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The fox's sweet berry

In the middle of nothingness, in a vast void space, three figure stood up surrounding a small orb between them. The figures defied any and all description, mainly because of who they were: Kami, Yami and Shinigami.

"This one's death arrived too early" the god of death spoke as he approached the orb.

"And the ones in his world were at fault… a pity, he could of changed it into a better place had they not let their rage blind them into such stupid thoughts" the god of darkness and punishment spoke ominously.

"And that's why we're here together, this little one died too soon to complete his purpose… we'll have to destroy his world" spoke the god of life and light.

"Agreed, had he not died then that world's corruption could have ended"

"Do not worry about it, brother. I'll make sure the ones responsible suffer"

"At least let me sort out the souls of those who didn't do him harm in any way, for whatever few they were"

The other two nodded, and the three raised their hands simultaneously, and in one second they brought them down, ceasing the orb's existence.

"So many souls to punish and so little time… the list is quite large, there seemed to be no end to the corruption in this world" Yami spoke solemnly with a hint of both disgust and sadness, he may be a god of punishment but seeing so much darkness even got him.

"But at least there is hope for the few who deserve a stay in my kingdom" Kami spoke with hope as he would make sure the few souls who deserved mercy could get some rest.

However, Shinigami just stared at one small orb in his hand, before turning to his brothers "This one soul, this one human, has so much power and so much potential… I feel it'd be a waste if we let him cross to another path without him experiencing real life… or at least, do what he could have done"

His brothers remained silent, before Kami spoke "A chance for him to live and do the great good he could of done in his own world but in another… quite interesting"

Yami nodded "We are bounded to never interfere in the affair of creation after we made everything exist… however; I feel it is time to forget that rule just this once at least. This young soul has so much power and it was wasted in the place he was born by those who wanted to control him"

Shinigami nodded "And while I believe it may be selfish of me, I think the world were my subordinates work could use his help, after all, I can sense dark times approaching with their ways of thinking"

Kami face-palmed "Why, oh, why didn't I give humans a better common sense to avoid the corruption of their hearts?"

Yami nodded "We decided to make them have the ability to choose between good and evil, it is their fault and no one else's that it has come to this"

Shinigami held the orb up and positioned between himself and his brothers "True, but this little one deserves to end that corruption. I know just by looking at this soul that it has the power more than necessary to do so. So, let us give this one soul, this one boy, the second chance he deserves"

The three gods nodded to themselves and each put a hand on the orb, the three speaking as one:

"Good luck, Uzumaki Naruto"


(A whole shitload of time later – Karakura Town)

In the middle of Karakura Town, in an alley between the large buildings in its center, a traditional japanese door opened, letting out of it a pair of unusually clothed individuals entering the place and taking in its sights.

One of them was a petite raven haired girl with a lone, long bang between her eyes and her short hair reaching her neck, she was dressed in a black kimono with matching hakama pants, straw sandals and had a katana tied to her hip by a white lace that worked as a sash.

However her companion wasn't that much formal. He had a big messy spiky mane that dropped over his head in a mop of loose bangs (Minato's hair) with some of them kept away from his forehead by black tinted, orange trimmed round goggles with a black elastic lace keeping them on his head. His face was lean with no baby fat, as was his body but he had a decent built for battle. His face was certainly cat and/or vulpine like, having his eyes so narrowed they actually seemed shut, and beneath them, on his cheeks, there were three whisker–like birthmarks on each side of his rather young face. With his looks he was fifteen at much… but appearances can be deceiving.

His choice of clothing was similar to the girl beside him, but in a different style: he had his black kimono wide open with the and showing a red muscle shirt beneath it, his black hakama pants were short, they reached below the knees and were tied beneath them, giving them a ballooning effect. And to difference him a bit more, he didn't have the straw sandals, instead he had wooden geta sandals on his actually bare feet (Yep, based the clothing in Mugen from Samurai Champloo).

