Presidential Ads

Summary: After being mad at one of my teachers in the most useless class ever, I wrote these two. Vote for your favorite candidate in the reviews. I own nothing.


Vote for Snake-Eyes for U.S. President and vote for a successful country. Highschool students, are you tired of taking boring and useless classes(like Journeys to Careers)? Have your parents vote for Snake-Eyes and never take useless classes again. Instead take interesting ninja classes taught by Arashaekage ninjas. A vote for Snake-Eyes is a vote for change.

This ad was paid for by the Knowing is Half the Battle Foundation

Note: Candidate can't speak, but his girlfriend says everything he thinks.

Cobra Commander:

A vote for Cobra Commander for U.S. President is a vote for change. High school students bored in class? Have your parents vote for men and I will make your classes more interesting by shooting at you.

This ad was paid for by Cobra High Command.

Note: Candidate is completely incompetent of running his own organization, much less a country.