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The Berserker Saga reading order:

Daddy-Daughter Issues – One-Shot – Shifu and Tigress have a discussion on the events of KFP2… (Completed)

A Completed Collection – One-Shot – Tigress notices something missing from Po's action figure collection… (Completed)

Father's Day – Two-Parter – Mr. Ping helps teach Shifu to be a better adopted father for Tigress while Tigress goes to Po for help with a gift for Shifu… (completed)

Confidence and Courage – multi-chapter – A horrible "accident" shakes Po's confidence in himself and his Kung Fu… (Complete)

Today is a Gift – multi-chapter – An ancient artifact sends Tigress on an amazing yet horrifying adventure… (Complete)

Mist of Pandaria - multi-chapter - The Heroes of the Jade Palace receive a call for help that will lead to Po learning far more of his history than he ever thought possible… (In Production)

The Claws of the Berserker – multi-chapter – The Dragon Warrior and the Furious Five face their greatest enemy yet, a monster, a Berserker that does not want power, wealth, or rule, but to watch all of China burn… and why is Master Shifu determined to keep Tigress out of the fight? (Coming soon!)

After the Storm – multi-chapter – the Masters of the Jade Palace and the Valley of Peace try to heal the physical and emotional wounds left by the Berserker… (Coming soon!)

Ip Pan sighed happily as he watched children run and play, flying kites on the beautiful spring day. But he couldn't shake a foreboding feeling. Perhaps it was only bad weather coming. He tried to shrug it off and continue hoeing his garden. "Ahem…"

"Uh oh…" the panda looked up to see his wife, who had her hands on her hips and was glaring. "Cheung, beautiful day isn't it?"

"I thought we agreed you'd put fighting to the side," Cheung said, shaking her head as she walked toward her husband.

"And I have," Ip said, giving his best boyish grin, and tried to make his emerald eyes sparkle.

"Then why did I find our sixteen year old daughter training with swords?" Cheung asked, crossing her arms, and tapping her foot.

"I just wanted to properly prepare her," Ip said, nodding firmly, "Ming's sixteen years old. Boys are going to come calling. She's prepared and instructed on how to properly deal with them. And they're technically not swords. They're hook blades."

"Something's bothering you…" She narrowed her eyes and approached her husband.

"It's probably nothing," he said, putting his arm round his wife and walked out of their garden.

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

Ip Pan's eyes narrowed as dark clouds began to fill the sky. Other pandas began looking around fearfully as he gripped his hoe.

Ingonyama nengw' enamabala

He shoved his wife behind him as he came around with his hoe, striking the wolf that was diving at them right in the face, a hook from the hoe clawing across his face and eye.


And the spirit of life calling


"Cheung!" Ip called, glancing back to his wife. "Take our son and run!" He said, glancing around the gathering army of wolves and the white Peacock behind them.

"I'm not leaving you!" She stated firmly.

"GO!" Ip barked, "NOW! Don't argue with me this time…" he begged.

Cheung bit her lip, and nodded, turning to see her child crawling outside their now burning house. She quickly scooped him up and ran out of the village.

And a voice

With the fear of a child asking


"Kill them all!" the white peacock ordered as he and a group of wolves chased after Cheung and the baby. "COWARD!" Ip called after the bird as he tried to chase him, but was cut off as a wolf jump on his back.

Ip roared and threw the wolf, snap-side kicking him just before he hit the ground. He glanced around and saw the wolves attacking his people, He gripped his hoe and spun it in the air striking each of the two wolves approaching him from behind. "PANDAS! FIGHT WITH HONOR!"


"HIYA!" A young female panda flipped over one wolf, catching him in by his ankles with her twin hook blades, and flipped him into the air. "Father!"

"Dao Ming!" Ip snapped bringing his broken hoe down hard on the skull of a wolf. "Why are you here? You should be running with the other women and children!"

"No, I should be here fighting at your side," she said, spinning her blades in her hands, "This is what you trained me for, Father."

