Things That Go Bump in the Night

Rated: M

Pairing: Gibbs/Abby

Disclaimer: I wish I owned Gibbs, but sadly no. NCIS and it characters aren't mine.

A/N: This is definitely PWP. It was originally just a one-shot but I blame/thank gosgirl for setting up my permanent residence in the gutter :)

Chapter 1

With heavy feet Abby walked from her lab and into the elevator, pressing the button to take her up to the bullpen. As the metal box carried her upwards she slumped against the wall. It had been a long day; she'd been in her lab for almost twenty hours trying to get Gibbs the results he needed to close yet another case. McGee had called her two hours ago to let her know the DNA evidence she'd found had forced a confession and that they would all be heading home soon. At the time she'd had a few other things to finish but tiredness had eventually won out and she decided it was time to go home too.

Given that it was now after midnight she wasn't really expecting anyone to be around when she arrived upstairs, maybe Gibbs...if she was lucky. And she did consider herself lucky every time she got to see him, but recently his presence had become a great source of torment for her. While she tried to find any excuse to be near him it was that same nearness that had become a constant reminder of the one thing she couldn't have. Him.

Their flirting of late had become a lot more complex, or at least that's how it felt to Abby. The hugs and soft kisses on her forehead were as prominent as always but she was certain the intent behind them had changed. She didn't know whether that was wishful thinking on her part, but something in the way Gibbs looked at her seemed different.

The elevator door opened breaking her out of her thoughts and she walked out heading towards Gibbs' desk. With each step she took the louder the sound of noisy thumping in the distance became. The harsh sound of metal being repeatedly hit with what sounded like someone's fist echoed through the bullpen, closely followed by a yell of frustration from none other than Special Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

Abby rounded the corner and approached his desk. Gibbs was flat out on his back on the floor, his head and the top of his shoulders slightly obscured as he wrestled with something she couldn't see under the set of drawers placed at the corner of his desk. While the top drawer was closed, the bottom ones had been completely removed and there was paper and various objects spread out all over the floor and top of the desk.

"Need a hand there Gibbs," she asked with a nervous grin when he stopped his pounding for a moment.

He let his upper body fall back to the floor, twisting his head so he could see her. "Nope."

She didn't miss the redness in his cheeks or the furrowed brow and thin, tight lips. He wasn't just annoyed, he was pissed. "You sure? What are you doing down there?"

He rolled his eyes, hesitating before he spoke. "My ID is stuck."

Abby's eyes widened, before they crinkled at the corners. "How did it get stuck under there?" She asked trying to understand exactly how he might have got himself into this position.

"I threw it."

It wasn't much of an explanation but she figured he probably wasn't going to give her more information than was absolutely necessary. The case they'd just closed had been a tough one for him. The ones involving children always were. He looked exhausted and in need of a good sleep, and he looked like he needed a hug.

"There are better ways to work off your frustrations you know Gibbs."

Gibbs sighed and Abby knew he was waiting for her to walk away and leave him to it, but she didn't intend on going anywhere. She studied his stretched out figure. The charcoal dress pants he wore sat moulded to his legs and hips perfectly, outlining the well sculptured muscles of his thighs. The light blue polo shirt was tucked in and framed his waist and stomach, the short sleeves showing off his arms and allowing her to take in the sight of his skin. Something she didn't get to see enough of in her opinion. As was usual he wore a white t-shirt underneath which stopped the top of his chest from being exposed. In her current state of mind it was just another obstacle, something that kept him from being as close as she wanted him to be.

Even without the uncontrollable spike in her attraction to him, she wouldn't have been able to ignore the way she was drawn to him when he clearly needed her. Sitting down beside him Abby shimmied her backside next to him so she could lay down and inch her head under the top drawer next to Gibbs. From their shoulders upwards the two of them were snugly situated within the hole left by the bottom drawers.

"I don't think this is gonna work Abbs." He tried to angle himself away from her but Abby had her back curved into his side so she could fit her head into the small space along with his.

Abby lifted her arms above her head trying to feel her way along the runner of the drawer to find the leather wallet that was the source of his frustration. "You can't force the drawer out and try and get your ID at the same time Gibbs. I know you're impatient while you're waiting for results but this is a little less life and death."

"I'm never patient when I want something." His voice was subdued. So low, that had her ear not been so close to his mouth she would never have heard.

Abby froze, her loud swallow in the confined space deafening. The air around then suddenly turned electric and she waited for him to do something or say something. If she turned to face him she had no doubt the sheer closeness of him would be her undoing. His eyes would set her mind at ease in an instant and before she knew what she was doing, she would be telling him how she really felt about him and what she wanted to do about it.

"Think I'll get more leverage if I'm standing up out there." Gibbs finally said cutting into the silence and trying to sit up. He stopped when he realised he was going to have to roll over on top of her to get himself out and Abby grabbed onto his arm to stop him, her fingers locking around his wrist.

"Who's the scientist here? Just trust me."

"Trust you Abbs, it's me I'm worried about."

Abby's heart raced. Was that an admission? If it was, what exactly was he admitting? "Gibbs?"

"Let's just get the thing out so we can go home," he answered forcefully.

"Okay," she agreed reluctantly. But if he thought she was going to give up that easily, he was more than a little mistaken.

Rolling over from her back to her front Abby lifted herself over Gibbs so she could get a closer look at the obstruction above their heads. Her legs fell to either side of his and because of their slight height difference she pushed herself higher up his body so her knees eventually came to rest on either side of his hips. Her elbows rested beside his arms, meaning the distance between their faces was determined by the length and amount of strength in Abby's arms. Her thoughts immediately went to their sexual harassment training; this was unquestionably a red light situation.

