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50 things we'd love to see.

Yourself – A war between best friends that started with a stupid toy and ended in 'Why don't you go fuck yourself!'

Platonic – BFFMM (.. and. Muder) and P.I.S.S (..Stupidity), their relationship as lovers was anything but platonic, and damn did Conner know that after a few nights.

Feeling – He'd just had a hunch, a gut wrenching feeling of utter wrongness, well at least it wasn't in vain. He swallowed past the bile in his throat and yanked the bloodied doll down off its hook.

Fly – 'How, just, just how?' The red head gulped and turned to the confuzzled blonde in the doorway. 'Well ya see, it had this fly.' 'Yeah a fly,' the brunet chimed in. 'And it was so annoying that we just had to get rid of it.' 'And I jumped up on the wardrobe but I fell and Wally caught me!'

Safe – 'We should be safe here,' Dick muttered, despite having deadly clowns with submachine guns on their tail, he couldn't help but notice how very small the cupboard was and just how good Wally smelt.

Listen – Wally was never good with the whole listening thing, his attention span just didn't allow for things like that, but damn did he pay attention to movements and habits and that one spot behind his ear that…

Empty – The entire base had been empty when the two had snuck in after getting drenched in the freak storm that raged outside. Two of them alone at base with no interruptions, oh yeah, he was loving storms about now.

Angry – 'Don't talk to me, I'm mad at you.' The brunet pouted crossing his arms. Wally thought he could leave him waiting for more than half an hour without so much as a call. 'I know and I'm sorry but I got you Budinca Italiana.' The little bird eyed the Romanian dessert once before taking the proffered plate. 'All is forgiven.'

Ripped – He stared at the ripped card in his hands, that Roy Harper was a dead son of a bitch.

Stepped – 'Ooh, looks like a stepped on a nerve!' Artemis laughed poking the twitching boy wonder. 'Aw come on Rob, I think it's cute.' The lights went out for exactly five seconds during which time a strong breeze tore through the kitchen, when the lights came back on the blonde archer was missing.

Refuse – He blinked twice, then again, there wasn't a chance in hell he'd ever wear that. Nope he absolutely refused although the whip and cuffs had potential, okay only them but nothing else, not even the bottle of chocolate flavoured body paint.

Rise – Whoever invented the expression rise and shine deserved to be shot, thrown into a pit of fire ants then shot again for good measure. 'Rise and shine little bird, the early birdie gets the worm!' Wally was a dead man.

Words – 'Oh well, sticks and stones can break your bones but words can never-' The red head cut off abruptly when a rather malicious glint appeared in Dick's eyes. 'Say hurt you and I'm getting the encyclopedia.' He threatened. 'Love you? I was gonna say love you!'

Hobo – 'Fleetfeet!' 'Short pants!' 'Dingbat!' 'Nimrod!' 'Hobo!' Hobo?' 'Hobo.'

Care – He sighed as he wound another length of gauze around purple bruised ribs. 'Walls you need to be more careful,' he murmured pulling the gauze taunt before tucking it in neatly.

Sexy – Okay, he was trained by the Bat on suppressing emotions, piece of cake. But damn, wet spandex was not his friend right now, especially when it clung to those muscles and that ass, damn. And that smirk, that smirk that said 'I'm-gonna-fu…

Confession – Huh, it was harder coming out to his parents than it had been coming out to the Bat, okay he'd just come out and say it, confession was good for the soul right?

Vacation - "Where do you wanna go for spring break?" Dick asked walking in with his holo-computer up searching various places. "Armsterdam." the red head answered automatically not even turning away from the t.v.

"Why Holland?" he asked. "Dude, weed and prostitution are legal there. You can be stonde high-end hooker," Wally explained simply. "Hey Cap. Laltston? Yeah we figured it out, Armsterdam, oh only me and Wally."

Shoe - "Wally is that your shoe on top of Wayne Towers?" Roy questioned pausing the screen and zooming in. "Um, yeah," the younger red head muttered a bright red flush creeping onto his face. "And what is it doing there Wally?" Roy asked. "It involves a broken comlink, a pair of Batcuffs, a can of whipped cream and some chocolate sauce," he listed non-chalantly.

Young - "Young Justice fan fiction? So like stories the fans write about us?" Conner asked, the blonde archer nodded pulling up the page. "Exactly but some of it is pretty nasty, I heard one of the favourite pairings is something called Kid Wonder," Artemis explained. "Don't load that page!" Robin yelled covering Wally's mouth, "just trust me on this and don't listen to anything Wally says!"

Attention - "If you wanted my attention all you had to do was ask," Oliver Queen murmured smiling as his girlfriend Dinah. "Why ask when I can show?" Dinah purred pulling the archer into the store by the tie. "No, I told you a million times no!" The blonds both whipped around in the direction of familiar voices, that had sounded like Dick. What was he doing in a bondage store?

Promise - "Please no playing the tigers, no matter how friendly they are," Bruce ordered the eleven year old Dick Grayson. "No promises," thirteen year old Wally West whispered into his new best friend's ear.