"No, I trained you to prevent me from becoming a grandfather before my time!" He snapped back.

There's no mountain too great

"As soon as the women and children are away, begin falling back, scatter and meet at the safe point," Ip ordered, and all the male pandas and his daughter nodded and continued fighting the wolves with everything they had. Many pandas fell, but they took many wolves with them. Once they were certain that the women and children were clear they quickly blitzed their enemies, dazing them, then disappeared into the forest.

Hours later, Ip Pan and Dao Ming waited impatiently at the entrance to the grotto where they had all agreed to regroup.

"Grandmaster, if we wish to make it to Pandaria before day break, we must leave now…" one of the pandas approached the two.

Hear these words and have faith

"We… we must go…" Ip said, his green eyes heavy with tears as his shoulders slumped.

"No, Father, please, just a little longer, Mama and Hu are still out there!" Dao Ming begged, "I can feel it! They're still alive… he's still alive…"

"They… they are still alive, my beautiful blossom…" Ip hugged his daughter close.

She sobbed openly, trembling in her father's embrace as he spoke softly into her ear. "They live in you…"

Have faith

"AT LAST!" Tai Lung proclaimed as he stood over the fallen panda, holding the prized Dragon Scroll in his hand. "THE DRAGON SCROLL IS… Mine?" He drifted off as he opened the blank, reflective scroll. "What?"

"I didn't get it at first either…" Po said, struggling to get back to his feet. "There is no secret ingredient…" Po smiled when he caught his own reflection in the scroll.

He lives in you

Tai Lung roared in rage as he lashed out at Po, striking him with every nerve attack he knew, but Po only laughed, and kicked like a child. "OH! STOP IT! THAT TICKLES! I'M GONNA PEE!" He then swung his wide belly around striking Tai Lung, and sending him tumbling away.

Tai Lung, now fully angry ran back toward the Panda, but with new confidence, Po met his attacks head on, and easily dodged and blocked each of them.

He lives in me

The fight went on for several minute, before the panda sent the powerful and feared leopard flying into the air. After slamming painfully into the ground, Tai Lung struggled back to his feet. "You can't defeat me…" Tai Lung barked weakly, "You're just a big… fat … panda!"

"No, I'm not a big fat panda," Po said, catching his hand by the finger, "I'm THE big fat panda." He said lifting his pinky into the Wuxi Finger Hold.

He watches over

Everything we see

Tai Lung gasped in fear and shock, "The Wuxi Finger Hold?"

"Oh, you know this hold?" Po asked with a confident smirk.

Into the water

Tai Lung shook his head, but held his arm as still as possible, "You're bluffing… YOU'RE BLUFFING! Shifu didn't teach you that…"

"You're right…" Po nodded, and Tai Lung relaxed. "I figured it out… Skadoosh…" Tai Lung heard his words and before he could respond, hot fire burned through his hand and arm.

Into the Truth…

Tai Lung screamed in pain, and only was slightly aware he was flying through the air, like a golden comment.

He flew through many trees and rocks before skidding to a stop in a grotto, his arm completely numb from the elbow down, and the rest of his arm and shoulder burned like fire.

He roared in pain as he struggled, dragging himself through the dirt. Finally he came to a stop at flowing creek, and tried to catch his breath. To his rage, he saw familiar green eyes on a white and black face looking down at him curiously from above.

In your reflection

He tried to force himself back up to attack, but only collapsed, breathing heavily, and roaring with every exhale. He was only vaguely aware he was suddenly being surrounded by pandas…

He lives in you…



Chapter 1: A Date with Destiny

Po sighed as he leaned against the post at the main entrance of the Jade Palace grounds. What was taking her so long, Po wondered. It wasn't like Tigress to take this long. Usually if they were going somewhere, she beat him to the gates.

"Shouldn't you be at your father's shop, Po?" Viper asked, as she, Crane, Mantis, and Monkey approached the famed Dragon Warrior.

"Yeah, isn't this his grand reopening?" Mantis asked, rubbing his 'thingies' over his stomach, "I can taste his noodles already!"

