Open The Door Because I'm Coming In

Title: Open The Door Because I'm Coming in

Category: Teen Wolf

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Smut

Rating: M

Warning: Slash m/m

Paring: Jackson/Stiles, Danny/Brad, slight Derek/Danny, Scott/Allison, Scott/Lydia

Summary: Derek gave Jackson the bite, with the change comes something he didn't expect. He can smell it all around town; it's sweet, the sweetest thing he has ever smelled. He can't seem to get a lock on it; it shows up pretty much everywhere. He finally finds it when school starts back up, and is surprised but pleased to find that that alluring scent belongs to one Stiles Stilinski. He's going to claim the teen and make him his. However Scott and Lydia have some problems with this.

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing

A/N: I don't know too much about werewolf lore or anything so I just made it up as I went and a little of what I've seen in movies and such. So if that bothers you, then you should not bother reading.

Chapter 06 (3833)

Stiles woke slowly the next morning, eyes heavy as sunlight beat against them in an unpleasant way, pulling him from his restful slumber. He tried to move his arms over his head to stretch but found himself unable to, a heavy weight preventing him. Looking down his eyes opened wide in shock at the arm wrapped across his waist. Brown eyes scanned up the pale arm to an angular face peaceful in sleep, he sucked in a deep breath as he realized that hadn't just been a really amazing dream.

Stiles was too busy freaking out to realize the werewolf was starting to stir, the scent of his distress waking the blonde. Jackson curled tighter around the human, lips trailing down the pale neck his face was buried in. "Relax and go back to sleep, it's too early." Jackson complained, nipping at a pale ear and squeezing his arms tighter around Stiles as he tried to get out of the bed.

"Jackson, let me go." Stiles demanded, still wriggling. The werewolf only hummed low in his throat, shaking his head and not removing himself from the teen, instead covering him more as he threw a leg over the human's. "I'm serious!" Stiles yelled at him, feeling anger fill him, he was really getting sick of none of the wolves ever actually listening to him. Jackson, feeling his mate's anger let him go, sitting up quickly, his wolf whining, displeased, with their mate's anger at them. The werewolf kept one hand on the human till Stiles jerked from his grasp, barely resisting the urge to grab for him again.

"What's wrong?" Jackson asked, though he knew Stiles was smart, he'd put the pieces together. The werewolf's body was tense as he watched the human pull his sleep pants on with a deep blush that normally would have had him smiling, but he felt sick with dread over what Stiles' reaction would be.

"You're a werewolf" Stiles accused, stabbing a finger in his direction as he searched the room for his jeans and shirt, he wanted to be in something less flimsy than pajama pants.

"Yes." Jackson admitted, body tight with tension as he continued to watch the brunet search the room in angry, jerky movements.

"You didn't tell me." Stiles hissed out angrily, he couldn't help the rage he was feeling over this, he felt betrayed, like one of the wolves should have at least given him a heads up, not left him in the dark.

"Stiles." Jackson practically whined, reaching out to try and grab Stiles arm, who just skirted away from him, finally finding his clothes.

"Stay away from me." Stiles growled, stomping out of the room and to the bathroom down the hall to pull his clothes on.

Jackson hung his head, his wolf growling at him to fix this, to make it right. He wasn't sure what to do, how to make Stiles understand that he hadn't meant to upset him by not telling him. Scott would have never let him close to Stiles if he'd known Jackson was a werewolf, he'd tried to keep him away even when thinking he was human. Hearing Stiles move from the bathroom he hurriedly got up and threw on some sleep pants he kept in a dresser in the corner of the room, before rushing down the stairs to catch up to the angry human.

"Stiles." Jackson said the brunets name softly as he approached him pulling his shoes on.

"Just go away Jackson." Stiles huffed out as he tied the laces messily.

"We need to talk." The blonde said, shuffling closer.

"Not now, I need to go home." Stiles told him flatly.

"Stiles, please." Jackson practically begged as Stiles walked out the door, the chill air hitting his skin making the brunet wish he'd grabbed Jackson jacket (the blonde still had his) but he refused to go back in the house at this point.

"No, I can't deal with this right now. We talk later; I need time to digest things." Stiles assured the werewolf not turning to look at him, afraid that if he did he wouldn't be able to walk away. He need to think things over and Jackson was able turn him on far too easily for him to do it in the blondes presence. "I'm going home. Tell Derek I'm staying at my place tonight. Scott hasn't shown up all week, I doubt he's going to show up now." Stiles said, walking off into the woods, Jackson watching after him sadly.

