Chapter One:

Penny attracted anything that moved.

Well, almost anything.

Leonard didn't even bother to hide his attraction to her, and it couldn't be more obvious that Howard and Raj would sell each other out if it meant second base with everyone's favorite waitress. She knew all of this, and she didn't consider herself self-absorbed or even arrogant. It was just a fact of life.

People breathed, the sky was blue, and everyone was attracted to Penny in some way, shape, or form.

Everyone except for Sheldon Cooper, that is.

But who could really count him, considering the circumstances? As far as anyone knew, Sheldon wasn't attracted to anything that way, and would rather sit in his spot and watch Firefly than ever think of touching another person intimately.

No one could ever imagine him doing anything close to sexual, and he himself seemed to think that it just wasn't possible. People breathed, the sky was blue, and Sheldon Cooper would remain a happy virgin for the rest of his life.

Or so everyone thought.

It was almost midnight, and Penny found herself sitting in an apartment she had long since considered something close to her second home. All the boys were there. Leonard, Howard, Raj...

Almost all the boys.

Sheldon had left nearly a half hour before, claiming he wasn't going to just sit around and play some pubescent sleepover game structured for sexually deprived teenagers. Instead he went back into his room, and they hadn't heard anything from him except a demand to control the noise volume.

What game were they playing, exactly? Only the one that could be suggested by the lone female of the group.

"Truth or dare." giggled Howard, his eyes focused on Leonard as he spoke.

Leonard seemed to take a moment to think, sizing up all that Howard could do to him and the consequences of them all. "Truth." he decided finally.

Almost immediately everyone groaned, glaring over at Leonard. "Really, that's what you picked?" Penny asked incredulously, and then began to taunt him. "Aw, little baby Leonard is scared of all the big boy dares. Boo hoo..."

Leonard rolled his eyes. "The one before me was a dare. I was trying to even them out."

A couple of disbelieving snorts and a "Shh..." from Howard later, he gave out his question. "On a scale of one to ten, how good was Penny in bed?"

This caused a light gasp from the person mentioned, and Raj leaning in slightly to hear the answer better.

Leonard took a moment to consider, all the while glancing at Penny every so often as he did so. "Well, if I had to say...a seven."

Almost instantly a couch pillow was thrown directly at his face, hitting its target and landing softly in his lap. Penny glared at him fiercely. "A seven? A seven? After I dealt with all your little Star Trek fantasies, you rate how good I was a seven?"

Leonard backpedaled. "Well, it's not that you weren't really good..." he started, putting up his hands in surrender. "It's just that a lot of times you didn't really want to do it but said you did anyways and you weren't as eager as I would have liked. So I counted those times and rounded it as a whole."

Penny stared at him for a few moments. "You are so unbelievable."

"No, what's unbelievable..." Raj interrupted from his seat on the couch. "Is how long it's taking to move on with the game. Penny, you're up next. Be brutal."

The blonde glared over at her ex, her mind going through a list of horrible things to dare him or ask. "Leonard, Truth or-"

"-Hey, Raj hasn't got a turn for a while now!" piped up Howard, pointing to his friend and interrupting her mid-sentence. "I think he should have a go."

Raj looked like he was going to agree, but from the deathly look Penny was giving him decided it would be better not to voice his opinion.

The room was filled with a tense silence, and Howard seemed to realize that he had stopped her from getting the payback she wanted to inflict on Leonard. "Or, you know, you could pick who you want." he added quietly, scrunching low into his seat.

"No, that's okay." Penny told him, her voice overly-sweet. She turned to face Raj. "Truth or dare, Raj."

"Dare." he picked quickly, seeming to figure picking that wouldn't piss her off as much and he wouldn't get verbally chastised by everyone else liked Leonard had.

Penny glanced over at Howard, took a moment to think about it, and then gave her requirement. "I dare you to get to second base with Bernadette."

This caused an uproar from Howard. "No! Hell no. Bernadette is, I mean was, my girlfriend."

Penny turned to look over at him. "Are you two still dating?" she asked simply.


"Then there's nothing wrong with my dare." she pointed out, flashing a smile before glancing around the room. Leonard was doubled over laughing, Raj looked like a deer caught in headlights, and Howard was sulking in his chair.

"Aha...he has to...aha." Leonard went on, trying to control his fits of laughter but failing at the same time. "Oh Merlin, Penny, I think you've done the best one so far in the game."

"Wait, no!" Raj finally protested. "I can't do that! How will I do that? Why would you dare me to do something like that?"