On his torso was a black leather belt crossing it from his right shoulder to his left hip, carrying on his back a rather large sword. It was a daito with a straight blade, the longest type of japanese sword, with a red handle, a golden square guard and tip which had a small loop in it to which a white string carried a drop shaped crystal, the weapon's sheath was red too and had a golden tip at the end. The whole weapon was long enough to actually reach beneath the young man's knees even if it was in a diagonal position (And for those of you who guessed it, yes, it is Afro Samurai's sword).

Looking around with surprise in his narrow-eyed face the blond whistled "So this is where my first mission starts, huh, Rukia-chan?" he asked his companion with a friendly, warm tone.

The girl nodded proudly "That's right, and now it is Rukia-sempai, Naruto-kouhai" she said, adding the last part cockily.

The blond frowned "Oh, come on, we've been friends since we were… well, I was a kid" the boy said putting his hands behind his head in a laid back manner as he stared at the girl "Couldn't you at least try to be like when you and Renji were with me?"

The girl smiled at him "Come on, Naruto, I'm just kidding" she said before walking with the boy following close behind "I mean, you've grown so fast just to be with me and Renji, so of course I'm happy of seeing you, and I'm very proud of being your tutor for your first mission, Mr. Rookie of the Century"

The blond smiled a bit cockily at that "Well, what can I say? You and Renji were my first friends when I arrived, I couldn't just let the two of you go and be shinigami, not unless I could be with you two"

Rukia smiled at him "But still, you graduated so easily and so early even if you entered several years after me and Renji got out"

The blond rubbed the back of his head sheepishly "Well, it was not easy so I had to work myself to the bone since I was still younger than you two… and sadly by a long shot"

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" Rukia asked, feeling her friend had used that as an insult, which he did.

"Don't worry your pretty little head, sempai, or you might get a lot of wrinkles too soon" he laughed.

"Why you… this is insubordination!" the ravenette yelled as the two walked through the streets, no one noting them even if the blond was laughing long and hard.

(Some time later)

"I'm telling you the truth!" Rukia shouted in her defense.

"Really?" Naruto asked, grabbing his chin and tilting his head to one side in deep thought.

The girl nodded "Yeah, he looks a LOT like you, except he's a lot skinnier, he gives you the creeps and has this kind of dark aura around him as if he wanted to choke you out of pure terror" she explained while motioning with her hands, her fingers twirling in some weird dance to express something dark and foul.

The blond sweat-dropped "Man… if that's true then I don't want to fall in Squad Three with a captain like that"

She nodded "I had the same thoughts when I met him and knew who he wa-"


Both of the black clad young warriors stopped dead in their tracks at the sound of the unnatural roar, turned and spotted their target, a large creature with a bug like head/mask as white as snow and a centipede-esque body with sickles for arms trashing everything around it with its oversized body and trying to reach at two girls.

One of them was a little girl with short pigtails, a dress… and a chain hanging from her chest.

However, the other took Naruto's full attention: short, messy bright orange hair which fell to her face, a bit spiky, amber eyes in her cute and round face made her look feral like a lioness protecting her cubs as she stepped in front of the girl and between the monster, however even angry she did look quite cute. She also had a really well toned and nicely shaped body, wide hips, long shapely legs, high C to low D-cup sized breasts and an air of fighting all around her despite her innocent and entrancing appearance (If you fail to imagine it, then see the link in my profile).

She was also dressed in a school uniform: shirt gray skirt, white blouse, gray jacket, a red ribbon tying said jacket closed, ankle high white socks and brown shoes.

All in all she looked-


Oh, that's right, there was a two stories tall monster about to eat her and the little girl, so he had to save her… but that made him actually feel sad. Here she was, a very cute girl with an attitude he knew he could like… and she was human while he was not. He sighed, he had a job to do and if he didn't do it then the girl could die, and he didn't want that.

Rukia turned to her kouhai and began to speak "Ok, Naruto, listen-"

However she was cut short when she saw her companion run at the Hollow while drawing his katana out of its sheath.

