Cliché Outtake 3

This is NSFW! I repeat, NSFW!


"It smells funny," Sebastian complained, wrinkling his nose as his mother spread the thick cream over his arms.

Sitting on the small pull out couch that came with the cottage they had rented for the week, Hermione slathered her son's body in sun block and watched him sniff his arms curiously.

"You'll live, I'm sure," Hermione replied dryly.

"Why can't we just take a potion?" Sebastian asked petulantly. "Daddy can make it."

"Because we're having a Muggle holiday," Hermione explained for the umpteenth time, "which means that we do things the Muggle way. I grew up wearing sun block and bug spray, it won't kill you."

Her six year old son gave her a look that plainly said he didn't believe her and she had to hide a smile because it reminded her so much of his father. Severus had given her the exact same look when she'd told him that no, he couldn't wear his robes to the beach and that it wouldn't kill him to get a bit of sun.

She finished up rubbing the cream onto the back of Sebastian's legs and with a gentle pat told him to go find his sister, who was playing outside, probably getting filthy.

Sebastian walked to the door, pushed on the screen divider and stuck his head out to yell, "EVELYN! MUM WANTS YOU!" before turning back to her.

Hermione's eyebrows went up. "I could have done that myself. You were supposed to go get her, not holler like some little street urchin."

Sebastian shrugged and slipped out the door, presumably to do the job properly this time. A few scant minutes later Evelyn appeared at the door, dressed adorably in her denim shorts and pink one piece bathing suit, and surprisingly clean considering how long she had been left alone with a sandbox.

"Are we going beach now?" she asked excitedly. Evelyn was the only one who shared Hermione's enthusiasm for a Muggle style family holiday.

"Very soon," Hermione said, smiling. "Come here, I want to fix your hair so it doesn't get all knotted in the wind."

Evelyn rushed over and situated herself between her mother's knees. At three years old she was uncommonly tall for her age and soon Hermione would need her to sit down on the floor in order to reach the top of her head properly.

Gently, Hermione separated her daughter's hair and began quickly pulling the thick, dark curls into a French braid. She worked quickly, going down the back of Evelyn's head, but still her daughter fidgeted, anxious to get moving. She was just about to clamp her knees about the wiggling body in front of her when the door to the bedroom opened with an ominous creaking sound and she looked over.

Severus stood there, absolutely glowering at her, but wearing the dark grey swimming trunks that she had procured for him in London.

She took in the sight of him in so little clothing, a rarity outside of the bedroom, and smiled widely. Despite being over fifty years old, Severus' body showed little of his age. It was due to his magical blood, she knew, but she appreciated it nonetheless. His pale skin was tight over lithe muscles that hinted at strength and sparsely dotted with dark hair that stood out in contrast.

It was this dark hair, particularly the delicious looking trail of it that cut a path down his flat stomach and towards his groin, that she followed with her eyes, taking in and appreciating the subtle V of his hips that all seemed designed to point her to one place. She forced her eyes not to linger, but to continue downwards to his thin legs, and long, pale feet.

Dragging her eyes back upwards she met his gaze with a devilish grin.

"You should dress like this more often," she told him boldly, wiggling her eyebrows at him comically.

Both his shot upwards and a smile tugged at the corner of his mouth. "That would hardly be appropriate."

"I didn't say teach dressed like that," she told him, turning back to their daughter and her hair, "but I certainly wouldn't complain if you happened to misplace some of those robes while in our quarters."

"I can wear mine at home, Mummy?" Evelyn asked innocently, plucking at the pink material covering her belly. Hermione heard Severus snort off to her right and her grin widened. Tying off her daughter's hair with a simple Muggle elastic, Hermione leant forward and placed a loud, smacking kiss on Evie's neck, making her giggle and shy away.

"Yes, my love, you can wear your bathing suit around our chambers if you would like, but you might get a little cold down in the dungeons with so little on."

"Daddy not get cold too?" she asked, turning around so she could look at both her parents.

Hermione glanced at Severus, who was looking distinctly amused. "Daddy is a grown wizard, he knows how to keep himself warm."

Evie nodded, her expression scrunching a little. "When I get own wand?" she asked. It was not the first time such a question had come up, from either of their children.

"Eight years," Severus told her. "As you well know. Where is your brother?"

Evie sighed and looked sullenly at her father. "Outside."

Hermione stood up, rolling her eyes at her daughter's dramatics and ushered her towards the door. "Go play with your brother for a moment, and remember the rules."

"Uh huh," Evelyn said, pushing the screen door open.

Hermione followed her out on to the small porch to watch her daughter join Sebastian at the little playground that was conveniently situated right in front of their rented cottage. There were a few other children there, sliding down the plastic tubes and ramps, and playing on the swings and so Hermione didn't mind leaving them there on their own for a few moments. Sebastian was adorably protective of his sister and she trusted him to watch over her while Hermione cornered Severus into putting on some sun block.

