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" When the flowers of lycoris bloom, their leaves would have fallen; when their leaves grow, the flowers would have wilted...There was a legend of two elves: Manju, who guarded the flower and Saka, who guarded the leaves. Out of curiosity, they defied their fate of guarding the herb alone, and managed to meet each other. At first sight, they fell in love with each other. God, exasperated by their waywardness, separated the miserable couple, and laid a curse on them as a punishment: the flowers of Manju shall never meet the leaves of Saka again." -Wikipedia


Patches of burnt hazel leaves from the maple trees, drizzled down upon the dried grass as fall approaches around the corner. Flowers started to witter as the weather was getting colder. A tired man buried under his own futon was enjoying the last moment of autumn.

"It's beautiful, isn't it?" he said in a husky weak voice. The woman next to him crawled her way to his side.

"Yes" she replied.

"Somehow, everything looks so beautiful when you realize you won't see it again." He smiled and gazes outside.

"Father." the daughter held his wrinkled hands together tightly, she could feel the warmth gradually leaving him. She couldn't help but tremble in the fear of loosing him.

"I really hope I could see my grandchild before I go. That is the only thing I wish for." he gently pat her hands. There was a moment of silence then, words wasn't needed to describe their emotions. His daughter closed her eyes and cried silently to herself as she shed a tear for her dying father.

"I'm very sorry, Hinata."

Autumn has arrived unannounced early this year, tangerine leaves detached themselves away from the branch as their stems dried without moisture. Such a beautiful scenery set right in front of everyone's eyes, was ignored. Their minds were occupied with other things. Young Ucihha prodigy practiced diligently with his tutor, he swung his weapon as if it was part of him, he was taught that way.

"Very good, young master." his tutor complimented him with a thin smile. Their training was cut short with an outburst.

"Big brother!" a boy about twice the age younger then him sprinted towards his brother with joy in his face.

"Welcome back, young master." his tutor greeted the younger boy.

"Look what I learned in class today!" the young boy pulled out a carefully folded piece of paper under his sleeves. He had learned calligraphy in class today, it was obvious he hasn't mastered any skills with such unreadable writing, but his brother smiled with pride to see he has improved greatly.

"Good work, Sasuke." he gently patted his head.

"Sasuke." a low cold voice called out to him. Sasuke felt a cold chill crawled up his spine, he recognized that voice. As he turned around, he could see his father with his arms crossed over his chest, staring back at him with a strict glare.

"F-Father." the boy stutter in fear of seeing his father.

"Stop disturbing your brother." Sasuke adjusted his attention away from his father, his father was giving off too much of a monstrous vibe for a child to look back.

"Your mother's looking for you." Fugaku returned back into the manor. Sasuke didn't dare to lift his head up until the presence of his father disappeared.

"It's okay Sasuke, we'll play some other time." Itachi comforted his younger sibling with a warm smile. Sasuke quickly recovered and nodded cheerfully as he skipped off to find his mother. Itachi continued with his training.

"Were you looking for me?" Sasuke's squeaky voice asked. His mother had her back towards him and then turned to her son when he spoke to her.

"Welcome back."Mikoto was sitting across the low table in a formal position; as all aristocrats were taught with proper etiquette and posture.

"What is it?" he took a seat across to his mother.

"I have a friend I would like you to meet." she smiled. Sasuke was oddly suspicious about this person.

"Hinata-chan, why don't you come in?" Mikoto whispered towards the door. A small fragile girl peeped out from behind the door. She looked more like a blind kitten than a child around Sasuke's age.

"Don't be shy." Mikoto urged her to come out from her hiding ground. Hinata obediently did as she was told. She tucked her shoulders close to her body and hands locked with each finger. The poor girl was frightened. She was wearing a snow white kimono with yellow petals trailing near the sleeves, as well as hues of blue faint patches around to make it more expensive.

"Sasuke, I would like you to meet Hinata." Mikoto got off her chair and down to the same height as the children, then introduced Hinata to him.

"G-Good afternoon." Hinata greeted with an insecure look on her face.

"Hinata's the daughter of your father's acquaintance, so please be nice to her, okay?" said Mikoto.

"She's so ugly." Sasuke boldly said. Hinata's chubby cheeks inflated, she looked down at her toes to with shame.

"Sasuke! Don't be so rude!"

Hinata pulled onto Mikoto's dress and looked up with watery eyes.

"It's okay, I'm used to it." Hinata smiled back with her rosy cheeks.

"Alright. Now please be nice to her." Mikoto gently brush Hinata's hair off her face and went out of the room. The two children stood there and just stared at each other with little or any fascination, Sasuke was staring at her eyes, like a game, he was trying to look for her pupils. Hinata on the other hand tried to avoid eye contact. She was feeling more nervous than she thought.

"Why are you so scared?" Sasuke asked.

"I-I'm not." Hinata replied.

"If you're not, then why are you stuttering?" Sasuke pointed out again.