Jackson followed after Stiles to make sure he got home safe, watching him from afar so as not to be caught. He watched from the nearby woods as Stiles entered his house, hearing the Sheriff question him before he turned and headed back to the Hale house.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Stiles?" The sheriff called as his son stomped into the house, the door slamming loudly behind him.

"Hey dad." Stiles said, stopping in front of the kitchen door to give his father a tight smile.

"Where have you been?" the graying man asked in a disproving tone.

"I fell asleep at Danny's and overslept." Stiles lied, leaning against the door frame.

"Why didn't you have your jeep?" The older man asked with suspicion.

"Jackson came and picked me up." Stiles stated, biting at his bottom lip, the flash of hurt that crossed his son's face had the sheriff worried.

"Did something happen?" The sheriff asked, twisting the spoon in his coffee cup unconsciously.

"No I'm just still tired." Stiles fibbed, he could tell from the look on his father's face that he didn't believe him and hurriedly added. "Look, I'm already going to be late and I still need to grab a shower so I'm going to go do that unless you want me to end up flunking all of my classes." Stiles said dramatically.

"Go get ready, I'll make you some breakfast so you won't starve to death." The sheriff said equally as dramatic, shaking his head as his son turned away. "If you need to talk, I'm always here to listen." The graying man said, turning serious.

"Yeah, I know dad." Stiles said, turning back to give his father a reassuring smile before rushing up the stairs. The sheriff shook his head again before getting up from his chair and looking for something that he wasn't likely to burn.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Jackson, where have you been? Where is Stiles?" Derek asked worriedly, pouncing on him as soon as he entered the house.

"Stiles is at home, he knows I'm a werewolf now and isn't too happy about it. I followed him home to make sure he got there safely." Jackson told his alpha with a whine; he wanted Stiles close, didn't like that the human was upset at him and didn't want to be near him. "Where were you?" He asked before a familiar scent hit him. "Have you been around Danny?" Jackson asked in concern for his friend.

"You suck for not telling me you're a werewolf." Danny said from where he leaned against the door leading in from the kitchen.

"You told him?" Jackson asked, wide eyed.

"I didn't have much choice, Scott decided to bite him." Derek told him, pulling away from the blonde wolf, his eyes following Danny as he walked deeper into the room.

"Derek ordered me not to tell anyone." Jackson said, hands held up before he was growling at the other teen as he circled him.

"Yeah, I know but you still should have told me." Danny said, annoyed, scenting the air and growling a little in return, his eyes glowing the same golden yellow as Scott's.

"Danny, go finish eating." Derek directed, the newly turned werewolf visibly shook himself before doing what he was told. "Go take a shower and get dressed in more than just you pajamas and then we will discuss how we are going to take care of Scott. You can worry about winning Stiles over again after we get this all solved." Derek told him with rolled eyes, he felt bad that Stiles was mad at him but knew eventually it would all work out. Stiles couldn't actually hold a grudge. The alpha disappeared into the kitchen as Jackson went up to do as told, still in a sour mood.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"I'm going to have to bite you again." Derek said, taking a seat next to Danny who choked on the eggs that he'd been scarfing down.

"Why?' Danny asked, he really wasn't too keen on that happening again; it hurt like hell the first time.

"As soon as I became alpha I should have bitten Scott to show that I am HIS alpha. I have sway over any werewolf not in a pack run by another alpha, however that doesn't make me their alpha. A werewolf without a pack isn't good; we need pack, without it the wolf takes over. I'd rather not have a repeat of Scott with you." Derek said, taking a piece of toast from Danny's plate and chewing slowly.

"So why didn't you just bite me before bothering to patch me up?" Danny asked; he really didn't want to let the wolf take over and end up like Scott trying to make a new pack and turning random people.

"I have to wait for the bite to completely take hold. It'll be a few more hours at least before its complete. By tomorrow morning it should be complete and then I will bite you again." Derek said, stealing the juice Danny had been drinking from as well.

"I didn't actually agree." Danny told him, receiving a glare. "Is this an alpha thing where you just steal food of my plate and assume I'm going to do whatever you tell me to?" Danny asked with a raised eyebrow as he took his glass back, frowning at how little juice was left.

"He doesn't do that to me, at least not the food thing." Jackson said as he walked back in, a smirk on his face as the alpha growled at him. "Dude, how are you not freaking out about this?" The blonde asked as he scrounged around in the fridge for something to eat.

"I think I might still be in shock." Danny said, shrugging. "Still processing it all, not to mention I knew there was something off with you. Also you drunkenly accused Scott of being a werewolf last year." The goalie said with pursed lips, smacking at Derek's hand as he went for the last piece of bacon on the plate, ignoring the growl he received.