She turned back to her husband and smiled at the way he stood, arms crossed over his chest and a sceptical look on his face.

"Don't give me that look, you agreed to this vacation."

"I agreed to a vacation, you insisted on revisiting your childhood," he corrected.

Crossing the small living room and kitchenette, Hermione picked up the bottle of sun block from the couch and squirted some into her hand as she approached Severus.

"You grew up with a solid understanding of the Muggle world, how many times in your life has it assisted you?" she asked him pointedly. "Or would you have your son be one of those wizards who looks absolutely ridiculous whenever he has to dress like a Muggle?"

He glowered at her, his brow furrowing spectacularly, but he didn't have anything to say other than a slight huffing noise and Hermione knew that she'd won that little argument. Severus had very few happy memories from his childhood, and so it was up to Hermione to recreate elements of her own for their children, something that she knew Severus was torn about. On the one hand, he acknowledged the importance of them understanding all aspects of their heritage, of being able to blend in when their Muggle grandmother took them for a weekend, and enjoying life as much as they could, but on the other hand it was a constant reminder every time Hermione took them to a fair, or the cinema, or a craft show, that these were things he should have done as well, things that should have formed the happy memories that his wife had and he did not.

Gently, Hermione kissed the hollow of his collarbone before pulling back to start spreading the sun block over his pale skin. She was as dedicated in covering all of him as she was when she had performed the task for her two children.

"Have you put this vile concoction on yourself yet?" Severus asked quietly, watching her hands moving over his chest, the dark hairs following the pattern of her movements.

"I have," she said, squeezing some more into her hand and sweeping them down his shoulders and on to his biceps.

"How did you manage that feat?" he asked, giving her bathing suit a pointed look. It was a one piece with an open back and a low neckline. Tied around her waist was a knee length wrap that matched her dark blue and green suit.

She looked up at him and grinned impishly. "I cheated."

"You used magic." He sounded both affronted and amused. "I wonder how the children would feel about that."

Hermione poked him in the rib with a slippery finger. "You wouldn't dare."

"Wouldn't I?"

She grabbed him about the waist and forced him to turn around so she could reach his back. "No, you wouldn't because I'd just blame it all on you."

"Me!?" He turned awkwardly to give her a look over his shoulder.

"Yes, you. If you hadn't been taking your sweet time getting your trunks on, which shouldn't be all that complicated for a grown, educated man like yourself, I wouldn't have had to worry about getting both the kids into their swimming suits, making sure they were covered in sun block, and had all of their beach toys ready all on my own now would I?"

"The damn thing comes with built in pants, Hermione," Severus countered. "It was weird. I had to remove them before I could wear them."

She laughed as she crouched down and quickly rubbed more lotion into the back of Severus' legs, his hair slightly rough against her hands. He looked down at her.

"I can do that part myself, you know."

"I know," she replied, "but maybe I like touching you like this."

She tapped his ankle, indicating that he should turn around and covered the tops of his feet and his shins with cream, rubbing the white streaks away. Glancing up at him, she slowly slid her hands under the trunks, which fell to the tops of his knees, her fingers climbing higher and higher up his thighs.

Severus watched her with dark eyes, his mouth slightly parted, his gaze flickering between her searching hands and the clear view he had of her breasts.

"Our children are just outside," he reminded her softly, but his voice was thick with the desire that was swiftly becoming obvious to her from where she knelt at his feet.

"Then we best be quick," she said.

Her fingers encountered coarse hair surrounding soft skin, and Hermione watched Severus' expression change as she gently dragged her fingertips along the skin of his sac and up towards his rapidly filling shaft. His breathing hitched slightly and his tongue darted out to wet his lips.

Heat shot through her, pooling low in her belly and making her shift slightly where she knelt. There was a near overwhelming urge to simply pull down his shorts, wrap her legs around his waist, and tell him to take her against the wall. It was an old fantasy, but one that was not exactly feasible in a small cabin built with thin walls.

Instead, she stood up and hooked her fingers into the waist of his trunks, pulling him towards the bedroom that he had so recently vacated. He followed silently, a willing accomplice, content to be directed to the bed and pushed down on to it. His body bounced slightly, the old springs creaking and groaning under his weight. Hermione crawled atop him, her eyes glued to his as she yanked down his trunks and swung her legs over his narrow hips.

Tugging the material of her bathing suit out of the way, Hermione reached between them and guided him to where she needed him, brushing the head of his cock against her in a way that sent shivers of pleasure zinging through her veins. Slowly, she pressed down upon him, her muscles stretching around the delicious intrusion of his body in hers, and watched as his eyes fluttered shut and his jaw went slack with pleasure. Her body wasn't completely ready but she didn't care, she didn't have any time or inclination for foreplay.

