

"Did I say that? Damn my bad!" Ichigo said chuckling. "I meant all of the students of Yokai Academy from harm!"

"You just can't say it and then take it back!" She replied annoyed.

"It's my words and I'll say them however I like!"

The two of them shared the mirth and Yoruichi was never more proud of her little student. To think that a big prude like Ichigo would suddenly be talking, joking, and flirting with girls! Will wonders never seize? That it took a Vampire to get him out of his shell is a moot point but strange nonetheless. She quietly gave him the object that would erase her memory.

"Are you ready?" Ichigo asked.

Moka nodded...

"Is it gonna hurt?"

"No..." Ichigo replied. Then he smirked. "At least I don't think so..."

Moka glared at him...

"Don't you know by now when I'm pulling your chain woman!"

"It's not funny dammit!"

"Ok, sometime today kids!" Yoruichi said sarcastically.

Ichigo looked at her and she nodded. He lifted the thin pen looking object and pressed the bottom and a flash appeared. He caught Moka as she fell and he looked over at the former Captain and he could see Tsukune and Kurumu already lying side by side each other. He looked over at Gin and wondered if he should get his memory replaced too...

"I'm already ahead of you and I already got that one replaced as well."

"Thanks Yoruichi, I'll go bring this sleeping beauty back to her dorm. I'll come back for the others later."

"Don't bother I'll take care of them..." Yoruichi said. "Good night Ichigo, I'll see you tomorrow..."

"Wait you're not going back?"

"I would have but apparently the bus doesn't stop as often so I'm pretty much stuck here for the semester! Aren't you glad?"

An eyebrow twitched. Figures that something like that was going to happen. He needs to talk to the headmaster to fire the genius who schedules the bus stops. But he's glad that one of his mentors were hanging around for awhile. At least he has more people to talk Shinigami business with other than Rukia and Renji.

"Uh yeah, I'm jumping for joy whoopee!" Ichigo said tonelessly. "Anyway I'll cya later. Good night."

Ichigo and Moka disappeared...

End of flashback...

It turned out that Yoruichi ended up working in the Academy as a substitute gym teacher. She was an instant hit with the guys while the girls were jealous of her exotic beauty. Everybody regretted gym class though because she demands excellence from everyone and a slave driver to booth. Tamao however admired her and she became Yoruichi's unofficial disciple with all the time the Mermaid was spending with her during class and after school. Her determination to beat Moka convinced the former Captain to take Tamao under her wing. When Yoruichi found out about her crush on a certain strawberry, she eagerly started training the Mermaid. The older woman's first impression of Moka was not favorable. The Vampire seemed, moody, proud, arrogant, and hot tempered. Those are traits in a woman that Ichigo would not want in his girlfriend considering his personality. Tamao, really seemed to like Ichigo and she would talk about him every chance she got when the Flash Goddess was on her break or after school during club activities. Her passion for him and resolve to beat out her rival reminded the older woman of her "little bee." But apparently not all monsters were created equal and Yoruichi had to teach Tamao the very fundamentals of Hakuda. It helps that she is physically fit because of her swimming and her understanding of Yoki manipulation made it easier for her to teach the Mermaid. Still Yoruichi needed Tamao to withstand the brutal training that will come and with that said the Senior needed to get more fit knowing that. This Mermaid was on her journey to improve and become a worthy rival for Ichigo's affections.

Moka's memory replacement meanwhile didn't go as smooth as Ichigo thought it would. Tsukune and Kurumu fortunately thought that Gin was beaten on that night by a flying hippo when the Werewolf got ran over by a bus...on the rooftop. Gin on the others and thought he got suffocated by some chick sitting on his face. Of course it was like the pervert think something exotic as that. Moka on the other hand believed that someone in black saves all of them. It wasn't as outrageous as her friends' memories but it served its purpose to keep her safe. However her very nature defied the affects and rejecting the new memories by giving her snippets of the truth in her dreams.