Penny crossed her legs and folded her arms across her chest. "Well, why not?" she asked, arching an eyebrow. Of course everyone in the room could see this was some twisted way to get back at Howard. After all, he had made it to where she couldn't get the payback that was rightfully hers for Leonard.

Truth be told, it was now starting to sink in now that she had dared Raj, considering she was kind of putting him in a bad place. But there was no way she was going to back down then. She was in a corner.

"Okay, here are the rules." she told him evenly, figuring it would be the best to elaborate. "It has to happen within two days. You have to get a boob touch, and she has to be fully aware of what you two are doing. Meaning, you can't trick her or force her."

"Force her?" asked Raj incredulously. "Why...How would I force her?"

"Please." Howard imputed. "She could squash you like a bug if you tried." He took a moment to smirk at his own little joke, but then seemed to realize that he was still mad at Penny. "I'll get you back for this." he promised to her. "I'll do it."

Penny giggled at him. "Yeah, I believe you." A moment later she regained her composure, re-crossing her legs. "Okay, then. I'll give you the opportunity. I pick dare. Hit me with your best shot."

Everything was quiet as Howard racked his brain for something to even begin to compare to her dare. Suddenly an idea snapped into his head, forming in his mind as if he had been thinking about it all along. It was horrible, it was sick, it was-

"I dare you to have sex with Sheldon!"

The room was full of a dead silence until Penny's ear-splitting scream broke into the air.

They all could hear a voice come through from the hallway a second later, muffled by the walls. "I must ask that you all keep it down. However am I supposed to concentrate on conquering Vaelastrasz with all of that racket going on out there?"

They sat there for a few long moments, no one saying anything, waiting to see if Sheldon was going to add anything else. When he didn't, Penny finally let out a shaky breath. "No...Sheldon? I'm not going to do that. Forget the stupid game."

Howard seemed shocked that he had actually been man enough to verbalize that dare in his mind, and it took him a bit to find his voice. "No, you have to. That's the dare. You dared Raj and this is my dare to you."

Leonard spoke up. "I'm afraid I have to agree with Penny. I mean, come on, this is Sheldon we're talking about. It's impossible."

Howard shot him a glare. "You just don't want your ex-girlfriend laying your roommate."

Raj grinned from where he was sitting. "Well, I guess this makes it all even then." he commented happily. "I get a boob touch and Penny has to shag Sheldon frakking Cooper!"

"No, I'm not." protested Penny. "I'm not doing it. I quit. Call me a killjoy, I don't care." There was no way in hell she would ever do anything like that with Sheldon. It was just unfathomable.

Howard smirked smugly over at her. "But Penny." he began. "You have to. It's the rules."

She crossed her arms across her chest, arching an eyebrow over at him. "Oh really?" she asked. "And what if I don't?"

"Then I'll tell everyone what you did." he answered. "Don't you remember? New Year's Eve. Everyone was gone. I saw you Penny. And don't think I didn't because I have proof."

As he spoke, Penny could feel an uneasy sensation start to grow in her stomach, and she felt a bit queasy. "W-What?" she stuttered, a bad feeling coming from everything he was saying. He couldn't possibly know...could he?

"I have a video." he went on. "Many copies, in case you raid my house in order to destroy them all. Like you'd be able to find them, anyways." He gave a small laugh. "But as I said, if you don't do this I'll show everyone."

"Show us what?" Leonard asked, his face filled with confusion, Raj's looking similar. "What did she do?"

"Oh no." Howard told them. "I'll only share if she doesn't follow through."

"And how will you know if I do it?" Penny asked, swallowing. She suddenly didn't feel nearly as confident as she did only a couple of minutes before, back when she wasn't yet dared. "Besides, where did you get the video from?"

"Don't worry about that." he answered. "And I'll ask Sheldon if you did it, of course. We all know he couldn't lie to save his life. I give you two days, like you gave Raj, to go through with this, and your secret will be safe."

He seemed to be done, but then decided to add something. "And also, bring me back his underwear for good measure. We'll know if it's his because it'll be labeled with the day."

The next while was filled with repeated questions and protests. Leonard and Raj both wanted to know what Howard was currently holding over her head, if she was really going to do it, and the former also made a few futile attempts to put an end to it.

But it was too late. The dare was settled.

And when everyone, including her, finally went home, Penny found herself lying in bed in her bed, wide awake. She stared up at the ceiling, and wondered what the hell she had gotten herself into.