"Oh, hey guys! Yeah, I'm about to head down there," Po smiled as he greeted his friends. "I'm just waiting on Master Tigress. She wanted to go down there with me today… and … and… whoa…"

The others followed Po's dazed stare and joined him in his stupor at the sight. Crane's jaw dropped and almost touched the ground. Walking gracefully down the steps from the dormitory was Tigress. But she wasn't using her usual vest and slacks. In their place was an elegant ruqun dress. The top was somewhat tight and the sleeves opened with a wide cuff, which she had placed her hands inside, as her arms were crossed slightly before her. The color was primarily red, with gold and dark red trim, with a strand of jewelry on the braid tying her darker red waist skirt over the longer dress that reached her ankles. Two items most noticeable were large dragon and tiger shaped golden bobbles on her braid.

Silence filled the air as she floated toward them elegantly. "Do I look alright, Dragon Warrior?" Tigress asked, her eyes never leaving the dumbstruck, gawking Panda.

"Uba, er, waba ga-ga…" Po mumbled, seeming to have lost higher brain function, as he stared at the approaching tiger.

"Tigress… you look gorgeous!" Viper gushed moving around her looking her up and down. "Where did you get this? WHEN did you get this? Have you been holding out on me?"

"This old thing?" Tigress glanced down at her elegant ruqun and shrugged, "Master Shifu insisted a few years ago that I get a dress for formal occasions that would require me to be more feminine. Never really had a use for it until now..." She walked up to the still flabbergasted Dragon Warrior and looped her arm around his. "Are you prepared to depart, Po?" She asked, looking up at him. "Are you feeling ok?"

"I'm… I'm… I'm feeling…" Po finally was able to form words. "I'm feeling really… underdressed right now…"

"You look fine," Tigress nodded, "Come, your father will be upset if you're not there for his big moment." They started to leave but stopped when they heard a crash back toward the palace.

They all looked back to see Master Shifu and Tai Lung standing before a broken box of scrolls that now rolled in every which way. Shifu's mouth hung wide open and his eyes were wider than his ears as he stared at Tigress. "Would you look at you, Sister," Tai Lung smirked in his usual cocky way, "You actually look like a female for once."

"I'm not a warrior for today," She replied, her chin held high as she eyed her adopted brother, being careful not to make any eye contact with the Grandmaster at all. "If there's nothing else, Tai, you're holding up my date." At the word date Shifu took a sharp intake and his mouth snapped shut but he remained frozen still with huge eyes.

"Nah, I'm good, you go and have a good time," Tai Lung shook his head, "but don't have TOO good of a time." Shifu took another sharp intake.

"We'll be back in time for evening training," she bowed toward her adopted father.

"We'll bring back some noodle soup!" Monkey added as the four fell in line behind the two as they exited the palace grounds.

Tai Lung stood next to Shifu for several moments after the door shut. Finally Shifu was able to produce words. "My… My sweet daughter…"

"Mmhmm…" Tai Lung nodded, then made a face and shuddered. "Ugh…"

"Wha… what?" Shifu looked up at him.

"Just had a mental image that wasn't right," the leopard shrugged. "Just had an image of what their kids will look like."

Shifu sat down roughly on the ground with a numb expression on his face.


Mr. Ping fluttered around the repaired Dragon Warrior Noodles and Tofu Restaurant Court yard, taking orders, running to the kitchen and bringing back the orders with the grace of a grand master. "PO!" He cried out when he saw his adopted son standing in the entrance with Tigress still on his arm. The old goose gasped and went right to the female tiger. "Oh, my goodness! Look at you, Master Tigress! You look like a princess! I always said my Po deserved to marry a Princess or Queen or Empress one day!"

Po and Tigress's eyes widened, "What? No one said anything about marriage!" Po stammered as Tigress worked her mouth wordlessly.

"Shifu hasn't mentioned anything to either of you?" they blinked in confusion. "No? Good, good!"