"I forgot about that." Jackson said, his face scrunched up as he remembered that night with scattered, distorted memories. He'd woken up in Coach Finstock's front yard. Naked, except for one sock. He'd managed to get out of any actual penalties since the coach didn't want to have to bench one of his star players.

"I have pictures from the night, he danced with a fern." Danny told the alpha werewolf with a chuckle.

"You'll have to show me some time." Derek told him, both ignoring the glare Jackson sent their way.

"What are we doing about Scott?" Jackson questioned to pull the conversation away from his embarrassment and back to what was important.

"You and I are going to track him down in wolf form, and we'll leave Danny to keep an eye on Stiles." Derek said, watching as Jackson pulled out the turkey lunch-meat Stiles had used to make a sandwich the night before, rolling up a piece from it and eating it plain. "We're going to track every inch of this forest, I've been trying to do it alone but with the two us we'll have a better chance at tracking his scent. We'll check in with Danny every two hours in case Scott shows up or something else goes wrong." Derek told them.

"So you want me to go to school?" Danny asked, skeptical, unsure if he would be able to handle his wolf in the school.

"No. Scott hasn't been showing up at the school and if he's seen there someone's bound to try and stop and question him so Stiles should be safe there. Just be at the sheriff's house after school to keep an eye on him." Derek said, before getting up and walking out of the room, he came back several minutes later with an old leather book. "Also give him this, it might help Jackson out." He said, handing the book over to Danny, their fingers brushing before he turned back to Jackson. "Put the food away and let's go." Derek said, before walking back out of the room.

Danny flipped the book to read the cover, 'Werewolf mating habits', piquing his curiosity before he was walking after the older man. "Can I watch?" Danny asked, hopeful as he followed the alpha outside, smiling when the older man nodded his head 'yes'.

"Why did I have to shower first if you're going to have us running around shifted, I'm just going to need another shower." Jackson asked as he walked out of the house, shirt already half way off as he came out the door.

"Because I could smell the sex on you." Derek said with a wrinkled nose as Jackson blushed a little while Danny laughed.

"Why are you getting naked?" Danny asked, eyes wide.

"Do you really want to see a werewolf struggle out of any tatted clothes left on? It's easier this way and fiscally responsible. I also hate shopping." Derek said with a shrug as he continued to undress.

"Oh." Danny said, his cheeks pinking a little as he watched the alpha undress, licking his lips. Derek couldn't help but feel a little pleased as he smelled the Hawaiians arousal but ignored it, his wolf growling that this wasn't just about hormones. Derek didn't care about the sex of the person he was with, never had, but with everything that had gone down he didn't trust himself to get close to another human; which is what had kept him away from Danny before, now that he was a werewolf he was still hesitant.

Danny watched wide-eyed from the steps as bone morphed and muscle re-formed, fur sprouting out all over. It was a fast process with minimal pain from practice, a few minutes after it started it stopped. Derek padded over to him, a large black wolf, eyes glowing red, and bumped his head against Danny's hand, the wolf demanding attention. Danny laughed a little, sounding just a touch hysterical as he realized there was so much he still didn't know about being a werewolf, but ran his hand over the alpha's head, scratching slightly behind a large ear.

Jackson was by his other side, a tall wolf but not as filled out as the alpha, with sable fur and glowing, mint green eyes, whining. Derek growled, snapping at the brown would who whined, prancing away. Danny just blinked as he watched the interaction, petting the alpha's head when his big furry head bumped against his hand again.

"You two should be going." Danny said. The black wolf rubbed against him one more time before running deeper into the woods, the smaller wolf following after. Danny stayed outside for a little longer before heading back into the house. Grabbing the book that Derek had given him to give to Stiles, he sat on the couch, opened the cover and started reading.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Stiles was a little perplexed to not see Jackson show up for school, but he was thankful; he wasn't quite ready to face the blonde yet. He was kind of, maybe dating a werewolf; he'd had oral sex with said werewolf, who hadn't told him he was a werewolf. It's one thing when your best friend is a werewolf, but he didn't know anything about dating one; he wasn't prepared for this. All he knew was what he'd learned from Scott and Allison's messed up relationship and he was pretty sure whatever was going on with him and Jackson was not the same.

"Stiles" Lydia called after the quirky bench-warmer, hurrying to catch up with him as he was just getting into his jeep.

"Uh, Lydia." Stiles said as he whirled around, narrowly missing the redheads face with his outstretched arm. "Sorry, sorry." He said through a grimace. "You know my name?" He asked, surprised.