"I was going to give you a speech of what it takes to be a Shinigami" Rukia mumbled a bit annoyed.

"Hey you bug faced bastard!" yelled the blond "Try a piece of me!" He ran at the beast and in one second cut off the Hollow's leg with a single swing, making the two girls' eyes widen in shock at what they saw, however Naruto was too busy now having to slice the monster's head in half to kill it, causing it scream in pain and disappear. And sadly for him he didn't hear the girl speak to him when Rukia called at him:

"There's another Hollow nearby, come quickly!" she yelled and the blond nodded, putting on his goggles as he sped off behind his childhood friend.

"What just happened?" the little girl asked the orange haired one.

She shook her head "Your guess is as good as mine… now let's go, I need to get back home before my dad starts crying"


Meanwhile, as the black clad duo ran behind the other Hollow's signal, Rukia couldn't help but to be impressed at Naruto's job "You did a good job" she said with a prideful smile.

"Thanks" the boy replied with a huge foxy grin "After all, how could I have let you and Renji get ahead of me… you two were my first friends since I arrived to Soul Society, so of course I'd catch up with you both"

Rukia's smirk turned a bit cocky "Well, you're still green, after all, we were both the best of the best in our classes"

"And I kicked down your records" Naruto retorted, making Rukia's smile die "That's check and mate, sempai"

"I'll get you for that one" she murmured with a small blush of embarrassment.


However the orange haired girl Naruto had saved had been walking around her home uneventfully despite how late it was. She didn't mind walking late, she was tougher than any guy and had made it clear for a lot of people to not mess with her, and she could easily break a guy's head with a punch and kick the shit out of a whole gang in seconds. But her mind had still the image of that narrow-eyed blond saving her and the little girl from the masked monster.

When the guy appeared and sliced that otherworldly creature most of her mind focused on his face and how serious he looked despite the cute whisker birthmarks on it, he did look good and was slightly sexy, and again those whisker marks did make him ungodly cute…

'Argh! As if I had time to think of guys after what I saw today… I just need some rest' she thought as she looked at her home, before sighing 'Might as well get this over with' "I'm home!" the girl shouted as she opened the door.

"My sweet first angel, why were you so late!" shouted a middle aged man with short spiked up hair and a short beard in a doctor's outfit, Kurosaki Isshin, her father, and that was when the man got kicked right in the face by his daughter with an inhuman brute force.

"What the hell was that for!" yelled her father defensively as he stood up and attempted to hug his daughter "Your daddy dearest was so worried because you were late for dinner!" he cried out comically with tears flowing down.

"You knew I was going to home late! I told you this morning!" yelled the girl as she stepped away from her father's hugs… they just gave her the creeps.

Isshin froze, his daughter was right, she did tell him and the others that morning "Sorry, I forgot" he laughed rubbing the back of his head, before smiling comfortingly as he placed a hand on his daughter's shoulder "But I was worried for your well being, Ichigo. But it's ok, my daughter, I'll look and take care for you no matter what and save you from whatever danger might come your way" then he threw his arms to his sides and yelled to the skies, and his daughter:


The girl responded by doing what she and one of her little sisters would do in a situation like that, she kicked her father right on the face once again with a jumping roundhouse kick, making him fall hard and unconscious, and then went to the table with a feeling of doing a great good.

"I pity you, you know? You had to live with that far more than us" stated Karin, one of Ichigo's younger twin sisters and the one who shared the eldest daughter's abilities to stop their panda lookalike of a father.

"Just three more years" Ichigo stated the time it'd take her to be an adult and get out and away of her father, taking her chopsticks and separating them before eating.

"Hey, you seem different" Karin said out of the blue.

"How so?" the girl asked rather curiously after swallowing her first bite.

"A gut feeling" Karin flatly replied, she then smirked, "By the way, Ichigo… there's a ghost over your shoulder"

Ichigo looked over her shoulder and saw it was a middle aged man in glasses "Hey, I'm trying to eat dinner" the berry girl mumbled "Tell me your problems later"

"Okay" the ghost sighed.

