A/N: Dedicated to Vera-of-the-bookshelf.  I'm not sure that's right, but you know who you are! ^_^

Failed again

A perfect angel sits and waits

Her terrible fate, she knows must come

A star sparkles far above

She knows it's not too late

A monster, dark and cloaked

Feels the pain from deep inside

Another one he has lost

He goes to search for her again

Down, and down

The crystal steps

Their feet do echo all around

The angel listens and smiles at the sound

A brave man walks forward,

Gazing to her deep green eyes

A final look up,

One last smile

A demon falls from high above

A clanging then silence

The angel looks up and falls

The smile frozen on her lips

The monster sees the Demon-man

Revenge is sworn again

For another life, another soul

Deep is his pain

Watch her sleeping, the monsters

Gazes, upon her beautiful now gone face

Floating down into the blue

She is at peace with her beloved world

The monster looks up to the sky

And howls, his misery is plain

A tear escapes the blood-red eyes

He has failed again