One week later the spell was broken and Ichigo had to use the device on her again to the Vampire's displeasure. Four days later she "wakes" up and Ichigo had no choice but to induce her again to forgetfulness. This time Urahara tried something different by tailoring the memories that she will accept. But he doubted it will work considering that the time she was under the spell was shortened. The humble shop keeper delivered his little gift to him only to find out later thaf he was stuck in Academy for the entire semester because of the bus schedule. Ichigo told Urahara and the others that if Akshiya happened to break through again, he will take responsibility for her. He was sick and tired of putting her on the damn spell only for her resist and wake up from its power and to hell with the consequences! Hat-n-clogs approved of his decision and Yoruichi backed the strawberry as well. Rukia and Renji didn't approve but Ichigo has already indicated that Moka was now under his protection. Just as he broke through Soul Society to save her, Rukia does not doubt that he will go through Hell and back to find Moka.

"Or is it just the fact that you have a big crush on her?" Rukia said snickering. "Don't worry, your secret's safe with me, you stud muffin you!"

Ichigo blinked for a moment and didn't say anything. Was Rukia right? Did he had a thing for Akashiya? He didn't know. In fact he didn't want to know. This lovey dovey shit was new to him and Kami knows what Akashiya would say if he told her. She'd probably laugh at him or something! Besides, he didn't have time for this relationship crap! He had a responsibility to protect this school from Aizen. That is if indeed the damn bastard is somewhere here! He felt he wasn't ready to take care another person who had wants and needs as much as he did.

"But Ichigo you just said that you were going to protect this girl!" Zangetsu said. "Is that not the same thing?"

It's amazing how the old man cuts through all the horse crap and gets to the point. And Zangetsu is right in a way. Still he needs to think about it...

"Abandon, your fear. Look forward. Move forward and never stop!"

"You'll age if you pull back. You'll die if you hesitate!" Ichigo whispered. "I know but I think what you said doesn't pertain to my situation."

"And that never stopped you before! You let Rukia plunge her Zanpakuto into not knowing the consequences. You never hesitated invading Soul Society to save a dear friend. You faced your fear and conquered something terrible inside you. Now you use that enormous power to protect those who you hold dear. So how is this situation different? The most important thing is to face it and then do something about it."

"You're right old man. Thanks for the head's up!"

"You're welcome!"

That conversation happened in his head simultaneously. He blinked to clear his head and now that he was coherent, he needed to address Rukia before she gets any ideas. That he chose how she would expect him to react was quite rather obvious. The time to explore his feelings for Akashiya will have to go to the back burner for awhile. He was actually proud of the fact the way he "reacted!" He felt that he should get an Oscar for his convincing performance!

"What the hell are you talking about, midget!" Ichigo roared. "There is no way in hell I have feelings for that cold hearted, PMSing, moody, arrogant, and prideful woman. I'd sooner ask Unohana-san to a date than to ask her which by the way would be never!"

"How many times have I told you not to call me strawberry!" Rukia growled.

"Midget is as midget does!"

"As well for strawberries apparently!" Rukia bit back.

They butted heads and glared at each other. While the two best friends had a spirited argument with Renji chuckling in the background, the shop keeper and the Flash Goddess were discussing a few matters...

"Oh my, he sounds very convincing doesn't he Yoruichi?" Urahara said under his fan.

"At least he finally realizes his feelings. Poor Orihime, it took a Vampire with a strong personality to finally win him over. But Miss Akashiya might have competition soon." Yoruichi said casually.

"Oh, you're talking about the Ichinose girl, the Mermaid right?" Urahara asked. "She looks nice enough I guess. Doubt that she'll be able to beat Akashiya-san even if Ichigo did woke up from being so oblivious!"

"If I can teach Ichigo Bankai in 3 days and he beats Byakuya," she said. "Then I sure as hell be able to teach Tamao to beat Moka similarly!"

"But my dear Yoruichi, you used my tenshinkai method and Zangetsu was the one who taught him instead."

"Oh why are you sweating over the details!" Yoruichi said. "She may not have Ichigo 's enormous growth potential and Moka's Vampire heritage but Tamao is in love and a girl in love will do anything to win her beloved's heart!"

"I didn't know your were a sentimental softy!"

"I'm not but Tamao had something that I thought Orihime lacked and that's why I think that girl has a chance to win."

"Oh and what's that if I may ask?"

"Don't get me wrong I love that poor girl to death but Orihime is too meek and too much of a pacifist and she's satisfied with the status quo. I guess that's why Ichigo never noticed her. Tamao however is the opposite, she is willing to fight Moka tooth and nail for his attention."