Notice - "You know Master Dick, I couldn't help but notice, nearly all the of the cameras stationed in your room are off line except for the one positioned in your sock drawer," Alfred stated with a knowing smile.

Complain - Hey if Dick wanted to make out in the Batcave who was he to complain, he only hoped Daddy Bats didn't find them.

Famous - "TLS Strikes Again!" Commishioner Gordon read surveying the graffittied wall, TLS was the tag of a new graffitti artist or artists as the case might be. Underneath the words were paintings of Red Arrow, Kid Flash and Robin, the strange thing was, as soon as Speedy changed into Arrow, the artist switched out as well. Honestly, how did anyone get onto a blank wall a hundred feet off the ground and fiftly feet below any steady surfaces with only a thin wire connected to a flag post twenty feet above?

Anonymous - The red head looked around before picking up the giftwrapped box, there was no name or even any fingerprints, maybe he was hanging around Rob too much for that last one. He ripped the gift paper off and opened the box before going brillantly red.

Change - The red head stared up at the ceiling of Dick's new appartment thinking about how much things had changed. He wasn't Kid Flash aynmore, Roy wasn't Speedy, Dick wasn't Robin, instead he was Flash, Roy was Red Arrow and Dick was Nightwing. So much had changed so fast, the brunet muttered something incoherant and reached for him, well at least some things didn't change.

Healing – He let out a contented sigh as the warm water worked its magic on his sore muscles. It also helped when you insanely hot boyfriend was giving you a massage.

Thought – He observed the new book he'd gotten as a present from Roy, guess the human body was more flexible than he thought. He couldn't wait to try it.

Haunted – He swallowed past the lump in his throat, he would forever be haunted by the scene he'd just seen, the blond archer blinked twice, turned and promptly made his way to the bar to get drunk.

Trapped – How could he admit to his lover that their relationship made him feel trapped? He was a speedster yes but it was also because he was in love someone else. "Wally listen, I don't think it's working out…

Sin – He moaned slightly, those sinfully silken lips glided along his collar bone, leaving hickies here and there, those blue orbs should be red because the teen kissing him was most definitely a demon.

Together – "Forever or Never." He bit his lip, what did he mean, could someone really love him so much, someone wanted to be together with him?

Suffocate – "I thought you were freakin' dead!" He wheezed as the red head hugged him tight, okay, loosing blood supply, suffocating.

Skin – Flawless, perfectly pale silken skin, no matter how many times someone came along and broke this boy, the body would heal seamlessly while the soul died.

Follow – "There isn't a place in this universe I wouldn't follow you to." Tears pricked the boy's eyes. "If only to smack you upside the head for being so bloody stupid!"

Reach – He never in a million years ever thought he'd reach a point in his life where waking up with Nightwing in his arms would become normal.

Lose – "Lemme get this straight. You can find a single person out of a billion all over the world in less than an hour but you lose a t.v remote in a ten by fifteen by fifteen room, search for six hours and still can't find it?" Well when you put it like that it sounded bad. "You are an idiot, it's in your back pocket."

Defense – In their defense, they hadn't thought anyone would ever find their -ahem- toys.

Resist – Honestly, could you resist huge azure blue puppy dog eyes at three in the morning, when you're sleep deprived, running on your fiftieth cup of coffee? Didn't think so.

Loneliness – The Bat twitched at the sigh he heard all the way across the cave, Dick was really getting on his nerves. Sigh. "That's it, I'm calling him, you two work this out or I'll do it for you!"

Scars – You'd think Dick would have scars being a normal human and all but that wasn't through. His skin healed seamlessly, Wally on the other hand had so many scars crisscrossing his arms and torso that he was constantly forced to wear long sleeves.

Feel – There was no one else on the planet who could make him feel this good.

Matter – "I honestly don't see what's the matter," the red head yawned rubbing his eyes sleepily, stake outs with Robin sucked ass. "You just don't get it, their room is relatively close to mine, I haven't slept in ages without them waking me up," the little bird mutter. "Dude, just stay at my place and quit dragging me on these damn stakeouts!"

Convince – It never took much convincing to get the speedster to do whatever he wanted, especially no in bed.

All – 'All I ever Wanted?' He read the title with a raised eyebrow, oh well it couldn't hurt to listen to.

'~I'm so alone, here on my own. And I'm waiting for you to come.
I want to be a part of you, think of all the things we could do.
And everyday, you're in my head. Oh I want to have
you in my bed.'

Before – Before they were together, they were best bros, before that they were strangers. Yeah, it only took 4.5 pictoseconds for something to click between them.

Ignored – Dick really doesn't like being ignored, especially by a certain red head because of some bimbo at his school. "Ahhhhhh! My hair! Who the hell covered my in slime?"

Damage – The red head gaped open moutedly at his apartment, or what had become of it. All he'd done was rip up a stupid birthday card for God's sake! A chunk of the ceiling fell an inch from his head, the damage was done, time to get out before the speedster returned.

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