Seated atop him, Hermione leant backwards and balanced herself on his thighs. Her hips rolled and she felt the muscles beneath her hands, beneath her bottom, flexing in time with her slow rhythm. Closing her eyes, she basked in the pleasure for a moment, letting her head fall back as she focused completely on the feel of him inside of her, of the way he seemed to press at points of pleasure with every gentle thrust.

The feel of his hands on her, pushing aside the material that covered her breasts, and the way his rhythm faltered slightly as he sat up had her opening up her eyes and looking down at his dark head. One large hand spanned her back, his palm hot against her skin, as his head dipped down and took her breast with his mouth. Pleasure spiked through her body and she cupped the back of his head, threading her fingers through his dark hair and encouraging his attentions as her hips picked up the pace.

Severus didn't require any direction to continue, he was well aware of his wife's wants and needs and he took great pleasure in meeting them. His teeth nipped lightly at her nipple, teasing it slightly, as he gently raked his nails down her exposed back. She broke out in goose bumps and her hand clenched involuntarily in his hair.

Shifting the priority of his hands, Severus let go of her back and leaned on that hand so he could better match the rhythm of Hermione's hips and reach down between them, stroking her with his thumb.

He had barely touched her when she felt the building pressure crest and break over her, making her cry out with the pleasure as her muscles spasmed around him. Her rhythm faltered for a moment as she clung to her husband, pressing him tightly to her body.

When her eyes opened it was to find Severus leaning back on both hands, a small smile on his lips as he watched her. Her face flushed with embarrassment, thinking about what kind of expression she must have made as she climaxed.

"You're beautiful," he whispered, as if reading her mind.

"So are you," she murmured back.

His smile turned into a smirk. "Hardly."

Hermione didn't answer. Instead she shook her head slightly and placed her hands on his hips as she resumed her movement, rolling her hips and clenching her muscles deliberately as their bodies connected deeply. Severus' eyes fell closed once more, his head tilting back and exposing the pale scars on his neck where she had almost lost him before she ever knew exactly how important he was. She looked away from the twisted tissue, focusing on the expression of pleasure on his face and how his jaw clenched tightly as his orgasm approached. Another roll of her hips, another thrust of his, and every muscle in her husband's body seized. He let out a soft grunt of pleasure and she felt him, deep within her body, swell and pulse with his orgasm.

She smiled to herself, rocking her hips against his gently, pressing them tightly together as his breathing came in short pants and his body slowly relaxed with the pleasure. His eyes opened and he looked at her with a slow, languid smile.

Leaning forward, she pressed a kiss to his lips, following him down as he fell back on the bed. "I love you," she murmured against his mouth.

Severus' hand came up to sweep her long, curling hair out of his face. He opened his mouth to reply when suddenly he paused, his eyes narrowing slightly.

"What's wro—"

Suddenly, the screen door slammed. "Mummy? Daddy?" Evelyn called. "We go now?"

"I told you, Mum said she'd come get us."

"Nuh uh."

"Oh, shit!" Hermione swore under her breath, about to jump off of her husband and try to set herself to rights before the light patter of little feet reached the open door to the bedroom.

Severus moved quicker than she, however, and in one smooth movement he reached over the side of the bed, snagged the edge of the light duvet and pulled it with him as he rolled them to their sides, effectively covering them.

"Mummy? Whatcha doin'?"

Hermione quickly pulled the top half of her bathing suit to rights and leaned up on her elbow. In the doorway stood her two children, their identical dark eyes watching their parents with curious expressions.

"Well, honey...I was just putting some sun block on Daddy and..." she trailed off, trying to think of a lie.

Severus sat up then, carefully keeping the blanket over their laps.

"I got cold, Evelyn, because I am only in my bathing suit. Your mother was...keeping me warm." Hermione was impressed with his ability to keep a straight face.

Evelyn frowned slightly. "But Daddy has wand."

"Yes, but I chose not to use it this time. I will later," Severus answered her. "Do you have all of your toys together?"

Evelyn shook her head slightly.

"Well, go get them and put them in your beach bag so we can go."

Their daughter turned quickly and ran to do as she was bid. Sebastian followed, but with significantly less enthusiasm, and with several suspicious looks at his parents. He was old enough to know that his father's explanation didn't make much sense but not quite enough to know why he was being lied to.

Hermione waited until they had both left the cabin, the sound of the screen door slamming heralding their departure, before she fell back giggling. Really, she was amazed that Evelyn had been able to hold off coming to look for them for as long as she did.

"Smooth talking there," she told Severus.

"If you hadn't come at me like a cat in heat I wouldn't have had to lie," he teased, his eyes dancing with amusement.

Hermione let out a bark of laughter. "I don't recall any complaints at the time, mister!"

He leaned over her with a smile and kissed her softly, forestalling any further laughter.

"I love you, too," he whispered against her lips.