"Wow, you two are so lucky" Yuzu, Karin's twin sister who looked very different than her twin, said.

"I don't count myself as lucky" the black haired girl replied stoically.

"But I'm so jealous, you too can see ghosts" Yuzu replied.

"I don't understand what's so great of them, I don't even believe in them" Karin stoically replied.

"But I thought you had the power to see them!" said her shocked twin.

Karin gave her twin and the ghost a cold look and spoke with a matching icy tone "I'm in eternal denial, seeing them doesn't make me believe in them"

Poor Yuzu and the shocked soul felt the air rather chilly, the ghost even feeling it deep in its being as he whispered "So cold…"


Later Ichigo was resting in her bed, staring at the ceiling of her simple room while silently wondering what happened to that foxy looking blond. That was when the saying 'Speak of the devil and he shall appear rang true' when a familiar short, flat chested, swordswoman appeared through the girl's wall with the blond walking right behind her.

The berry girl blinked, then she rubbed her eyes to double check and saw the two were really there.

"It is close" the ravenette said… just before Ichigo kicked her in the butt.

"Don't you 'It is close' me, dumbass!" the girl shouted as she planted a solid kick on the shorter girl's behind before pointing at the midget "Why are you here? And what do you want?" an angry Ichigo asked the shocked duo who gave her disbelieving looks.

The petite girl was very confused, despite having been kicked in her rear.

"What?" the foxy swordsman managed to ask in his shock while pulling his goggles off his eyes and back to his forehead "You are able to see us?" he asked pointing to his narrow eyed face. The strawberry nodded. Naruto stepped closer and cupped her face in one of his hands, examining it with his seemingly shut eyes "Hmm… you seem like any normal human I've seen so far… could you be defective?"

That last line only angered the girl "I'll show you defective, Whisker Face!" she said and was about to kick the blond, had he not skillfully leaned to one side and caught her leg in one arm before pulling her in close to him. This caused the berry girl to blush at the closeness of his face and hers…

"Sorry for this" the blond murmured, and before Ichigo could ask what he meant she was answered when the blond pulled out a suplex with the momentum by throwing both himself and her backwards "Now, before any of us do something we might regret we might as well do some talking, right, sempai?"

The girl sighed, she never met a someone who could see her so she decided to go with her kouhai's idea.

"We are Shinigami" Rukia began.

(An explanation later)

Ichigo, Naruto and Rukia sat around a round tea table in the middle of the orange haired girl's room as she took in what she heard from both with a serious look on her face and her arms crossed under her more than decent bosom: "Very well, you two are soul reapers" they nodded "And you came here from a place called Soul Society for a mission" nodding again "To take care of monsters like the one we saw in the streets" again with the nodding "Which was following that little girl's soul" one last nod "Yeah, I'll just belie-


Naruto and Rukia saw the table being flipped by the girl's obvious anger, and sadly the girl got on Rukia's bad nerves by not only denying her stories but even daring to make fun of her size. To calm the girl down, and avoid more violence, Rukia did the most intelligent thing she thought of: put her in a binding spell, as if she were tied up on the ground with her arms behind her back.

"A little harsh" Naruto said as he grabbed some crackers from his pockets and began to eat them, funny thing about the crackers is they had the name 'Omaeda' imprinted on one side of the bag.

Rukia said nothing, but turned and withdrew a sword on her hip, she turned around and placed the hilt on the sword on the ghost of the middle aged man the orange haired girl saw before "W-What the!" was all the berry girl managed to say in front of the weird spectacle. There was a stamp on the middle aged man's forehead before he disappeared in a bright flash of white, being replaced by a black butterfly.

The petite girl sighed, "I guess I should explain. I'll even use simple words for you" she said, the last words being a bit cocky.

Ichigo nodded despite still being bounded to the floor.

Rukia took out a notebook and began to explain using drawings, however said bunny pictures seemed to be drawn by what appeared to be a five year old with a weird taste in looks, Naruto made no comments as he grabbed another cracker.