"I-It's just a habit of mine..."Hinata mumbled.



"What's wrong?" Sasuke asked.

"N-nothing." she replied. Sasuke wasn't interested in anything else about her, except the fact that she is betrothed to his brother.

"How old are you?" Sasuke took a sat back down. As he did so, Hinata planted herself to where Mikoto sat awhile ago.

"4." she replied.

"I'm older by a few months, so you'll have to respect me!" Sasuke said arrogantly.

"Since I'm the oldest, I'm surely stronger than you...until I get to big brother's age, I'll be the toughest ninja in Konoha!" Sasuke had his arms by the sides of his hips and boasted with pride.

"I want to be a great ninja too, a very strong ninja who's not afraid of anything!" she said with much enthusiasm.

"Hinata-chan, your caregiver Ko's here to pick you up." Mikoto called out. Without hesitation, Hinata followed Mikoto.

"Thank you very much for today." She bowed to Sasuke before leaving, and Sasuke was left alone.

"Hnnn, weird girl..."

Approximately 5 years has passed. Hinata has visited the Uchiha household frequently, as her father ordered her to. Her relationship with Sasuke has gotten closer as time passed as well, since they spent so much time together.

"Argh!" Sasuke spread himself onto the tatami mats like a dead body ready to be dumped into the sea of misery. Hinata sat next to him like a doll, with her legs folded and crossed under herself. As time past, they have also grown. Sasuke's hair has grown longer, and has grown taller in height as well.

"I'm so sick of father always looking down at me." he began sulking.

"I'm sure that isn't true, Uchiha-sama just has high expectations towards you." Hinata said in a soft voice. She haven't changed much during these years, her hair remained the same bob cut. The only difference was her height. She has also matured tremendously, compared to Sasuke.

"It's still not fair...hey, let's go out. Sitting here idly isn't gonna help." Sasuke jumped off the tatami mat and dragged Hinata outside.

"W-Wait!" Hinata's protest wasn't much of a resistance. They made their way to their own secret play ground not far from the city central. Such behaviors weren't tolerated if the adults find out, but since they haven't been caught even once, they were confident they won't be caught this time either. Sasuke held Hinata close to him, he looked around to make sure everyone was occupied with their jobs and then made a run for it.

The two soon arrived the main street. It is usually crowded by this time of the day, anyone can easily get lose between the crowds.

"Stay close to me okay." Sasuke held onto her hand tightly.

"Yes." she answered. Her soft fingers curved tighter around Sasuke's fingers, like hooks tangled together. Passing and squeezing through obstacles of villagers rushing all over the places, Sasuke and Hinata managed to make it across the other side of the street. They arrived in front of a wooden fence. First, Sasuke crawled in first while Hinata watch keep a watch out, then joined him after he gave a small signal. Behind the fence hid a secret forest. The trees shed most of the sunlight away, cool air and the occasional breeze.

"See, it's more relaxing there, no one to tell us what to do." The two made their way to a bolder, just the right angle for a nice nap.

"It certainly is." Hinata joined him and shut her eyes, enjoying the surrounding silence. None of them spoke for a moment, they were fully absorbed and blocked everything else outside of their own little world. A small rustle came from the bushes, Sasuke was the first to be alert.

"Who's there?" there was no reply.

"Hey, Hinata, I think there's something behind the bushes." Sasuke nudged her shoulder.

"Check it out with your Byakugan!" he insisted. Hinata woke up rubbing her eyes.

"O-Okay." she closed them back and reopened again with veins popping from her skin.

"So, what did you see?" Sasuke was impatiently curious, his eyes focused at Hinata without blinking, he held on to Hinata's sleeves the entire suspension.

"It's just a rabbit." Hinata deactivated her Byakugan.

"Were you...afraid?" Hinata asked him in a mocking tone. Sasuke blushed, his focused gaze quickly turned away, letting go of Hinata's arm.

"No I wasn't! I just thought you might get scared...hmph." Little arrogant Sasuke he is. Hinata giggled sweetly, she made her way towards the bush and drew something from behind. A small snow rabbit, probably a baby rabbit hung with it's feet and little paws swaying back and forth; Hinata held it by it's ears.

"It hurt it's leg...poor thing." she rowed it close to her arms and rested it close to her chest.

"It's such a sweet heart." the rabbit was trembling, Hinata gently pat it's head to try keep it calm.

"What are we gonna do with it?" Sasuke stood afar with his arms crossed.

"of course we have to keep it, until it can walk again." Hinata set it on the soft grass, the rabbit could barely walk, let alone hop.

"poor thing, it's probably just a baby..." Hinata was clearly sadden.

"You must feel lonely don't you?" she started stroking it's head, while her mind was idling somewhere else.

Without a word, Sasuke pulled out a handkerchief from his pocket and wrapped it around the rabbit's leg.

"It should help." Hinata looked into his coal eyes, and Sasuke shy away.

