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Kate Beckett's love

Chapter one:

Beckett was staring into nothingness on her computer screen, just waiting for Castle to walk in the precinct any minute now. The past 2 weeks had been utterly boring, due to Castle not being there due to his vacation to the Hamptons. She was invited but of course didn't go.

The team had just wrapped up a case involving a serial killer. It took them much longer than usual due to not having any of 'Castle's-insane-theories' that somehow work out. The team as a whole may have even noticed things were somehow hard without him.

Beckett's head raised as if she was suddenly woken up she heard Castle's voice, "Good morning Detective Kate Beckett." She swiftly gathered he thought's saying, "morning, Castle. How was your trip?"

"Oh the usual, extremely awesome!"

"Mmm, well good…" Beckett was biting her lip now.

"So did I miss anything important?"

"Just a serial killer that took a whole week to find."

"I leave at the best times…" Castle said with clear sarcasm. "Where's everyone else?"

"Not in yet I guess."

The day continued with boringness until about midday when Castle had invited Beckett to an after-work dinner, with Alexis and him. She had accepted to go. She had thought, of course I'll go, mainly for the money! Ohh…. Who am I kidding I want to be with him… him, Castle… Rick…

Castle was very excited that she decided to go, and surprised.

Beckett had put on something nice, to go… Possibly to impress Castle, she was thinking. Castle didn't need to be impressed by her clothes, though; he thought she was always beautiful.

Beckett made it over to a very and nice and overpriced restaurant. She and Castle talked more about the serial case. How he used a knife to cut off all fingers of the 5 victims. Castle was fascinated with how open Beckett was being. The food was delicious, and just after Castle ordered dessert, he said, "Hey Beckett we were gonna watch a movie after this if you want to come and join us… And of course you don't have to." Beckett sighed, and after a little while agreeing to watch the movie with him.

Beckett arrived at Castle's place, when he let her in, Alexis interrupted with, "Dad! Can I go to Teresa's house tonight! Oh yeah the movie, d'oh!" Castle replied with, "of course you can go sweetie" With that he kissed her goodbye, and then properly greeted Beckett.

Beckett came in to find a pile of about 15 movies, Castle had picked them out, for them to decide which one to watch, later. They both picked out a movie, then Castle put it in. He sat on the chair, while Beckett was on the couch. Beckett felt sad so she, stupid and unthinkingly let him sit on the opposite end of the couch. To her surprise, he didn't make any moves on her like she had expected after realizing what she offered. Castle had to think calmly and stay off her and just pay attention to the movie… Oh yeah the movie! He totally forgot about the movie until 5 minutes after sitting on the couch. When Castle reached for the remotes, Beckett stopped him. Castle's mind was racing with "what the's."

Beckett's point of view:

Wow, him surrendering to me, me moving over to him, wanting to get close, why were things not this clear before? I mean, I liked him and all, but not this much

Castle's point of view:

Kate, wow, lying over me, what could be better? Thinking of all of his girl friends… Nothing I lover her, a lot, why couldn't I admit it like this before, though? What does she feel, I wonder if she loves me, too?

As if Beckett was reading his thoughts, in fact, oddly she could tell exactly what he was thinking. Then, she took the remote and pressed play, then went back into him. Beckett stated she was uncomfortable, or more, made an excuse, just to get in Castle's lap. She was lying on Castle now, finally with warmth and comfort. She had started to realize she really loved him.

Castle missing during the case reminded her of the non-life she had before he went to join the team. She had noticed castle was asleep, and placed a soft kiss on him lips, then his cheek. She was cuddled with Castle, what else could be better, she thought. She totally forgot about the movie that was like half an hour in now. Then she fell asleep all cuddled up in Castle. Life was awesome with him.

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