What the Heck?

This is a series of oneshots, about the weirdest things you wouldn't expect Mutsuki to do. If anyone has any ideas on themes and such, message me and I'll see what I can do.

This is the first one, hope you like it

Disclaimer I do not own Anis or Mutsuki, they belong to their creator and author.


"Mutsuki" Anise voice called from across the room.

The silent emotionless figure turned toward the voice of his Dominion. A slim brow rose as the pink haired girl stood in front of him looking up at his masked face.

The others gazed at them in question before jaws dropped at the question Anise asked.

"Mutsuki could you help be braid my hair?" Anise was serious as she looked at the tall dark stalker.

Kaede shook his head and laughed, "Anise there is no way he would…." his voice traveled into a shocked silence as Mutsuki shifted slightly on wall he was leaning on and grabbed her hair.

Five pairs of wide eyes watched in open mouth disbelief as their dark stalker companion started running his fingers through Anise hair and parted it, creating easy smooth and neat braids.

Anise and Mutsuki were in their own little world, Anise smiling as the black rose concentrated on making sure her pink silk hair was neatly tucked into its pattern on one side before grabbing the next bunch of hair on her other side and began winding the long strands into another braid.

Complete and udder silence surrounded the oblivious pair…

Seiran blinked, "The dominion sure is….brave…" Four other heads nodded with that statement, transfixed as Mutsuki's fingers finished with the second braid.

Suddenly the dark stalker stiffened and looked over, before passing his glance off them as Anise spoke once more. "Thanks again, Mutsuki. Im never been able to do it right." The dark stalker give a tip of his head to his Dominion instead of a smile.

Anise slowly turned to the quiet bunch "oh hello," she spoke before she was rushing off again.

Mutsuki opened his eyes as the others stared at him once more, a tilt of one shoulder in their direction was all they got before the male was back to his cold old self again.

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