Open The Door Because I'm Coming In

Title: Open The Door Because I'm Coming in

Category: Teen Wolf

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Smut

Rating: M

Warning: Slash m/m

Paring: Jackson/Stiles, Danny/Brad, slight Derek/Danny, Scott/Allison, Scott/Lydia

Summary: Derek gave Jackson the bite, with the change comes something he didn't expect. He can smell it all around town its sweet, the sweetest thing he has ever smelled. He can't seem to get a lock on it; it shows up pretty much everywhere. He finally finds it when school starts back up, and is surprised but pleased to find that that alluring scent belongs to one Stiles Stilinski. He's going to claim the teen and make him his. However Scott and Lydia have some problems with this.

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Chapter 07 (3919)

Derek and Jackson made it back into town as quickly as possible; they had the same bad feeling as Danny about Lydia disappearing with Stiles. They stopped by Jackson's to get some clothing, not wanting to try sniffing around the Martin residence in wolf form or completely in the buff. They picked up the blonde's car while they were there and drove it over to Lydia's, Jackson almost getting them in a wreck due to his speed.

"It smells like he's been here but that doesn't necessarily mean Lydia's known about it." Derek said reasonably though he didn't really believe it, he was just trying to calm his pack mate, he'd been smelling both Allison and the redhead on Scott any time they ran into each other for weeks.

"Let's check inside." Jackson said motioning Derek to follow him to the front door.

"Oh, Jackson, honey, so lovely to see you. You haven't been around lately, we've missed you." Mrs. Martin cooed when she opened the door, letting one manicured hand run along his muscled arm. "Who's your friend?" She asked with a predatory smile. Both werewolves' noses wrinkled in distaste as they smelled the housewife's arousal coming off of her in waves.

"Hi, Mrs. Martin this is my friend Derek, I just dropped by to see Lydia, is she here?" Jackson asked, knowing full well that the redhead wasn't there.

"Oh, you know better than that. Call me Marisa. Now come on in and I'll get your friend a drink while you go leave Lydia a message on her desk, she hasn't come home yet this evening but I know she will be thrilled when she finds out you stopped by." The older women said, ushering them into the house and leading Derek off to the living-room while the blonde made his way up into his ex-girlfriends room.

Opening the door, the hinge creaking just the slightest bit, he was assaulted by Scott's scent devouring all other scents in the room, curling around them and tinting them with his own. Jackson growled, berating himself for not having suspected Lydia of becoming involved. He rooted around the room looking for any clues that might tell him where the crazed werewolf was now; where Lydia was with Stiles.

Finding nothing, he cursed to himself, having to concentrate to pull back the wolf before slipping out of the room and down the stairs to save Derek from the desperate housewife's clutches. He had to suppress a laugh as he came upon Derek, a thoroughly put upon look covering his face. The alpha werewolf was squeezed as far away from Mrs. Martin as possible; being as small as possible in the corner as the bottle dyed redhead leaned closer and closer to him.

"Oh, Jackson come sit, I had the maid bring out lemonade." Marisa called when she spotted him in the doorway, her hand fanning out towards the lemonade thoroughly doused with bourbon, even before he'd take the bite he'd known better than to try and drink that.

"Thanks for the offer Mrs. Martin but me and Derek really have to be going." Jackson told her with the smile he used on all parents.

"Marisa." The older women corrected, a frown pulling across her botox-ed face as Derek jumped up, displeased that he was leaving. "Are you sure you won't stay? I'm sure Lydia will be home soon."

"Sorry, Marisa, but we promised to meet some people for a study group." Jackson lied, heading towards the door, Derek following quickly behind him.

"Alright." She said, voice dejected. "Visit soon dear, you haven't been around lately, we all miss you." She said as they walked out the door. "Bring your friend around again too, he's welcome any time." Mrs. Martin said with a leer as she watched the two werewolves getting in the Porsche before speeding off.

"Don't ever leave me along with someone like that again." Derek seethed, smacking his hand against the back of the blondes head in agitation.

"What? Mrs. Martin is a lovely woman." Jackson said, trying not to outright snicker. "Scott was there recently." The blue eyed young man said, the mood turning serious, his knuckles whitening as he tightened his hold on the steering wheel. "I couldn't find anything to tell me where he is." Jackson growled.

"Pull over, I'm driving." Derek ordered as he heard a cracking noise coming from the steering wheel, Jackson glowered at him but did as told, he was starting to lose control over his wolf. Pulling over, the blonde had to make himself relax, breathing deeply, he was having trouble pulling the wolf back till he felt something shoved under his face and the scent instantly did the trick. Looking down he grabbed the brown jacket from Derek's hand pressing his face in deeper and inhaling the lingering scent of his mate twined around his own.

"Thanks." Jackson said, still breathing through the jacket as he got out of the car and exchanged seats with his alpha.

