Hello! While planning my first fanfic I decided to take a big risk and start with a story made of mostly OCs. Yup, that's right I'm looking for characters to star in Teen Titans Mid-West! Well are you excited yet? I need 5-8 titans, 8-10 villains, and 4 main civilians (Louis Lane types, though I always hated her.). The original Titans and villains will appear on occasions as well as some other super heroes you all know, and love. I will keep you posted as to when I have enough. Other OCs might be used in cameos or smaller parts.

Here's the template you can fill out (feel free to add anything I might have forgotten). If your making a civilian leave out the parts about superness and simply state their job.

Given Name (first and last):

Superhero/Villain Name:

Physical Description (eyes, hair, height, weight):

Civilian Description (How they dress and act when their not facing foes? Do they have a job? Do they go to school?):

Superhero/Villain Description (How they dress and act on the field):


Double Life Rules (Do they keep their secret identity a secret even from team mates? How is their alerter ego different from them.):

Age (15-20):

Superhero/Villain (or are they just an anti-hero, where's the fine line?):

Where Are They From:

Background (detailed please):


What Kind of Relationship Looking For:

Anything else: