Open The Door Because I'm Coming In

Title: Open The Door Because I'm Coming in

Category: Teen Wolf

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Smut

Rating: M

Warning: Slash m/m

Paring: Jackson/Stiles, Danny/Brad

Summary: Derek gave Jackson the bite, with the change comes something he didn't expect. He can smell it all around town; it's sweet, the sweetest thing he has ever smelled. He can't seem to get a lock on it; it shows up pretty much everywhere. He finally finds it when school starts back up, and is surprised but pleased to find that that alluring scent belongs to one Stiles Stilinski. He's going to claim the teen and make him his. However Scott has a problem with this, as does Lydia.

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A/N: I don't know too much about werewolf lore or anything so I just made it up as I went along and added a little of what I've seen in movies and such. So if that bothers you, then you should not bother reading. This was originally for the bigbang however I am far too impatient; I hope to see great things come from Teebwolfbigbang in the near future through.

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Chapter 01

It had been three months since he was bitten and started looking at the world through new eyes; he was taking to the change like a fish to water. Derek had given him what he desired and with it a new sense of belonging, one he hadn't felt before. He was part of the pack, at the moment it only consisted of him and Derek but eventually there would be more. Scott would already be part of the pack is he wasn't so bitter over the older wolf killing the alpha.

He'd been spending most of his time with Derek out at his burned shell of a home. When they weren't training they were remodeling the house, making it livable again. Jackson's parents were traveling all over the place so they weren't home to notice that he was rarely ever there. He hadn't bothered to keep in touch with anyone other than Danny and that was only by texts.

School was starting in the morning and he was going to find out whom that alluring scent belonged to. He'd been smelling hints of it all over town but he couldn't seem to pinpoint who it belonged to. It made his mouth water and his blood sing; he wanted to make the owner of that scent his, and only his. When it hit him he felt the need to protect and take all at once. The only thing that kept him from scouring the town for its source was his alpha's orders to stay away from town as much as possible while he was learning to control himself.

Derek wouldn't tell him anything about the scent; at first refusing to answer his questions no matter how aggressive he got towards the older wolf. He got punished for his lack of respect, but he learned fast and his alpha rarely punished him unless he really stepped out of line. It was only after his first full moon when his wolf took over and headed towards town; the born wolf narrowly catching him, that the older werewolf told him what he'd been smelling.

They had sat on the second story of the burnt-out house where the roof had fallen in and the stars were clearly visible. Derek's voice was low and mournful as he spoke about the one thing all werewolves had; mates. Though they all had them, were never complete without them, it was rare to find one so soon in life. Many wolves had spent their lives roaming the world in search of their mates.

Then Derek spoke guilt-ridden of Kate and how he had thought she was his mate and how he had let his hormones and infatuation cloud his judgment. He paid for it every day he kept on breathing, the guilt was never leaving and because of the responsibility he felt over the loss of his family he stopped trying to find his mate; giving up any notion of finding his other half. The fire that had inevitably driven his uncle insane; his mate had been in that fire. He could still remember seeing his uncle burned beyond belief clutching the lifeless corpse of his once beautiful mate.

It was a sad tale, one of warning; mates were sacred and were to be protected, and losing one meant losing yourself. Betraying your mate with a false one only lead to terrible things. It worried him that maybe the scent wasn't as amazing as he thought it was; maybe it wouldn't be his mate. His wolf, though, growled at the very thought of the owner of that delicious scent not being his for the rest of their lives. It reassured him. After that Derek had ordered him to stay away from the scent till school started, by then he would be better equipped to control himself around his mate.

