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50 things they hide

Placate - There was only one person who could placate the little bird when he got worked up like this. Which was why Wally was here standing in Kid Flash pajamas coaxing the younger boy to come down, off the gargoyles.

Kiss – His kisses always started out so desperate, almost as though he were stealing something from someone else, it never took Wally long to convince his little bird otherwise.

Soft – Robin's hair was the softest thing he'd ever felt, he liked to rub his cheek against it like a cat rubbing up against its owner.

Pain – He bit down on his tongue to keep the screams locked away, it was midnight and everyone else was asleep. He could never let them know about the spasms.

Affair – There was only on possible explanation, he hadn't been good enough for him. The phone dropped from his numb fingers as the tears leaked from his eyes, Dick was cheating on him with Barbara Gordon.

Rain – The soft patter of rain was once a soothing sound to the young speedster, now all it brought was fear. The little bird found his speedster hiding underneath a pile of his spare capes, he didn't hesitate to join him.

Chocolate – Sticky sweetness that traced a lazy path from the corner of Robin's mouth down his chin, it was purely instinctive when he leaned over and licked away the dark stain.

Happiness – Really, he couldn't remember the last time he'd been this happy, not since his parents had died at least. Wally must love him if he was willing to ask Artemis for help with this.

Telephone – 'Rob could you come over? Yeah the window,' he muttered clutching the phone as though his life depended on it, it probably did. God only knew it was Rob's voice that anchored him to reality.

Ears – 'Where've you been and why are you covered in bandages?' There wasn't much that got past Rob, no matter how quiet you were, he had the ears of a Bat.

Name – What's in a name? So much, it was who you were, it was your life, he should know, he had three. Richard, Dick, Robin and each demanded so much of him. Oddly enough, when he was with Wally, it didn't matter who he was, all that responsibility was far away.

Sensual – Their kisses had gone from tentative and embarrassed as they had been in the beginning to something so much more, something the Bat would kill him for but…the Bat didn't have to know.

Death – They faced death each and every day, they weren't afraid for their own lives anymore but that didn't mean they didn't fear it. They feared it for each other.

Sex – He was the older one, he knew they should wait, he knew it. But he was never the most responsible person and damn Rob was sexy!

Touch – Not many knew but Robin, Dick, Richard, whichever, he liked physical contact. When he was hurt most of all, he had a death grip on the speedster's hand now as they fell to their deaths and Wally was squeezing just as tightly.

Weakness – They were both weak in different ways. Rob somewhat physically, he was only human, cut Wally off from his food and he could die, only the two of them knew about the mental and emotional hurt, the weaknesses.

Tears – Hot, salty tears traced streaky paths down his dusty face, he was too late, Joker was gone and his little bird was broken.

Blood – There was so much blood, a deep, rich crimson that covered everything and he couldn't even help him. He could only watch as his best friend and lover bled to death before his eyes.

Speed – Wally was fast, much faster than anyone else guessed. Faster even than his Uncle Barry.

Wind – He loved the winter air in his face as he ran, it was bitingly cold like breathing in chips of ice but it made he feel alive.

Freedom – Wally wasn't something to be caged and locked away forever; Barry needed to understand that, if you tamed the beast you killed its soul and everything you had once loved about it.

Life – Such a fragile, delicate thing, so many put such value on it but he didn't get it, so you died big deal. He was living on borrowed time anyway.

Jealousy – His teeth ground together painfully when he saw the two of them dancing at the gala event. He didn't even know why he was here in the first place all he knew was that, that slut had her arms around his bird.

Hands – Rob had magic hands, he wasn't sure if it was something he'd learned at the Circus or from the Bat but all he cared was that Rob gave the best massages.

Taste – Their first kiss had tasted of blood and smoke and a giddy happiness, just glad to be alive at the moment, he'd always remember their relationship as that. Deadly, unaccepted, hidden but oh so worth it.

Devotion – He'd been sick and in bed with pneumonia, Alfred was his only company for the day and he was miserable, then Wally had shown up laden with DVDs, comics and junk food. When Wally was stuck at home with a broken arm the next month, Dick was there.

Forever – They'd both known that this relationship couldn't last, they were heroes, something would tear them apart, hell their mentors would tear them apart, but for now they were together and they would always have these stolen moments.

Sickness – Wally was such an idiot! He was a stubborn moron who refused to ask for help even if he was killing himself which he was, only indirectly. He must be a glutton for punishment, it was plain sick.

Melody – He hadn't been expecting anyone to be at Wayne Manor at three in the afternoon, Bruce was usually at work and Alfred had the weekend off. Still the beautiful sound that came from the grand piano in the living room was as welcoming as it could get.

Home – Home was a relative term, sure the place he lived was called 'home' but really it wasn't. You didn't get beaten to a bloody pulp at home, you didn't have to hide half of yourself at home.

Confusion – The air was thick with black choking smoke, his lungs burned for a clean breath of air and still he searched for his little bird. He refused to leave him here even if he was with the Bat and 'should be fine'.

Fear – He wasn't afraid of falling, if he was, he wouldn't be Robin. No, he was afraid of his family falling.

Smile – He'd forgotten how to by the time he became Kid Flash but seeing Robin made him remember.

Bond – They shared a bond that went deeper than best friends or lovers, they were brothers no matter what.

Thunder – Rob hated thunder almost as much as Wally hated storms so when thunder started echoing down the halls of the base, he could always be found snuggling up to Wally.

Market – Wally had been to hundreds of them but never one quite like this, well there was a first time for everything he supposed and a Superhero Market was definitely a first.

Technology – He wouldn't say Rob was gifted with technology because he wasn't. He was a fricken genius end of story. There wasn't and never would there be any computer or security system that Rob couldn't crack.

Gifted – Wally was gifted. No not in the way people would think, with superpowers or a genius IQ, he was gifted with amazing acting abilities that he made use of every single day.

Innocence – One had lost it when his parents fell, another when his mother and father decided he wasn't good enough.

Completed – To both of them there was no such thing and it was foolish to believe otherwise.

Clouds – Sometimes Wally liked to just kick back and look at the clouds, especially if a certain bird decided to join him.

Air – There was nothing more exhilarating than soaring through the air on a trapeze bar or on a grappling hook, it was in his blood.

Heaven – He hoped it existed and that when it was finally his time, that he was good enough to get in.

Hell – He faced it everyday when he got home from a night of patrolling with Uncle Barry and Rudy had taken more than a few drinks.

Sun – He liked to sit in it sort've like a cat. He liked to lie down in a nice sun patch and doze off, escape reality for a few short hours.

Moon – It was his constant companion on his nightly patrols, his partner didn't count, shh.

Waves – There was a perpetual calm in the sound of water crashing against the shoreline that he had come to love.

Hair – Wally's hair was a vibrant red, almost the colour of blood which was why it took him so long to notice the unnatural darker stain it hid.

Ocean – He was wild like the ocean, forever churning, forever in constant chaos, fighting itself for control.

Perfect – To him, his bird was whole and complete, perfect. To him, his red head wasn't broken, wasn't hurt, he was perfect.

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