"Abby..." he warned. Watching from her place on top of him Abby didn't fail to notice how the look in his eyes betrayed the caution behind the word. Even though their bodies blocked a lot of the light she could still see a flicker of something else in his intense stare. If she didn't know better she would've thought it was desire, but then it was gone, as quickly as it had appeared.

She could feel his breath as it fanned out over her cheek, its gentle caress forcing her eyes to close in a daze of lust. The masculine scent of him surrounded her and she wondered how he could work so many hours and still smell so good. She wanted him. She wanted him more than she wanted sleep for her tired and aching body, more than she craved her next fix of Caf-pow!, and more than she needed her next breath of air.

Abby realised now would be the perfect time to tell Gibbs how she felt. She was lying on top of him so he wouldn't be able to simply walk away like he could in her lab and they were so close that she wouldn't have any trouble reading his reaction. But she was still uncertain that he had even a shred of the same feelings towards her that she had for him. She had no doubt he cared about her, his actions every day were proof of that, but did he love her like she loved him and did he want her as badly.

Turning away from Gibbs she looked back to the wallet that held his ID as it dangled in front of her. Reaching out she griped onto it and gave it a gentle tug to see how tightly it was wedged in there. It was going to take a lot of effort to get it out. "How hard did you throw this thing Gibbs?"

"I was angry...that young girl will grow up without her parents. All because her father decided that if he couldn't have the woman he loved then no-one could."

Abby let one of her hands drop to his creased brow, lovingly outlining the contours of his face with her fingers. "That's not your fault Gibbs, you did everything you could."

"I know...but it's not enough."

She could've kissed him right then. Gibbs always tried to keep his emotions under a tight rein, but what most people didn't understand about him was just how deeply he felt things. She treasured the moments when he let his guard down and let her in. It was times like these when she realised just how close they had become over the years. He wasn't like this with everyone. He wasn't like this with anyone, just her.

The shifting of his hips under hers brought her back to the reason why they were here and Abby returned her attention to the cause of his frustration. The need to get past her own frustration would have to wait.

"Okay," she said her fingers returning back to Gibbs' ID, "so if I tug on this and you try and push the drawer forward like you were it should eventually come out."

Holding on tight she pulled hard on the thin flaps of leather and waited for Gibbs to start forcing the drawer. He sighed and raised both of his arms so his hands were placed in the small gap at the back of the drawer. The movement made his chest muscles flex against her and Abby briefly looked away from him, trying to restrain the shudder that threatened to overcome her if she didn't regain her self-control.

Although it would be difficult for them to be any closer, what Abby wasn't prepared for was the jolts that went through her when Gibbs started to forcefully push his hands against the piece of furniture at intervals. The motion caused his body to move back and forth underneath her and as a consequence to start rubbing against Abby.

"Oh God," she moaned, "I mean...keep going," she corrected herself quickly, trying to mask her reaction to him by yanking on the leather wallet. The sound of him hitting the back of the drawer echoed around them but Abby paid no attention to it; her focus was instead on the feel of him constantly moving against her. When Gibbs began to grunt with each bang of his hands Abby tried to ignore that as well but found it only intensified her desire to lean down and slide her tongue up the length of his neck.

The harder she pulled on the wallet the more forceful their bodies rocked together. She started to wriggle the stuck object from side to side her breathing increasing both from the effort of trying to break it loose and from the friction of their bodies. She was about was about to completely lose it. If her body slid any lower on his hips all bets were off and she knew she wouldn't be able to stop herself from kissing him.

"Is it moving?" Gibbs asked between grunts of exertion. "I can't do this much longer, Abby."

His voice sounded strained and Abby wondered whether it was just from physical effort or something more. If he'd wanted her to get off him, he would've told her rather than just going along with everything she was doing. At least that was her assumption; Gibbs didn't do anything he didn't want to.

"So close, almost there...harder, Gibbs." Abby eyes widened, not believing she'd said that out loud. In any normal conversation that simple sentence wouldn't be a problem but because she was so aroused by the feel of him moving under her it felt like she was admitting her guilt. In her mind this was the closest they'd ever get to sex and she was enjoying every second of it.

Gibbs didn't say a word and when she averted her gaze away from his ID to look down on him his eyes were clamped shut, his teeth clenched tightly and his chest rising and falling with the speed of someone who had run a marathon. Both satisfied and confused by his reaction Abby kept twisting the wallet but continued to watch him. His fists beat at the drawer over and over again and Abby felt it start to come free. With a final bang of his hands, the drawer sprung open and the leather wallet dropped into Abby's fingers. "Yes!" she yelled triumphantly.

She held it up for Gibbs to see. The silhouette of his face was darkened even further since the top drawer had been pushed out more and Abby felt a moment of uncertainty as he stared past his ID and into her eyes. He had barely spoken to her and she now found herself speechless at his heated gaze.

"It's hot down here...don't you think?" She breathed.

The leather wallet fell from her grip when Gibbs reached both of his hands up to cup her face. Slowly he drew her closer and before she could believe what was happening he was kissing her. Their lips remained lightly touching, but neither of them deepened the kiss. Moments later the torment was too much for Abby and she dared to dart her tongue out quickly, licking Gibbs' bottom lip before drawing back again.

"You sure this is what you want?" he asked, and she knew that was the reason he wasn't letting things go any further yet. His presence and physicality could be intimidating to a lot of people and he wanted to be certain that he wasn't pressuring her into anything.

"Am I sure I want you to kiss me to within an inch of my life?...pretty sure Gibbs."