Jackson was excited, his heart thumping as he thought about the possibility of finding his mate in the morning. He should be sleeping but instead he was tossing and turning, making as little noise as possible since Derek was trying to sleep in his room and picked up any little noises. "Go to sleep Jackson!" He heard the alpha growl out and chuckled softly, having clearly made more noise then he'd intended. Settling more comfortably in his bed, only a mattress on the floor, he tried falling asleep again.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Jackson felt like he was going insane, he kept getting whiffs of that intoxicating scent but he couldn't pin-point who it belonged to. It was all over the place, traces of it lingering on more than one student, agitating him. He was the only one allowed to have that scent, no one else. He'd almost wolfed out on Danny, his best friend, for having that scent all over his left side; he'd had to make up an excuse about going to the bathroom to keep from putting his claws through the goalie.

First day back at school and Coach Finstock of course wanted them all out on the field. Walking into the locker room he was assaulted with the scent again, just like he had been in history and English earlier that day. His light blue eyes scanned the room, looking frantically at all of his team mates in various stages of undress but he shared classes with most of them. He squeezed his eyes shut taking a deep breath as his wolf tried to fight for control wanting to sniff every person in the room till it found what it was looking for.

With great effort he pushed the wolf back and walked to his normal locker by Danny, his eyes flashing a bright mint green before returning to normal. Glancing around, he was glad to see that no one was looking at him. After he was dressed he let his eyes focus on the only other werewolf in the room and grimaced, he still couldn't stand the other teen. He watched as Stiles came from somewhere towards the back of the locker room, all smiles as he flopped down onto the bench by his best friend, leaning against him as he spoke animatedly.

He was shocked, nearly choking, as anger and jealousy welled up in him out of nowhere, and it was all directed at the two friends. He felt his wolf trying to break free at the sight of the quirky teen all over his best friend, the wolf wanted to punish the teen, to make him understand he was his to touch and his alone. His hand was curled over the edge of the bench gripping tightly as he tried to keep the wolf at bay, hearing it crack under the pressure of his hand.

He winced as Scott was suddenly staring at him with a curious look, as if he couldn't quite figure out what was different about the blonde. He turned away quickly, not wanting the curly haired werewolf to figure out that he had been turned just yet. If Scott knew he'd get in the way of the plan forming. Jackson ignored the staring he could still feel from behind him as he slowly formed a plan to woo Stiles Stilinki, there was no way it would be easy, he'd been picking on the teen since their sandbox days.

Coach came in and started off with what he considered to be a motivational speech that was really just complaints and insults towards most of the team. Jackson had to hold back his growl as the coach made several of them directed at the brunet teen, who pouted and mumbled about stupid alpha males under his breath. The black haired man said a few more words before sending them out onto the field to practice.

Jackson watched as the Stiles walked over to the bench, a sad look on his face which was quickly hidden behind halfhearted cheerfulness. He wasn't sure why Stiles had missed his chance to play first string last year, missing the game causing him to be back on the bench, but he wanted to know. He growled a little as Scott patted his friend on the back as he walked past, not missing the fall of the human's face before it went back to cheerful.

Jackson hardly paid any attention during practice; most of his attention focused on the quirky teen seated alone on the bench. His face dropped when no one was looking and the blonde wants to see a real smile light up his face, a smile just for him. He'd never hated Stiles despite popular opinion; he'd always liked him at least a little bit. He'd been jealous of the teen, nothing ever seemed to keep him down for long, and nothing seemed to bother him for more than a heartbeat, the only exception being the death of his mother.

Practice ended and Jackson watched as Stiles waited for Scott before following them as they headed to the locker room. He was always the last off the field so no one questioned him lingering back, not even the young man he was watching. He took his time stripping down and making his way to the showers, making sure Stiles was headed there before he walked into the tiled section of the locker room, taking a shower on the opposite side of the room form the quirky teen.

Jackson watched with hooded eyes as Stiles washed himself, still talking animatedly to Scott who seemed annoyed but just accepted it. He feels a growl try and bubble as his eyes zero in on a bruise across the Stiles chest; it's in the shape of a forearm, only a few days old. He can guess who gave the brown-eyed human that mark, and it irritates his wolf more to think of another wolf harming what's his, marking what's his.