"You didn't wrap it properly." she set the rabbit into Sasuke's without notice and started re-wrapping the wound.

"It's time to go home." Sasuke looked up into the citrus color sky.

"I'll come back again tomorrow okay?" Hinata gently pat it's head again and crawled out with Sasuke.

The next day, sadly, the rabbit did not make it. When Sasuke and Hinata returned, the found a puddle of blood surrounded a chewed up rabbit carcass. It's snow white fur stained in it's own blood and dirt. There were evidence of a dog might have found their secret hiding play ground and killed it, since the hole was big enough for an average size stray to enter. Hinata was devastated, but her face didn't show and signs of crying or frowning, just pale and frozen. Sasuke gaped his mouth, but nothing came out, probably a wise choice. Hinata didn't eat or sleep for the past few days, she haven't even spoken a word either. Sasuke grew worried, if she continues to torture herself like this, the blame would be set on him too.

Mikoto brought Sasuke to the Hyuuga household, hoping to visit her.

"Hinata-sama is unwell today, she apologizes for the trouble she has caused." Ko, Hinata's caregiver came over for the message.

"Please send my concerns, I hope she'll feel better soon." Mikoto sends her concerns.

Sasuke had been hiding behind her mother, like a true ninja, sneaked past Ko and his mother into the main entrance, the he hoped he could find Hinata.

Since it was his first time, in so many years entering the Hyuuga mansion, he had no idea where he should go.

"Now where could she be...omph!" Sasuke wasn't paying attention to the direction he was going, he had just walked into someone.

I'm caught!

He thought. Sasuke held his arms in a defensive position and braced himself for the worse, but nothing happened.

"oh my, are you hurt?" a gentle voice called out to him, he felt a cold and slender fingers curled around his wrist. Slowly, he looked up and met eye contact with a beautiful woman. She looked weak, has violet hair with matching hint of pale lavender Byakugan, she looked awfully similar to Hinata.

"Nnnn, I'm fine." Sasuke answered back softly.

"Where do you come from little boy?" the woman asked with a smile.

"I-I'm Uchiha Sasuke...I'm looking for Hinata." she was indeed beautiful, even making the obnoxious Sasuke stutter.

"You're here to see Hinata-chan? What a pleasant surprise. I'm sure she will be glad to see you. Hinata-chan isn't feeling well these days, I wonder what's wrong...come with me." she held up Sasuke's little hand and guided him through the mansion.

"Hinata-chan, there's someone here to see you." she softly knocked on the sliding door. Sasuke heard footsteps approaching them, the door then slid open. Hinata looked awfully pale and weak, the peach colors had drained from her face.

"Mother...N-Naruto-kun?" she asked in a meek voice. Sasuke twitched when he heard the name Hinata called wasn't his.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"I-I'm fine..."

"why don't you join Hinata inside, I'll prepare some tea...Sasuke-kun, I have a feeling you didn't come here alone...I'll notify your mother. Why don't you join us for dinner as well?" Hinata's mother offered.

"If it's not too much trouble." Sasuke quickly accepted. Hinata's mother left the room.

"Your mum's really pretty." he gave a thumbs up.

"I-If you're trying to cheer me up, it's not working." Hinata didn't even smile.

"At least I'm trying..." Sasuke sulked.

"Are you sad about the rabbit?" Hinata kept quiet.

"It's just a rabbit." Sasuke sat across Hinata with his legs folded. Sasuke could tell from Hinata's expression, the mess from that dead rabbit had traumatized her.

"My brother, Itachi, said...we're ninja's, little things like death should not bother us! You said so yourself, you want to be a ninja who's not afraid of anything, and now you're afraid of a dead rabbit?" Sasuke raised his voice with frustration.

"I'm scared." Hinata's eyes instantly flooded with tears. For the first time in Sasuke's life, he saw Hinata cried.

"I'm scared...every time I shut my eyes, I remembered the time I was abducted by the cloud ninjas a few years ago. That dead rabbit reminded me of the death of my uncle, Hizashi. ." it's natural for a 9 year old to be scared, it's very normal to be afraid. Sasuke let out a sigh of relief. He shuffled closer to Hinata, who couldn't stop crying.

"I'll protect you." he held her head close to his chest, tightly embracing her close to him.

"I'll protect you when you feel afraid, I'll be right next to you when you need help!" Hinata bit her bottom lip, she buried her face in Sasuke's clothes, soaking them in tears. Hinata didn't stop crying until the sun was about to set. Her appetite quickly came back, she started eating properly during dinner.. Hinata's mother requested for Sasuke to spend the night at the Hyuuga's, as gratitude to Sasuke. Hinata's mother spread out an extra futon next to Hinata's, the two of them fell asleep immediately. She couldn't help but smile at the sigh of her child sleeping in complete serene, so innocently ignorant about the outside world. The two were holding hands, one on top of another. The feeling of being protected by Sasuke made a smile crawled upon Hinata's lips.

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