Open the Door Because I'm Coming In

Title: Open The Door Because I'm Coming in

Category: Teen Wolf

Genre: Drama/ Romance/ Smut

Rating: M Smut

Warning: Slash m/m, Smut, biting,

Paring: Jackson/Stiles, Danny/Brad, slight Derek/Danny, Scott/Allison, Scott/Lydia

Summary: Derek gave Jackson the bite, with the change comes something he didn't expect. He can smell it all around town its sweet, the sweetest thing he has ever smelled. He can't seem to get a lock on it; it shows up pretty much everywhere. He finally finds it when school starts back up, and is surprised but pleased to find that that alluring scent belongs to one Stiles Stilinski. He's going to claim the teen and make him his. However Scott and Lydia have some problems with this.

Disclaimer: I own no one and nothing

A/N: I don't know too much about werewolf lore or anything so I just made it up as I went and a little of what I've seen in movies and such. So if that bothers you, then you should not bother reading.

Special thanks to Laraneia for betaing!

Chapter 09 (2308)

Jackson was lounging across Stiles' bed as the brunet lay sprawled on the floor avidly reading the book Derek had given to Danny to give to him. The werewolf's hand brushing across short brown hair as he watched his mate, ignoring the math book laid out in front of him. "This says male werewolves can get pregnant." Stiles announced, causing the hand petting him to stop in its movement. "Did Derek tell you about that?" He asked curiously as he looked up at Jackson.

"No, I didn't know that." Jackson said, still unmoving as the thought of getting Stiles heavy with his pups crossed his mind.

"It's rare, both partners have to be werewolves and mates." Stiles said, turning back to his book.

"Oh." Jackson said quietly, Stiles already engrossed in the book again. "You might want to be turned at some point, right?" Jackson asked, the wolf whining for the answer to be yes as Stiles looked up at him, blinking.

"Maybe." Stiles said, a hot blush covering his cheeks at what Jackson was implying, his stomach flipping with the thought. "We could always practice until then." The brunet suggested, hopeful, as he bit his lip, waiting for a reply. Jackson growled before dragging him onto the bed and kissing him hungrily.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Later both human and werewolf lay covered by just a sheet, Jackson's back pressed against the headboard with Stiles between his splayed legs, mole-spotted back pressed to his chest. Jackson was reading over the brunet's shoulder, just as interested in what knowledge it had to offer as Stiles, his chin pressed against the human shoulder. The blonde smiled as Stiles muttered some of the words to himself under his breath, a subconscious action as his nimble fingers traced along the words.

"I have a question." Stiles said suddenly, pulling away and twisting to look back at Jackson.

"Alright,what?" Jackson asked, running his fingers against the human's stomach, lingering where the skin creased from the twist.

"When are we going to mate?" Stiles asked, brown doe-eyes impossibly wide as he looked at the werewolf, unmatched curiosity bubbling over. Jackson smiled widely at his mate, leaning in to take his mouth in a slow heated kiss that left them both breathless.

"The full moon is coming up." Jackson said, his forehead pressed against the human's as he let his tongue swipe across dark pink lips. "We will complete the bond then, it's been forming since I first laid eyes on you after being turned." The werewolf smiled wider as he watched Stiles' eyes brighten with the prospect of what was to come before pulling the human in to another long, heated kiss.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

Stiles sat on a rock in the middle of the woods looking up at the full moon as he waited for Jackson to reappear, he felt a slight anxiety at being in the woods during the full moon but felt reassured that Jackson was near. He continued looking up at the moon as his fingers tapped across the surface of the rock and his legs swung back and forth, his heels hitting the cool surface of the stone, a blanket hanging loosely around his shoulders. Jackson's car was parked on the other side of the clearing, the werewolf's clothes folded neatly on top, both their shoes lying next to the front tire.

Stiles turned abruptly as he heard a twig snapping, smiling as he saw Jackson enter the clearing in all his naked glory, causing the human's cheeks to heat up. "Why do you have Thumper, and why are you covered in blood?" Stiles asked in a whine, his face scrunched as he looked at the dead rabbit the werewolf was carrying in his left hand and the smeared blood on his pale skin.