"Shinigami duties are sending normal souls called Wholes to the Soul Society, what humans call heaven, while eliminating hollows, evil spirits that devour wholes" explained the senior of the Shinigami "So, any questions thus far?"

"To begin… why do your drawings suck so much?" the strawberry said, making the blond wince before laughing out loud. One thing you learned from Rukia no matter what was not to mock her drawings, and Ichigo learned that after getting a fake, thin curly mustache on her face.

The blond gasped for breath once his laughter subsided, before widening his eyes "Hey, Rukia, do you hear that?" he asked.

"Hey, wait a second, what are you doing in my room?" asked Ichigo to the blond "I know you're a Soul Reaper too, but what's your purpose here"

"Oh, I am a rookie, and this is my first mission. I was looking for a Hollow but I lost track of it" he explained as he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly and kneeled beside her with a cracker in hand "Want one?"

"No thanks" the girl said a bit weirded out by the boy's weird behavior before getting back on topic "So that monster still is in the area?"

The shorter, black haired girl took out a cell phone, "It is, but I can't seem to find it"

That was when both Ichigo and Naruto heard a strange roar.

"Did you hear that?" asked Ichigo.

"Yeah, there it is again" Naruto said as he looked around.

"Hear what?" asked Rukia. That was when she heard it too 'That is weird, it's as if I'm hearing it from a filter' Thought the elder Shinigami.

There was a loud crash that shook the house. Both her and Naruto got a bad feeling and opened the door, and that was when Rukia finally felt it, a large pressure hitting her. However her shock grew due to seeing her kouhai standing firmly on his two feet without even being bothered by it, as if it didn't exist, but there were even more important manners to attend as she turned to the orange haired girl.

"The Hollow is here!" she yelled.

"What?" the strawberry yelled back.

That was when none other than a badly bruised Yuzu limped into the room "Ichi-nee… help us" the girl whispered before collapsing.

"Yuzu!" yelled Ichigo in worry for her little sister.

Naruto stood there, silent, before taking out his sword and running out, not even bothering to listen to Rukia calling out to him.

The ravenette tried to reach for her friend, but he was already gone, so she turned to Yuzu examined her "She's fine" She said after a few seconds "She still has her soul intact" she added with a sigh of relief.

"The Hollow's down stairs!" Ichigo yelled as she stood up as best she could with her arms still behind her back and ran to face the Hollow, running after Naruto.

"You fool!" yelled the ravenette.

Ichigo stopped when she saw Karin being held by the Hollow, which looked like a giant fish monster with a white skull like face. Ichigo couldn't help but to freeze as the blond Shinigami ran to the Hollow and sliced the monster's arm, freeing the little girl as Rukia examined Isshin and nodded to the strawberry.

"They all still have their souls" She said.

The berry girl sighed in relief "But… I understand now" Said the blond looking at Ichigo, a sad look on his narrowed eyes "You can see us, you can touch Rukia… it all makes sense now"

"What?" asked Ichigo.

"The Hollow is after you" Rukia said plain and simple "You have more spiritual power than I have ever seen, so it's obvious that monster would go after you, following those who had a tiny bit of your essence"

It all made sense for her, why the little girl was being pursued, why her family had gotten hurt… and all because of her. Ichigo gritted her teeth and did something rash no one would do in their sanity: she ran started to break the seal Rukia put on her. Both Naruto and Rukia looked shocked at that, no human could break that seal and even less have their soul intact even if they made a crack… but this one girl just managed to do so out of her pure will before grabbing a chair and running at the monster.

"Let my family go! It's me you want!" yelled Ichigo as she swung the chair wildly around.

"Don't do it!" Naruto yelled.

However, the Hollow easily blocked and threw the chair away and was about to bite the orange haired girl. Naruto saw in shock all what happened, seeing her in danger made him run to save the strawberry… but it was Rukia who was the closest and who got in the way, getting a full set of teeth deep into her flesh before using one of her spells to blast away the Hollow.