"Is your laptop in here?" Derek asked after acknowledging the thanks with a simple nod.

"Yeah, why?" Jackson asked, using the jacket to pillow his head as he relaxed against the car door.

"We need it to track Scott; you know to find your mate." Derek told him, snapping his hands in front of the blondes face to keep him from zoning out. He needn't bother snapping though, the mere reminder of the possible danger his mate was in putting him back on alert, however now the wolf was more under control.

"How are we going to do that?" Jackson asked, worried they wouldn't be able to find the crazed wolf. A small part of him worrying more that Stiles wasn't with Scott but instead parked somewhere in a back seat with Lydia doing things only Jackson was allowed to do with him. He pushed that away knowing that wasn't the case, knowing that Stiles wouldn't do that even if he'd been in love with Lydia since before Jackson had even noticed her that way.

"We aren't, Danny is." Derek told him as he pulled back onto the road.

"How?" Jackson asked, perplexed. "Do werewolves have some weird connection you haven't told me about that will tell him where Scott is?" The blonde asked, eyes glowing.

"No." Derek said rolling his eyes. "Danny is going to track Scott's phone. He did something similar once before when me and Stiles were trying to find the alpha." Derek told him.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Why is this taking so long?" Jackson whined from the corner of the room he'd been forced into after his pacing had thoroughly aggravated the alpha and the new werewolf. His own leather jacket forced around his shoulders by Derek, heavy with Stiles' scent since the brunet had been using it every day since the fair. Both the other werewolves ignored him, Derek in favor of watching as Danny hacked in search of Scott's phone, the process taking all of his concentration.

"Scott's phone is at Lydia's" Danny said, a frown crossing his tanned face as he turned to look up at Derek, wondering what to do now.

"Then track Lydia's phone." Jackson growled out, his claws sinking into the wall.

"Jackson, go wait in your room." Derek growled out, eyes glowing red, he'd just finished that wall the other night with help from Stiles, not that he would really call it help. All the quirky teen did was sit back and watch while telling him he was doing things wrong and nitpick, though he did bother to look up how to do it right after getting growled at.

Jackson growled, his claws digging deeper into the wall before he stomped upstairs, not pleased at being sent away to his room like a child when this concerned his mate. Reaching his room he slammed the door closed behind him causing the wall to rattle, he could hear a piece of drywall hitting the floor on the downstairs level from the vibrations. The small levels of destruction making him feel minutely better.

He paused just in the doorway to listen as Danny posed a question he himself was curious about. "Why would Lydia help Scott?" Danny asked, confused.

"I don't think Lydia is human any more, I was afraid this might happen, she isn't werewolf either. She's an in-between, some of the perks but not an actual werewolf. They tend to have poor impulse control; they don't have to fight with the wolf but they also have a harder time controlling their impulses." Derek explained, the blonde could hear as the alpha shuffled closer to the new wolf.

Jackson growled before tuning them out and let his body fall onto the bed, the blanket poofing out around his body as he hit the mattress with a soft thud, burying his face into the pillow Stiles had been using that morning. A whine escaped his lips as he inhaled the scent of his mate, the wolf coming even more to the forefront as he let his claws shred into the mattress beneath him. He stayed like that for what seemed like forever, claws digging groves into the flesh of the mattress before he heard Derek calling for him and he was rushing down, not bothering with the stairs, just jumping over the banister to the lower levels.

"Did you find something?" Jackson asked, hopeful.

"Yes, according to the GPS they are in the forest about twenty miles outside the town." Danny told him with a small grin, clearly proud of himself.

"We'll what are we waiting for, let's go." Jackson growled out, running out the door.

"Stay here." Derek said, a hand clamping tightly on Danny shoulder, lingering for a moment before he was following Jackson out the door.

"Be careful. Both of you." Danny called after them, biting his lip in worry.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"Lydia, why are you helping him?" Stiles asked, a frown creasing his face. After Scott had captured him he'd dragged him back to camp and tied him securely to a tree, making sure the ropes were inescapable, the rope around his hand unnecessarily tight for a human, he was beginning to lose feeling in his hands. He'd left not long after, leaving Lydia to watch over him with a warning not to let him out of her sight and that he'd be back shortly. "He isn't stable; he could kill you at any moment." Stiles started to ramble, eyes pleading as he stared at the redhead seated on the hood of her car, painting her nails a dark blood red.

"Would you just shut up, you are really starting to get on my nerves." Lydia said, not looking up from her naisl.

"You are way too smart to be pulled into this." Stiles whined at her with a scrunched face.

"Jackson." The redhead said shrugging.

"What?" Stiles asked, confused.

"I get Jackson." Lydia said with an eye roll.

"What are you talking about? What do you mean you get Jackson?" Stiles asked.