"Stiles, come here." Jackson commanded, eyes glowing mint green as he waited in the center of the clearing where he had spread out another blanket earlier to make things more comfortable for his human companion.

"You don't want me to eat that do you" Stiles asked, feeling a little ill at the thought as he stopped in front of the werewolf.

"No." Jackson said, rolling his eyes as he put the dead rabbit off to the side; standing back up he started pulling at Stiles' clothes, he was tempted to just rip them from the human's body but didn't feel like being fussed at for it. After a few moments of just standing there the brunet rushed to help the werewolf, trying not to fall as he attempted to kick off his shoes. "There's no rush." Jackson said, chuckling as he steadied the quirky bench-warmer, keeping him from tipping over.

"Just relax." The werewolf said, softly pulling Stiles' now naked body into his own, letting his hands run over smooth mole-spotted skin as he leaned down and kissed the human. Jackson let the kiss linger for a few minutes, sucking hungrily on the human's tongue before maneuvering them onto the ground, his body hovering over Stiles. Stiles whined a little, trying to pull him back as Jackson sat up and grabbed the rabbit.

"OMG! What are you doing?" Stiles asked, flinching as blood ran down from the rabbit onto his chest from where Jackson had sunk his claws into it.

"Calm down." Jackson said, the hint of a growl not being missed as he ran his finger over Stiles, trailing blood.

"So, this is some kind of werewolf mating thing?" Stiles said, scrunching his nose as the werewolf trailed blood over his neck and onto his chest. "It's pretty gross." The brunet said, happy when the rabbit was thrown out of his line of sight and Jackson was done smearing blood over him.

"It makes the wolf happy." Jackson told him nuzzling his nose into the crook of Stiles' neck and breathing deeply. "We're both so happy." The werewolf said, nipping lightly at the human's pulse point before laving at the skin, working his way up to a pale ear to nip. Leaving sucking kisses along the mole-spotted jaw line, Jackson captured his mate's mouth in an imitation of what they would soon be doing.

(The smut you've been waiting for.)

Stiles whined and moaned as the werewolf made a wet trail down his body, leaving little marks in his way before burying his nose in the curls around his cock. The human moaned again, leg twitching in impatience as Jackson rubbed his face over the erect organ, precum leaking out to smear across his cheek. "You smell so good like this." Jackson growled, the wolf coming out further as he ran his hands over trembling thighs, spreading them wide as he kneeled between them.

"Stop teasing." Stiles groaned out as Jackson watched his cock bob in the air, he just continued to caress mole-spotted thighs, kneading the flesh beneath his fingers. The blond smirked before leaning down and swallowing Stiles in one go, humming around the flesh in his mouth as Stiles moaned loudly, hands clutching at the blanket beneath him. Jackson bobbed his head, twisting his tongue as he reached back, hand hitting grass a few times before he wrapped his fingers around what he was looking for. Stiles was too distracted by the attention his leaking cock was receiving to pay attention to anything else, he gasped in surprised as a finger covered in a cold substance pressed against his entrance.

"Uh, it's cold." Stiles complained, trying to wiggle away but a hand clamping down firmly on his hip prevented him from moving as the digit entered him.

"Your body will heat it" Jackson growled, pulling away from the human's cock with a wet sound, trying hard to keep his control, wanting nothing more than to just thrust into the body beneath him but waiting, not wanting to hurt Stiles. Jackson was of course right, even without the overheated effect the werewolf had on him, the heat of his inner muscles would have heated the gel.

"You could have warmed it up first." Stiles complained with a frown that didn't last as another finger was being pressed in, distracting him. Jackson grinned, stroking searchingly, lips splitting wider as he found what he was looking for and watched with hooded eyes as his mate arched up with a loud moan.

"Now where would the fun in that be?" Jackson chuckled as he scissored his fingers, stretching, preparing Stiles for him. His own cock was leaking in anticipation, the tip hitting his wrist and smearing precum over his pulse point as he added a third finger, twisting.

"More." Stiles pleaded, arching up again, heels sliding along the blanket causing the dirt to grove beneath them, fingers rubbing hard against his prostate, his body burning from the inside out the only source or relief being the werewolf's penetration. Jackson's mouth went dry with the need to claim the human laid out so wantonly before him.