He does growl low in his throat, the multiple shower heads keeping it from being heard when Scott tells Stiles he can't come over for their "start of the school year after school hang out", that instead he has to go see Allison. He can hear the lie as the teen tells him it's okay and the curly haired werewolf either doesn't pay enough attention to his friend or doesn't care before he's exiting. They are the only two left and he really wanted nothing more than to push the teen against the wall and mate with him, but knows better. This is his mate, not some random bitch.

It's not long before Stiles is exiting the shower and Jackson quickly finishes up before following. When he makes it back into the locker room the doe-eyed lacrosse player already has his pants on, not bothering to button them before he's scrounging around trying to find his shirt. Jackson watches while hurriedly pulling on his own clothing. He suspects that Scott stole Stiles' shirt without telling him so he wouldn't have to wear the one he'd gotten ketchup on in the cafeteria.

Jackson hesitates for a second before pulling the shirt he'd been wearing all day from his body and pulling on his spare. "Hey!" Stiles shouts as he's hit in the face by Jackson's shirt, the musk of the blue eyed teen filling his nose and he tries to ignore how pleasant it smelled before pulling the garment from his face. "What was that for?" he huffs out, brown eyes wide and doe- like, mouth hanging open in outrage.

"You needed a shirt, I gave you one. Most people would say thank you." Jackson said with a smirk as he picked up his backpack and started to head for the door. "Ten says Scott stole your shirt so his little hunter girlfriend wouldn't see the ketchup he got on his own at lunch." The blonde said, licking his lips as he looked back to see the teen pulling the shirt over his head, pleased that his scent was now on the brunet.

"Uh, um thanks." Stiles said, blushing, unable to get anything else out of his mouth at the slightly older boy's odd behavior.

"He doesn't deserve you." Jackson says before he's out the door leaving the brunet gaping after him.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Later that night Jackson was outside the Stilinski house, hiding in the shadows, just watching Stiles as he moved around the house. The sheriff had stopped by to have dinner with his son before he had to go back into work; he always worked extra shifts this time of year so that he could take extra time off the following month. No one would say anything even if he didn't take the extra time, everyone knew when Mrs. Stilinski had passed and that neither father nor son had completely recovered from it, they both spent a week hiding from the world. He wanted to be there for his future mate when that crippling sadness took over, he had a month to win Stiles over, or at the very least get his foot in the door.

Jackson was pleased to see the brunet was still wearing the shirt he'd given him earlier that day, the pale blue fabric a little too big, hanging lose. He smiled slightly as Stiles bit his bottom lip as he looked through web pages containing werewolf facts, his fingers tapping out some random tune across his desk as he browsed. The blonde werewolf growled inwardly as he heard Scott's bike headed that way and ran off, not wanting to deal with the curly haired wolf.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Hey." Scott yelled as he walked into the house without knocking, using the key the sheriff kept under the doormat in case he or Stiles locked themselves out. The only person who ever actually used it was Scott and on occasion Scott's mother when neither boy was answering his phone and she was looking for her son. Stiles had tried to get Derek to use the key when he'd been hiding out there, but the werewolf refused to even use the front door. Which was probably a good thing; a supposed mass murdered walking in and out of the Sheriffs house whenever he pleased wouldn't have looked good.

"Hi." Stiles says distractedly as he finishes reading the paragraph he was on about the cycle of the moon in relation to wolves, there wasn't anything he hadn't already read twenty times before but on the off chance it had something new and useful he read through it anyway. Closing the web browser, he spun around on his computer chair to face his friend who was lounged across his bed, his mouth gaping as he looked at the shirt his friend was wearing. "That's my shirt." He says angrily, glaring at his friend and cursing Jackson for being right in his head. "You stole my shirt."

"Borrowed. Borrowed your shirt." Scott said, raising his hands. "I didn't want Allison to see the one I was wearing, it had ketchup on it." The curly haired werewolf said holding up his hands in defense.

"No, stole! You stole it to impress your girlfriend. My sense of style is amazing I know, but that doesn't mean you can just go around stealing my clothes. You didn't even leave me one to wear." Stiles complained, giving his friend the evil eye.