"Yes, I know your name." Lydia said, giving him a tight-lipped smile.

"Right, what can I do for you?" Stiles asked, trying to be casual as he leaned against the hood of his jeep, slipping a little and barely managing to catch himself. Just because he was into Jackson didn't mean he wasn't ecstatic that Lydia knew his name.

"I need your help." Lydia told him through pursed lips, hand on her hip as she examined her nails. "Come over to my house?" She asked.

"Sure, what do you need help with?" Stiles asked, head tilted to the side slightly.

"My lab partner is out sick, so I need someone to fill in. Mr. Harris said I could ask a former student." Lydia said, still examining her nails as if they were the most interesting thing in the world, her foot tapping in impatience.

"And you chose me?" Stiles said, confused, face scrunched up.

"Jackson and Danny are both out today, you weren't my first choice. Now come on, I'm driving." Lydia said, walking off towards her car, Stiles just shrugged and followed her.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Danny was getting worried; he'd been at Stiles' house for the last thirty minutes with still no sign of the quirky brunet. The sheriff kept giving him curious glances as he paced restlessly in the hallway, waiting for either Stiles to show up or Jackson and Derek to call so he could let them know the human still wasn't back. A phone buzzing but not his, had Danny turning in the direction of the sheriff, watching him as he flipped his phone open.

"Stiles says he's helping Lydia with something and won't be back till later." The graying man told him as he laid the phone back on the coffee table. "I'll let him know you stopped by."

"Thanks, sheriff Stilinski." Danny said as he let himself out of the house, he couldn't explain why but he had a bad feeling about this. It set the wolf settling inside of him on edge. Getting in his car he headed off towards Lydia's, feeling the need to check on Stiles, he'd been protective of the teen before but with these new senses everything seemed intensified.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Where are we going? This isn't the way to your house?" Stiles asked after a while of Lydia's driving, becoming curious.

"I never said we were going to my house." The redhead said, never talking her eyes of the road.

"Why are we going in the wood? We shouldn't be hanging out in the woods. You know the big bad wolf and all." Stiles said as he scanned the scenery for anything that looked even remotely familiar but the car was speeding too fast for him to tell for sure.

"Stiles just shut up." Lydia gritted out at him, her knuckles turning white with how hard she was gripping the steering wheel.

"Ly-" Stiles started before the redhead slapped him across the face with a strength he wouldn't have thought she possessed.

"Stop talking, it's for your own good." Lydia said, giving him a tight smile before turning back to the road, Stiles just gaped at her, mouth moving in an attempt to form words but nothing coming out.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Danny growled as he left Lydia's house, her mother strung out on booze and whatever pain pills the doctor had given her hadn't known where her daughter was and the maid said she hadn't come back from school. He kicked a rock and glanced at his phone while he headed to his car. Jackson and Derek would call soon and he knew neither one was going to be happy about hearing that Stiles had gone missing. Getting in his car, he headed back to the Hale house, not worried about checking in with his parents who had been gone the last two nights and wouldn't be back till the end of the week.

Driving up to the house, he parked on the side, glancing at his phone again, he just knew something was wrong and was impatient for the alpha and his friend to call. Walking into the house, he grabbed an apple, biting into it before going back outside to pace. Ten minutes later his phone was going off and he was immediately picking up and speaking.

Danny cringed as he heard Jackson's howl all the way back at the house from wherever the two wolves were at in the mountains. Neither werewolf was happy, Derek told him they would be coming heading to Lydia's to sniff around and that he was to stay at the Hale house. Danny wasn't pleased with being told to stay put but knew it was for the best till he completely bonded with his bite.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Get out of the car, we're here." Lydia told Stiles as she turned off the car, making a face as she stepped out her heel sinking into the mud.

"We're in the middle of nowhere." Stiles said, inching away as the redhead came closer to him. "Like, ax murderer nowhere." the quirky brunet said, arms waving as his nervousness grew more.

"We are exactly where we are supposed to be, he'll be here soon." Lydia said, leaning against the car and pulling a nail file from her purse, running it across her nails.

"Who will be here soon?" Stiles asked, inching further. He should have known her admitting to knowing his name was a trap, he had a sinking feeling in his stomach. He didn't wait to hear an answer that he doubted was coming before he pivoted and took off running with no destination in mind; he just knew he didn't want to be there. He wasn't running for long before he felt another body slam into him pressing him into the ground, a growl sounding in his ear.

"Scott." The name came out in a squeak as he looked up into the glowing eyes of his crazed friend above him.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -


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