"Once you are out of the way me and Jackson will go back to dating and ruling the school together. The only reason he is ignoring me is you. So once Scott bites you then Jackson won't want you anymore and he'll come running back to me." Lydia told him, looking up at him for the first time since they started talking a vicious grin on her face as she saw Stiles' face sink with worry. He couldn't help the nagging doubt in the back of his mind that told him she was right and if Scott bit him Jackson really would turn him away. With that sprung a fear that maybe the blonde werewolf only wanted him in the first place to upset Scott, maybe he was just using him.

"I can smell your fear." Lydia told him, the same vicious smile splitting her face as he spluttered. "It's a side effect of living through a werewolf bite without becoming one, your senses are heightened; smell, sight, hearing, and just a bit of enhanced strength with none of that pesky transformation stuff." She said, large green eyes focused intently on him.

Stiles opened his mouth to ask if she'd had a mental breakdown but was stopped by Scott tromping back into the clearing, blood coating him. Stiles felt his stomach drop at the sight of the ruby red liquid dripping in rivets down the werewolf's face and hands, the human was hopeful that it was animal blood and not some unsuspecting hiker.

"You can leave now Lydia." Scott told her as he approached Stiles.

"I'm not going anywhere." Lydia said, a scowl pulling at her lips, she was not one to be ordered around.

"Suit yourself." Scott said, shrugging before kneeling in front of the bound human, eyes glowing yellow and teeth elongating, the spit glistening in the light of the fading sun.

"You don't want to do this; I'll be the worst werewolf ever. You know I never listen and I take too much Adderall." Stiles rambled as his crazed friend leaned in closer, hot breath licking at his cheek as a growl reverberated through Scott's chest. Stiles let out a shout as claws sunk into his arm, blood leaking out around them.

Lydia, seeing the blood, decided it was time to head out; she'd have what she wanted soon enough. "This is where I make my exit. I can't listen to his rambling any longer." The redhead said with a tight smile, ignored as she got in her car and sped off.

"You will learn to listen." Scott hissed, the hand not slicing into the fragile human flesh pressing Stiles' head to the side so he could get at his neck. Stiles gulped as a hot tongue licked over his pulse point, a nose following to scent him. "I can smell him on you, his claim." Scott growled, teeth grazing over skin, raising blood to the surface, a grin pulling at his lips as Stiles whimpered, the scent of fear filling the air around them.

Scott was just about to finally bite down on Stiles' jugular when he heard a snap coming from somewhere behind him. Whipping around, his claws pulling from the human's soft flesh pulling a moan of pain with them "Quiet." Scott growled, whipping back towards the bench-warmer before whipping back, head tilting up as he scented the air. A growl left the deranged werewolf before he was darting off into the woods with intent.

Stiles heard an answering growl as something crashed into a tree, which he presumed was a body. He heard more thrashing and snarling and at one point a howl of pain but he couldn't figure out who was making what sounds, though he was hopeful it was Derek out there beating Scott into submission. He gulped nervously as there was another howl of pain followed by silence, the eerie unnatural sound of nothing making goose-flesh rise all over.

It was dark, too dark to see by the time Stiles heard a noise, his eyes adjusting as much as possible, he jumped as far as the ropes allowed when he heard leaves rustling. His heart was pumping fast and loud, blood rushing in his ears as he whipped his head back and forth trying to get a lock on where the sound was coming from. He gasped as suddenly there was a wet nose rubbing against his hands, he hadn't seen the wolf show up out of the shadows till he was right in front of him.

"Jackson?" Stiles asked, hopeful that it was the blonde werewolf or Derek and not Scott. The wolf did nothing but continue to sniff at him for a few minutes before fur was melting away to reveal smooth skin, bone was breaking, muscle pulling and elongating under the skin.

"You're hurt." Jackson stated the obvious, wolf still in the forefront and worried for its mate, leaning down to inspect the bleeding wound on his arm.

"Jackson." Stiles breathed out again, elated with the sight of the blonde lacrosse player. "What happened?" Stiles asked, concerned for the other werewolves involved. Jackson ignored his questions in favor of sliding his claws across the rope keeping Stiles pressed back against the tree. "Oh, thank god. I was starting to lose feeling in my hands" Stiles said massaging at his wrist in an attempt to help the blood flow back into them.

"Wh- What are you doing?" Stiles stuttered out, his breath catching as Jackson licked at his bleeding arm, cleaning the wound. The werewolf again did not reply, only gripped the arm under his mouth tighter as Stiles attempted to pull away. "Oh, that is so wrong." Stiles moaned out as heat trailed up his arm where werewolf spit was working its way into the wound, helping the healing process along, the more the blonde cleaned the more it healed. "This seems very unhygienic." Stiles said, letting his head thunk back against the tree.