"Come on, man it's not that big of a deal." Scott huffs at him, not understanding why Stiles is so upset.

"Really? Not a big deal? I think walking down the halls without a shirt on would make some stuff pretty noticeable that shouldn't be, not to mention I'm so pale I glow, I'd be walking down the hall blinding people with my paleness." Stiles said, making a face as he avoided right-out mentioning the bruise the other teen had left last time he wolfed out on him.

"You had your lacrosse gear, you could have just put that on." Scott said, shrugging as he frowned at his friend who pulled a face at the thought of putting his sweaty jersey back on after just washing off, it wasn't that dirty since he didn't really do anything at practice but it was the principle. "Where did you get that shirt?" The curly haired werewolf asked, scenting the air and finding the smell both familiar and strange; like he knew it but something about it was different, he just couldn't put his finger on what.

"Jackson." Stiles said, scrunching his face as he said the blond teen's name, feeling strange about the whole thing as he rubbed the light blue material between his fingers absently.

"Why would he give you his shirt?" Scott asked in suspicion.

"I don't know. He just did." Stiles told him, not missing the way his friends eyes flashed golden yellow.

"Take it off." Scott told him, holding a hand out for the shirt.

"Why?" Stiles asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Stiles, take the shirt off." Scott growled, his eyes turning yellow again, this time staying that way. The brunet really didn't want his friend to wolf out on him again and so hurriedly pulled the shirt from his body and handed it over. He watched as the werewolf sniffed at the shirt, hugging himself as he shivered, the cold air from the vent above him causing goose bumps to rise on his exposed flesh.

"Well?" Stiles asked once his friend's eyes had returned to normal and the shirt was handed back to him, quickly pulling it back on.

"I dunno, just smells off." Scott said with a confused look on his face.

"Off like what?" The brunet pressed, rolling his chair closer with his feet.

"I don't know." The curly haired wolf said before picking up his phone and messaging someone. It was hardly five seconds before there was a reply with an unfamiliar ring tone and he was standing. "I have to go." Scott said leaving without waiting for a reply. Stiles made a face at his friend's abrupt departure before turning back to his computer and back to researching.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

After Scott had left, Jackson had gone back to watching the brunet for another hour before making his way back to the Hale house. Walking in he was instantly attacked, letting his instincts take over like he'd been taught he manage to avoid the body coming at him and slip to the side. "Where have you been?" Derek asked giving him a smile as he pulled himself away from the wall he had hit when the blonde had managed to avoid the attack.

"I found out who my mate is, I was watching him." Jackson told him, a bright smile lighting up his face.

"Are you sure?" Derek asked, skeptical, his hormones had led him astray before.

"Yes." Jackson told him whole-heartedly, his wolf growling at the implication.

"The wolf agrees with you?" The green eyed man asked, worried that the answer would be 'no'. His wolf had never agreed with Kate but he'd ignored it in his infatuation.

"Yes." Jackson told him.

"Who is it?" Derek asked, honestly curious. Whoever Jackson's mate was would be part of his pack no matter what; they would be family.

"Stiles" Jackson said with a laugh as he watched the alpha's eyes widen in surprise.

"You're serious?" The born werewolf asked with a small laugh of his own, he'd thought about making Stiles part of the pack once he convinced Scott to join. Despite the teen being extremely annoying at times, he really would be an asset to the pack, not that he would out-right tell the brunet, knowing that he'd never shut up if he did.

"Yes." The blonde said, eying the man that had turned him in concern. What if he didn't approve? What then? His wolf growled in the back of his mind; if the alpha didn't approve they would have to fight. He was pulled from this line of thought by the black haired man speaking.

"How are you planning to win him over?" Derek asked with an amused smirk across his face.

"Still working on that, but I have some ideas." Jackson said, glad the alpha didn't seem to have a problem as they worked on planning how he would win the quirky brunet's affection.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -


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