Well Yoruichi did have a point but Urahara couldn't leave it at that...

"How about we make a bet then?"

"What are the terms?"

"If you can make Tamao-chan a worthy girlfriend for Ichigo then it's free lodging for you..."

"Oh goody, what about if you win?"

"Just buy me dinner for a week and we'll call it even!" Urahara responded.

The two of them shook hands to seal the bet...

"Just out of curiosity, why make a bet that you know you can't win?" Yoruichi asked jokingly.

"To be honest, it's something to occupy my mind until that damn bus gets here!"

The Flash Goddess laughed out loud because that was actually very funny...

"Besides I'm sure that you would want to see how this goes right?"

"You know me so well!" Yoruichi said.

That conversation/meeting happened 3 days ago. A lot has happened in the last few days and frankly Ichigo will be glad when this little memory fiasco is over and he can get on with his life and complete the mission. The Substitute lingered for awhile longer before he stood up and walked at the window to let himself out. He looked at the peacefully sleeping Moka. When she finally get her memories back, he knew she was gonna raise hell about how she was treated. Oh well, she'll get over it.

"Goodnight Moka, I hope you sleep well..."

The Substitute let himself out and was floating high above the dorm. Ichigo finally donned the gift Urahara gave him a few days ago. It was a bone white metal mask fashioned like his own and an over coat that he wore on his kimono. He lifted the hood to his face and the same red markings matching his mask was designed on the outside right side of the cloth. Now that he wasn't really using his Hollow mask anymore, his spiritual power won't attract as much trouble albeit he would be even more imposingly menacing to the people he rescues.

Ichigo was about to leave when he suddenly felt that strange spiritual pressure that he's been tracking for the last few weeks. Been annoying the hell out of him because who or whatever the cause always get away whenever he got close and then vanish without a trace as he tried to locate the signal. It bothered the Substitute that he/she was always one step ahead of him. But this time, he can feel the signal was nearby and he reappeared in the middle of a forest clearing.

"I know you're out here so show yourself!" Ichigo shouted.


"Don't make me flush you out!"

Ichigo released the full might of his spiritual pressure and even though his Zanpakuto was still in its shikai form, the suffocating power output was still considerable. Ichigo heard something coming out of the bushes and he instinctively turned around and blocked high, only for his eyes widening in surprise. Because right before him was a Hollow unlike anything he saw before in his life. It was huge about 8 feet tall maybe weighted about 550 lbs. It looked something out of an sci-fi horror movie that's coming now a days but this one was just butt ugly. Interspersed with a metal body was grotesquely pulsating mass of quivering flesh. It's spiritual pressure didn't feel like a Hollow at all. It's as if it's not even there despite the fact that he can see it with his own eyes and he feel it's spiritual pressure. It just didn't feel right...

Whatever it was though, it was really strong as he was being pushed backward by the inch. He held his ground and when this "Hollow" surges forward, he sank about a foot into the ground. Not to be outdone, the Substitute roared and pushed back. Ichigo then put his sword down to the side and kicked it viciously in the gut sending it sliding backwards and kicking up dust and debris high into the air. As the Un-hollow slid, it quickly fired a Cero and forces Ichigo to stand his ground and bisected the energy blast in the middle, thereby exploding harmlessly behind him. He took a glance back and narrowed his eyes at the complete devastation it wrought. The Substitute is wondering though whether or not this thing is the Arrancar he's been looking for all this time? No time to ponder about the subject as the creature reappeared in front of him with its claws extended and was about to skewer him like barbecue on a stick.

Hastily Ichigo vanished in shunpo as the massive arm came down like a jackhammer causing the ground to crumble from the power of its swing and burying its arm almost to its elbow. He reappeared a few yards away from the creature as he scrutinized the tattered front of his kimono and putting a hand on the shallow wound across his torso. For something that big to almost catch him despite using shunpo is very alarming. The strawberry growled and this time he went on the offensive. He reappeared right above the creature with a powerful overhand slash. As soon as Zanpakuto and claws met, bright sparks flew all over the place.

