Nekolover10: HAII minna-san!


Nekolover10: Yes kukai!

Amu: Was there really a need to yell kukai?

Kukai: Thats because neko-chan left us hanging!

Nekolover10- ~sweatdrop~ heehe umm... lets just get on with the story oh nd gomen...

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Tadase POV

i look at the screen closely and wrote down the info.

'i'll probably visit her later,' i thought.

I shut down the computer and walked out the room. I then made my way to class. My mind wondered off thinking about Amu. Why was she familiar? Why did seeing her stir up curiosity? Then before I knew it I was facing the classroom door.

Kukai POV

I saw the door open and saw Tadase walk in.


"Why is he just comming in now?"

I hear people start whispering. I looked back at the door wondering why too.

"Gomen Nikaido-sensei. I had to go do something school-wise," Tadase said with a smile.

"Oh that's okay! You didn't miss much. Now go to your seat so we can continue" Nikaido-sensei said smiling back.

Tadase walked to his seat and sat down. I shot him a look and he just gave me his usual smile. I didn't think much of it since he was the class president. He probably had make some copies or sum. But it isn't like him to do it during class time.

'I'll ask him what was it later,' I thought and then focused on Nikaido-sensei.

(timeskip: after class)

"Oh," I said as I saw Amu head to Hiku-sensei's class alone. So I walked up to her from behind.


"Che, what do u want souma?," she said as she turned around and glared at me.

"Ano... no need to be do mean Amu-chan! I just wanted to see if u wanna walk-"

"No" She cut me off and started walking.

huh? SHE DIDN'T LET ME FINISH! I walked a lil faster to catch up with her.

"Matte yo!" I shouted as an attempt to make her slow down but it didn't work at all. I eventually did catch up. So I tried to make a conversation.

"Amu you're an amazing singer!" I complemented her.

"I said no already so go away." She said almost emotionless.

"Hmm.. u don't mean that! Aren't we friends?" i replied with a smile.

"Baka who says?"

"After all I'm starting to know u better"

"You don't know anything so shut up," she says as she finally looks at me.

(A/N: I never told u Amu's class schedule! Gomen! okay so there is 6 class in total..
1. Homeroom- Nikaido [Male]
2. Music- Hiku [Male]
3. L.A- Kawahara [Female]
4. Math- Ayama [Female]
5. Gym- Uchida [Male]
6. Japanese- Sakurai [Female]
... well that's it hope it helped!)

Then we reached Hiku-sensei's class. Amu went to her seat and stared out the window. I took my seat also. After I stopped her yesterday she's been cold as ever... it just feels like she's in to much pain. She looks like she hasn't smiled in a long time. I want to see it but I have to open her up to me. As soon as I was done thinking, Hiku-sensei entered the class.

"Yosh yosh! Minna on Wednesday we are going to have a sing off!" Hiku-sensei said with a happy smile on his face. There were a mix of groans and yays.

"Ohh. How interesting! Hiku-sensei, is there a prize?!," I shouted out excited.

"Yes. The prize is knowing you did well."


Most of the kids sweat-dropped. Hmm... I wonder if Amu will participate.

"Okay decide if you want to be in it by tomorrow", Hiku-sensei told us as he turned around and started todays planned vocal lesson.

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