"You dolt!" the short shinigami scowled.

"What?" asked Ichigo in all of her shock.

Naruto grabbed his childhood friend and carried her to the side of the road where he laid her gently "One soul won't stratify it for long" the blond explained to the orange haired girl before standing in front of the Hollow with rage in his eyes, withdrawing his zanpakuto "Those monsters will eat and eat without stopping, that's the one truth!"

As he shouted that he ran at the monster before him, his zanpakuto drawn and ready for blood, and blood it got when the blond first cut off the thing's legs before going for its mask, slicing it and the horrible creature in two. Seeing the evil spirit vanish the blond nodded to himself as he wiped his sword off the monster's blood before sheathing it calmly.

"So strong…" Ichigo mumbled in awe as she stared at the blond young swordsman.

He approached her and Rukia, waving in front of the strawberry's face to get her to snap out of it "Yo, are you ok…hmm, oh that's right, we didn't get your name" he said apologetically while rubbing he back of his head with a small shameful blush.

But just as she was about to reply:


"Hollows!" Naruto shouted as he and the other two girls looked around at the incoming horde of monsters.

'That's impossible! There's a small army and all coming for ONE soul?' Rukia asked herself in shock… before it clicked and she looked at the blond 'No… could it be that both him and that girl have such a spiritual pressure?'

"Damn it, there's too many of them!" Naruto cursed as he saw the large amount of Hollows, sure he could take them on, but there was a problem, Karin and Isshin were out cold, Rukia was badly wounded from that bite, Ichigo was still a human and he was the only one who could kill them… there was no way he could protect everyone all by himself-

Rukia sighed "It seems there is only one way to fight off these Hollows" She pointed her sword to the orange haired girl "You must take my powers temporally and defeat the Hollow"

"Ok" Ichigo simply responded.

"You better… wait… did you say okay?" asked the Shinigami at a loss, Naruto himself letting his eyebrows raise up at the sudden answer.

"Yeah… I did" Ichigo affirmed her answer "If these monsters are here for me, I'll have to take care of them" then she turned to the blond "Besides, I can tell you'll need the help"

"You really are a strange human" Naruto replied, before giving her a smile "I'm starting to like you more and more"

"I should warn you, you might die" Rukia commented as the larger girl approached her.

Ichigo had a confident smile on her face "We all have to die sometime" she said without a fear "So what do I do?"

"You must drive the Zanpakuto into your very being" Rukia explained.


"By the way… the name's Ichigo" the berry girl said as Naruto readied his sword.

The blond haired man smiled "Mine's Naruto"

"And my name is Rukia, Rukia Kuchiki"

Without another word Naruto saw Ichigo plunge the sword in her heart before a large eruption of power engulfed both of the girls. When the cloud of dust cleared Rukia was in shock, her uniform was gone, now she was wearing a white kimono. Naruto was also shocked at what he saw.

"That is impossible" the raven haired girl said "That girl took all of my power"

Ichigo, now in a Shinigami's uniform with white bandages wrapped around her chest, acting as a makeshift bra, put a sword as big as her body on her shoulder before she ran towards the Hollows and with one slice destroyed the first in her path.

Rukia watched in interest, 'I cannot believe it, what kind of human is she?' She asked herself in her shock.

"Alright!" the ravenette heard her kouhai shout as he ran to the other side where more Hollows were arriving "I'm not going to lose against someone who just got her zanpakuto!" he said with a wide smile as he ran low, crouched with his own zanpakuto ready to cut the Hollows into small ribbons.

All Rukia could do was look in shock at both of them tear the Hollows to pieces with relative ease, before letting a smile grace her face "Those two are one of a kind"


And that's a wrap, now, Ichigo's name remains the same since it can be used for both males and females. Aside from that, I just wanted to post this crazy fic out of a whim for my own birthday. So yeah, this is a birthday present from me to me. Happy Birthday to me!

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