"He didn't bite you did he?" Jackson asked in concern, finally pulling back the wolf enough to do so as he finish cleaning the blood from the wound, flesh now knitting back together.

"No." Stiles said, head shaking as he was pulled into the blonde's body becoming increasingly aware of the fact that Jackson was naked. "We should get out of here, maybe get you some clothes." Stiles got out, breathy, the last bit turning into a moan as the werewolf was nosing at his neck rubbing his scent onto the brunet, nipping and licking the pale mole-spotted neck in an urgent need to get rid of Scott's scent lingering there.

(Some smut)

"Quiet, they're still near." Jackson huskily whispered into Stiles pale ear, nipping at the lobe, the brunet burying his head in a naked shoulder to muffle his gasp. Stiles could still feel the heat from where the werewolf had licked the bleeding wound and now it was starting to spread throughout the rest of his body, pulling in his stomach. Jackson growled against Stiles skin as he could smell his scent sweeten, his cock filling at the first hint and he pulled the human closer so that he was straddling his thighs.

"Are they okay?" Stiles asked, biting his lip to keep a moan from entering the air as Jackson rutted up into him, the friction against his clothed cock making it swell.

"They are fine, Derek managed to bite him, he's a little bruised up but he'll be completely healed in a day or two." Jackson assured, hands moving everywhere as he continued to rock up into the brunet's clothed body. Stiles clutched desperately at the blonde's shoulder, stuttering breath ghosting across the werewolf's neck. "I need-" Jackson broke off as he pulled at Stiles' shirt, getting it caught on elbows. "I need to feel your skin." He growled out, ripping the outer shirt.

"Hey!" Stiles complained, sleeves hanging on his arms as the rest of the shirt was thrown to the ground, another growl escaping the werewolf as he's faced with the gray under-shirt, already pulling at it. "Hey, hey okay." Stiles groaned out, releasing his grip from Jackson's shoulders, throwing the remains of his outer shirt to the ground with a frown before pulling the under shirt off, throwing it in the same direction.

"I'm glad to see you but I am still mad at you." Stiles groaned out as his back was pressed against the ground, leaves instantly sticking to his skin and a twig poked into his back. "We're in the middle of the woods." Stiles complained as Jackson pressed into him harder, hands fluttering all over his exposed skin, unable to focus on just one section.

"They are going to hear you and come investigate if you don't quiet down." Jackson said as his hands worked on removing Stiles' jeans so that he had more flesh to touch. "I don't think you want to give them a show." The blonde said through a mouthful of flesh, a harsh moan escaping Stiles as his pants were shoved halfway down and Jackson's cock was rubbing against his own aching flesh.

"No, no don't want to put on a show." Stiles moaned out arching up into the co-captains hard body, needing more of that wonderful friction. Hands wrapped around his hips, claws catching on his skin as Jackson pressed as close as possible, kissing and licking any flesh within reach, needing to mark his claim again. "F-fuck" Stiles stuttered out as a clawed hand wrapped around both of their cock, stroking them, precome making the slide easier.

"I was so worried." Jackson groaned in his ear as he continued to stroke their cocks. "I should kill him for hurting you." Jackson growled out, his hand speeding up its pace.

"I, I'm fine now." Stiles breathed out, practically panting as his nails dug into the flesh of Jackson's shoulders, unable to do little more than hold on for dear life.

"Not the point." Jackson growled, claiming his mouth in a wet, sloppy kiss, tongue scourging every crevice of the human's mouth hungrily. "He could have killed you." He growled again as he pulled away before plunging back in as he jacked their cocks, bringing them closer and closer with each pull and twist of his hand.

"You saved me." Stiles moaned out, body coiled tight as heat was gathering in the pit of his stomach, burning hotter and hotter. "Everything is fine now." He groaned out, words breaking.

"I'll always save you." Jackson told, him eyes glowing mint green as they locked on the humans brown doe-eyes. "You are my mate, mine to protect." The blonde told Stiles, kissing his suddenly slack lips before nosing down to his throat and biting, pulling just a hint of blood followed by the hot flow of the brunet's come pulsing over his hand and cock coating them both in the sticky white seed. Moments later Jackson followed, his seed covering them both as well, mixing together as he continued to rub against the human.

(End of Smut)

"I'm your mate?" Stiles asked as he came down from the high of orgasm, staring up into the werewolf eyes, a small whine escaping him as the werewolf continued to rub against him, the friction hitting his oversensitive cock.

"Yes." Jackson told him, making a point not to hit Stiles' sensitive member as he continued rubbing and petting at the human's pliant body.

"Oh, okay." Stiles said after a long minute, a happy pleasant feeling bubbling up in his stomach at the thought of being Jackson's mate. "This doesn't mean I'm not still mad at you." Stiles told him, trying to be firm and not smile but as the blonde smiled down at him he couldn't help but return it with a smile of his own.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -


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