The werewolf leaned down to lick along Stiles pulse as he removed his fingers, pulling a whine of protest. Jackson didn't leave him wanting for long though, coating his cock with more gel, he lined up with Stiles' puckered hole, biting down on a racing pulse before pushing in. The heat overwhelming him took away from the pain but Stiles still flinched a little as some of the pain made its way through, he vaguely remembered reading about it, it was called the mating haze. The human let his blunt nails dig into Jackson's shoulders in an effort to ignore the slight discomfort, wiggling and throwing a leg over a hip in an effort to find the most comfort.

"God, will you just move already!" Stiles demanded, becoming more and more impatient with the werewolf's stillness. Jackson chuckled, breath hot in the human's ear before he pulled out and pressed back in hard, air whooshing past his own ear. Stiles groaned, a nail raking down the blonde's back leaving red trials that healed moments later as Jackson's hands dug into his hips in a way that he knew would be bruised by morning.

"You're so tight." Jackson whispered into Stiles' ear, nipping at it as he sped up his pace. "So good. Knew you would be." The werewolf moaned into his ear, claws slipping out and digging lightly into the flesh of Stiles' hips causing him to squirm as at the same time his prostate was hit and he was arching further into the mythical monster above him. Jackson slid his hands up the human's back, keeping it curved as he pounded in over and over again, the heat building between them.

"Going to fill you up till you're bursting with me." Jackson groaned out, suddenly changing their position. Stiles found himself on his hands and knees practically howling as the werewolf shoved back into him, causing him to rock forward, hands holding his hips keeping him from moving too far. Jackson felt the flesh at the base of his cock swelling, the wolf pulling through, ready to complete the bonding, needing it more the anything. "Going to fuck you like this every day till you're belly swells with my pups." He growled in Stiles' ear as he pressed his knot into his mate, the human gasped in pain, the heat quickly swelling and covering the pain as much as possible as the werewolf's knot was pressed all the way in.

"Oh! Fuck! Jackson!" Stiles yelled out as Jackson continued to rock into him, biting down over the humans racing pulse, seconds later the brunet was coming, white seed spilling across the blanket beneath them. Jackson tasted the blood of his mate in his mouth and felt the muscles contracting around him, taking him over the edge as he spilled his seed into Stiles' willing body, his knot keeping any from leaking out as he howled up at the moon. Stiles had fallen to his elbows, face pressed against the blanket, his own come seeping into his skin as the werewolf rocked slowly against him till the swelling knot dissipated.

"We are not doing that every day." Stiles groaned out, making a pained face as Jackson pulled out his softened cock after what seemed like forever. The brunet moaned, trying to wiggle away as fingers pressed into his sensitive ass. "What are you doing?" Stiles asked as he was maneuvered so that he was lying with his head on Jackson's chest, fingers still buried in his ass.

"Just making sure it all stays in." Jackson told him with a grin, eyes still glowing as he used his free hand to rub over the bite he'd left on his mate to show he was claimed, that they were mated. Stiles was too tired to comment on that and just mumbled nonsense, lips brushing over the werewolf's pectoral muscle, the salty taste of sweat invading his mouth. They laid there, bathed in moonlight, till they fell asleep not waking till the sun had risen high into the sky.

(End Smut)

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 -

"What is this?" Sties asked, face scrunched in displeasure as he held up the offending object from his bed.

"It's a present." Jackson said, walking over to Stiles from where he'd been looking out of the window. "It's so you'll always remember that night." He said as if that should be obvious from the trinket.

"Oh. My. God. You gave me Thumper's foot!" Stiles yelled, throwing the rabbit's foot away from him, the small chain it was attached to it clinking as it hit the ground. "That is not okay." The human complained, looking at his hands like he wanted to dip them in acid.

"I just wanted to make sure you remembered." Jackson said, pulling Stiles into his body and wrapping his arms around his lanky form.

"Like I'm ever going to forget." Stiles said with a heavy blush, the werewolf smiled widely before claiming his mouth in a deep kiss.

- 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 - 0 –

The End

A/N: This is the end of this part of the story. However I may write a companion piece for it at a later date. But that isn't for sure, in the mean time I'll be working on updating my other stories. Thanks to all of you that have stuck with this story, you've all been amazing. Let me know what you think of this last bit.