"What? What did you mean about Master Shifu?" Tigress narrowed her eyes.

"Nothing, nothing at all, my dear, come, come! Have a seat! Your meal is on the house!" He said, shoving a group of pigs that had just finished their meal off a table and rapidly cleaned it off. "Sit! Sit!"

"Need me to help serve, Dad, you look a little overwhelmed…" Po offered.

"Nonsense, Po," Ping shook his head, "You'll sit with your girlfriend."

Tigress and Po looked at each other awkwardly. "What? No, no, no, me and Tigress, we're… uh… I mean… er…" Po and Tigress sat down.

"Don't worry, we'll help your dad, Po," Monkey spoke up.

"You two chit chat," Viper grinned at them, grabbing Mantis with her tail and the four followed Ping to the kitchen.

"So…" Po said after a few awkward moments.

"So…" Tigress replied, looking at the table.

"What'll it be?" a young voice grabbed their attention.

Po and Tigress turned to find a young lion cub no more than ten years old with a few strands of red fur on the top of his head standing there with a notepad.

"Who are you?" Po cocked an eyebrow as Tigress stared with wide eyes at the cub.

"Hello… can I help you?" Tigress asked awkwardly as she faced the stone-faced lion, part of his red main falling over one of his eyes as he studied her.

"I brought you breakfast…" The lion growled softly, still watching her carefully.

Tigress bowed in thankfulness as she took the bowl and chopsticks. She took a long sniff of the steam and took a bite. "He's improved on the Secret Ingredient Soup! Po's not lost his touch at all!"

"Uh… I made it…" the lion glanced away, blushing slightly. Tigress glanced up questioningly. "I had coordination issues as a cub, father used cooking to help me prepare and calm my nerves before we trained in Kung Fu."

"I haven't actually seen you fight, but I would say it would seem you've surpassed your master in cooking," Tigress replied. "So… Po and Viper adopted you?"

"Kinda… Father…Po adopted me when I was a cub… Viper and I don't get along that well to be honest… She and Father haven't really gotten along that well either since her home village fell to the Tigers."

Tigress nodded, "I see… I don't think I caught your name…"

"Oh, Father would make me do fifty flips if he knew I ignored my manners… my name's…"

"Oh, you haven't met my new friend," Mr. Ping smiled as he saw Po staring down the cub. "I found…"

"Mr. Ping is letting me stay and work for him while I'm passing through town…" the cub interrupted him.

"Awesome, but don't let him work you too hard, kid," Po advised with a smile, "and that'll be a double noodle soup secret ingredient, and gingko leaf tofu for the lady."

The cub nodded, and took down the order before scampering off behind the goose. "You ok, Mei?" Po asked softly, noticing her still staring.

"Huh? Oh, yes, I'm fine, just… he just… reminds me of something…" Tigress shook her head, and smiled at Po. "You know… two years ago I never thought I would be wearing this for you, Panda…"

"No kidding, remember the time just after I beat Tai Lung when the croc bandits chained us together? I thought you were going to strangle me with the chain before we could get free!"

"I could have killed Master Shifu for making me go with you to get that statue," Tigress mused, placing her elbow on the table and her chin in haw palm, "I think… that was when we first really… became friends, Po."

"Baptism by fire… still feel those knocks…" he winced.

"You deserved every one, Panda," Tigress smirked, "You dragged me off a cliff."

"It was all according to plan!" Po defended himself.

"Between that and the cooking rice in your stomach plan," Tigress reached across the table and patted Po's hand. "Why don't we just let me be the planner of this duo?"

"Duo?" Po blinked, taken aback.

Tigress glanced toward where the rest of the Five were helping cook and wait tables. "I trust the Five to try to help me if I'm in a tight spot… I trust Master Shifu to be there if unless something more important to the Mission gets in the way… but you… Po… you're the first person that I've ever known… the first person I've been sure that I don't have to look back to know you're there … the first person I know is there to watch my back." She sighed, and looked up at him, "I've had allies… but before you… I've never had a friend before… let alone… a best friend…" she then had a flush that was notable even through her fur, and ducked her head and mumbled. "Let alone… a boyfriend…"

"Me?" Po asked, staring at her in awe.