Ichigo vanished again and this time he reappeared behind the Un-hollow and his sword flashed biting on flesh and that attack caused an angry reaction. The creature's retaliation was swift and vicious and Ichigo got caught by massive backhand that he blocked but the power behind the blow sent him flying through the trees and finally crashing on a hill and carving a deep crater on it's surface. He was about to extricate himself from the crater when he suddenly raised his sword and he blocked foot long razor sharp claws that appeared in front of him.

With sheer power on his part, Ichigo deflected the incoming strike long enough to kick the creature in the face. It's arm slackened and he kicked it again for good measure. He then followed up with an attack to the belly and sparks flew as his blade met armor. Ichigo narrowed his eyes and he suddenly had an idea to finish the fight quickly. Bracing himself on the hill wall, two feet landed on its chest that's de it stagger backwards. As the Un-Hollow stepped back, Ichigo quickly charged and disappear in shunpo as soon as he appeared in front of it. His Zanpakuto successfully scoring a hit as his sword bit on its shoulder, cutting through muscle, bone and armor...


They were both swallowed by a devastating explosion and when Ichigo emerged from the smoke and debris, there was nothing left of the creature but twisted mass of steel as the fleshy part vanished into the familiar wisps of light and then nothing. It took his maximum power in Shikai to defeat one of those damn things and it occurred to him that he probably would have an easier time had he used Bankai. However, the strawberry lives a challenge and certainly that thing gave him plenty of it. Now that his adrenalin has burned through his system, a wave of exhaustion hit him like a ton of bricks. It's been a very long day and he needs to go to school tomorrow. Suddenly Rukia and Renji appeared right in front of him...

"Ichigo, are you alright?" Rukia asked worried.

"Yeah I'm alright, just got ambushed by some weird Hollow that I've never seen before..." Ichigo replied.

"We came as soon as we felt your spiritual pressure skyrocket!" Renji said.

"Yes , we thought you were in trouble too..." Rukia added. "So tell me what happened?"

Ichigo described what he fought to them...

"And that's what's left of the bastard!" He said pointing at the twisted mass of steel.

The two of them looked at the remains and made faces. For Hollows to leave something after they got purified was highly irregular that set alarms in their heads immediately. Whether it was the Arrancars that they sent Ichigo to look for was subject for debate. Mayuri was going to cackle in glee and would have a field day studying this thing. Rukia looked at the exhausted Ichigo...

"Go home Ichigo, we'll take care of this mess." Rukia told him.

Ichigo was about to leave but he stopped for a moment and looked at her...

"Was there anything else?"

"Save some for Urahara and have him take a look at it." Ichigo replied. "And one more thing..."

"And what was that?" Renji asked.

"During the fight I couldn't feel any energy signature like... it never existed."

"We were wondering what got you so riled up that you would release your power like that." Renji admitted. "Because..."

"Because you could only feel my spiritual pressure right?" Ichigo interrupted.

"Yeah, how did you know?" Rukia asked.

"It just had this unusual feeling about or more accurately lack thereof..."

Suddenly they all heard a disembodied voice coming from all over place...

"Most impressive Kurosaki Ichigo for you to have defeated one of the Desalmados (the heartless) quite easily is quite an accomplishment!"

"Who the hell are you and what do you know about those things?" Ichigo shouted.

"I will tell you in due time but my purpose this evening is to give you a warning: Beware, the Overlord is coming!"

"Overlord? Who the hell is that?" Renji asked.

"Like I said, Abarai, Renji-san, your answers will come in time."

"Wait how the hell do you know my name?" the pineapple demanded suspiciously.

"And when will that be?" Rukia added.

There was silence that permeated the forest as the person either tried to ignore them or he/she already left the scene. The trio looked at each other and wondered what the hell just happened? Finally Ichigo had enough and he broke the silence between them...

"Dunno about you but I had a long day. I'm hungry, tired and my bed is tempting me to ditch all this crap and we will discuss this matter later."

"Goodnight Ichigo and I hope you have pleasant dreams of Akashiya-san!" Rukia joked.

"Dammit midget, it's not like that so stop insinuating stuff!" Ichigo growled.

"Uh huh, sure it isn't!"

Ichigo didn't say anything but he balefully glared at her as he vanished in shunpo while Renji and Rukia chuckled...

to be continued...

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