Author's note: After seeing S9's season premiere, where Tony was so emotionally vulnerable, I wanted to add a missing scene immediately before Nature of the Beast started. Then there is a missing scene at the end immediately after DiNozzo's memory returns, which provides additional possibilities as to why (IMO) DiNozzo has been so glum and filled with angst this season. Additionally, Gibbs seems to be making so many concerned, sideway glances at him, as well as prompting him to talk about personal, not-work related concerns. The sections are clearly labeled where it switches from the prelude and the epilogue. Spoilers: S8 Baltimore, S8 Pyramid, S9 Nature of the Beast. Additional small details and observations taken from S9 Restless, S9 Sins of the Father, S9 Silent Night, S9 Housekeeping.

Prelude to S9X01 Nature of the Beast

Gibbs' Living Room Couch


Gibbs started to stir from his sleep as the phone continued to ring. He turned on the light and sat up on the couch before answering his ringing cell phone.

"Hello. Yeah this is Gibbs." Gibbs said looking over at his clock. He noted the 12:15 am time, as he processed who was calling him.

"Agent Gibbs, Agent Anthony DiNozzo was just admitted here at our Hospital. We were told by the Secretary of the Navy to contact you." A lady from the hospital informed Gibbs.

"The Secretary of the Navy?" Gibbs said in disgust that he was not called first, but his disgust quickly turned to worry for DiNozzo.

"I'll be right there." Gibbs said, grabbing his keys as he headed out the door.


"Gibbs." Secretary Jarvis said as he greeted coming out of the elevator. Gibbs was tempted to run past him, but he turned toward Jarvis.

"Agent DiNozzo was found unconscious in an alleyway. He has a concussion. Although he was wearing a vest, someone tried to shoot him in the chest."

"Where is he?" Gibbs asked passing up Jarvis, looking around to see if he could see DiNozzo nearby in a room.

"There is a neurologist with him right now." Jarvis said. Gibbs glared at him, grateful that Jarvis could not read his current thoughts.

"I just want to see him." Gibbs said, pushing his anger for Jarvis aside for the moment.

"He cannot remember what happened, Gibbs." Jarvis shared with him. "Do you think you . . .could help him remember?" Jarvis asked.

"You have already questioned him?" Gibbs asked. "How long has he been here already?"

"He has been here since 11:00, Gibbs." Jarvis said.

"Were you here with him the whole time . . .grilling him?" Gibbs asked accusingly. "Now, . . .you want my help? I should have been contact immediately. In fact, why wasn't I? I am the emergency contact for all of my agents."

"DiNozzo met with the target tonight." Jarvis added.

"Do you know what happened?" Gibbs asked.

"He does not even remember who the target was right now." Jarvis added. Gibbs shook his head.

"Where is he?" Gibbs asked stepping away from Jarvis again.

"He is in that room Gibbs." Jarvis said pointing to the closed door at the end of the hall. Gibbs angrily turned to face Jarvis again.

"So why did you call me?" Gibbs asked suspiciously. "Do you think he is holding back from you by choice?"

"He trusts you." Jarvis responded without directly agreeing with him. "DiNozzo has been rather tight lipped lately on how the assignment has been going."

"Yeah, I noticed that." Gibbs shot back. "Is there a specific reason why DiNozzo would keep information from you?"

"Last time we spoke, he tried to resign from NCIS." Jarvis admitted. Gibbs looked down and tried to contain an angry outburst. "He kept mentioning Gibbs' rule #36."

"If it feels like you are being played, you probably are." Gibbs said treating Jarvis with an accusing stare. After a long uncomfortable silence, and Jarvis looking down away from Gibbs, the doors to DiNozzo's room opened.

"This was a matter of National Security, Gibbs." Jarvis reminded him. A doctor came out of the room and approached them.

"He has amnesia." The doctor told the SecNav. "It most likely is selective amnesia, as a result of a severe trauma. We are still waiting for the results from the CT scan. Do not let him go to sleep for a while. I am not sure if he would even if he could, though." The doctor said walking away. Gibbs turned to go into DiNozzo's room, only to be stopped by Jarvis. Gibbs returned an annoyed glance.

"Please just help him remember Gibbs." Jarvis said. Gibbs nodded in agreement.

"If he can tell me, I will tell you." Gibbs responded.

"Ms. Sciuto is already in her lab processing evidence from the alleyway." Jarvis added watching as Gibbs took a long sip from his coffee before entering the room.