"Please, Po… I'm not good at this…" Tigress glanced away. "I will face any enemy, any army, and not even blink… but… this is different… I'm not sure how to proceed here…"

"Hey…" he reached over and took her hand. "You think I've got a better road map? I've never really had any friends outside of my dad before I came to the palace… Viper and Mantis were the first pals I ever had…" his smile faltered a little, "Had some that said they were, but I'm not as dumb as I look… I heard what they said about me behind my back…"

"Don't do that," Tigress warned, giving him a firm glare.

"Huh?" Po blinked.

"You're not dumb," Tigress gave a little growl, "And for their sake, I hope I never catch anyone who calls you that."

Po's heart sped up as he realized they were both leaning across the table, and his face was only inches away from hers. "You're the only person I truly consider a friend, Po…" Tigress whispered, drawing any closer, "That makes you… precious to me… only China itself would earn my defense above you…"

"Mei Ren…"

Eyes fluttered closed.

Trembling lips puckered.

"DRAGON WARRIOR! MASTER TIGRESS!" the couple jumped apart and looked to see an out of breath pig from the Jade Palace leaning against the table. "Grand Master Shifu and Master Tai Lung need you immediately!"

"Huh? Wha?" Po looked around in a daze.

"Alright, guys," Tigress stood up, "Duty calls." She said, and four disappointed moans sounded.

"Can we have that order to go?" Po held up a finger.


"If they're not here in FIVE more minutes, I swear I'm going on without them!" Tai Lung growled, pacing back and forth in the Hall of Heroes.

"Patience is a virtue, Tai Lung, I would have thought you would have learned this by now," Shifu replied.

"I don't have time for patience, Shifu," Tai Lung growled, "THEY don't have time for me to be patient… she doesn't…" he added the last just under his breath.

"What's up?" Po asked as he, Crane, Viper, Mantis, and Monkey entered the Hall.

"We have to leave right now, it's a long journey and the letter sounded desperate," Tai Lung snapped, "Let's go!"

"Calm yourself, son," Shifu said, "Explain the situation… Po especially needs to hear this." Tai Lung glanced at everything but Po.

"The… the ones who saved me, the ones who found me after you gave me the Wuxi Finger Hold… and nursed me back to health… retrained me… they sent me a letter…" Tai Lung replied, looking away from the group. "They're in danger… they're uncertain who is attacking them due to their heavy armor… but they are felines by their body shapes… possibly from the jungle regions west of China… maybe looking for an outpost for an invasion…"

"Tigers…" Po jumped, and glanced to his right to see Tigress standing beside him, having changed into her normal battle attire.

"Tigers?" Shifu looked up at his adopted daughter.

"Just… a hunch, Master… go on, Tai Lung," Tigress nodded to the leopard.

"they sent a letter calling for me, requesting my return to help defend the capital city of the kingdom… and to bring what help I could find." Tai Lung hung his head, "my Master sent me out to find his long lost son and wife… he had somehow sensed his son was still alive somewhere in China and asked me to find him and his mother… I've failed so far."

"You're not telling us something, Tai Lung," Tigress narrowed her ruby eyes. "Talk."

"You believe you're the last panda, don't you, Po?" Tai Lung glanced to the Dragon Warrior.

"Well, yeah, Shen slaughtered my whole race when I was a baby…" Po glanced away, "There were no survivors…"

"You're wrong," Tai Lung replied, and Po's eyes widened. Tigress's eyes shot instantly to Po and placed a hand on his shoulder without even a thought.

"W-What?" Po looked at the snow leopard in pure shock.

"There were survivors," Tai Lung stated, "They all escaped to Pandaria."

To Be Continued

Coming soon: The Mist of Pandaria Chapter 2: Clash of the Love Interests